The Legend of Korra: A New kind of Fairytale

Chapter 2

The sun peeked up from the horizon, brightening the room with its rays. As usual, the room was a mess. Pieces of paper, all filled with dazzlingly detailed images worthy of a famous artist, were scattered across the floor. In this room, a young woman slept soundly on her bed, her back turned from the light, still lost in dreamland.

A group of seven little creatures flew into her window. These were peculiar creatures, for they were extremely rare and hardly found anywhere else in the world. But somehow, they managed to find their way towards her and have been by her side ever since.

They were all these strange yet adorable creatures with dragon-like ears and small little horns sticking out on their heads. They had the beaks of birds and feathery wings with the tips of the feathers colored differently. They each possessed long tails which has a small feather at the end of each. Their eyes had various colors, and each one wore a small collar around their necks and hair cuffs of hair starting from their foreheads to down to their backs. They hairs were styled somewhat messy but also unique for each one.

One, the apparent leader, has moderate violet eyes and moderate sapphire blue mane with moderate violet and brilliant rose streaks and the same colors were on her tail. Her feathers were pale, light grayish mulberry and has light brilliant raspberry tips on her wings. Her collar had a magenta star with a white star behind it. She was named Twilight Sparkle.

The other one had moderate cerise eyes and a mane that had the colors of the rainbow; brilliant red, orange, gold, green, blue and purple. Her feathers were a very light cerulean and the tips of her wings had rainbow colors as well as did the feather on her tail. Her collar was that of a cloud with a lightning bolt coming out of it, only the bolt was colored like a rainbow with yellow, blue and red. Her name was Rainbow Dash.

Another had moderate azure eyes and a moderate indigo mane, styled much more elegantly and stylishly than the rest of them. Her feathers were a light gray and her feathers were cyan blue. Her collar was that of a light blue diamond. Her name was Rarity.

The other was a hyperactive little one. Her eyes were light cerulean and her feathers were a pale, light grayish raspberry with the tips of her wings colored a brilliant rose, along with her mane, which was a bit curlier than the rest. Her collar was that of a yellow ballon. Her name was Pinkie Pie, and her name suited her well.

Another bird had moderate sap green eyes, a pale, light grayish olive mane and light brilliant feathers with the tips colored red. Her collar was that of a red apple. Her was named Applejack.

Another bird had moderate cyan eyes with a vivid crimson mane with brilliant yellow streaks. Her feathers were a light brilliant amber with brilliant crimson tops on her feathers. Her collar was that of a sun, pale yellow on the left and crimson on the right, and a yin and yang symbol in the same color. Her name was Sunset Shimmer.

The last one was the youngest, and possibly the shiest of the bunch. Her eyes were a moderate cyan and had a pale, light grayish rose mane. Her feathers were a pale, light grayish gold and the tips of her wings were a pale, light grayish mulberry. Her collar was that of a pink butterfly. Her name was Fluttershy.

The birds were technically fully grown, even though they were only the size of a parrot. They snuck into the room, hovering over their sleeping mistress. Rainbow Dash tapped on her head with her wing but the woman simply turned around, covering her head with her pillow while moaning in annoyance. The birds knew she didn't like mornings.

Twilight attempted next, chirping into her ear, but the girl covered herself more with the pillow. Fluttershy landed on her back and chirped once more. She had no idea that the woman's hand emerged and gently flicked the bird from behind startling her. The woman giggled underneath the pillow before sitting up, and the bird chirped along happily.

"Well, serves you right for waking me up so early." she said jokingly.

The baby from many years before had grown into a strong and beautiful young woman. Her eyes were as bright as ever and her smile dazzled all who knew her. Her hair was long and fell gracefully down her shoulders, and the single silver streak still rested on the left side of her head. Sunset Shimmer flew towards the window, chirping in a language that the girl, amazingly, understood.

"Yeah, Sunset, I know. The early bird catches the worm. Although, I never really understood that phrase."

A knock on the door startled the birds and Korra gestured them to quickly hide under the bed. While her parents were aware of these creatures, her father didn't entirely approve of them being in her room. It was messy enough he didn't need bird feathers everywhere. The door opened and the man with the arrow walked in, smiling at his daughter.

"Good morning, Korra."

"Morning, dad." Korra removed her blanket, revealing her white tank top and blue pajama pants. Her father kissed her forehead with all the love in his heart. Even if they were not related by blood, Korra has always been his pride and joy. "What's up?"

"I came to see if you were up already. You sleep in more than Meelo."

Korra giggled, "Sorry about that."

Her father noticed all of the pieces of paper on the floor and picked up one with the drawing of what appeared to be some kind of strange-looking tree. "Were you up late drawing again?"

"I couldn't help it!" Korra said as she got her slippers on, "Whenever I get an idea in my head I just have to put it on paper."

