The Legend of Korra: A New kind of Fairytale

Chapter 6

Once she was certain the Air Acolyte was out of sight, Korra jumped out from her window and ran towards the cliffside. She didn't bother putting on her air nomad cloths and instead kept the outfit she wore today. She didn't want to draw attention so she didn't use her speedboat and instead leaped up from the cliffside, falling headfirst into the water. Ever since she was a little girl, Korra had the amazing talent to swim like a fish, even though she was never a waterbender. She swam across the bay towards the arena.

The pro bending arena was one of the most stunning buildings in the city. It was a colossal, glass-domed structure of a rather rectangular structure with four tall pillars at each corner and a quaint entrance in the side facing the city, located on a small peninsula; a narrow path connected the building entrance to the mainland. As a testament to the spot's popularity, the arena's exterior had a golden appearance and was lit at night, giving it the appearance of a golden palace.

Asami waited patiently at the docks, hoping to spot her friend. The waters bubbled and she gasped when Korra's head appeared, soaking wet. She extended her hand and Asami helped her up. "What kept you?"

"Sorry, I had to keep an eye out for my dad."

"Look at you, you're soaking wet!"

"Relax, I got this. You'll might want to take a few steps back." Asami complied and Korra spun around rapidly on her axis, causing the water to spread out and Asami had to shield herself. Once Korra was done, she was much more dry now. Her cloths were still a tad wet but she didn't shiver or show any reaction to it. Asami shivered when the wind blew. She didn't expect the temperature to be this cold. Winter was just around the corner.

"Aren't you cold?" he asked her friend.

Korra simply shrugged, "It's never really bothered me."

Asami rolled her eyes. There were a lot of things about Korra that didn't bother her, like the cold or spicy foods. The girl never once flinched when eating anything that would cause normal people's mouths to melt. "Well, Ma'am. Your grand birthday present, awaits!"

The two friends linked arms and giggled as they made their way into the arena. Even if she didn't have to say anything, the dragon birds still joined them, having flown there while Korra swam. The birds were all so excited to see the match. However, Fluttershy chirped with worry. She wasn't so sure if they should be defying Tenzin's rules like this, for Korra could get in trouble.

Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes and pushed the yellow/pink dragon bird forward along with the others. This was Korra's special present and a chance she's been waiting for a long time. Nothing was going to spoil it.

"Wow…." Korra knew the arena was huge, but she never expected it to be this gigantic!

"Pretty cool, right?"

"Way cooler than a makeover!" Korra replied with joy before yanking Asami's arm and ran inside, "Come on! Let's get good seats!"

"Whoa! Okay, Korra! Arm! Ow! Arm! Ow! Arm! Ow!" once inside Korra let go of the heiress to rubbed her arm, "Seriously, what kind of animal are you?"

But while she was rubbing her arm, Korra's eyes were sparkling due to how many people already in the arena. Her dragon birds all hid on her shoulder bag, also amazed at the interior of the building. Rarity loved seeing the gold-colored walls and the bright royal atmosphere of the place. This was a dream come true for her.

Rainbow Dash was the most excited of all. She loved sports almost as much as Korra did. The multi-colored bird flew out of her bag and began exploring the place. If there was anything that Rainbow was known for, it was her curiosity.

Korra called out to the bird, "Rainbow! Get back here!" Korra ran after her bird while Asami ran after her friend, who continued down the hallways as more people dispersed. This was the part of the arena where nobody was not allowed to go into. This was bad, they were gonna get in trouble before they even got a chance to see the match.

"Rainbow Dash, where are you….going?" Korra finally caught up with the bird, who was now hovering in front of her….behind a large room filled with all sorts of exercise equipment and a ladder that led to an upstairs attic. Korra had never seen a gym like this before. She only worked out back at the Air Temple in her own private dojo, but this was one of the rare times in which she had seen a gym this big. She came to the conclusion this was what Rainbow Dash was looking for to begin with. She was lucky she found it. And so was Korra.

