The Highmore Chronicles: The Lost Kingpin

By AJDay

Fantasy / Adventure

The Holiday Tale

It seemed so long since Eva had seen Michael. She wondered if he had loosened up since she left or if he was still nervously uptight about everything. She stepped off the train and eagerly looked around as sons and daughters ran into the arms of their parents.

Myster sat still in his carrier, since he knew that this was the safest location for him. "He is here, it might just take us some time to find him," he said trying to comfort her.

Her heart was in her throat as she looked for him, hoping that he had remembered.

Finally, her eyes saw movement over the crowds of heads. It was Lucy jumping up and down and waving her arms wildly. Eva quickly maneuvered her way through the maze of people and finally reached her. Markl stood behind her and hugged both her and Lucy.

"Eva, look at you, you look like a real witch now," Lucy said still holding on to her.

"Thank you, I kind of feel like one now too," Eva said breaking apart and looking at the both of them. "But where is Michael?" She almost felt disheartened that he was not there to greet her.

Lucy must have seen her face drop because she quickly recovered. "Oh, no, no, no sweet girl. Michael is here, he went to go get your bags. There is always a huge fuss for first years baggage so he supposed he would get it for you. Come on, let's go find him."

The group stuck close to each other as they found their way towards the baggage claim. Suddenly, a dark figure moved from behind a huddle of parents and pushed a cart towards them. He caught sight of the trio and stopped. The cart relaxed on its side as the man walked around it and then flew into a sprint towards Eva.

Michael caught Eva in his arms and spun her around in a hug. "Hey Miss Witch, what are you up to?"

Eva had never seen Michael this way. She held on to him tight, feeling tears in her eyes. She truly had missed him. He set her down and they both looked back at Lucy and Markl. Eva was happy to see that she was not the only one crying, nor was she the one crying the most.

The group walked out of the station together. A weird assortment of characters. In no time they were walking down the path to the house with the red door, Highmore House. Waiting for them inside, was Granny Gracie and Grandpa Robert along with a large dining table of delicious foods.

They ate and talked about everything that had happened so far. Michael even asked Eva to demonstrate one of her favorite spells. By the end of the night Eva was completely full and worn out for her day. She climbed into her familiar bed, Myster curled up by her feet, and quickly fell asleep.

The holiday went by like a whirlwind. Everyday left Eva exhausted. One day she stopped by to see Madame Posthumus and her many drawings. Another day she went to the library and got caught up with Mr. Emmolt. She even agreed to help him at the shop a little bit; organizing books and cleaning.

Some days Markl would come over and teach her more about flying and the game of Quidditch. She had gone to a few games at school but still didn't know all the rules. Lucy would usually be there too, and Eva could get caught up on her girl talk, which she had been missing since not seeing Swan.

Swan did write her a note accompanied with a holiday picture of Sparrow and her, along with their mother who had the height of Sparrow but the beauty of Swan. They had gone to stay with family who seemed to be floating around in the background of the photo.

Christmas was Eva's favorite day since she went to Diagon Alley and received all of her supplies for school. Eva got robes from Gran and Grandpa Robert, tickets to a Magpies vs. Canons Quidditch series during the summer from Lucy and Markl, and art supplies from Michael.

In a blink of an eye the holiday was quickly coming to a close. It was the night before she would go back and she was having trouble sleeping. She walked past her trunks, all packed for tomorrow as she made her way to the kitchen. As she opened the fridge she hear a noise from behind the wall.

Eva walked around but only saw the small living room on the other side. But she then noticed a light coming from behind a bookshelf. That was rather peculiar because there was only a wall behind the bookcase and then the kitchen on the other side. Eva slowly walked towards it and peered around the side. The bookcase was not flush with wall but instead slightly ajar. She slipped her fingers behind it and found that the bookcase swung just like a door on hinges. As she pushed the shelf back a flood of light hit her in the dark room.

