The Power of Love

Dark Magic?

"Ella." A deep voice whispered in my ear from behind as he snaked an arm around my waist. I slowly turned around to face a tall man who seemed to be a few years older than me with jet black hair, perfectly carved features, and the darkest blue eyes I had ever seen. He smiled as I stood there in shock.

"Everything alright love?" He asked, lifting a brow at me in confusion.

"Do I know you?" I asked hesitantly, feeling a bit uncomfortable.

"Do you know me?" He asked slowly and laughed. "Don't be ridiculous darling." He stated and pulled me into a tight embrace. My heart fluttered around in my chest at the sudden contact. The handsome boy sighed deeply and stroked my hair gently.

"I have missed you." He whispered and kissed my cheek lightly, as sparks flew to my heart.

"I miss-" I began, but stopped when I realized what I was saying. Meeting his gaze in confusion, I blurted out. "Wait, what?" Trying to escape his warm embrace, but failing as he tightened his grip on me.

"I think," He whispered, his lips lightly grazed my neck, sending chills down my body. "You were about to say that you missed me." He said, and without warning, his lips collided with mine. His kiss was rough and demanding, and my mind was telling me to kick him in the balls and run, but my body was betraying me. I found myself kissing him back, feeling him smirk against my already bruising lips. I reached for his hair, pulling his face closer to mine as he pushed me roughly against the wall.

"Ella." A voice called out in my mind, but I ignored it as he forcefully kissed his way down my neck.

"Ella!" The voice called louder this time.

The man stopped kissing me, sensing my distraction. "What's wrong love?" He asked staring into my eyes with concern.


"Do you hear that?" I blurted out and looked down the empty hallway, searching for the voice.

"Hear what?" Asked the man in confusion.

"That voice."

"I don't hear a voice." He said in frustration.

"ELLA! GOD DAMMIT, WAKE UP!" The voice roared furiously, as I closed my eyes in fear.

Opening them, expecting to see the handsome stranger, but frowned at the ceiling instead. I was dreaming? I brought my hand up to my swollen lips.

Something like that. Voldemort said in annoyance, as my face flushed pink.

You saw that?! I asked, horrified.

Of course I saw, and felt it! He sounded disgusted as I suddenly became very nauseous.

What do you mean you felt it!? I blurted out in disgust.

You were kissing me! He yelled back in shock.

WHAT? I was absolutely horrified.

That 'handsome stranger' He began. Was me, or was once me. I don't resemble my younger self anymore. He explained.

Oh. My. God. I think i'm going to be sick.

Oh don't deny it, love. He mocked as I made a gagging noise. YOU enjoyed it. It is I that should be feeling ill.

You're delusional if you actually thought I enjoyed that. I replied quickly, cheeks growing warm.

You're blushing.

What? No I'm not. I said in a rush, blushing furiously as he laughed loudly.

Are you forgetting that I am the master of reading one's thoughts and emotions? He asked as I groaned loudly, bringing my hands to cover my face.

Don't worry, I have that effect on most women. He said in a cocky tone.

You're full of yourself.

I'll have you know, women were begging me to give them attention.

Oh my god! Gross, stop! I yelled, finding myself smiling.

Why are you smiling? He asked, which only made me smile more.

I have to get ready for class. I said quietly. Now, if you'd kindly leave my


Try not to let your mind wander to me too much. He said and laughed as I felt the connection break. I jumped out of bed and walked to the bathroom.

I walked to the great hall, taking my spot next to Daphne, who was eating a small bowl of blueberries. My stomach growled loudly as I reached for a piece of toast.

"Where were you yesterday?" Daphne asked, glancing down at the letter her parents had sent her.

I stopped chewing and felt the color drain from my face. "I wasn't feeling well." I quickly lied.

Daphne saw through this and lifted a brow. "Pansy says she saw you running to the dorms with mud on your robes." She said, and popped a blueberry in her mouth.

"I was helping Snape gather ingredients for his next class in the forest, and became ill." I lied again, as Daphne brushed it off and read her letter. Sighing in relief, I looked around the great hall and noticed my brother looking rather pale, engaged in a conversation with Granger. I excused myself from the table and walked towards my brother.

"Hey Harry." I said, interrupting them.

My brother flashed me a smile and motioned me to sit down next to him. "How are you?" He asked and took a sip of pumpkin juice as I sat down.

"I'm alright." I said, looking to him with concern. "You look a little pale, Harry. Everything okay?" I asked as he sighed and pulled his sleeve up to reveal a nasty and rather infected looking carving that read 'I must not tell lies'.

"Harry!" I shrieked.

"With Dumbledore being away, Umbridge has free reign of punishments." Hermione said, voice cracking mid sentence with sadness in her voice. Harry winced at his arm as he pulled his sleeve down.

"What did you do that deserved this kind of punishment?" I asked, horrified.

"I argued with her about Voldemort." He answered, and noticed as I shuddered at his name.

"Well, stop doing that or you wont have an arm pretty soon!" I ordered. Hoping he wouldn't bring up Voldemort again.

Careful Ella. Voldemort whispered. Wouldn't want your brother finding out you kissed the enemy.

If I remember right, I said, sounding a bit like Hermione. The enemy kissed me first.

It was your dream, I can't help it if you fantasize about me. He said casually.

I DO NOT fantasize about you. I said menacingly, and broke the connection when Harry nudged me, letting me know breakfast was over. Walking to Herbology, I ran into Malfoy. And I mean literally ran into him.

"Watch where you're going Potter!" He said harshly and stormed off. What the hell is his problem? I picked up my herbology book from the grass, and continued walking to class when Blaise Zabini started making for my way.

"Potter!" He called, and blocked me from my destination. "So," He began in an arrogant voice. "Care to tell me why my mate won't shut up about befriending you?"

I rolled my eyes, and shook my head. Zabini looked at me like I was some kind of plague he didn't want to catch.

"I haven't the slightest clue. Why? Malfoy's a big boy, Blaise. He can be friends with whoever he wants." I said snottily, giving him the same look of disgust.

"Yeah, only there's one problem."

"And what would that be?" I blurted out, becoming irritated.

"I just don't get what he see's in you, is all."

"He can make his own decisions, Zabini."

"Of course, but when he shows interest in the enemy, well, that's when I get concerned."

"The enemy?" I asked, a bit appalled. What the hell had I ever done to him?

"You're a Potter." He stated and went on. "Clearly the sorting hat made a mistake putting you into Slytherin."

That snotty, spoiled brat! Mistake? You're a mistake you rat! Before I could say anything else, a first year Ravenclaw screamed out in horror at the sight of Blaise. His body bending inhumanely in mid air. I stood there unable to move out of fear. I heard Professor Sprout yelling something at me as his bones continued to crack loudly. Everything was blurring. A high pitched tone rang in my ears as I fell to the ground, violently shaking. Blood was starting to run down my nose as I brought my hand to head in pain.

"Miss Potter." I faintly heard Professor Sprout call. Though, I couldn't reply as the stabbing pain had spread to my chest.

Ella.... Voldemort's voice called out. My body stopped shaking, but the pain intensified.

What's happening to me? I winced in pain, starting to feel numb. Please. I begged. Make it stop.

This is not of my doing. He replied. You have great power flowing through your veins. Voldemort began. But it seems to have come at a devastating price.

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