The Highmore Chronicles: The Lost Kingpin

Who’s Harry Potter

The three Highmore’s walked around Caterjune Square. It was a small wizarding town, with many shops and pubs, not mentioning the several family homes. There were a few witches and wizards walking around the town, nodding to one another as they passed. It seemed like everyone knew who each other. Several times they were stopped by curious people who would ask about Eva. A particular witch who was quite old and wrinkled had stopped them.

“Good mornin’ dearie, who’s this Mr. Highmore?” she said crouching down to come face to face with Eva. She smelt like old parchment and ink, and by the look of her curled fingers, that was what she did for a living. They were rough and blackened, as she examined the girl. Michael had told Eva earlier that she should try to be pleasant and speak with her new neighbors. It had taken Eva a long enough time to speak with Lucy and his mother, so this would be the next step in her approach of normalcy.

“My name is Eva miss,” she said politely but rather softly wanting to stand behind Michael when the woman smirked.

“Yes, Eva is the child I was telling you about earlier, that I was going to adopt,” Michael tried to speak up a little more so the woman could hear.

“Ah, Eva, it is wonderful to meet you,” her eyes seemed to brighten up slightly, giving Eva some relief. “My name is Ebru Posthumus, but you can call me Madame Post if you would like. I am sure we will be seeing each other soon.”

Before Eva could wish her a good day, she was already walking down the road holding on to her cane.

“She is an artist, you know?” Michael said as they began to walk again. His face had a smile with his eyes looking down at her.

“Does she do art like I do?” Eva asked.

“Well, she used to draw for books and such back in her day before self moving quills. From what I hear she only paints now.”

“Maybe I can see her art sometime,” Eva said as they walked towards a small store. On the outside there was a hanging sign with books carved onto it. It was called Emmolt Books and was owned by Professor Avidor Emmolt. He was a retired wizard of the age, as some believe, of 196, though he has neither confirmed nor denied it. When entering the shop there are stacks of book everywhere, and high shelves filled with the old dusty things. As the bell on the door began to die down a thumping noise could be heard from the back between several tightly fit shelves. Suddenly, a rather large burly man came sliding along the small passage between the bookcases. He had hair everywhere except on his slightly bald head. He was rather short, but made up for with his wide bulky frame. He looked nothing even close to 196 years except that his cloak seemed rather dusty.

“Can I help you?” he said stepping up to his podium in the middle of the shop. His voice was low and gruff and Eva had a hard time taking her eyes off him.

“Hello, Professor Emmolt, how are you doing today?” Michael said walking up to the podium still towering over the man.

Emmolt was digging around in his pockets for something and finally pulled out a pair of spectacles that were round framed. He placed them on his wide noise and looked up at Michael. They made his eyes look twice as big. “Oh, yes, Michael I thought I recognized your voice. Come on in and make yourself at home. Are you looking for anything in particular?” he asked in a kinder voice now stepping down from his podium and came out to greet him. Before he could reach Michael, Emmolt barely missed tripping over Eva who was standing obediently at Michael’s side. “Well, what is this? Do you travel with a dwarf?” he said. Eva was not nearly his height, but was close. He pushed his glasses closer to his face and looked down at her. “Well, it is not a dwarf at all, or at least it’s a pretty one.”

“Hello sir, my name is Eva,” she managed to say through a shaky voice holding out her delicate hand.

The man chuckled and patted his belly, “Well of course you are, your father has been telling us all about you.” He took her hand nearly crushing it in his grip. “So what are you looking for?”

Eva was beginning to get the hang of this meeting people deal. She gave a sheepish smile and put her hands behind her back. “Do you happen to have any books that have drawings by Madame Post?”