Her eyes sparkled and she beamed when she walked in further. Asami finally caught up with her, leaning against the frame of the door, panting. "I've got to do more cardio."

"Asami, look at this."

The rest of the birds flew out to see for themselves. Rarity was appalled by the smell of sweat and musk while Applejack and Sunset Shimmer flew around, admiring all of the equipment. Twilight remained the closest with Korra, resting on her shoulder, while Fluttershy rested on Asami's. Pinkie Pie was pecking her beak on a barbell out of curiosity.

"Korra, we shouldn't be here. The match is about to start."

"Will you relax? Oh, wow!" she ran up to a pair of stick nearby. They were sparring staffs. "Uncle Bumi taught how to use these when I was ten!"

"That's a cute story, can we leave now?" Asami pleaded, and Fluttershy chirped in response.

"Asami, chill. Nothing's going to happen."

"Hey you!"

The two girls were startled when a man, apparently in his mid to late thirties, with white hair tied into a short ponytail, sideburns and gym cloths. At the sight of him, each of the birds flew right behind the two teenage girls.

"What are you two doing in my gym?" he asked, pointing an accusing finger at them.

Asami narrowed her eyes at Korra, silently saying 'I told you so'. Korra tried to come up with an excuse. "Uh, we were just looking for a bathroom and we got lost."

But the man wasn't buying it. "Right, the old 'I had to pee' excuse!"

Asami stepped in to try and save their behinds, "We're sorry sir, we didn't mean to cause you any trouble."

"Yeah, well you've got trouble missy! I'm sick and tired of you kids sneaking in here without paying. I'm calling security.

"No, no wait!"

The girls were then startled when another voice called out to them. A younger one, and belonging to a male.

"There you are! I've been looking everywhere for you."

Korra and Asami, even the birds, were all a tad surprised. There stood a young man, probably around sixteen years of age, with pale skin that nearly rivaled Asami's, bright emerald green eyes that carried a youthful, boyish charm to them, and sleek black hair with a small cuff hanging on his forehead. Asami found it adorable. He was also wearing a pro-bending uniform. The young man smiled at the grumpy old guy.

"It's alright, Toza. They're with me."

Realizing what was happening and immediately played along. "Yep." Korra replied with a smile.

"We're with him." Asami added.

"You know these girls, Bo?" Toza asked, arching an eyebrow.

"Oh yeah, we go way back." he lied, keeping his dashing smile all throughout.

"So, which one of you is his date?"

"She is!" both Korra and Asami replied by pointing at each other, much to both their annoyance. But Toza was already fed up with these teenagers.

"Ah, I don't care what you are. I've got work to do!"

Bolin allowed the girls to walk out first, "Right this way, ladies."

Asami smiled in gratitude, "Why, thank you kind sir." she said as she and Korra walked out. Korra only rolled her eyes. Leave it to Asami to flirt with any cute guy she met. At least this one had some manners.

The young man led the two girls down the hallway, "Name's Bolin, by the way."

Asami's eyes widened, "Wait, Bolin? As in, Bolin of the Fire Ferrets?!"

The young man, Bolin, smiled proudly, "Yep, that's me."

"Wow! I honestly did not expect this, Korra and I are such huge pro-bending fans, we've caught all of your matches this season!"

"Well, on the radio mostly." Korra corrected. "Our dad's are such kill-joys."

Bolin's eyes widened, "Wow, all of them? Well, honestly there were a few I wish you hadn't seen. Or, heard in your case."

Asami giggled, "Oh, don't be ridiculous. You're amazing. Korra and I are dying to watch you play in the tournament."

"Well, how would you two like a front row seat to the best match of the year?"

Before Asami could reply, Korra jumped in and smiled at Bolin, "We'd love to!" Asami narrowed her eyes in annoyance due to her friend's interruption and Bolin led the way. "For once, your flirting landed us somewhere good!"

"I wasn't flirting!" Asami said defensively.

"Yeah, and I'm Avatar Aang." she said jokingly before walking ahead and a very annoyed Asami followed.