Behind the book case she saw a small room. It was Michael's office, again she was in the ornate room complete with a desk and a few chairs. Behind the desk Michael was writing something in a journal. He paused a moment and then looked up, shocked to see Eva standing there.

"Eva, what are you doing up?' he said coming around the desk to greet her.

"I couldn't sleep," she said looking curiously around the room. "I found your office but it wasn't in the same place as before."

"It's magic," he said leading her in and seating her in a chair. "It is where I want it to be. Sometimes I don't even know where I want it but it knows. It helps me to keep things safe."

"What is so important that you would have to keep it in here?" Eva asked curiously, she didn't think anyone would want to steal anything from them since they wouldn't have anything worth stealing.

"Documents, relics from mum and dad. Just anything I want to stay hidden," he said taking a seat again behind his desk and taking the journal away to stow in it. "So, are you anxious about tomorrow? Is that why you couldn't sleep?"

Eva nodded, "Now that I am here again it is going to be hard to go back for such a long time."

"I know how you feel, I felt the same thing when I was at school. I like my home better. But then I realized I would always have that home to go to, no matter what happened. No matter if I was at the school or at the institute or just on holiday, I always had a home waiting for me.

Eva smiled at him and nodded in agreement. She looked around the room again, seeing many pictures on the walls. Some from when he was a child with his parents in different parts of the world, to pictures of him with a young Lucy. Finally, she saw the pictures they had had together. There was even a beautiful mirror on the wall as well.

Then she started to remember the dreams. Finally, she turned to Michael. "Do you know anything about the Headmaster having disappeared?"

Michael stopped in his motions and didn't seem to be able to move.

"There are rumors that he was being held somewhere because of Madame Duquette. I think it is strange that he is nowhere to be found."

"I am sure Foxstrand is more than capable of taking care of himself and he is probably smart enough not to get himself into trouble."Michael said standing and busying himself with organizing some books.

"Willingly, you mean. He wouldn't get himself into trouble willingly," Eva said looking to him sideways.

Michael stopped and looked down at her. "Eva, do you know something? Did you...see something?"

Eva looked down at her feet. She hadn't told anyone about the dreams or what she had seen, not her friend nor Madame Duquette. "I have had a few dreams. Well, dreams when I have been awake. It has something to do with mirrors, I don't really know. I just think that he might be held there."

"Eva, this is very serious. The Ministry has been trying to locate him. They thought he had run away without a trace," Michael had kneeled beside her. "Are you sure that this was him and not just some creative imaginations?"

Eva shook her head. She didn't know what it was nor did she know how it was being helped. Something in Michael's eyes showed that he was scared about something.

"I am sure everything will be fine. But Eva, you need to promise me that if you...dream anything else you will let me know. Send Gatsby right away," Michael said grabbing some parchment and sitting at his desk.

"Will I have to tell the Ministry?" Eva asked realizing he had work to do.

"I will handle the Ministry, please, don't tell anyone what you told me until I can figure some things out. Goodnight dear."

Eva smiled and went back to her room. She did not believe she would get any sleep but wanted to have time to think.

Though while she lie awake in her bed she started to feel strange. The world sort of drifted away and she was left standing in an alley way. It was in the middle of the night and no one was around. Suddenly, a squeaky door opened and two figures stepped out.

"I told you not to come here," one of the men said pacing back and forth.

"I know but this is urgent. My assignment has gotten me in a little bit of trouble," the other responded, his voice nervous.

"This is not even your assignment, Michael. You are sitting at the desk doing paperwork nothing more. You should have never gotten involved in this case."

"I know but I have found something. Something that no one will believe. You see this?" Michael moved into the moonlight and opened up a bag. He looked younger, no beard, no circle under his eyes. The other man looked over his shoulder. Inside there was crystal ball.

"Michael, this is nothing," the man began becoming frustrated.

