The Legend of Korra: A New kind of Fairytale

Chapter 20

Even with her eyes open, all she could see was darkness. The only light she could see were the dancing flames of the fireplace. Her head felt heavy as she tried to sit up. Her hair was now down and nearly completely white, with only very few locks of dark brown remaining. A blanket covered her lower torso and she was still wearing her Equalists uniform. The room was surrounded by posters with his masked face planted onto them, words of "Equality" and such were painted in red. She was startled when the door opened, allowing the light to enter, but she was not please with her visitor.

"What and I doing here?!" she demanded to know, "Where's Mako?! What did you do with him?!"

Amon rose his hand, signaling he meant her no harm. "Calm down. I won't hurt you."

Korra got up from the sofa she was laying on and tried to take her stance, ready to fight. But once she did she automatically felt weak and kneeled down. Amon approached to help her but she shoved him away.

"Get away from me!" she gripped her stomach as she winced in pain. It was as if something was growing inside of her. "What did you do to me?"

"I didn't do anything." he said honestly, "When you were knocked out they broth you here."

"Where am I?"

"At the arena."

Korra managed to lean against the sofa, still feeling rather weak. She had no idea why she was feeling this way. "Where's my family?"

"They're safe. For now."

"Why…why are you doing this? Don't you realize you're doing more harm than good? People are suffering, families are being torn apart, does that sound like equality to you?!"

Amon only stood there, gazing into her sapphire eyes. "You remind me so much of her."


"…your mother."

Korra gasped and took a seat on the sofa, "Enough games." she said demandingly, "I want to know the truth. How do you know about my parents? What do you know about me?"

"I honestly didn't know what you were until I gazed upon you and saw you bend. But if you want the truth, you deserve that much." Amon walked over to the fireplace, standing before it as he told her his story. His real story.

"That tale about my family being killed by a firebender was fabricated. My father never died the way I said he did. In fact, he wasn't even farmer, or poor." Korra's eyes widened as she listened, despite her pain. "His name was Yakon. He was one of Republic City's most infamous crime lords. He was known for his unique ability to bloodbend…without the use of a full moon or the use of his hands. His only weapon was his mind. But one day, your past life, Avatar Aang, managed to stop him. He took away his bending, and in doing so…he lost his own will to continue on as Yakon. He changed his face and made a life at the Northern Water Tribe. He met my mother and had me. I was an only child, but I still had brothers. Their names were Unalaq his idler brother, Tonraq…your father."

Korra gasped, feeling even more lightheaded. Her body suddenly began to shiver and covered herself with the blanket. "M-my…f-f-father?"

"The three of us did everything together. They looked out for me as if I was their own flesh and blood. My best friends. We also had another friend. She was the most beautiful and amazing creature I had ever laid eyes on. Her eyes, that rivaled even the purest sapphire stone. Your eyes."

"Wait…was she?"

"Your mother…Senna. She and I were very close. But she never showed me the same feelings I did for her."

"She loved Tonraq." Korra said, connecting the dots.

"I tried to fight how I felt, but I couldn't. As we grew older, so did my anger and envy. Soon, I couldn't even bare to look at them. It was then, my father revealed to me his past. I showed to have impeccable talents in waterbending so he taught me all he knew. I managed to master his physic bloodbending style when I was only fourteen. I thought I could win Senna back with my skills, believing I could rival even Tonraq's power. But she never did. She hatted me. Feared me. They all did. Once they realized the truth, they wanted nothing to do with me. They married and moved to the south to begin a new life. It was then when I realized that bending only brought pain and suffering. Bending was what made he lose the love of my life and made me into the monster my father wanter me to be. From that day on, I vowed to rid the world of the same curse. I ran away from home and found refuge with a secret society. They called themselves…the Red Lotus."

Korra continued to shiver, "R-red Lotus? Are they related to the White Lotus?"

