The Legend of Korra: A New kind of Fairytale

Chapter 7

That night, underneath the bowels of the city, in an underground base, a tall man wearing a hood over his head and a mask on his face that hid his true nature in more ways than one. The mask was white with greet markings, leaving only the holes of the nose and eyes open. A red dot rested on his forehead. He stood with his hands behind his back at the map in front of him. For years, he has been preparing for this moment. He was so close he could almost taste it.

A man in a full body suit, gray and brown in color, wearing green goggles approached him. "Sir, we received word from the Lieutenant. I believe he has found what you were looking for."

The masked man turned to face him, "What did he find."

The lackey handed him a photo, "He took this while no one was looking."

The leader inspected the photo and his eyes widened. The woman in the picture was unlike anyone he had ever seen. With eyes that rivaled the purest of blue stones, a demeanor so strong and powerful befitting a leader, and a single long but very visible strand of hair that shamed the silver stars in the sky. She was exiting the building with her closest friend, a woman he was already familiar with.

"What do you think sir?"

The man was silent for a while before responding. "Find her…and bring her to me."

Yet again, it took the teamwork of seven little dragon birds to wake the sleeping beauty up. This time, they had a plan. The seven birds stood in a straight line and opened up their beaks.

They sang in perfect harmony the birthday song. Korra's eyes fluttered open and she smiled at her little friends. Their beautiful melody was enough to warm her heart. Once the song was over, they bowed and Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie placed a flower crown on her head.

"Thanks you guys."

Rarity was startled when a rock flew to the window, hitting the frame. "Meelo, be careful!"

"I was trying to get her attention!"

Korra got up from her bed and looked out, seeing her three little siblings had created a big heart on the floor with red rose petals with her name on the center.

"Happy Birthday, Korra!"

The young woman smiled at their loving gesture, "Thanks you guys!"

"Come on down!" said Jinora, "Mom and dad got a birthday breakfast ready!"

"I'll be right down!" Korra wasted no time in putting the outfit her aunt had bought her and modeled it for her friends. But then, she realized that something felt off. She touched her neck and gasped.

"My necklace! It's gone!" how could this happen? And on her birthday! Her most prized possession. "Okay, okay don't panic."

She was broken from her thoughts when a knock on the door was heard and her uncle poke. "Korra, you up kid?"

"Yeah, Uncle Bumi!"

"Well come on down, your folks got a surprise for ya!"

Maybe she could figure this out later. She wasn't going to let a lost pendant get in the way of her Special Day. Just as Korra was about to leave, she felt her nose tickle. A sneeze was coming on.


Unbeknownst to Korra, her sneeze caused several papers on her nightstand to fly up and land either back on the table or on the floor. Only the birds noticed this as Korra walked out.


Korra's entire family had arranged a stunning breakfast with all of her favorites! Pancakes with whip cream, chocolate chips, blueberries and strawberries and lichee juice. Even her best friend Asami was there. Pema kissed her daughter's head.

"Happy Birthday, sweetheart."

"Thanks mom. This is incredible, thank you."

"Thank nothing of it!" said her uncle, "Today is all about you!"

We've got big plans, we've surprises for today!

Nothin' but nothing' gonna get in our way

Kya; We've worked for weeks

Planed everything within our power

Jinora: We even got Bumi and Meelo to take a shower!

Asami; If someone wants to hold you back

I'd like to see them try!

"Now, wait a minute!" Tenzin intervened, "We've still got a party to get ready for."

"I know Master Tenzin." said Asami, "But first….presents!"

Jinora, Ikki and Meelo cheered happily, "YAY!"

After the meal, Asami excitedly dragged Korra out, with the three airbenders behind them. The heiress had a fun day planned before the party, which Tenzin had arranged to take place at the park instead of city hall this time.

"Where are we going?" Korra asked.

"You'll see! Just roll with it!"

I'm on the birthday plan attack

We're giving you

The sun

The moon

And the sky!

Asami, being an heiress, had many of the shop keepers and store owners in the city have Korra's presents up and ready for when they arrived. It was especially easy since Korra knew practically everybody in the city and they adored her to no end. Korra was happy to let her brother and sisters join them, along with the seven dragon birds. Asaimi drove them across the city on her car.

Asami; We're making today a special day

For you.

Making today a blast if it's the last thing I do!

For everything you are to me

And all you've been through

I'm making today a special day

For you!

Their first stop was at Asami's favorite jewelry store, where the keeper had Korra's gift. A stunning, yet simple, hand woven traditional water tribe bracelet with gorgeous beads and a moon charm hanging off of it.

Surprise, surprise

This one especially

Korra; Wow! You've got me reeling, you sure it's not too much?

Asami; I think, today, you gave that modesty a rest

We are not stopping cause the next one is the best!

The following place was at their favorite bakery, where the owner happily handed Korra a backer full of her favorite sweets; blueberry muffins, cinnamon sticks, chocolate covered in chocolate, cheesecake, and an adorable little stuffed white polar-bear dog on the side holding a rose.

Baker; Here child, a gift as sweet as you

Korra; Thank you

Asami; Come on, there's more in store!

Korra; Really? What more can I ask for?