"Well, can't you come up with ideas while it's still daylight?"

"What can I say? I go wherever my hand takes me."

"Well, you and your hand better get dressed. Your mother has breakfast ready."

"Okay." she received another kiss from her father and prepared to pick out her outfit, until her father turned around one last time.

"Oh, and Korra…please wear something appropriate." he closed the door and Korra blew a raspberry in annoyance.

Her feathered friends got out from their hiding place once all was clear. Korra opened her closet and pouted in annoyance. Most what she had were the typical Air Nomad clothing. Orange, red and yellow. She blew a flick of her hair from her face, pulled the hangers with the orange cloths out of the way and smiled in satisfaction. It didn't take long for her to put on her outfit and made it to the dinning hall. Her hair was styled into a hight ponytail with two strands framing the sides of her face. Her entire family sat around the table on the floor and her father smiled in satisfaction, knowing Korra was wearing her air nomad cloths. Her mother, a lovely woman with green eyes, pale skin and brown hair styled into a low ponytail, placed the plate onto the table. Her rounded belly was an obvious sign she was pregnant. She kissed her daughter's head.

"Good morning, sweetheart."

"Morning, mom."

Three little children sat beside Korra. One was a ten-year-old girl with short brown hair, which has a bun on the left side of her head. Her eyes were big and brown and wore the same orange clothing as Korra. As always, she had her nose stuck in a book. Korra playfully placed it down.


"Jinora, put the book down for one second. It won't kill you."

The young girl rolled her eyes but complied. There have been times where she would get so involved in a book that she would forget to eat. The second child was a seven-year-old girl with the same complexion as her sister, her hair wad black with two buns on both sides and her eyes were gray. She was the second youngest.

"Hey Korra!" she shouted, "I had a dream last night where you and I were flying up into the clouds where we rode on rainbows and ate clouds with spoons and used stars as ice cubes in the moonlight punch! You think you can make a drawing like that!"

Korra simply giggled at her little sister's enthusiasm, "Well see, Ikki."

The youngest child, a young boy with a bald head and gray eyes crossed his arms. "That dream is stupid!" he said bluntly.

"You're stupid, Meelo!" Ikki exclaimed back.

"Am not!"

"Are too!"

"Am not!"

"Are too!"

Korra placed her fingers into her mouth and whistled, which silenced the two up right away. Her mother sighed in relief, "Thank you Korra."

The oldest child aways did have a way of taming her younger siblings. As they all ate, Tenzin was reading the newspaper and then noticed that his son's pet lemur bat was sitting on the table. Again.

"Meelo, no pets allowed at the table." his father said sternly.

Korra rolled her eyes, "Dad, it's no big deal."

"Pets eat on the floor, that's final."

Meelo sadly had to comply and placed his pet down onto the floor, much to his dismay. "Sorry, Pookie."

Luckily, his big sister had his back. She got the lemur's attention and silently gestured him to approach her. From underneath the table, she handed the animal some of her food. Meelo's pet always loved Korra, in fact all animals on the island loved Korra. She just has such a way with them. The young woman jolted up straight at the mention of her name. "Korra." He placed the paper down and addressed her in a serious manner, "You know what tomorrow is, right?"

"Uh…my birthday?"

"Exactly. Tomorrow you will be turning seventeen. This is a very big deal, Korra. You're becoming a young woman and you need to think about what you want to do with your life. Granted, I would have preferred you'd adapt the Air Acolyte lifestyle, but you've decided long ago you want to do something else."

Korra shook her head and rose her hands slightly, "Whoa, whoa, slow down. Are you saying I need to decide on what I'm going to do by tomorrow?"

His wife too agreed that this was a tad much, "Tenzin, honey don't you think you're putting a bit too much pressure on her?"

"I'm not pressuring her, and I'm not saying you need to decide tomorrow. What I am saying is that you need to start thinking about your future." he placed his hand over hers, "Korra, more than anything, I want you to be alright. Safe and secure. I don't want my eldest daughter parading all around the world with no clue where she's going."

"Isn't that what aunt Kya did?" Jinora asked.

"Yes, but we'll get back to her latter. Korra, do you understand what I am asking of you?"

Korra sighed and nodded her head, "Yes, dad."


Korra ate the last of her food and took her plate to wash it, "Well, thanks for the meal, mom. I'm gonna go head into down. Maybe, take a walk, clear my head a bit."

"Don't get into any trouble." her father warned.

"Come on dad, when have I ever?" Korra smirked as she exited the room.