"They are what the White Lotus was suppose to be. But after Avatar Aang, your 'grandfather', ended the hundred year war, the White Lotus lost its true purpose. They were meant to represent freedom, but they spent their years searching for the Avatar, truly believing the cycle wasn't broken. A man named Xai Bau lead the group. Their mission was to restore balance and freedom to the world. But I did not agree with their ideals on freedom. They believed world leaders and governments needed to be eliminated. I personally felt that leaders are not to blame, only the wrong leaders. They didn't even believe bending was as wicked as I did, they believed it was the only way to enforce their beliefs on others. Being raised by a controlling and demanding father, naturally, I didn't agree. I south out to make a better government and be a better leader. The only way to truly be free is to rid the world of bending itself. I was eventually kicked out for voicing the truth, but I was even more shocked to discover what their mission was…to eliminate the Avatar for good."

"So, the Red Lotus were the ones who tried to kidnap me when I was a baby?"

"Yes. But I was even more shocked to discover who had given birth to her. I rushed to the south as quickly as I could to warn her, but I was too late. She was gone."

Korra stopped shivering and was now tearing up. The Red Lotus killed her mother to get to her. "And what of my father, Tonraq?"

"They say they never found his body. It was as if he vanished into thin air. I could have told Unalaq, but I never saw him again either. Since then, I created the Equalists revolution, and learned how to block a person's bending with my abilities. Even with the Avatar gone, I still found it as a sign that my path was a righteous one…until you came along."

After telling her the story, all while looking at the dancing flames as the memories replayed in his mind, he turned to face Korra, who covered herself even more with the blanket and scooted farther away.

"When I first saw you, I saw her. I saw my Senna. But when I realized you were the Avatar, my mind and my heart were torn." Korra tried to scoot even father away when Amon kneeled before her and took hold of one of her hands. "Korra, I see now that fate has given me a second chance. You've spent your whole life around strangers, people who never truly understood you, wondering if you belonged anywhere at all. But you do. You belong here, with me. Let me cleanse you of your bending and you can finally have the home you always wanted. Will you choose me?"

Amon received his answer when Korra sucker punched him, knocking his mask right off of his face. Korra leaped out of the couch, rushed towards his desk and pulled out a knife he had. She maintained her stance, her shivering now gone, as she prepared to attack this crazy man if he tried anything else. Amon rearranged his jawline and turned to face Korra, his face was painted with red to look like a scar. No doubt a fake scar, Korra recognized a makeup job when she saw one. She grew up with Asami after all.

"I'd rather die than be with you!"

The man before he became furious as the flames of the fire intensified, matching his mood. He reached down for his mask and placed it back onto his face. Korra then felt her energy draining again and she dropped the knife. She couldn't fight him, whatever was inside of her was growing stronger and stronger. She didn't know what else to do. She got down to her kneels, hugging her stomach when Amon hovered over her.

"If I can't have you…then death will."

Using a snowmobile, Iroh, Asami and Bolin headed up the snowy mountains. Up above they spotted the planes flying. They got off the ride and looked down over the hill, seeing the base camp for the battle planes.

"There it is." said Asami, "Just like dad said."

Iroh turned to the young earthbender, "Bolin, once we get down, I need you to tear up those runways. We can't let those aircrafts take off."

Bolin saluted, "Aye, aye, captain! Oh, sorry, I mean general."

The three made their way downtime hill towards the base, when Asami arched an eyebrow at the polls standing there. "Why would there be fence posts but no fence?"

The three got their answer when they suddenly hit by electricity, shocking their bodies. They laid on the floor unconscious when a man stood before them.

Korra was so weak. She was tied to a wooden pole with her hands over her head and her feet bound. Before, she felt cold as ice, and now she felt like she was standing on the highway during a summer heatwave. Why was there a sudden change in her temperature? And what was even more ironic, any remaining color of dark or brown in her hair was completely gone. Her hair was now an abnormal shimmering, sparkling silver white that rivaled the stars in the sky or the snow on the ground. The female Equalists had her change from her disguise to a plain white sleeveless full body blue dress that reached bellow her knees. The only thing she was allowed to keep was her pendant. The poor Avatar felt she had failed. Failed everyone she knew and loved. This was the end. She was exhausted, she couldn't fight, she was helpless. She didn't know what else to do but cry her eyes out.