"I hate you."

"Come on, don't hate. It is my birthday present, after all."

Bolin opened the door and the two girls walked right in. It was more of a locker room placed on a balcony-like area where they had the most amazing view of the arena.

"What do you think?" Bolin asked, "Best seats in the house, right?"

The playing field consisted of a hexagon shaped ring and a water pit. The platform separated into two equal sides, one red and one blue, each one split into three zones. The entire ring was located at the center of the arena. Raised at a considerable height, the ring was supported by thick piles that erect ip of a water pit beneath it. In addition, twenty-one small discs made of earth were visible on each side for earthbenders to use during competition. The playing field also had several mobile platforms that allowed players to enter the ring. The bleachers were arranged in a staggered manner, forming long, tired rows of seats with stairs that provided access to the chairs. The girls could have been sitting there, but they had a much better view from where they were.

"This is even more amazing than I imagined!" Korra said in awe. Her bird friends had to agree, even Fluttershy.

Asami smiled at Bolin, "Thank you so much! This was very generous of you."

The young man blushed, "It was nothing, really."

Then, the door opened once more and two more men entered the room. One was tan with dark brown hair while the other one was….

"Mako!" Bolin cried out happily, "Hey, I wanna introduce you to a couple of new friends of mine." he placed his arm around Asami, who's eyes widened when she saw the older brother.

"You!" he exclaimed in shock.

"You!" Asami responded, equally shocked.

Korra turned around and she too was shocked, "You!"


"Wait, you know each other?" Bolin was very confused, and surprised by all of this. The dragon birds all hid behind Korra's legs. They had a feeling things were not gonna be pretty.

"They're the girls who almost ran me over!"

"Really, we're still on that?" Korra said while placing her hands on her hips.

Bolin shook his head in disbelief, "Wait, back up! They're the girls you talked about?"

"You talked about us?" Korra asked, feeling surprised.

"No!" Mako reacted defensively.

"Didn't you say one of them gave you money?" Bolin asked.

"That would be Korra." Asami said, pointing at her friend.

"Oh, so you're the girl he--"

"Bolin! A word, please." Mako dragged his brother my the collar, leaving the two girls to share skeptical looks with each other. Once they were out of hearing rang, Mako spoke to Bolin, "How many times have I told you to stop bringing your crazy fan-girls in here before the matches?"

"Oh, come on Mako. They seem really nice, and that Korra girl is pretty easy on the eyes." he said with a wiggling eyebrow before receiving a slap on the arm, curtesy of Mako.

"Stop that!"

"I can ask if she's single."


"Or if she's really--"

"Bo, seriously?"

"It's just a question."

While they bickered, Korra and Asami were having their own conversation. "I still can't believe we almost ran over one of the Fire Ferrets." said Asami.

"What do you mean 'we'? You were the one driving."

"I wonder if Bolin's single."


"What? He's pretty cute too. And I think Mako likes you."

Korra only scoffed at the idea and the boys continued their conversation. "Bolin, you've got to get your head on straight. This is the big leagues, don't go let your guard down because of a pair of big goo-goo eyes." the two brothers briefly turned around towards the two girls, who both smiled and waved casually in return.

There was no denying they were both incredibly pretty. Asami with her hourglass figure, pale white skin, ebony hair and rose red lips, and Korra with her strong yet slim figure, exotic tan skin, bright blue sapphire eyes, long dark chocolate brown hair with a single silver streak that sparkled like stardust underneath the lights. The boys turned back again.

"Yeah, that's gonna be a bit hard." said Bolin, finding himself more entranced by the girls' beauty. Particularly Asami's.

"Try." The two boys finally ended the conversation and Mako turned to the ladies, "Okay, you two can stick around for a while if you'd like and…well, enjoy the match."

It was clear as the two watched him place his helmet on, that the young firebender was not a people person. Bolin smiled at the girls, "Sorry about that. My brother gets really focused before a match." he placed his helmet on and followed his brother and third teammate. "Wish me luck. Not that I'll need it."

