Death Wish! (Tony x Reader) One-Shot.


One shot between you and the famous Tony Stark! What's going on?!

Romance / Drama
Age Rating:

Death Wish

"Tony!" You shouted as you walked through the pent house's halls. "Tony! Where are you?!"

Then suddenly you reach the stairs and you hear a big crash. You walk down the stairs as fast as you can, and you came upon a door that was never shut.

You walk in, and your (e/c) eyes widen as you see and robotic arm flying over to Tony.

"Sir, you should remember to close the door." Jarvis said.

"Why?! Don't you see I'm kinda busy here!" Said Tony.

"Yes Sir, but Ms. (L/n) is standing there in shock, I do believe we should do something." Said the A.I system once more.

"WHAT?! I CAN'T HEAR YOU?!" Tony said seriously.

You found a switch, and it turned everything off.

"I'm right here, you blabbering idiot! Do you have a death wish or something?!" You yelled.


"TONY STARK!!!" You started walking toward him.

"That's my name don't wear it out!... Hehe..." He began backing up.

You grabbed him by his shirt collar and pushed him on the sofa.

"When were you planning on telling me?!"

Complete. Silence.

"Oh! So you weren't gonna tell me!" You clenched your jaw, "I see..."

"It's not that bad!..."


"Yes? Ms. (L/n)?"

"Shut the area down. Tony is taking a break from his little toys." You said slightly smirking, oh how you've waited to say that...

"No - Jarvis I will personally shut you down!" Said Tony.

"Yes Ms. (L/n), Although might I ask that you Modify my procedures a little?" Jarvis asked.

"Of course, Jarvis, anything for you!" You said.

"Wha- Aww C'mon!" Tony groaned.

"Tony, what the hell do you think you're doing! Iron Man?! Really?!"

"Listen! I can explain!" He raised his hands.

"The only explanation I want to hear is what you feel after this!"

"After Wha-" You crushed your lips against his, he gasped surprised by your actions. You took advantage and took the kiss to the next level, and only came up when you ran out of breath.

"I just love a man in a suit." You kissed him again and he kissed you back with the same fervor.

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