Vampire Song

Chapter 10

“I don’t know if I’m comfortable with this.” Ava shifts back and forth in the clothing that was picked out for her. She plucks at the skirt nervously, looking down at her legs, never having been one to wear skirts.

“Relax, you look great in it!” Kyoko claims, twirling her finger in the air to indicate Ava to turn around for her. “Did you want to do something to your hair? I think I could get someone to do some work on it if you wanted to.”

“I’m trying to grow it out.” Ava turns in a slow circle as she speaks.

“All the better! Do you want some streaks? I think you’d look good with blond ones.”

“I’m… not sure?” Kyoko pulls her over to look in the mirror.

“Well, I’d get a rainbow but that’s just me.” Kyoko giggles as she lifts up some strands of Ava’s hair. “It’s so soft! What do you do?” Ava’s face starts to turn bright red as she stares at herself in the mirror.


“Oh, come on! Let’s get this and you can wear it today! I’ve got more stuff for you to try on afterward! Your skin tone is so great!” Kyoko laughs as she pulls Ava back towards the dressing room. “Get in there and try this stuff on!” Ava gets an armful of clothing from Kyoko and stumbles into the dressing room again.

The warm-up seems to drag by until they hit a break and Kaz plucks his phone from his pocket to message Ava. However, he finds messages waiting for him. The first one talks about Kyoko forcing her to get new clothing. The second one apologizes since he’s in the middle of practice. A third one says that she might be running behind thanks to Saki finding a salon that would work on her hair that isn’t in Roppongi. Even though she doesn’t think her hair needs work, details the fourth. Another apology for sending so many messages.

He sends a message back, offering to come get her away from the fan club women. He figures he might be able to manage it within the break’s time period. He doesn’t want her bothered so much that she doesn’t want to come back just due to the overzealousness of Kyoko and her friends. Kaz makes a mental note to try and keep Kyoko and Saki away from her in the future if they’re going to bother her this much.

His phone buzzes and he blinks down. ‘It’s fine. We’re on our way.’ it reads and nervousness threads through him as he replies, ‘Good, I’ll tell Kyoko and the rest off for bothering you so much.’ There’s a short pause before he receives another reply.

‘I’m tempted to take you up on that offer.’ Kaz raises an eyebrow, wondering what the girls had done to his girlfriend to upset her.

Ava hurries along with Kyoko, Saki, and Mitsuko, face flushed as she moves. The air is chilly on her legs, considering that she wasn’t allowed to wear the thigh high socks because apparently they “don’t go with the outfit” as Mitsuko had said. She hadn’t even gotten leg warmers, just her feet stuffed back into the ankle socks and short boots she’s wearing.

The three girls are giggling and Ava feels like she’s the butt of the joke. Stick the foreigner with the big legs into the short skirt. There’s good reason she doesn’t wear skirts regularly, and every time she glances down, she sees both reasons. It feels like she’s walking around in her underwear on top of that and based on the amount of looks and stares she’s getting, she isn’t the only one thinking it.

The mild trim and streaks of blond and auburn aren’t helping matters either. At least she’s content with the hairstyle. She had been meaning to get it trimmed up to look better. The girls had set on her with their makeup brushes after the haircut and hadn’t even given her the decency of a mirror afterward. She had to catch glances in the glass of buildings to see that it’s a basic makeup instead of something garish. She’s thankful for that.

They hop onto a train, Ava twirling a longer strand of hair around her finger and biting at her lip. The hairs on the back of her neck are standing up, letting her know that she’s getting stared at again. “Are you sure I can’t change into something else? I’m a little cold.”

“You’re fine! You’ll want something airy during the concert.” Kyoko smiles widely, looking her up and down again. Ava shifts one leg in front of the other in an attempt to make her legs smaller, feeling even more embarrassed with the woman’s gaze on her.

“I—I don’t know about that. I’m pretty good with my pants.”

“What are you going to do? Put them on out here?” Saki raises an eyebrow.

“Well, no.”

“Then it’ll have to wait. If you need to change, you can do it when we get back,” Mitsuko states firmly and Kyoko blinks at her.

“All right.” Ava gives in finally as the train glides along the tracks.

Kaz’s mouth is dry as he stares. He’s never seen Ava in a skirt. Even when it makes sense to wear one, she seems keener on something that covers her legs completely based on any and all pictures he’s seen. It seemed like she was against them entirely. She looks uncomfortable, plucking at the blue and black fabric as his eyes move slowly up her legs.

“Sorry, I couldn’t get Kyoko to give me my clothing back. Everyone’s been staring all day.” Ava’s look is turning towards mortified.

“I can see why! Those legs go on for days!” Ju-ken adds a wolf-whistle onto his statement and Ava’s face turns brighter red, taken aback by the bassist. It takes a second for the statement to sink in to Kaz’s mind and he turns to snarl at Ju-ken. “I got it! She’s taken! I can’t appreciate a good set of legs?” Kaz grumbles a bit more and turns back to look at Ava. She looks more embarrassed, shifting back and forth, seemingly in an attempt to make herself look even smaller. Kaz can’t understand it.