"Okay." said Korra, before pounding her fist into the air, "Knock em dead!'

"Introooooooducing, the Fire Ferrets!"

The entire stadium bursted into applauds as Mako, Bolin and their third team member waved to the adoring crowd from the platform that slowly took them to the ring. Bolin, especially enjoyed the screams he received from his fangirls.

"Aaaaah! I love you, Bolin! Aaaaah!"

Korra giggled as she nudged Asami's arm with her elbow, "Looks like you got some competition there, Sami."

The heiress scoffed and crossed her arms bitterly while the announcer, Shiro Shinobi, spoke with such enthusiasm and described the game in remarkably vivid details. Korra and Asami were familiar with his voice, having heard it on the radio several times in the past.

"The rookie Ferrets came out of nowhere and have made it further than anyone expected this season. But tonight, they face their toughest test yet, folks."

Applejack, Sunset Shimmer and Pinkie Pie sat on the railings, while Twilight, Rainbow and Fluttershy flew beside Korra. Even Rarity was intrigued by this. The bell sounded which signaled the start of the match. Bolin was already ducking under a fire blast from the opposing team's firebender while Mako fired one himself at the opponent. Bolin rose an earth disk and kicked it to his opponent, who then destroyed the disk with a fire arc and shoots another fire attack, for which the Ferret's waterbender, Hasook, avoided by diving to the ground. Hasook used his water to block a fire blast but ended up sliding backwards and lands on the ground due to the powerful blast. He pulled up more water and blasted at the other team, but the earthbender cartwheeled out of the way in time.

"Hasook is the first to feel the heat of the Tigerdillos!" Shioro said, "He tries to return the favor, but they're too fast for him,--" He rose up an earth disk and kicked it in Mako's direction, but the young firebender calmly moved out of the way. "---while Mako shows off his trademark, "cool under fire" style!"

Mako easily avoided both the earth disk and an incoming fire blast and then retaliated with two fire blasts at the opposing team, while also avoiding an incoming water bullet, followed by another earth disk. The opposing firebender and waterbender both moved in front of Mako's incoming attack and the waterbender shoot a water bullet at Hasook and Bolin, knocking them backwards into zone two.

"Oooh, the Tigerdillos score with a walloping one-two combo!" said the announcer.

Bolin and Hasook quickly scrambled on their feet while Mako directed his attention to the opposing benders. Korra and Asami watched nervously and Fluttershy covered her eyes with her wings, for it seemed the Fire Ferrets were going to lose. Mako jumped up and spun around his axis in the air, successfully avoiding the earth disk and fire attack that was coming right at him, before landing perfectly on the ground and flipped to avoid another incoming fire attack, unfortunately he wasn't fully prepared for the earth disk that came at him and hist hims square in the chest. The impact caused Mako to be pushed back, having his foot pass zone one. The line lit up red as the horn blew.

"Mako's over the line!" said the announcer. The firebender mentally slapped himself at this mistake.

"The Tigerdillos get the green light and advance into Ferret territory!"

"Come on, Ferrets!" Korra shouted while raising her fist into the air for encouragement.

The opposing waterbender shot a water bullet at Mako but his brother quickly came in and blocked the attack with an earth disk, giving Mako the chance to jump and unleash a fire kick at the waterbender, but the opponent jumped over the blast. The opposing earthbender threw an earth disk at Hasook and the boy was knocked back to zone three. Mako jumped over another incoming water attack, for which in response, stroked his teammate Hasook, followed by another water attack and earth disk which pushed him over the rim. The young man fell into the water.

"And Hasook takes a dip! He'll be back for round two!"

Meanwhile, the two brothers dodged the earth and water attacks, Bolin rose an earth disk to shield himself against the water blasts but the impacted pushed him back to zone three. Mako landed in the third zone just when the bell rang, signaling the end of the sound.

"Round one goes to the Golden Temple Tigerdillos!"