"Korra, don't cry. I hate it when you cry."

Her head jolted up at the sound of a voice. It sounded rather low and, almost timid. "Who's there?"

"It's me."

Korra was surprised to see a familiar yellow and pink dragon bird with teal colored eyes resting on her head and staring at her upside down.


"We're all here too." said another voice. Korra was even more surprised to see the rest of the dragon birds around her. And even more amazing, they were actually speaking like people for the very first time!

"Girls! Wait, you can talk?"

"Don't we talk all the time?" Rainbow asked.

"No, I mean, yes but, you're talking like people!"

Sunset Shimmer hovered in front of her face. "You mean, you can actually hear us talk? Like, really talk?"

"Yeah. Before I could only understand your chirping but now, it's like you're speaking plain english!"

"How is this even possible?" asked Rarity.

"Who cares!" said Rainbow, "We've got to get her out of here!" she flew up and the rest of the dragon birds worked together to break her free, but she was bounded by chains.

"Guys, it's no use."

"Well you gotta break these chains, hon!" said Applejack.

"I can't. Even if I tried what difference would it make? I can't bend, I can't fight, and who knows where my family or Mako are right now. With my luck he's probably captured the others too."

"But you can't let Amon win!" said Pinkie Pie in despair.

"He already has." Korra said in distress, her spirits dying.

Rarity flew beside her, "You can't give up, darling. You've come so far."

Sunset Shimmer agreed, "She's right! The Korra we know would never turn her back on people who need her!"

"Get a clue!" the human snapped, "It's over, just forget it! And how would you know anything about not giving up? You're birds!"

The six girls flew down and rested on the ground at her feet, feeling terrible about the way she yelled at them. But one of them, Twilight Sparkle, hadn't given up just yet.

"When we were lost and scared you never gave up on us. You gave us a home when no one else did. You believed in us and gave us a chance. I've always believed that Fate always has a plan for everything. Hope has never abandoned us, and it has never abandoned you. And it's not these chains that are holding you back."

The sound of gears was heard and an opening appeared above Korra's head. The poll began to rise up and the dragon birds hid behind her as it did. Fog surrounded the stage as Korra was slowly brought up. She could already hear the crowd booing at her and cheering at Amon, who rose up from the platform. His Equalist followers stood behind him. She could have sworn she heard some gasping and murmuring from the audience, regarding her newly white shimmering hair that sparkled underneath the headlights. Amon stood in front of the microphone and spoke to his followers. There were so many.

"Thank you all for joining me on his historic occasion. When I was a boy, a firebender struck down my entire family and left me scarred. That tragic event began my quest to equalize the world!"

"Lier!" Korra finally managed to find her voice and speak the truth, "Everything Amon has told you is a lie!" she said to the audience, "His father was never killed by a firebender and the spirits never gave him the power to take people's bending! Your father was Yakon, a bloodbender just like you!"

The people gasped in shock at the words that came out of the girl's mouth. But Amon remained firm and calm as he gestured to the defenseless teenager.

"Behold, your new Avatar! After living in hiding like a coward she finally reveals herself. But it's all over, for I shall personally rid the world of this betrayer!" Amon approached her, his piercing gray eyes gazing into her sapphire ones. "This is your last chance, Avatar. You stand upon the brink of the abyss. Yet, even now it is not too late. I can save you from the flames of this world and the next. Choose me…or your own demise."

Just like before, Korra response was a negative one. But since she couldn't kick or punch him, she did the only thing she could do…spit right in his eye!

The crowd gasped in horror at the disrespect this strange white-haired maiden had towards their glorious leader. Amon shook it off, his eyes still scorning at the young woman, who stared at him with equal anger and displeasure.

"Your spirit is strong, child. But so is mine. Since you refuse to repent your wretched ways, then you shall pay the price."

The stage opened once more, this time seven more polls rose up from the stage and Korra's eyes widened in horror!

They were her family!

Her father, siblings, grandmother, aunt…even Mako.