"No this is something, my parents came across one of these in their work. There are seven identical siblings," the other man didn't seem convinced but Michael pressed on. "They don't see in to the future like the crystal balls we used in Divinations class. These are used for communication and not only that they can store information in them. I believe that there are dark witches and wizards in who are using these to converse. They are not traceable like owls and they can do a lot damage if you are not allowed to see what it is in them. "

"How did you get a hold of this in the first place?" The second man still was not buying it.

"I found it in the Ministry," Michael said quietly, his voice even more hushed.

"The Ministry? Are you saying that someone in the Ministry is communicating with this so called revival of the dark arts?"

"Holt you have to believe me, I need help from someone outside of the Ministry, someone that I can trust. You have been my friend since I got back into the wizarding world. I need you to take this, keep it in a safe place. Please," Michael voice was full of desperation.

There was a long silence as Holt thought over his proposition. "Michael, you know that you are putting me in a difficult position. I am trying to get the Headmaster position. It was hard enough to become a professor with my background at Dumstrang. The Ministry is already watching my every step to see if I am going to fall on my face. I can't be involved in this. If what you say is true, then if they find this on me don't you think they will suspect that I am communicating with this revival."

"If I don't find some place safe to put this it could mean that they would have all seven," Michael was defeated in his final plea.

"You don't even know if they have all seven and even then what would it matter. Michael I am your friend but I cannot be involved in this. There are too many things at risk," Holt said and began to walk back inside.

"Holt," Michael called, "everything is at risk." With that the two parted directions and then everything disappeared into a black haze.

Eva sat up in her bed. She was in her room, sun pouring in from behind her curtains.

She went down to breakfast exhausted and filled with questions. At the bottom of the stairs she saw that luggage and remembered that she would head back to Hogwarts today.

Eva sat down at the table where a plate of warm food sat. Michael was seated on the other end drinking tea and reading a paper.

"Good morning, Eva," he said still reading.

She smiled and ate her breakfast quietly for a short time. But the questions burned in her throat. "Michael, what exactly do you do at the Ministry?"

"I've told you this before," said Michael putting down the paper and looking at Eva. "I work in the Department of Magical Law. I sit at a desk and file cases that the aurors are working on."

"How long have you been doing that for?" She asked trying not to seem too interested.

"For almost ten years now."

"And you never did anything besides sit behind a desk?" She bit into some toast and looked up at him.

Michael gave a confused smile, "What is with all the questions, Eva?"

Eva stood up straight, thinking of something to say. "I don't know, I just heard someone at school talking about the Ministry and I just wondered how it worked there. Maybe I could see you at work some time."

Michael sat looking at her, "You would want t a Ministry job? I don't know if that is something that would interest you. Besides the Ministry is not always the safest place to work." He paused a moment but then seemed satisfied. "Are you all ready to head back? Is Myster going to give you any trouble this time?"

"No, I don't think he will," she said finishing up her meal. As she went back to her room to collect her final things she was left with this ache in her gut. There was something that Michael did not want to tell her. She could see it in his eyes this morning and last night in his study.

It didn't make leaving any easier though. For most of the train ride she sat staring out the window and thinking about the dream. This was unlike anything that she had seen. It was about Michael. She hadn't dreamed about him since she was in the institute. It was as if she wanted to know more about him and somehow she saw it. But this was not what she wanted to know. This was far too personal and even a little frightening.

School started off with a struggling beginning. Eva had trouble sleeping every night, afraid that she would see something else about Michael that would frighten her. No amount of makeup that Swan tried to put on her would remove the circles from her eyes.

Duquette was getting frustrated with her as well. The more tired she was, the harder it was for her to focus. One day she fell asleep, for a moment, while meditating. Needless to say Duqette was furious and even said that she thought Eva did not actually have the sight. "It is pointless to have this gift if you cannot learn how to wield it," she would say and send her out early.

Even when she used a wand things seemed to go astray. Sparrow would stay up with her every night working on subtle wrist movements to help with more control over the wand. Nothing would help though. This image was burned into her mind and was controlling her life. She almost wished that the other visions would return.
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