“Madame Posthumous, ey? Well let me go check,” the man began to huddle through the large shelves thumbing through the books. “Ah, here we go. History of Quidditch, art by Ebru Posthumus.” It was a rather large book, and it took up most of his arms just to carry it over. He placed it on a pile of books that were covering a desk. Eva walked over with Lucy at her side and she opened the dust cover. There was a drawing of a man dressed in a strange outfit, flying on a broom. The sketch was quite brilliant and Eva soon was enthralled flipping through the pages.

“You know my fiancé plays quidditch,” Lucy said looking at the pictures with her.

“What is it?” Eva asked curiously, the pictures didn’t really explain much which was all Eva wanted to look at.

“It is a game played on broomsticks and you have several players trying to get ball through those three hoops. There are chasers who try to get the quaffle – that ball there – into the hoops which are protected by the keeper. Then there are bludgers, two of them, that are enchanted to fly everywhere and prevent the chasers from getting to the hoops but they can be stopped by the Beaters who have bats and hit the bludgers. Then there is a seeker, who tries to find the golden snitch – this tiny gold ball with wings here. And once the seeker catches the snitch then the game the over and that team wins,” Lucy seemed to know a lot about the sport, and Eva realized that her fiancé must be a wizard.

“How much is this book?” Eva asked still scanning the pages.

“HOW MUCH?” Emmolt suddenly bust out his face puffing up. “I don’t think I could ever part with that book.” This is the phrase that Professor Emmolt said every time someone asked to buy one of his books. The man never seemed to sell anything. He would lend out the books but would always want them back as soon as possible. “Now I will let you borrow that book, but you must bring it back as soon as you’re done.” Eva was excited to get to look at it again. She closed the book and tried to lift it, but it wouldn’t budge, much too heavy. Michael came over and seemed to pick the book up with ease. He placed it under his arm as they walked out the door. “Come back again and see me Eva,” Emmolt said with a wave.

They stopped at several other places and took a look around. At the small pub they had a nice lunch and then headed back towards home. Eva had decided that she wanted to carry the book even though it was extremely heavy. Lucy kept an eye on it and came to the rescue if it ever wobbled. They arrived back at the Highmore House and made their way inside out of the chilly air. Michael waved his wand at their entrance and all the lights switched on and a small fire blazed in the fireplace in the sitting room. Michael took the book easily, his thick frame not seeming to care about the excessive weight. He placed it on the coffee table in the center of the sitting area and then took off his cloak. He took Lucy’s and Eva’s as well and placed them in the small closet beneath the stairs.

“So, Eva how about we hang up your pictures, I have the frames here,” Lucy said in her bright voice, she pulled a bag out of the closet which seemed filled with frames. Eva smiled and helped Lucy carry the bag up the steps.

“Is Michael coming?” Eva asked once they were in her room.

Lucy gave a grim look and then smiled again, “He probably is slightly tired from the adventure we just had. I’m sure he will be up later.” Eva wondered why Michael never seemed as happy. She remembered seeing parents at the institution, and most of them were always thrilled to see the children. The father would always smile down at their son or daughter and give them a big hug. She just assumed that all families were like this all the time. Lucy was never one to not hand out a hug or two, but Michael seemed very subdued, not like he used to be when he visited her.

Lucy had made a small area on the floor in front of the fireplace which was already lit. One by one she began to pull the many different sized frames out of the bag and placed them neatly on the floor. “Do you want to grab your artwork?” she asked continuing with her duty. Eva grabbed the bag from next to her bed and made herself comfortable next to Lucy on the floor. She pulled out a large stack of her charcoal paintings and placed them on the bag, so she didn’t get a black dust on her nice new carpet. One by one they began to place the paper in frames. Eva would ask questions about a lot of the creatures and Lucy would tell her what most of them were. She did not know what the skeletal horse was, never actually seeing one in person luckily. Michael had told Lucy all about the dreams that Eva was having, and realized that there was something special about her. Lucy picked up one picture and held it in front of her. There were several people standing in an office.

