Vampire Song

Chapter 13

Ava comes around to the sound of a phone and blinks her eyes until they adjust to watch Kaz pick the phone up and answer. It has to be too early. Kaz murmurs out a greeting and Ava closes her eyes again, resting her head back against the guitarist’s chest. Him sleeping shirtless had been a pleasant surprise, especially considering how he tended to pull her against him each night. He’s fairly warm as well, which was even more of a surprise considering the vampire status.

“Mm… Hyde, it’s…” There’s a long pause. “Way too early.” Ava can hear the laughter from the other end of the line despite her distance from the phone and Kaz groans. “Please stop implying that.” Ava looks up again, reaching up and Kaz blinks at her as she takes his phone, drawing it down to her ear.

“—and you haven’t yet? I just can’t believe it.” There’s a pause. “Kaz?”

“Your interest in whether your guitarist has had sex bothers me,” Ava mutters into the speaker and there’s a short silence.

“We weren’t discussing that.”

“I’m within a foot of the phone and I’m beginning to recognize Kaz’s annoyed tone of voice specific to that question,” Ava responds. “You were asking if we had sex. The answer is no, it’s off the table and I’d prefer it if you quit asking.”


“And I will know. And I will come find you.” There’s a pause. “Wakatteru?” Kaz’s chest rumbles with a quiet chuckle and Ava shuts her eyes again.

“Yes. I understand.”

“Now call back at a decent hour. It’s too early for this.” Ava hangs up on Hyde before he can respond and leans up, putting Kaz’s phone back on the side table. She retakes her comfortable position with her head resting on the edge of his shoulder. He wraps his arm around her again and gives a content sigh after pressing a soft kiss to her head.

“So they’re looking at celebrating tonight?” Ava questions, guilt coloring her features.

“Yes. Everything went terrible at the end of last night so we bumped it to tonight,” Kaz explains as he checks over the healing wound on her leg. All of his attention is on it and he turns her leg slightly to check that it’s healing properly.

“I’m sorry.” It’s a quiet apology and Kaz blinks up at her in surprise.

“Don’t apologize, it’s not your fault.” He shakes his head. “Someone else decided that you didn’t belong in the front row and harmed you. That’s not your fault.”


“And don’t apologize for stopping the group of us from heading out.”

“Why not?”

“You weren’t the only reason we didn’t.” Kaz leans up and presses a kiss to her leg before starting to rewrap the limb, Ava’s face having turned a bright red color. “Even if we hadn’t known you and she had kicked you, I’m sure the scent of the blood would’ve set us all on edge.”

“I wouldn’t have been there at all if I didn’t know you,” Ava mutters out, trying to will the blush away from her face.

“Ava.” The tone is sharp and she blinks at Kaz. “It’s not your fault, chances are that she would’ve kicked someone else in your stead. You were just easy to pick on.” Ava immediately looks annoyed instead of guilty.

“Easy to pick on?” She grumbles. “Let’s see her do it to my face where I can grab hold of her instead of her fleeing like the little coward she is.” Kaz grins at her statement as he finishes wrapping her leg back up. He’s already found that he prefers her ornery compared to her withdrawn, apologetic side. Leaning up, he presses a deep kiss to her lips instead of saying what comes to mind.

“You know that was rude.” Hyde looks to Ava, Kaz walking between them as they trail behind Ju-ken, Arimatsu, and Jin along with more of the crew, heading towards some sort of restaurant. Ava hadn’t managed to pry the details out of Kaz but she is sure it’s another izakaya.

“What’s ruder was you calling at seven in the morning to ask if your guitarist has had sex,” Ava shoots back with a sidelong glance in the singer’s direction. Kaz’s face turns bright red as Ju-ken turns to look at the three, hearing Ava’s statement. Hyde’s face turns just as red and he sputters out a denial.

“Was not! I called to check on you after last night.”

“Then why did Kaz sound annoyed and you were laughing?”

“You could hear that? How close were you?” Hyde questions and this time, Ava’s face flushes brightly and the three of them walk along in silence. Ju-ken shakes his head and looks to Arimatsu and Jin.

“I have an idea. Let’s make our own band, they’re getting pretty weird.”

“I am not weird!” Hyde protests loudly, drawing the attention of the rest of the group to the trailing members. Kaz and Ava immediately look in different directions, the guitarist holding a little tighter to Ava’s arm as Hyde stutters in an attempt to push the attention away from himself. Ju-ken starts to laugh at the failing attempt to deny his observation and Arimatsu grins more, Jin shaking his head with a smile.

“I feel like the izakaya is some harebrained scheme of yours.” Ju-ken leans over to remark to Hyde as he eyes Ava and Kaz.

“Now why would you think that?” Hyde responds, sipping half the cup of sake down.

“Because alcohol loosens the inhibitions and you’ve made sure that they’re drinking the strongest stuff this place has.” Ju-ken pauses. “And now that they’ve got enough booze in their systems, they’re starting to be all over one another.”

“They are? I haven’t noticed.”