The opposing team cheered for their victory, while Mako angrily glared at Hasook, who had finally joined them. This guy was no help to them. Both teams stood in their fighting stances as the bell sounded, signaling the start of round two. Each player unleashed a powerful attack of their respected elements, forcing the Fire Ferrets back into zone two.

"The Fire Ferrets are knocked into zone two and the Tigerdillos advantage!"

The Tigerdillo's earthbender threw a disk at Hasook who blocked it with his waterbending, while both Mako and Bolin attacked the opposing team. Bolin was then knocked by an earth disk by the other earthbender while Mako was punched by two fire blasts and Hasook send two water arcs at the Tigerdillos. Their earthbender was knocked to the ground. The bell rang, signaling the end of round two,

"The Fire Ferrets cinch the round in the closing seconds!"

While Bolin and Hasook celebrated, Mako didn't look at all to happy. They could have easily lost, but lady luck appeared to be on their side tonight. The bell rang again and both teams wasted no time to unleash their attacks. The Tigerdillo waterbender aimed water at Hasook who tumbled out of the way and ran to avoid another attack. Mako destroyed an incoming earth disk with a fire blast as Hasook shoot his water bullet, but just as Bolin himself launched an earth disk, Hasook was hit by a water blast and crashed into Bolin. The two ended up on the floor. While they were down, the Tigerdillo earthbender attacked with an earth disk and the two benders fell into the waters bellow. Just when the buzzer sounded.

Korra and Asami clenched their heads in despair, "Oh, no!"

It was all up to Mako now. He quickly dusked under a water blast and easily avoided three fire blasts as well as two earth disks. Despite the incoming attacks, Mako was unresponsive as he stood at the rim of zone three. The young man panted while remaining in his fighting stance. Twilight and Rainbow were both bitting their talons nervously while Pinkie Pie and Rarity both pulled their manes in suspense, as Korra did with her pony tails. The announcer's voice, only intensified the suspense.

"He is dancing on the edge of the ring, surviving the three on one barrage! It seemed his plan is to let the Tigerdillos punch themselves out!"

Finally, Mako unleashed a fire blast which vaporized an incoming water bullet which made contact with the opposing waterbender. The bender was knocked off the playing field. Mako continued shooting multiple fire blasts.

"And his plan is working!"

The girls cheered for him from the sidelines. Mako continued unleashing his fire blasts at the opposing team's firebender. He was then knocked back by a fire blast against the back pole of the ropes and fell into the water. Mako kept attacking the Togerdillo earthbender as his fire destroyed his earth disks, covering the field in dust. Mako emerges from the smoke and unleashed a fire blast which knocked his opponent straight into the water. But his opponent managed to stop his fall just in time by sliding, his heel barely touching the edge. He rose up another earth disk and hurled it at Mako.

"Look out!" Korra shouted from above, extending her hand instinctively. Then, almost spontaneously, another earth disk near Bolin rose up and hurled at the opponent's disk, destroying it. Bolin blinked in amazement for he was almost certain that wasn't him controlling the disk. Mako took the chance and hurled one final fire blast, this time fully causing the opposing earthbender to fall off the side of the ring and land in the water.

"It's a knockout! What a wing-dinger of a hat trick, folks! Mako pulls off the upset of the season, winning the match for the Fire Ferrets!"

The entire stadium went wild with cheers and applauds for the Fire Ferrets. Asami shook Korra's shoulder in excitement, "Did you see that?! Those two are incredible! I didn't even see Bolin throw that disk at the last minute!"

However, Korra's expression was far from thrilled, more on the lines of surprised and confused as she looked at her hand. Asami didn't noticed the strange coincidence when the disk flew at the exact same moment Korra extended her hand. This was now the third strangest thing to happen to her today.

"Yeah…neither did I."

"Wooho! Go Fire Ferrets!" Asami shouted like crazy and form down bellow Korra watched as Mako removed his helmet. Despite their victory he still wore a serious face. This surprised her, she though he would at least crack a smile for winning but it was like he hardly cared. It was then that Korra started to realize that maybe there was more to this firebender than met the eye.