“So you saw this, in your dreams?” she asked showing the picture to Eva. The girl nodded with a smile and stuffed another picture of a unicorn into a small frame. “That is so odd; it looks just like the Minister of Magic. I have seen him in pictures and the man next to him looks familiar too. And –“ there was a sudden pause and Lucy nearly shoved her face into the picture. “Is that Harry Potter?” She looked completely stunned.

Eva took the picture remembering the vision well. It wasn’t quite as painful of a dream, but all she could remember was all the people shouting at one another, while the man at the desk seemed very put out. “I guess so, who is Harry Potter?” she asked innocently giving the picture back. Lucy seemed as if she was going to burst from the notion of Eva not knowing who this man was. She was about to release all of her knowledge on Eva when she was interrupted.

“Harry Potter my dear is a great man,” said Michael entering the room. He took a seat on one of the comfy chairs behind the girls and took the picture. He looked at it thoughtfully, remembering his visit to the office that was drawn on the parchment. “Eva, Harry Potter was the wizard who defeated one of the most destructive Wizards of my time. His name was Lord Voldemort and he turned many witches and wizards to the dark magic. Anyone who didn’t follow him was destroyed. Harry’s parents were unfortunately killed by him as well, when he was an infant. When Voldemort tried to kill Harry, something happened and Voldemort was injured so badly that he could not continue his work and the baby was left unharmed except for a scar on his forehead.” Michael paused for a moment as Eva stared at him with glittering eyes. “Harry was sent to live with his muggle aunt and uncle, but left of course to attend Hogwarts at the proper age. At the time I was a fourth year at Hogwarts in Gryffindor House and Harry was sorted into that house as well. I didn’t know him very well at all, we probably didn’t say more than four words to each other, but all I remember was as soon as he arrived at Hogwarts strange things began to happen. Voldemort was trying to kill Harry you see. The school was a perfect place to do it all. We had large snakes, corrupted professors, and an escaped convicted murder roaming the halls, but Harry always managed to defeat whatever evil was there. After I graduated I heard the stories of what happened next. And then Voldemort regained his power and three years later there was a war between him and Harry, and most of the students and teachers and several ministry workers fought against Voldemort and his army.”

Michael had stopped for a long while staring at the flames. Eva had pulled her legs into her chest and was watching intently along with Lucy as if hearing the most amazing story of their lives. Eva was about to ask what happened next but something crackled from downstairs which made all three of them jump. Michael stood up quickly and handed the picture back to Eva. He seemed very alert and nervous. Pulling out his wand from coat he made his way slowly towards the door.

“You two stay here,” he said cautiously walking down the hall. Eva sat her lungs in her throat as she waited to see what happened. Lucy was holding her breath as well wide eyed and looking at the hallway. Soon Michael returned into view, “it’s alright, just my mother. You two stay up for a little.” Instantly, the sound of his mother’s voice came booming through the home. She obviously wanted to see Eva now, but Michael flicked his wrist and the door to Eva’s room shut.

“He probably just needs to talk to her,” Lucy said seeming to have felt a great relief. She began to put more images into their frames. Eva began to as well but could hear the muffled voices of Michael and his mother arguing downstairs.

“So, Harry lived then,” Eva said drawn back to the story.

“How did you know?” Lucy asked surprised. Eva held up the picture that she had just placed in a frame and raised an eyebrow. “Oh, of course, how silly. Yes, he destroyed Voldemort and then became an auror or wizard policemen at the ministry. The rumor is he is almost like a second hand to the minister, and they have given up several peaceful years without dark wizards and such. And what Michael said about Hogwarts having murders and such, it is really the safest place you could be. Even the new Headmaster is said to be almost as powerful as the late Dumbledore, who was killed during the war.”

“Do you know the Headmaster?” Eva asked.

“Headmaster Von Foxstrand? Well I have never met the man, but I have seen pictures. He is rather a handsome fellow, and has done lots of good in his time,” she said happily. There was a sudden burst of raised voices and Eva turned to look at the door. Lucy didn’t seem much affected by the noise; she must have been used to it.