They were all gagged and tied to the polls, Korra could see clearly the fear in their eyes. They were going to suffer because of her. This was all because of her.

Asami was the first to wake up. She, along with Bolin and Iroh were tied up and locked inside a cage. She groaned but then silently gasped in surprise when she saw who was standing in front of her.


Hiroshi placed his index finger near his mouth, telling her to be quiet. He pulled out the keys from his pocket and placed it on the lock of the door.

"Sorry I had to lock you kids up here in the first place." he said, "I needed to make them think I was still on their side."

"I'm just happy you're here." said his daughter in relief. "Mom would be so proud of you, dad."

"She would be proud of you too, sweetheart." he finally unlocked the door, "We need to hurry. They intercepted the message to Commander Kuvira. It's only a matter of time before they find them." He tossed the keys to Asami, who's hands were tied to her front instead of her back, and unlocked herself. She did the same to Bolin and Iroh and were just about ready to leave, until…

"Stop right there, traitor!"

Hiroshi and the others were backed up against the cage when an equalist pointed a kai stick at them. "I should have known you couldn't be trusted! Now, you and your daughter will pay the price!"

However, the Equalists was suddenly jolted back when a furry red creature jumped into his head and began scratching him, dropping the kai sticks and allowing Hiroshi the chance to take it and electrocute the equalist unconscious. The little fire ferret squeaked in victory.

"Great timing, Pabu! As usual!" Bolin said proudly as the little guy jumped onto his shoulder.

But they were not in the clear just yet, for more Equalists arrived, all pointing their kai sticks, electric gloves and bolas at them. But Hiroshi was not about to take this laying down.

With a powerful karate yell he leaped into action, kicking, punching and shocking any equalists that came his way. He was a lot swifter and faster than his middle age led other to believe. He did it all while shouting karate calls, moving so far they could barely see it. The last remaining Equalists came at him from behind, but he simply punched him square in the face, knocking him down. He didn't even have to turn.

Iroh and Bolin were both shocked by the display. "Now I know where you get your moves from." said Bolin.

Asami smiled proudly, "That's my daddy!"

Once they were, finally, in the clear for now, they all ran out of the base and Iroh rushed towards the runway. "I'm going after those airplanes!" he said and used his firebending to lift him up like a rocket towards the plan, knocking the polite off and controlled the plane.

"I'll take down the runways!" Bolin said before dashing off.

Hiroshi then ran towards some of the mecha tanks, his daughter followed. The man jumped onto the cockpit and began tinkering with the controls. "Want to smash some planes, Asami?"

The young woman smiled before leaping into another mecha tank and put on her seatbelt. "This should be an interesting topic for our next pai cho game."

"Today, I rid the world of airbending. Forever!"

Tenzin shook in fear, as did his children, as the mad man approached them, ready to take away the very things that made them special. Korra growled in anger as she tried to break free of the chains that bounded her.

"Give it up, Korra!" Amon told her, "Stop fighting!"

"No!" she responded with such power in her voice, it literally echoed all throughout the room, silencing everyone in the audience. "I won't stop! For every day, for the rest of my life I will fight! I will never stop trying to get away from you!…but, if you spare them…then I will go with you."

Amon's eyes widened and his heart began to race. "You..would do that?"

Tenzin managed to wiggle out of the gag around his mouth, "Korra no! You don't know what you're saying!"

But Korra was speaking sincerely. "I swear. I will never run, and I will never try to escape. You can take my bending and we can be together, forever, just like you want. I promise. Just please let them go!"

The dragon birds shook their heads as well as did Kya, Katara and even the children. They didn't want Korra to remain with this lunatic. It was a fate worse than death. But she was willing to do so. For them. So they could have their best chance. But Mako probably felt the most heartbroken. Korra was an innocent who would be forced to be with this man, a man she didn't love, forever.

Amon didn't need to second question her decision. Her love for her family was greater than anything. He smiled. "Very well."

Korra gasped once he began to unlock her chains. She was still feeling to weak to fight so he managed to pushed her down and she rolled onto the stage. She struggled as she tried to stand up and Amon slowly approached her.

