Vampire Song

Chapter 11

Kyoko stands on Ava’s left, the two leaning on the railing and chatting back and forth as the rest of the crowd filters in behind them. Saki and Mitsuko are over in another area, the fan club spread out much more this time. It’s a curiosity that Ava asks Kyoko about, making the woman look embarrassed again.

“It was another thing to make sure I was where I needed to be then?” Ava questions and Kyoko nods slowly. A silence draws long between them before Ava looks up at the stage, watching one of the roadies walk out and finish the setup on the guitars. “It’s fine. Everything has worked out all right so I suppose I can’t be upset. Though I wouldn’t recommend attempting to script my life again. It will not turn out well for all involved.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it.” Kyoko offers her a friendly smile and a hug, looking glad that Ava isn’t holding a grudge. She reaches up afterward and fluffs up Ava’s hair with a happy smile. “I wish my hair was like this.”

“I have enough problems with it.” Ava laughs. “You only want it because it’s not yours. I’d give it away if I could.” Kyoko giggles in response, shaking her head.

“Well I think it looks lovely and it’s so soft. So I can be jealous.” Kyoko grins at the woman. “The streaks look great. Did he say anything about them?” Kyoko tilts her head in curiosity. Ava smiles in return as Kyoko plucks one of the blond strands up, twirling it around a finger one time.

“He said that he liked it and that it looked good,” Ava states as the strands of hair fall back down to her head.

“Oh? Nothing else?”

“Not really.” Ava feels her face flush, recalling his hand caressing up and down her legs as he tried to understand her. She still isn’t completely comfortable in the skirt but she would make an effort to try. Kyoko giggles, breaking through her thoughts. “What?”

“The only reason I can think of that he wouldn’t notice your hair was if he was focused on something else.” Ava immediately looks down at her clothing, concerned that she has a wardrobe malfunction somewhere. Everything looks to be in order however, making Ava look back up at Kyoko blankly.


“He must have been staring elsewhere, that’s all I’m saying.” The intro music starts up, cutting off any hope of getting more out of the fan club member.

Kaz hops out onto the stage to loud shouts and calls of his name, the cheer rising up from the audience makes him proud. Even more so when he turns after getting his guitar on and sees Ava standing there at the railing, cheering for him with a large grin on her face. They jump into the first song and Kaz makes a small show of his playing on his side, pleased to have Ava’s full attention for another concert.

He can see her eyes move from his fingers moving along the fret board to move up to his face more than once. She looks like she’s enjoying herself, sending the occasional glance over the rest of the band but Kaz is delighted to have the majority of her attention. It feels like he’s floating as they go through the set list.

Ava laughs as Kyoko headbangs back and forth, not wanting to move the same way. “That’s too hardcore!”

“I know! I like it that way!” Kyoko continues with the movement, her hair flying all over the place and Ava shifts to one side to give her more room with another laugh before looking back up at Kaz. The guitarist looks bemused at Kyoko but continues playing strongly with a grin, occasionally bounding over the stage.

“You’re so weird!” Ava calls to the woman and hears Kyoko’s laughter. She follows Kaz’s movements before looking towards the rest of the band. There’s a sharp pain in the back of her leg suddenly, like she’s been kicked. “Oi!” She turns to look behind her, finding only a mass of people, a couple blinking at her in confusion. She reaches down and rubs the back of her calf as she turns back forward, trying not to feel like an idiot.

“What’s wrong?” Kyoko follows her gaze, pausing in her energetic movement.

“Someone kicked me.”

“It gets rowdy sometimes,” she explains and grabs one of Ava’s hands, holding it up in the air with a loud cheer as the song comes to an end. Ava returns her attention to the stage, a bright smile on her face as Kaz peers into the audience at her during Hyde’s MC. He glances over the crowd afterward, seeming quite content.

The next song starts up and Kaz hops out onto the edge of the stage, his fingers moving quickly as he plays. He pauses before tilting the guitar out like he had done during Ava’s last concert, a small smile playing on his lips. She reaches up, fingers brushing lightly over the end of the headstock, Kyoko’s hand right beside hers and Kyoko squeals. Ava smiles with a flush overtaking her face, drawing her hand back and Kaz pulls away before too many more people reach up.

“He’s so cute like this.” Kyoko giggles, nudging Ava and her face turns a brighter red as she smiles more.

“He is,” she agrees and Kyoko giggles more. It’s right as Kyoko starts to head-bang again that another kick connects with her calf. It’s followed by a third and fourth hits immediately, knocking Ava’s legs out from under her as she turns to look. A woman is attempting to push her way back through the crowd as Ava leans heavily on the railing, holding herself up.

“Ava?” Kyoko looks concerned and there’s a pause before she pats her on the shoulder, pushing through the crowd after the woman that kicked her. Saki is immediately in Kyoko’s place as Ava reaches down to her leg, clutching at it. It feels wet.

“Ava, daijoubou?” Saki helps pull her back around. Ava clings to the railing tightly, pain radiating up her leg.

“I’m bleeding. I’m bleeding,” Ava murmurs through clenched teeth, forcing herself not to look up at Kaz again. “My leg is bleeding.” Saki looks alarmed, looking down towards her leg. “It hurts. Fuck it hurts.”

“Can you walk? We’ll get you away…” Saki glances over the crowd, Ava knowing what the conclusion is.

“I can’t walk. I’m not going anywhere until the end. You’d have to carry me and I don’t think you can do that,” Ava manages out, her body trembling. Saki leans down and there’s the sensation of something warm being wrapped around her leg. When Saki stands back up, she’s missing her arm warmers.

“That should help, just try and stay still.”

“I will.” Ava keeps her eyes anywhere and everywhere but the stage. She has concern that Kaz would jump off the stage in an attempt to help her if he got any idea of what had happened, ruining the concert with him being protective.

Kaz lingers for a second on the stage before following his bandmates off. He isn’t sure what had happened. One moment Ava seemed to be enjoying herself, the next, it seemed like she couldn’t bear to look at him. He hovers just off-stage, refusing to go far, just close enough so that no one could see him but he could see a portion of the audience. Specifically Ava and Saki. He mentally pauses and focuses on the area around Ava again. Where did Kyoko go? The woman had been there at the beginning of the concert, he remembers watching her head-bang.

“Kaz? Get some water.” Hyde offers him a bottle of water.

“Where’s Kyoko? I thought she said she would stay with Ava?” Kaz glances to Arimatsu, ignoring the bottle of water. The drummer looks notably tight-lipped, shaking his head. Kaz turns toward him, feeling his panic rising. “What happened?” Arimatsu shakes his head again.

“I’m not saying right now. Kyoko’s getting details with Mitsuko.”

“Is that why Mitsuko took off?” Ju-ken blinks over at Arimatsu, receiving a terse nod. “You can’t say that and then not say anything about what’s going on.” Ju-ken looks concerned. Kaz takes a few steps towards the drummer threateningly before Hyde pulls hard on his shirt.

“Everyone calm down! We’ll figure out what’s going on after we finish.” Hyde looks between the group, eyes lingering on Kaz for a while. The guitarist shakes his head, attempting to shake Hyde off and head towards Arimatsu again.

“Is she hurt?”

“I don’t know. She’ll be there until the end of the concert. That’s all I know.” Arimatsu doesn’t look at him, hands soaking in ice water. Kaz returns his attention to looking back out to the audience. He can barely see Ava from his new spot but she’s leaning partially over the bar, looking like she’s supporting herself with it as Saki keeps an arm around her. He can see some of the other fan club members slipping up out of the crowd to take places around the pair. Something is very wrong.

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