“Who is this?” Lucy asked holding up another picture and looking at it round eyed. Eva was too focused on the voices but she looked at it. It was one of the images of the woman she had seen in her dream, at least she thought it was a woman. That was when she remembered the previous night. Looking around she couldn’t remember what she had done with it. The voices were again crawling up the stairs.

“I’m not sure,” Eva said getting up and walking to the door not noticed by Lucy.

“Well, she looks absolutely horrible,” Lucy continued to look at the picture. Eva had already opened the door and was heading down the stairs before Lucy noticed. She went running after her trying to stop Eva from getting down the stairs.

Michael and his mother were standing in the kitchen talking intensely to each other.

Mother this is ridiculous, the ministry has everything under control,” Michael was saying in as calm a voice as possible.

No they are not, haven’t you read the Daily Prophet,” said his mother who came into view her face red and winded. She was very tall slender woman. Age had not seemed to affect as much looking quite beautiful with her pointed features. The only sign of any age was a small gray line of hair was tucked into her brown hair, which was wrapped in a loose bun. She had the same eyes as Michael and was nearly as tall as him. “They say that he was kidnapped from the—

Eva couldn’t hear the rest because Lucy was pulling her towards the steps. “Aunt Lucy, just let me listen please.”

“No,” Lucy said shortly. She walked Eva back to her room. “I promise you can see your grandmother if a few minutes, but wait until she is done talking to Michael. He wouldn’t want you to hear them argue.” Lucy then shut the door and walked down to the kitchen. Eva stood for a moment slightly frustrated. Why couldn’t she hear what they were talking about? It was obviously important to the wizarding world, and she was a witch. After debating with herself, she tip-toed down the hall and stairs until she could peer into the kitchen. They were all sitting around the kitchen table. Lucy had clearly settled things down between Michael and his mother.

It was his mother that spoke up first in her deep voice, “She has not seen the Daily Prophet yet, the article?”

”She was looking at the paper but I doubt she read the article since it was under the gossip column.”

“Where ever it is doesn’t matter? The fact is that it is true, he was spotted during the day and then they say he vanished and the only person that would have seen him was—“

“Mother you shouldn’t believe everything you read in gossip, ”Michael interjected clearly angered by the conversation.

“You are going to send my Eva to that school, when all of this is happening. I think we should consider another option,” she said in a pleading voice.

“What other option is there? The Ministry said specifically that she was to go to Hogwarts as long as she is mine.”

“She could go to Beaubaton or Dumstrang, all very good school.”

“No, they said Hogwarts, and I am not going to have the ministry take her away from me because Holt can’t seem to stay in one place for very long.”

“He was your best friend, your only friend for your first few years at Hogwarts. I remember you used to write to me about him and how he would help you against those bullies.”

“Mother that was in the past, we haven’t spoken practically at all since then.”

“Oh, yes you have,” his mother yelled, “I remember as soon as you were out of the institute he came to visit. You were in the awful squabble. You both nearly blew each other into tiny pieces if it wasn’t for your father. You never did tell me what that was all about.”

“And I am not going to,” Michael was growing redder by the second with frustration.

Lucy decided to add a comment trying to change the subject, “Eva really likes it here, we went to the book—“ but she was cut off.

“Michael, I swear to you that if anything happens to that poor girl in her first year, it will be you to blame. I am just glad that Madame Duquette is a reliable woman,” no one seemed to speak for a moment as they all sipped their tea. Suddenly, Eva was spotted by the woman. Eva had no idea how the woman realized she was there. “Eva,” her voice seemed to brighten and she stood up with excitement. Eva walked slowly into the kitchen with a small grin. Both Lucy and Michael were looking at her strangely. They were both wondering how much she had heard. “Oh goodness, you look so much better out of those dreary uniforms. This dress is absolutely beautiful on you.”