Her eyes sparkled with ambition as she ignited the engine on her speedboat. The winds blew on her hair as she felt the adrenaline rush and the waves flashing everywhere. Her seven dragon bird friends were all with her. Applejack and Rainbow Dash flew beside her, feeling the wind on their wings, while Fluttershy only hid beside Korra. She never was the adventurous type. Korra's eyes only grew wider as the city before her drew closer. While she and her family lived in Air Temple Island, the home of the only airbenders in the world, it was just off the coast of Republic City, also known as the United Nations. This city held a lot of rich history, linked to the statue of the man also off the coast. The statue of that of the late Avatar Aang.

Korra always admired the statue and had drawings of it around her room. Her father had told her stories about Aang and what he did for both the four nations and the world. It was especially amazing for her because Aang, the Avatar: master of all four elements and the only human being who could do so…was Tenzin's father! Thus, making her his adopted granddaughter. With a reputation and family ties like him, it was no surprise this young woman had her own reputation in the city. Once her vehicle reached the docks she tied it to the post and greeted the workers.

"Hey, Korra!"

"How ya doin', kid!"

"Great, nice to se you Shoe!" Korra was such a people person. Everybody who met her immediately fell in love with her. After her greetings, Korra headed to a shack, where another worker was.

"Hey, Korra! Didn't think you were gonna show up. So, the usual?"

"You know it, Lee."

The man allowed her to walk in and he closed the door, keeping guard. In a room within the shack, Korra began removing her orange clothing and stuffed it into her bag. Underneath her cloths was the outfit she was secretly wearing. It was a light blue tank top, with a darker blue sleeveless vest with a night collar around her neck. Her pants were a navy blue and long brown medium-platform boots with a white fur lining at the top that reached just inches bellow her knees. She wore arm warmers and a tribal arm band on her right arm. She adjusted her top ponytail and smiled in satisfaction of her new, more personal, outfit. Around her neck was the pendant she wore since she was a baby.

She knocked on the door and Lee opened it, allowing Korra to step out in her new outfit. "Say, how long are you gonna keep this secret from your old man?"

"As long as it takes." Korra thanked him again and called out to her dragon birds, "Come on, girls!"

Today, Korra was in her domain. The city was always abuzz with excitement and adventures around every corner. As much as she loved a little peace and quiet at the island, nothing could compare to the loud city she called home. She spotted a cable car and ran up to it, holding on to the side as it drove away.

"Woohoo!" she shouted, as her bird friends flew beside her.

One minute I'm in Central Park.

Then I'm down on Kiyoshi Street

From the Bow'ry to St. Marks

There's a syncopated beat

Once she saw her stop, Korra leaped up from the cable car and continued on her merry way down the sidewalks, bypassing various stores and people who already knew her. How she loved this place, she loved the feeling of independence and freedom. What could be better?

I said; Whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo

I'm streetwise

I can improvise

I said; Whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo

I'm street-smart.

I've got Republic City heart

But even while she enjoyed her time in the city, Korra always found the time to happily greet everyone. She waved hello to the owners of the shops, the elderly couple eating outside the cafe, even ruffled the hairs of a few neighborhood kids. They invited her to play a game of catch, and how could she say 'no'?

Why should I worry?

Why should I care?

I may not have a dime

But I got street savoire flaire

Why should I worry?

Why should I care?

It's just bebopulation

And I got street saviore flaire

Once she was finished playing with the kids, she high five'd each one before continuing on her way.

The rhythm of the city

But once you get it down

Then you can own this town

You can wear the crown!

Korra purchased some sunglasses from a nearby stand and proudly strut down the street, but even when she didn't realize it, a couple of young men watched her walk on by, enchanted by her beauty.

Why should I worry?

Tell me?

Why should I care?

Say, I may not have a dime

Oh, but I got street savoire flaire

Why should I worry?

Why should I care?

It's just bebopulation

And I got street saviore flaire

"Good morning Korra!"

"Morning, Mr. Chong! I came to return the book I borrowed." she said as she handed him the book she pulled out of her bag. The man was sweeping the outside.

"Finished already?"

"I couldn't out it down. Need any help around the shop?"

"Not today, thanks. Oh, that reminds me." he quickly walked inside and took out a book and handed it to her. "I found this old thing in my storage yesterday. Must have been a mixup with the delivery."

Korra read the words on the cover, 'The Spirit world guide'?"

"It's some fun book with drawings of spirits, or at least how people think they look like. I figured it would be a good inspiration for those pretty drawings of yours."

"Wow, thanks! Oh, here let me pay for it."

"No, no need. It's yours."


"I insist."

"Why, thank you. Thank you very much." Korra smiled and walked away, waving goodbye to him.

Why should I worry?

Why should I care?

And even when I cross at the line

I got street savoire flaire

Whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo.

Whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo.

Whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo.

Whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo.

Whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo.

As Korra walked along, she was completely unaware of the pair of green eyes following her.

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