The Power of Love

Meeting with the Toad

I woke up in the hospital wing a few hours later, feeling awful. My whole body felt like it had been thrown into a brick wall. I groaned, finding it difficult to sit up. I was finding it hard to breath when I saw Zabini sleeping, while Pansy sobbed quietly at his bedside.

Did I... do that? Cringing at the sight before me.

Yes, you did. He replied. It was quite impressive really, He whispered, I have never seen power like that before.

Power? I asked, becoming frightened at his words.

I could feel it, the power. He breathed, It was incredible.

It was not incredible! I hurt someone! I cried.

He deserved it.

He may have, but that doesn't mean I need to torture him!

Why not? He asked, I do it all the time.

You're evil. I trailed off quietly.

Yes, I am.

"Miss Potter!"Madam Pomfrey called.

"Hi." I said in a hoarse voice.

"Headmistress Umbridge requests your presence in her office when you feel well enough." She announced, filling a cup with some type of potion and handing it to me. I quickly drank the potion in distaste.

"I think I feel well enough to see her now, if that's okay."

Madam Pomfrey smiled warmly at me and nodded in reply. "Your clothes are on the dresser, you may use the restroom to change."

"Thank you." I said, and slowly got off the hospital bed. I picked up my clothes and headed to the bathroom, walking quickly past Blaise and Pansy. Quietly shutting the door, I sighed in relief. Pansy already wasn't fond of me, and I of her. I didn't need to add to the hate by almost killing her well, whatever he is to her.

After changing I walked out of the hospital wing and made my way to Headmistress Umbridge, cringing at how wrong it sounded. I laughed loudly at her password. Which was, Cornelius Fudge. I mean really, how creepy can one woman get?

"For the love of Dumbledore..." I stared in awe at the tiny tea plates with moving cats on them that covered every inch of wall space. What is wrong with this woman....

"Miss Potter."

I turned around to see the plump little toad, smiling at me like a lunatic. I forced a smile as she motioned for me to sit in the armchair next to her desk. I sat down and placed my hands in my lap awkwardly, trying not to make eye contact with her.

She cleared her throat and spoke softly. "It has been brought to my attention that you have used an unidentified source of magic earlier today," She began and I sank in my chair, expecting the worst, but surprisingly, she gave me a sympathetic look and continued on. "Now, there is no explanation for what happened earlier, and as Headmaster, I am very concerned for your health."

I tried so hard not to let my mouth hang open in awe. Who is this woman? And what has she done with the toad?

"So... So you're not going to expell me...?" I asked nervously.

To my surprise, she smiled. "Of course not, dear girl! You have quite the potential for greatness!"

I raised an eyebrow at her skeptically.

"What I mean, Miss Potter, is that with proper training and a good mind set, you could very well become one of the most powerful witches!" She squealed with joy. I frowned.

"I don't want to end up like.... Like you know who, professor." I admitted shyly. I hoped Voldemort was preoccupied at the moment so that I didn't hurt his feelings.

Hurt his feelings? Get a grip, Ella. He doesn't have feelings.

"Trust me. With proper guidance and the right teacher, you will be a great asset to the light side!" She picked up a picture frame from her desk, talking to it. "Cornelius," she called.

Which made it hard for me to contain my giggling. These two had to be having an affair.

A few seconds later, I heard a voice that belonged to the Minister of Magic. "Ah, Delores, to what do I owe the pleasure?"

Yep. Definitely an affair.

Umbridge grinned and motioned for me to come behind the desk and join the conversation. I hesitantly shuffled next to her.

"Cornelius, I have some fascinating news regarding our Miss Potter." I waved awkwardly to the Minister, then Umbridge continued. "She displayed the use of an unidentified source of magic earlier today. Now, it seems that her emotions trigger the power and that she is unaware of her actions once it begins. It was also harmful to not only the student, but herself as well."

"Hmm... How very peculiar." Fudged hummed and scratched his head. His face wrinkled into an unattractive look of confusion. "What are your thoughts on the matter, Delores?"

Umbridge smiled and placed her hand on my shoulder. I cringed.

"I believe that with proper guidance, her power can be used for the better good! She's powerful Cornelius. Raw power needs control and a proper teacher."

Oh lord, this couldn't be good.

"Splendid idea! If we start the training now, why, Miss Potter would be a wonderful Auror!" Fudge exclaimed in delight. I however, was feeling rather sick. "Who did you have in mind as a teacher?"

I glanced to the toad. The corners of her mouth turned upwards in a sinister grin. She looked just like the Grinch. I was becoming worried of her plan.

"Lucius Malfoy."


"Oh, he would be perfect for the job! I'll owl him immediately!"


I felt as though I might faint. These two were clearly insane to have a death eater teaching me how to control dark magic. Hell, might as well of suggested Voldy.

I stood next to Umbridge, my eyes wide with shock. She had ended the conversation with the Minister, her photo hit the desk with a light clank. I could feel her gaze on me. I swear, if she is grinning....

"Are you alright dear? You're looking rather pale."


Ella, calm yourself and reply like a civil human. He scolded me in mid rant. When I didn't do as he said, he hissed coldly in my ear. If you don't reply, I'll be forced to do it for you.

I scowled and took a deep breath.

"Just feeling a bit off from earlier today." I replied to Umbridge. Who was still smiling.

"That's quite understandable, my dear. Go to your dorm and get some rest. Don't worry about classes tomorrow, I will excuse you."

I nodded and began walking towards the door.

Thank her. He hissed.

"Thank you, professor." I forced in a pleasant tone.

The toads face became soft as she nodded her head. "You're very welcome. Please meet me here tomorrow after lunch. Goodnight, dear."


I was doomed.

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