Mako wiggled out of his gag as well, shouting her name, "Korra!"

The dragon birds readied themselves to help but Korra stopped them. "Don't!" her voice was so powerful they felt no choice but to comply. "I've made my choice."

"Yes you have, Korra." Amon squatted down at the defenseless child who struggled to even sit up. He grabbed her chin, looking into her eyes. "Don't be afraid. I shall put an end to your suffering…forever."

This was it, she was helpless now. The last thing she looked upon were the people who loved her, tears rolling down their eyes. Korra's gaze fell onto Katara, who began mouthing he famous words;

Listen with your heart

You will understand…

The rest of her loved ones, their mouths no longer covered, looked at her with teary eyes, each one mouthed at the exact same time the words she so often heard;

"I love you…"

Amon's thumb hovered over her head, ready to remove her bending, but those three simple words were enough to change everything.

No longer was Amon starring into the sapphire eyes of his deceased beloved, but now he was looking straight into the pearl white glowing orbs of the legendary hero.

Korra rose her hands up, blasting Amon away with a powerful wind blast that was unlike anything Korra had ever achieved. She no longer felt weak, but stronger. She stood tall and heroic, her now glowing eyes, rivaling the pure whiteness of her new hair, which bellowed in the winds around her. She stared directly at Amon, who was now shivering in fear. The dragon birds cheered for their friend, who's power was now fully restored after being hidden for so long.

Everyone in the audience was shocked at the sight of this beautiful woman, wielding such power unlike anything they had ever seen. At the time it took for Amon to blink, Korra pined him down onto the ground as she stood above him.

"No, Korra, please!"

"Tell them the truth!" she demanded in a voice that not only sounded like her own, but also the voices of various people as well, all speaking at once.

Amon struggled to break free of her hold, her hand placed on his chest, holding him down like a rock.

"The truth?" he asked, "The truth is only in the eye of the beholder."

"Say it!" she pressed harder on his chest.

"Alright, alright!" he removed his mask, revealing his false scar and using his arm, wiped it off, leaving only bits of the makeup left. "I am his son." he said silently.

"So they can hear you." Korra said, only her voice was heard this one time.

"I am Yakon's son!!!"

It was all over now. Amon had lost his follower's trust. He just admitted the truth, that he was indeed the soon of a bloodbender!

But some of his delusional Equalists followers still believed in their leader. They aimed at Korra, who unleashed a powerful display of her bending. She had unlocked her air powers and blasted the Equalists right off of the stage. She rushed to her family, her eyes stopped glowing and used a flame to free their chains.

"Were are mom and the baby?" she asked her father.


"And Lin?

"I don't know." once he was free, he leaped into action, blasting away the Equalists that came at him. Korra freed the rest of her family, as well as Mako, who then assisted her father by sending not only fire blasts, but also lightning. Korra gathered her siblings, aunt and grandmother and led them to a doorway exit. Tenzin and Mako then followed. But even with then free, Amon was not done yet.

Korra turned to her family, "Get out of here, I'll create a diversion!"

"I'm staying with you!" Mako said.

"No, I can handle him!"

"I won't leave you!"

"Let him stay!" Tenzin said, stopping their arguing. "Boy, keep an eye on my daughter."


"No more arguments!" he turned to his children, "Let's go find your mother and the baby!"

Meelo then shouted with furry, "Prison break!"

Once her family left, Korra had to shake her head in disbelief, "Did that just happen?"

But there was no more time to talk, for Amon had appeared in the corridor, ready to attack. Korra unleashed a fire blast to block the way and she and Mako ran. Amon leaped over the flame and ran after them. The two teenagers made their way up to the roof, running as fast as they could up the staircase.

He was not going to let her get away.

Asami and Hiroshi were hard at work, smashing all of the planes while Iroh was off stopping the planes that were already airborne. The father and daughter smiled at their handy work.