Eva waited as she examined her. “Thank you Grace,” Eva said standing awkwardly in the middle of the kitchen.

“Oh, call me Grandma Gracie please,” she said with a wide smile. Grace had always wanted to be a grandmother, but was aware of her son’s lack of interest in the matter. When Lucy announced that she was getting married the first thing out of Grace’s mouth was, “I’m going to be a grandmother.” As the few times that Eva had met her grandmother she had come up with several analyses about her. She tended to like to do things her way, and was very much opposed to taking advice from anyone unless she saw it suitable. Wanting to be a mother once more Grace was constantly criticizing Michael about Eva.

Michael was of course fed up with it, he had only had her in his home for a single day and his mother was already making remarks. “My dear they haven’t cut your hair,” she said pulling one of the knotted strands. She nearly looked appalled but soon pulled out her wand with a reassuring look. Eva’s eyes widened and she began to back into Lucy’s chair.

“Mother, she doesn’t want her hair cut,” said Lucy being bombarded by Eva.

“Oh it will only take a second,” the grandmother said lifting her wand slightly. Eva shut her eyes tightly waiting for it to happen. She had grown an attachment to her hair ever since she could remember. It was the one thing that was hers and she wasn’t about to let it go so freely. One of her eyes opened up to see what would happen but suddenly Michael was behind his mother and pulled the wand quickly from her fingers. Eva let out a long sigh and leaned against Lucy. Gracie looked around in astonishment at Michael who had moved so swiftly and felt rather proud of himself.

“MICHAEL,” she blurted out still stunned, “You know never to take a witches wand.”

“And you mother will remember that Eva can make her own decisions such as keeping her hair,” he said with a firm face. Gracie was about argue back but a loud squawk came from the window in the kitchen. All four faces turned to see a strange bird, slightly like a hawk, sitting in the window sill. Gatsby, Michael’s owl, was glaring at it and then looked to its small dish of food as if to protect it. The bird had a roll of parchment attached to its foot and began to make even louder noises. Michael moved to the window still holding his mother’s wand. He pulled parchment from the bird’s foot and unrolled it carefully. He took in a deep inhale and placed the parchment on the counter. Michael took a few pieces of food from Gatsby’s tray though the owl didn’t seem willing and placed them in front of the bird that quickly ate them and flew off again.

Turning he faced the three woman looking at him anxiously. “The Ministry has asked me to come in for a while; they said it will be quick. Mother, I trust that you will not touch anything of Eva’s attached to her or not,” he gave the woman stern face and then tossed the wand back to her. With that a loud crackle filled the room and Michael vanished.

Eva looked stunned around the room wondering how he had disappeared. Lucy turned and saw her expression.

“Oh it is alright dear, he just apparated, that’s all,” she said with a smile, “it is really simple—“

“No it is not,” came Gracie’s voice, “apparating is a difficult task which only prepared wizards can do, and don’t you forget it Eva. You will not be able to apparate until you pass the test and that is not until you are seventeen.” She had pocketed her wand still very upset by the previous event.

“So, Eva,” she began taking her seat again, “What do you do for fun? I know that you haven’t learned any magic yet.”

“Oh, well I like to draw,” Eva said. Soon she thought about it, she actually had never drawn anything without something like her dreams to provoke it. Now that she realized she actually did enjoy it, she thought she might try to sketch something from her own imagination.

“Draw?” Gracie questioned, nearly laughing, “You mean muggle pictures, that don’t move.” Of course, the pictures didn’t move was all Eva could think.

“Most drawing don’t move,” Eva said softly.

“Well of course they do, everyone knows that,” she began, “except muggles.”

“I got a book from the bookshop in town and none of the pictures moved.”

“Where is this book?” Gracie asked and Eva soon led her to where Michael had set the book.