“Well, well! Aren’t you a tasty morsel?” Hyde skips into the room. Ava’s back is facing him and the doorway. He slips an arm around her with a grin that looks self-assured and pleased, his hand slipping down further for a second. “What a lovely set of le—” He yanks backward with a yelp as Ava’s hand comes swinging around to defend herself. “Fuck! You were hiding those under there?!” Hyde dodges back further as she tries another swing, face as red as a fire hydrant. She looks horrifically humiliated and Kaz puts enough sense together to leap up and wrap his arms around her. She holds tight back to him, trying to bury her face into his neck.

“Please…” She breathes, a tremble running through her.

“What’s wrong?” he murmurs back, kissing her head. The streaks of blond and auburn catch his attention and he reaches up, playing with one streak. It’s surprisingly soft despite the stress that dying it must have been on the strands of hair.

“It’s not funny.” The statement throws him off.

“What isn’t?”

“Kyoko parading me around… everyone staring… joking…” She refuses to remove her face from his neck, lips moving against his skin. Her fingers are dug in tight to his shirt.

“Wait—what?” Kaz digs her out from his neck to look at her face. She almost appears ashamed as she plucks at the skirt again, attempting to pull it down further without pulling it off. He leads her from the room towards a quieter, empty one. “Let’s talk.” They leave, a silence left in their wake until Ju-ken looks to Hyde.

“How’s the slap doing?”

“Shut up! I had no idea that was her!” Hyde grumbles, rubbing his face where Ava had managed to hit. It wouldn’t leave a major mark thankfully, he had pulled back just in time.

“Legs for days, huh?” Arimatsu looks to the bassist and Hyde raises an eyebrow.

“He got away with saying that?”

“Barely. Kaz was quite distracted. He even got a whistle in.” Arimatsu chuckles, pounding out a lazy rhythm on his practice pad with a set of drumsticks. “Took Kaz about thirty seconds to even realize what happened he was staring so hard at her.”

“Hey, they do go on for days,” Ju-ken defends. “Last time I saw a pair of legs like that, they were unfortunately on a man.”

“You were looking at Gackt’s legs?” Hyde prods with a grin.

“No! God no! And what would you know about that anyways?” The laughter echoes down the hallway.

“What do you mean by that?” Kaz stands across from Ava, the woman looking increasingly frustrated and upset. After a short talk, she had at least decided that he isn’t attempting to make fun of her it seemed.

“They’re huge, they’re big, gigantic. How many ways do I need to say that they’re oversized and I look like an elephant wearing a skirt?” There’s a silence as Kaz looks from her legs up to her more than once. He’s still having problems wrapping his brain around this problem. This isn’t something he’d expected.

“They are?” He tries the question as an attempt to buy himself more time. She instead watches him silently, face bright red. “Ava, you can’t be looking at this right.” Silence, lingering longer and longer. He eventually gives a sigh, stepping closer and sweeping her up into his arms.

“O—Oi! Put me down!” she yelps, kicking her feet as they lay over Kaz’s arm. He takes a seat on the small couch in the room with her on his lap. She squirms, trying to get away, but an arm around her waist holds her tightly in place. Ignoring her wriggling, he reaches his free hand down and runs it over one leg, thumb brushing over her knee cap.

“The only issue I see with these is that you didn’t show them off before.” Kaz pauses in thought, thumb running back and forth over her knee. “Though based on Hyde and Ju-ken’s reactions, I’m almost glad you didn’t. It might have sparked a fight.” She stays quiet before resting her head against his chest, eyes fixed away from his hand on her leg. So he runs his hand down further, caressing around her calf and making her twitch, pulling the muscle there taut. “You did a lot of bike riding or running or something.” There’s a short silence before she speaks.

“I was trying to lose weight.” Her voice is quiet. “The bike riding helped a bit.”

“Lose weight?”

“A while ago.” It’s an evasive answer and he presses a soft kiss to her head.

“Is that so?” There’s another silence.

“I got sick. I put on a lot of weight. Took me years to drop a lot of it.” Kaz runs his hand back up her leg, resting his head on hers as she answers. The problem slowly clicks into place, lighting up like a lightbulb.

“You still see yourself that way. Even though you’ve lost the weight and you look lovely, you can’t see it.” Silence greets his statement and he shifts to move his other arm up, tilting her head to press a soft, gentle kiss to her lips. His other hand slides back up her leg, pausing at her knee for a second before sliding up the outside of her thigh, slipping under the edge of the skirt. Ava gives a small noise, a shiver running through her body.

“Kaz…” He’s not quite sure of the tone of her voice but his hand is already running back down her leg, slipping across her thighs to the other leg and running down that one.