"Not bad, dad. I'm going to go check on Bolin." she controlled her mecha suit and headed outside, where Bolin was using his earthbending to destroy the runways. However, more mecha tanks came at Bolin, launching their metal extension cords at him. Asami came in between the attacks and used her own giant claw to grab the cords and flung them back at the machines, knocking them down and destroying them in the process. What was left slid across the ground, nearly missing Bolin by a nose.


Asami opened up the cockpit and jumped out, rushing towards the earthbender, who was still wide eyed shocked by what she did. "Are you okay?"

"Okay…That was amazing!" Bolin surprised Asami by lifting her up by the waist and twirling her around, making her giggle. "I could kiss you right now!….ah…" he quickly lowered her down once he saw Hiroshi standing in front of them. He didn't look upset at all but, he wasn't taking any chances. "I mean, I could. I mean, I'd like you. May I? May me? I mean, may we? Wait, what?"

Bolin was silenced when Asami kissed him on the cheek. "We may." she said with confidence. They turned to Hiroshi who nodded.

"You may."

With a beaming smile, Bolin wrapped Asami in his arms and kissed her pull and passionately on the lips as Asami wrapped her arms around his neck.

Hiroshi smiled and Pabu climbed up his shoulder. "They grow up so fast." he said while wiping away a tear.

Korra and Mako made there way up to the roof, panting once they stopped and looked down, seeing the heard of people down bellow.

"So, what's the plan?" he asked.

"Um, well…"

"You don't have a plan?!"

"Honestly, I didn't think I'd get this far."

The teens spun around when Amon noose stood before them. Breathing heavily as he approached them, his back slightly hunched and his gaze directly at them. Like a lion after his pray. Mako instinctively stood in front of Korra, protecting her.

"You…" Amon pointed his finger at the girl, "Eyes of sapphire blue…hair white as snow. I could have given you everything. We could have had it all."

"Dude, you're insane." the firebender said bluntly while taking his stance.

"Out of my way, boy!" the crazed man demanded, but Mako stubbornly refused. He rose his hand up and Mako suddenly felt a strange and horrible sensation consume him.

Amon was bloodbending the boy into submission!

Korra watched in horror as the man lifted the struggling teenager up into the air and threw him down across the floor. Korra rushed to help but she too felt her body become stiff and immovable. She was under his grasp as well. He forced her onto her knees, his eyes filled with insanity.

"All my life, all I wanted was to have equality for all. Maybe then, no one would have to suffer the same fate I did. But you had to come and ruin everything."

Korra grunted as she tried to freak free, but al she could feel was pain in her body. "When does this end, Noatok? All of this hating and grieving, when does it stop?"

"When I have killed you and every one of your followers."

"Listen to me, I understand you've suffered. Your father didn't give you the love you deserved and I'm sorry for that. And I'm sorry my mother didn't love you the way you loved her. But you can't blame her or my father for that. You could have chosen a different path, but you still let your father's ghost shape you. You became a seeker of revenge and I know now that isn't what you wanted. But all of this anger, and pride and revenge will only bring more misery into your life and all you'll be left with is a hole in your heart. And no hope of ever finding true happiness."

"You know nothing of my happiness."

"I know all you ever wanted was to be loved!"

"I had it! You could have given it to me, but you choose your family. Why would you give your life for them? Why would you throw away your life just so they could live theirs! All your father ever did was keep you locked away, you did everything you could to break free of him. He's not even your real father, and this street-rat! Why do you do this?!"

A tear escaped Korra's eye as she looked at Amon with integrity. "No greater love is he who lays down his life for his friends."

Those words struck Amon in a way he could not explain. What she said was something nobody else has ever told him before. He longed so much to make things fair and equal for people, but he only did it for himself and didn't care who he harmed to get it.

"It's not too late. You can change, Noatok. You don't have to be alone anymore."

He slowly began lowering his shaking hand, Mako struggled to stand up as he watched, hoping he wouldn't try anything and hoping Korra's woulds would get through to him. The man could have a chance for redemption. But he couldn't. His lies were exposed, who could ever forgive him? Who could ever love him again? He certainly didn't believe so. Not anymore.