“See,” Gracie said opening to the center of the book. There were several lines of writing, but soon Eva realized that the picture she was trying to look at kept moving. On either side of the pages were three hoops and several drawing of wizards on broomsticks. They seemed to be playing the game right on the page. As Gracie lifted on page to turn they seemed arguing not wanting their game to end. Eva bent slightly to watch as the pages soon were flattened together. On the next page a small round ball with wings bobbed in the middle of the page, but suddenly took off in every direction followed by a witch on a broomstick. “See, all pictures move in magical book,” Gracie murmured in a know-it-all voice. She then quickly shut the book revealing the back cover. An old wizard seemed to be sleeping framed by the old leather. He snorted once before falling back asleep. Eva was astonished realizing that this must be the author.

Another crackle came back to the library and Eva heard Michael grunting. She ran into the kitchen followed by Lucy and Grace. Michael had landed on the table and was pulling himself onto solid ground.

“I told you apparating is not easy,” came Gracie’s voice again. “What did they want dear?”

“Umm, it was nothing, just something with paperwork,” he grumbled. “I need to speak with Eva, alone if you don’t mind. It is getting late mother, you should probably go see who father is doing.”

Grace paused studying her son for a moment but soon huffed and grabbed her cloak from the closet. When she returned to walked straight to Eva and gave her a large hug. Eva had not realized how much her grandmother smelled like smoke until she was pushed into her robes.

“Now my dear, don’t you worry about a thing. I will buy all of your supplies for the school year as a welcome to the family gift,” she said pinching Eva’s cheek and then stepping back.

“Bye bye my dears,” she finally said and with a dramatic pose the crackling noise came back and Grace had disappeared. Eva was still getting used to seeing someone vanish, but was soon consumed with the question of what Michael had to speak to her about. Michael gave Lucy a sudden look, and she let out a slight chuckle.

“Well, I am just going to go up stairs and—er—look at Eva’s artwork, yes,” she said oddly and soon scampered off towards the stairs. They both watched her go but Eva soon turned to Michael and looked at him puzzled.

“What did you want to talk to me about?” she asked, but he seemed to be preoccupied with something. Shaking his head he looked down at her.

“Come with me,” he said and began to walk towards the sitting room. Stopping in front of one of the wood paneled walls he tapped his wand to it. Instantly the wall slid down revealing a passage way. Eva peaked around curiously and saw that the passage led into another room. She walked in slowly looking around. It looked like much of the other house, very antique, with several pieces of heavy furniture. There were two sitting chairs which looked quite inviting but Michael motioned for her to sit in a chair across from the desk that didn’t seem as comfortable. She climbed into the chair her feet swinging freely from the ground. Michael sat behind the desk and folded his hands nervously.

“Eva, I understand that you have a special gift, without it would mean that we would never have met,” he started sweat pouring from his forehead. “I need you to tell me if you have had anymore that were so specific.”

Eva looked down a moment and thought hard. “I have seen things like creatures and I have seen people, in what Lucy calls, the ministry.”

Michael’s head popped up slightly, “Who?”

“She said it looked like the Minister and his assistant and lots of people and Harry Potter,” Eva said innocently.

Michael seemed to concentrating on something in his mind not looking up at Eva for a moment. “What were they doing?”

“Just arguing, I couldn’t really hear anything,” she said, “It happened last week before you picked me up.”

Michael stood up suddenly and started to pace around the room. “The ministry knows of your dreams, at least that you having them. They wouldn’t have released you if they hadn’t known.” Eva began to feel confused.

“Is my gift that uncommon amongst wizarding people?”

“Yes, there are only possibly three people alive today known to have this particular gift, but others see things, sometimes not in dreams,” Michael began.

“Really?” Eva sat up with bright eyes, “What kind of gifts?”

Michael fumbled over his words a moment and then finally began to speak, “Well there are seers, who have precognition, meaning they can see into the future. Prophets or soothsayers who receive divine messages—em—the preters who have the ability of retrocognition, to see past events in which they could not have been seen normally. The oracle—“

“Oracle, I have heard of them,” Eva said, “but only in books. They can see past, present, and the future.”