“I find your legs quite sexy. And while that is my opinion, it’s apparently shared with many people if the number of people staring at you is any indication.” Kaz starts to run his hand back up her leg again. “Did you notice anything that the people staring had in common?” There’s a short pause.

“Ahm.” Ava fidgets again. “All male? Two female I think?”

“All male?”

“I—I think,” Ava states as Kaz’s hand pauses on the middle of her thigh. There’s a short silence.

“That didn’t clue you in? I’m sure they were all younger.” His hand runs higher before slipping over to the other leg again and slowly caressing back downward.

“W—Well. Yes?” Ava’s face is warm against his, her blush very strong. He keeps his eyes focused on her legs though, running his fingers gently all the way down the other leg.

“They were appreciating an extremely nice sight and Kyoko knew what she was doing when she stuck you into this skirt and had you walk through town.” He slides his hand back up her leg.

“With no socks? It’s… breezy.” He gives a small chuckle at the response, hand stopping just under the edge of the skirt on her thigh. She shivers at the touch, shifting a little.

“I think that’s the point of a skirt, to be breezy,” he points out and turns his head to press another kiss to her lips. She kisses back this time and his hand moves up further, slipping around to her rear and cupping her ass as he pulls her tighter against him. She breaks the kiss and he presses a couple kisses along her jawline.

“Sex hasn’t been added back to the table yet.” There’s a very long silence as Kaz blinks at her before he smiles.

“Sex before a live is extremely irresponsible.” Ava blinks in return before smiling and pressing a short kiss to his lips. She stays close enough for her lips to brush over his as she speaks.

“Then you removing your hand from my derriere might be prudent.” She smiles and he steals a kiss, running his hand back down to her thigh.

“Do you still want me to get Kyoko to give you back your pants?” he murmurs and there’s a long silence before she shakes her head. “Are you sure? I’ll do it with no problem.” Ava pauses for a while before shaking her head again.

“They’re not making fun of me?” she checks, shivering softly as his fingers caress her leg.

“Not at all,” he assures.

“Then I’ll try to be comfortable with it.” She reaches down and plucks at the fabric again.

“You don’t have to force yourself.”

“I want to. It’s out of my comfort zone but Kyoko is right.” Ava offers an abashed smile. “The pants are hot in the middle of a concert.” Kaz chuckles softly.

“I’ve yet to figure out how Hyde does it in those tight pants.” Ava giggles at the statement, relaxing against Kaz.

“They’re not having sex, right?” Hyde whispers as he looks curiously at Ju-ken. He had only managed to get the bassist to come with. He’s sure it’s for Ju-ken’s entertainment more so than actually helping Hyde.

“Nope. No sex,” Ju-ken states louder than Hyde would have wanted and the short singer attempts to hush the brash bass player, shoving him away from the door in order to chastise him.

“Is there a particular reason you’re eavesdropping?” Kaz’s voice startles Hyde before he can start, blinking back at the pair exiting the room. Ava looks a bit more comfortable in her own skin, still plucking at her skirt and staying close to Kaz.

“Ahm.” Hyde’s face starts to turn red.


“I think he was aiming to catch you two in the act,” Ju-ken states casually. “Asking all sorts of odd questions.”

“In the…” Kaz’s brow furrows for a second before he looks taken aback.

“I’m tempted to slap him again,” Ava mutters, scowling as she eyes the singer.

“Was not! Just concerned about… ahm proper relationship progression!” Ju-ken laughs hard at Hyde’s attempt to defend himself, walking away towards the lounge room again. “And worried about the concert,” Hyde adds. Kaz shakes his head, gently leading Ava back towards the band’s room.

“I hope we don’t need to have a conversation about boundaries, Hyde.”

“No, not at… at all.” His statement trails off as he watches Ava’s skirt sway with each step, it sometimes lifting a little higher to show more of her bare thigh. Hyde’s thankful that Kaz doesn’t turn around to look at him as he stares. He has to agree with Ju-ken about appreciating a nice set of legs.

Kaz smiles as he watches Ava from the corner of his eye. She’s sitting with her legs stretched out on one of the couches, occasionally tensing her lower leg and poking it as if she’s just noticed that she has muscles there. She does the same on and off with her thighs though she makes it less obvious before returning to her calves. It’s amusing to watch her realize that she has more muscle on her than she thought.

It also seems to calm her every time he takes a pause to reach up and caress her head. The streaks stand out even more in the brighter room and he can admire how much they bring out the natural colors in her hair. Even if her legs distract him. He couldn’t play for long before his eyes would be drawn back over to her. Needing to look up the fret board occasionally didn’t help either.

“I do like what they did to your hair.” She blinks at him, caught in the middle of flexing her calf muscle, looking as if she’s been seen doing something wrong.

“Oh?” Is all she manages out.

“It looks really good. Brings out different colors in your hair,” he states before returning to trying to focus on his guitar. His statement apparently distracts her enough that she spends the rest of the time trying to look at her hair to figure out what other colors there are in there.

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