Bolin jumped in front of them cheering, "YAHOO! YES! One more win and we're in the championship tournament!" the young man took off his helmet and smiled confidently, "So, what you girls think? Bolin's got some moves, hu?".

Despite her questions, Korra still enjoyed the whole match. She enthusiastically grabbed his shirt, smiling broadly, "What did I think? What did I think?! That was amazing!" she playfully shoved him backwards. "This was the best present ever! Thanks Asami!" she hugged her friend tightly.

"Anything for you, Kors."

But the happy mood was quickly shut down when Mako and their other teammate, Hassok, walked into the room. Mako was bickering with him. "You did more than good out there!" he said sternly, "You nearly cost us the match"

"We won, didn't we?"


"Get off my case pal!" Hasook said before leaving and shutting the door close behind him.

"Useless" Mako mumbled under his breath.

The two girls noticed the man's bitterness, "It was still a good game." Asami said, hoping to make things better. It didn't help. Asami decided to spark up another topic of conversation. "So…how long have you guys been pro-bending exactly?"

"About three years." said Bolin, "Toza took us in and now we live in the attic."

"You guys live here?" Korra asked in amazement.

"Yeah, it's nothing much, but it's got a great view. I'm telling you, you can see a perfect view of Air Temple Island!" at the mention of the name, Korra's expression dropped. "The place is so beautiful, don't you think?"

Asami bit her bottom lip while Korra only looked down at her feet with her arms crossed, "Yeah, it's…it's wonderful." she said in a slight monotone voice, which actually caught Mako's attention.

"I've always wondered what it would be like to live there. Must be nice to have a lush island all to yourself with all kinds of Acolytes, food, ocean views in every room."

"Sure." Korra replied, still in her slight bitter tone, "People telling you where to go and how to dress. Must be a dream come true."

Mako removed his gloves and joined in the conversation, "You have something against it or something?" he asked sincerely, more out of curiosity.

"Not really but, let's just say I know what it's like to really live there."

"Why? You've been?"

Korra sighed and with a reassuring look from her best friend she revealed the truth, "It's…my home. My dad's Master Tenzin."

The two brothers stared at her with widened eyes. They did not expect this.

Since they still had some time to spare, the brothers led the two girls into the gym to talk some more. Korra took one of the staffs from before and started twirling it like a pro, amazing the boys. Bolin's reactions were more visible while Mako's were more subtle and easy to miss. The two boys were out of their uniforms and were now wearing black pants and white sleeveless shirts that exposed their well toned arms.

"We didn't exactly get your names." Bolin admitted.

"It's Korra."

And I'm Asami."

"Korra and Asami. Pretty."

Asami tucked her hair behind her ear, "Thanks. My mom picked it."

The others turned their attention to Korra who began using the staff, punching and kicking with such intense focus. "Wow! Nice form!" Bolin complimented, "You're a natural at this."

Asami flipped her hair and took a staff as well, "That's nothing."

Seeing this, Korra smirked and attacked her friend. The two girls yelled and grunted as their staffs collided with one another, demonstrating the boys their wit, strength, power and agility. Korra slammed her staff and Asami leaped out of the way and tried to knock Korra down, but she easily ducked and used her staff to slap Asami's out of her hand, making her the winner. Bolin clapped while Mako only leaned against the wall, emotionless but still impressed.

"You girls got skills!"

"Thanks." they both said.

"How did you learn to fight like that?"

"Asami and I have been in self defense classes since we were this high." she placed her hand near her hips.

"Our dad's wanted to be sure we'd always be able to protect ourselves." said Asami.

"I still can't believe your dad is Mater Tenzin." Bolin said to Korra.

"What's the big deal anyway?" Korra twirled her staff before placing it over her shoulders, resting her hands on them.

"He was one of the city's councilmen! You know, until President Raiko came into office and the Council dispersed but he's still a hight respected political figure. He was the son of Avatar Aang." Bolin then gasped in realization, "That makes him your grandpa! How cool is that, I've always been a big Avatar Aang fan!"