Korra was thrown across the floor when Amon slapped her in the face. Mako stood up and attacked the man, unleashing a lightning strike at him. Amon was blasted away but regained his composure. Mako rushed over to Korra, holding her in his arms when the man approached them, taking a dagger from his pocket, ready to eliminate them for good.

"You pitiful, fools!" Amon readied to strike when a flock of dragon birds swarmed around him, knocking the knife from his hand and he tried to swat them away.

Seeing her chance, Korra jumped up and kicked Amon in the gut. The two engaged in hand to hand combat. She fought against him, unleashing multiple air blasts at him, but Amon soon gained the upper hand by bloodbending her once more. But Korra refused to be his slave.

"No. You. Don't!"

She kicked at him, sending a tornado blast at him and the bloodbender was knocked right off the roof, falling down to the ocean. Mako and Korra leaned against the side of the roof and Amon spalhed into the water. While there, he instinctively used his waterbending to rise him up to the surface, revealing his powers to the public eye. All of the people who followed him looked on in shock and dismay at witnessing that their leader was nothing but a fraud. A deceiver.

Amon didn't know what else to do. There was no where he could hide. Even if he did, he would continue to live like this. Using his waterbending, he managed to escape. Mako blasted multiple fire attacks at him but Amon was already gone.

The fight was over.

As the two watched the man escape into the sea, the clouds roamed in, the sky roared and rain fell from the heavens. Korra gaze at the people down bellow, all of them looking at her in amazement, not anger or scorn. They were just…amazed. She didn't know if it was because she had exposed Amon, that they all knew now she was the Avatar, or even if it was her new abnormally white hair. She knew things were never going to be the same again.

Mako placed his hand on her shoulder and she placed her head on his chest, her hand over his heart while he held her tightly as the rain fell upon them.

Iroh successfully managed to stop the planes, Asami, Bolin and Hiroshi were reunited with Tenzin and his family. Pema was safe, Lin was free, though she had lost her bending. Raiko, his wife, Wu, all of the imprisoned metalbenders, even the Equalists, all who finally accepted Amon was a lier after witnessing what they did, all stood outside of the arena. The rain continued to fall when Korra and Mako, hand in hand, exited the building. Korra felt queazy upon seeing all of their faces, starring directly at her. The woman released Mako's hand when her aunt and uncle approached her and held her close. Her mother and her siblings did so as well. Tenzin smiled at his daughter with such pride. She was all grown up now. Korra incited the hug first, surprising him a bit before returning the gesture. Bolin hugged her as well and Asami last. She was so relieved to see her friend was alright.

Katara was the last one to approach Korra. Her smile was as bright as the sun. Korra hugged her grandmother with all the love in her heart and Katara wiped away her tears.

"It's time." she said.

This was the moment of truth. No more hiding, no more secrets. This was coming for a long time, and now it was here at long last. Korra stood before the crowd or multiple people of every nation, of every color, and looked up to the sky. The rain slowly died down and the clouds began to disperse, allowing the rays of the sun to come through. She could have sworn she heard a man's voice speaking to her.

"Remember, who you are…" it said. With a deep breath Korra opened her mouth to speak.

"My name's Korra….your new Avatar!"

It was almost as if nature itself shared the crowd's enthusiasm. The sun's rays came into full view and the rain finally stopped. People cheered loudly for the young woman, who smiled with relief and she just laughed with joy. The world finally who who she was.

But best of all, she had her family with her. Asami surprised her with a hug from behind as did Bolin, who laughed in victory. Jinora, Ikki and Meelo hugged their older sister, happy to have her back. Mako only stood there, rather awkwardly, until Korra pulled him by the arm and he too joined in the embrace.

The dragon birds couldn't be prouder. "That's our girl!" said Sunset Shimmer, wiping away the tears from her eyes.

Twilight shared the same feeling, "I knew she could do it. Oh, I promised I wasn't going to cry."

"We didn't!" Rarity, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy were crying their eyes out with pride. Rainbow tried to fight it but she eventually caved in and cried along with them as well. Applejack was more of an inside crier.

But this is not the end of the story…not yet.

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