The girls were startled when Prince Wu suddenly popped up, much to their annoyance. "Well, how's about a prince? For who you can care for…

"No thanks!" Korra walked away with Asami and the kids in tow.

"I'm hanging in there." he said with a cocky smile.

The group went from place to place, where Korra received more and more gifts from the people she loved and who loved her back. She got new books from the book store owner, a pair of new boots from the tailor, a bouquet of rare ice lilies from the flower shop, her siblings even sang a song for her

We're making today a perfect day for you

Asami; Making today a special day

We're singing a birthday song to make your wishes come true

Asami; Wishes come true!

We love or sister, Korra

Asami; And I love you too

We're making today a perfect day

(A fabulous day in every way)

Yes we are making today a perfect day

One of the next gifts was a necklace from a jeweler. It was a simple, lovely water tribe-like accessory, but at the sight of it, Korra became sad.

"What's wrong?" Asami asked

"Nothing. I love it. I'm gonna use the bathroom real quick. Be right back." Korra went back inside while Asami stayed with the kids, who were admiring some accessories and Meelo was bored. She spotted, not to far off, a familiar friend carrying bags of food. She waved and called out to him.

"Hey, Bolin!"

"Oh, hey Asami!" he greeted as he walked on by, "Small world. Doing some shopping?"

"You could say that."

"Oh, before I forget, Korra dropped something last night at the arena."

"Really? What?"

"Her necklace."

Asami's eyes widened. So this was why Korra looked so upset just now. "Really?"


"Do you have it with you?"

"No, but Mako does."

It was then, Asami had a brilliant idea. "Are you guys doing anything latter?"

"No, why?"

"Korra's having a birthday party in the park today. That will be the perfect chance to give her back the necklace!"


"So you'll go?"


"Great! See ya then!" Asami eaves her friend goodbye, just when Korra came out.

"Hey, what did I miss?"

"Oh, nothing. Now come on, there's still more to do!"

Back at the apartment, Mako was pacing back and forth, pondering on what to do as he held the pendant in hand. Should he return it? The answer was obvious, yes. It was the least he could do. But still, the idea of going towards and island just to return one pendant? It was just a ferry ride away. Why was this so hard to do? Why was it so hard to do something nice for someone other than his brother?

Speaking of brothers, Bolin ran up the stairs to tell him the news. "Mako! Mako, you'll never guess who I ran into today! Asami! She said Korra's having a party at the park today, you can give back her necklace there!"

"What? Bolin, we can't go to a party."

"Why not?"

"Incase you forgot, Korra's dad is Mater Tenzin, a close confidant of President Raiko. There's bound to be security there."

"Relax, I'm sure we'll get in if Asami puts in a good word, which she will."

"You'd seriously trust a girl you just met?"

"You're such a downer! Besides, it could be a good chance to see Korra again." he said with a sly smile and a wink.

Mako crossed his arms and turned around, "Who said I wanted to see her again?"

"Why wouldn't you? Come on, it'll be fun! You do remember fun, right?"

Makin' dreams

Makin' plans

Let's go, go, go!

"I'm not sure." said Mako

"Ah, come on!" Bolin begged, Follow this call from fate

Hurry up before it's too late


"What? It'll be fun!" We're gonna dance!

"I don't dance!"

We're gonna sing!

"No thanks."

Follow your heart

It's a start!


Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on…


"Come on, please, Mako!

"Enough!"…Alright, I can't go on like this. Let's put this all to rest.

Bolin; Come on. Admit it to yourself.

Mako; "Okay"….I guess, it could be, sort of maybe, you know.

"You mean fun!"

"A little."

"Yeah, you mean it! Woohoo!"


After a long day of gift giving and enjoyment, Asami, Korra and the kids were driving towards the park. Asami took a moment to change into her party cloths and Korra was already wearing her birthday outfit. Jinora, Ikki and Meelo had dressed up nicely too.

Korra had such a blast. "Thanks Asami. This day has been--"



"Well, it's not over yet."

The girls and children got out of the car once it was parked and Asami and the kids led the birthday girl to the center of the park.

"Happy Birthday!"

"Wow!" Korra was still speechless. The entire area was decorated with white tents, various chairs, a buffet table, a punch fountain, and lanterns hung onto the side of the tree branches. Jinora, Ikki and Meelo happily took Korra's hands and led her to the festivities, where her family and everyone she knew awaited her.

We're making today a perfect day

For you

We're making today a smiley face

All shinny and new

To show how much you are to us, and all you've been through

We're making today a perfect day

Making today a perfect day


We're making today a perfect day

For you

We're making today a happy day

And no feeling blue

For everything you are to us

And all that you've been

We're making today a perfect day

Making today a perfect day

We're making today a perfect day

For you!

Korra couldn't be happier. While this party was probably more extravagant than she had expected, the thought of it was still incredibly wonderful. She was so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family.

Tenzin smiled happily to see his daughter beaming. He really hoped this party went off exactly as he planed. But that was exactly what his mother feared most.


"Yes, mother?"

"You better not do anything that'll ruin Korra's day."

"Trust me mother, I am only looking out for her safety."

"And her happiness."

"Of course."

Katara sighed. She hoped her son wouldn't do anything too rash.

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