"Well, he's not my technical grandfather." Korra stated before revealing another reality, "I'm adopted."

Mako's eyes widened as did Bolin's. "What happened to your parents?"

"Bolin!" the eldest brother exclaimed.

"What? I'm just asking."

"It's okay." Korra said calmly, "My dad says he doesn't know what really happened to them." Korra simply shrugged as she placed the staff back with the others, "It doesn't matter. Besides, blood doesn't make a family, right?" she smiled and began to fiddle with the pendant around her neck, which shimmer underneath the lights of the gym. Mako caught notice of this and walked over towards Korra, hesitant at first, but then a bit more relaxed.

"What's that?"

Korra looked down at her pendant, "Oh, this? I've always had it. Long as I can remember." she demonstrated the design, which was a cyan symbol styled into a heart with a single four inch star with a white circle on it. "I think maybe it was from my birth mother." she turned it to the side, revealing an inscription in the back. Two words were engraved on it.

" 'Korra: Maiden.' " he read out loud.

"Yeah. My grandma says it's another word for 'pure female'. A woman who's spirit is not tainted by dark forces or desires." she chuckled, "She's always gushing stuff like that about me."

Bolin placed his hands on his cheeks, "Awwwwww, that's so sweet!"

"It's embarrassing!"

"It is not!" Asami replied.

Speaking of her grandmother, Korra's eyes winded in realization, "Wait, what time is it?"

Asami looked at her watch, "Almost nine thirty."

"Oh my gosh! I gotta get home or my dad'll kill me!" she made a mad dash for the door, only to return a split second latter to grab Asami's arm and drag her along. "It was nice meeting you both, maybe we'll see you around, good game, thanks a lot, bye!"

With that, the two boys were now alone. "See Mako? Talking to them wasn't so bad." Bolin stretched his muscles and yawned, "Well, that's enough excitement for one night." he headed towards the latter to where the attic was but he realized Mako was still looking at the door frame. "Hey, you coming?"

"Yeah, I'll be there in a minute."

Bolin simply shrugged and walked up. Mako was still lost in his thoughts. This girl, Korra, was unlike anyone he had ever met. She was fiery, kind, confident, smart. In all of his years he had never met anyone as open and unique as her and he never knew her birth parents yet she was still a happy, cheerful individual. It was so unreal. The very idea of Korra kind of confused him. There was no way a girl could be this good. He then caught a glimpse of something on the floor and picked it up.

It was her pendant.

Korra swam all the way home, almost all of the lights were off, minus a few but they were out of her view of sight. Korra snuck towards the building and silently gestured to the dragon birds to lower down her long be sheets that were tied together. Korra climbed up and entered her room through the open window. Sunset Shimmer chirped with worry. Somebody was coming!

Korra quickly took out her bath robe and tied it around her body, loosened her hair and jumped onto the bed, covering her lower torso with the blanket, turned on the lamp and took a nearby book, pretending to have been reading this while time. The bird hid inside her drawers. Fluttershy was frantic until Rainbow pulled her into the drawer with her and closed it. Rainbow and pink feathers flew out.

The door opened and in walked her grandmother, Katara. "Good evening dear."

"Hey, Gran Gran." Korra greeted casually.

Katara sat down on the side of her bed, "So…how was the match tonight?

Korra gasped as did the dragon birds. "I--I mean you--I didn't--where did you….how did you find out?"

Katara chuckled, "Nobody knows you as well as I do my dear. I've dome some sneaking back in my day like you wouldn't believe."

Korra placed her book down and pleaded with her grandmother, "You're not going to tell dad, are you?

The elderly woman caressed her granddaughter's face, "Tell him what?"

Korra smiled in relief, "Thank you." Katar kissed her forehead before leaving.

"Get some rest, you've got a big day tomorrow." Katara closed the door and Korra sighed in relief as the birds all got out and also sighed in relief.

That was a close call.

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