“Yes, though not many witches or wizards believe they exist anymore. They went into hiding many years ago,” Michael shook his head for a moment, “that is not the point. The point is that the ministry needs to know your abilities in order for you to register which can’t be done until you are of age.”

“What age must I be?” Eva asked becoming confused.

“Seventeen is when witches and wizards are allowed to do magic outside of school and they no longer have the “trace” on them,” Michael could see a questioning look form on her face. “The “trace” is a way the ministry can watch all underage magical folk to prevent incidents.”

Eva paused a moment and stood up walking around the small room. She was trying to image being tested for her gift, what would they do? Would they hook her up to machines? That sounded just like the institute when they were checking her brain. It didn’t sound pleasant at all. Eva stopped in front of a picture of an elephant that was playing in a pool of water when Michael spoke again.

“Eva, have you anything else?” he asked moving towards her.

She didn’t want to say anything abou her nightmare the other night, the image in her head for too frightening. Slowly, she turned to face him knowing that her face was showing dishonesty. “No,” she muttered and then walked away, “What is this place?”

“It is my study, no person can hear through these walls, and only a word will open it, that I only know,” he explained.

“Why couldn’t Lucy hear what we were saying?” Eva questioned.

Michael stood a moment, stuck to his spot. He seemed to be breathing heavily searching for the words in his mind. He moved towards her and kneeled down until they were face to face. “Eva,” he began his voice shakey, “When you go to school you are to tell no one of your gift. The headmaster and deputy headmistress will be the only ones who know and it must stay that way. Do you understand?”

“But I—“

“No, for your own good you do not tell anyone about your dreams,” his eyes were staring intently at her. She wasn’t sure what to think. At first it seemed that he wanted her to be proud of her gift but now he didn’t. She nodded obediently feeling slightly upset. “Good,” he said and stood up soon revealing a weak smile. “Alright well, I think it is time for some supper and then off to bed.” He moved towards the wall again and tapped it once with his wand muttering something under his breath. The wall opened leading out again into the house. Eva followed along feeling slightly dejected.

They made their way to the kitchen and found that Lucy was hovering over a large dutch oven. She seemed slightly flustered staring into the pot, her hand moving rapidly in circle stirring whatever the contents was. She turned quickly around as they approached and gave an uneasy smile.

“Oh, hello, I was just thinking that I was incredibly hungry and thought that some chicken and dumplings would be good, but I just can’t get it to thicken…and I promise I wasn’t listening,” she sputtered out looking completely nervous.

“It’s alright Lucy, you wouldn’t have been able to hear anything even if you wanted to. Let me help with that,” Michael and moved into the stove and with a flick of his wand the spoon began to stir rapidly. Next to him on the counter and knife rose and began to quickly chop some vegetables. Eva sat watching, still slightly amazed at what magic could do, though thoroughly put out by the previous conversation.

Lucy took a seat huffing slightly. She seemed to be perspiring and Eva thought that cooking was just not her aunt’s thing. When Eva’s eyes returned back to Michael she saw that a pile of doughy like material was rolling itself into balls. Within a few short minutes that meal was ready, but Eva was not feeling hungry. She ate slowly hoping that neither of them noticed the small portion she had. The conversation was rather light, besides the few outbursts from Lucy attempting to fill the room with some kind of noise. After a few ‘goodnights’ Eva was in her room. It had seemed that Lucy worked rather quickly on the frames, and nearly all of them were hung on the walls around her room. Some were on the mantel of fireplace and on her desk. One wall had several empty frames, which Eva was positive was for her artwork to come. Still while looking through all of her pictures she still felt empty. Perhaps this gift that she thought was exactly that, a gift, was more of a curse. She climbed into bed but could not fall asleep. Part of her didn’t want to because she didn’t want to have another dream.

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