“Bullshit, you’ve been watching with a grin on your face.” Arimatsu joins into the conversation and Hyde almost chokes on another sip of the sake. Ju-ken laughs loudly, Kaz and Ava breaking apart to blink at what’s going on. They look a little startled but the guitarist seems unwilling to let Ava go, keeping an arm around her as Hyde shoves a couple more cups in their direction.

“We should do karaoke!” He shouts over Ju-ken’s next statement and the bassist looks like he’s going to roll over on his side from laughing too hard. Hyde’s loud enough for half the room to hear despite the din of conversations. Ava shakes her head, looking surprisingly shy.

“I don’t sing.” She’s barely loud enough for Hyde to hear and the singer shakes his head.

“It’s karaoke, it’s for fun!” She shakes her head again. “I do it and it’s just for fun, I don’t try or anything!” There’s a pause before she shakes her head again. “Kaz! I want to do karaoke! Convince your girlfriend it’s a good idea.” Kaz looks startled before he blinks between Hyde and Ava.

“A—Anou.” He seems at a loss.

“Please?” Hyde returns to begging Ava. He hadn’t been expecting the woman to dig her feet in on something as simple as karaoke. She eyes him suspiciously and Hyde watches her hand move to dig into Kaz’s shirt, down low on his body. Hyde forces a grin away. Kaz isn’t the only possessive one apparently.


“I just said so, it’s fun.” There’s another long silence between the two of them before she seems to relent.

“Fine. I’m not singing though.”


It’s a private, small booth and the group is sitting on the couches in the darkened room. Ava looks more willing after Hyde had insisted she have just a couple more drinks. Kaz had started to look suspicious after that but after another couple of drinks on his end, he’s more focused on Ava again. The rest of the band insisted on coming, one big group, and Hyde finds it even more entertaining since they’re willing to sing as well, even though Ju-ken just seems curious as to what Hyde’s endgame is.

“Here, here!” Hyde shoves the microphone at Ava and the woman looks startled as the music starts, attempting to shove it back. Kaz watches in confusion, one arm around Ava as the pair argues over the microphone. “I want a different song, you sing this one!” Hyde retreats, leaving Ava with the microphone and looking extremely blank.

“Ahm.” She looks from the song to Hyde and then to Kaz before looking back up at the screen at a loss. She attempts to hand the microphone off to Kaz who starts singing the song but doesn’t take the microphone. Ava blinks before smiling, watching Kaz.

“Not the way you planned on it going?” Ju-ken asks suddenly and Hyde grumbles, having been caught staring at the two.


“Some people don’t sing.” Ju-ken shrugs with a quiet laugh. “Too shy, know their voice sounds bad, the list goes on.” Kaz continues singing happily as Ava holds the microphone.

“That’s the point of karaoke, isn’t it? To sound bad and have fun?” Hyde gripes more. “It’s not like I work my ass off in here. I like screwing around.” A voice adding in catches his attention and he watches as Arimatsu starts to sing along too, having grabbed the extra microphone.

“Yeah, some people don’t have the confidence. Or maybe she doesn’t know the song.”

“The words are right there.”

“What about the tone or note? At least they’re trying to hit the notes, because they know them.” Ju-ken shrugs and sits back, watching the screen and starts to chat with Jin now that Arimatsu is singing. Hyde pouts more as the song comes to an end and Ava hands the microphone off to someone else.

It comes back around to her by Hyde’s design quickly, the woman left holding the microphone with no Kaz to hand it off to, the guitarist having taken off to use the toilet. She sits like a deer in the headlights, attempting to hand it back off to Hyde again, the singer refusing under the fact that he had just sung a song. Ju-ken, Arimatsu, and Jin are enamored in their own conversation, laughing loudly occasionally with Ju-ken gesturing wildly as he speaks. The song starts to catch up to her and she stares at the screen, still holding the microphone.

When Kaz comes back, Hyde looks triumphant, singing in a loud, brassy tone quite unlike when he’s actually trying to sing and the remaining members of the room are fairly quiet. Ava has a bright red flush on her face, a microphone held in a white-knuckled grip, not seeming to notice Kaz’s return from where she’s sitting. Eventually, she joins in with Hyde, voice quiet even through the microphone and Kaz stops, listening. He eventually retakes his seat and immediately has the microphone shoved into his face.

Hyde laughs and shakes his head, continuing to sing along quite badly to the song. When Ava leaves the room, the singer turns to Kaz with a grin. “You missed her singing.”


“I got it, I’ll send it to you later,” Ju-ken comments from the back before snatching the microphone and starting into a song. Ava returns shortly and curls up against Kaz, beginning to look tired and he runs his fingers across her head, pressing a kiss to it.

Ava leans on Kaz as they walk, the pair having gotten out of the taxi. It isn’t far to go now thankfully and they reach the apartment without incident. Ava plops onto the couch with a soft noise, starting to curl up. “Mm… I drank too much again. I tried not to.” Kaz joins her, pulling her up enough so that she’s lying across his lap.

“Every time I turned around, I had a new drink,” Kaz responds, shutting his eyes as he lays an arm over Ava, holding her to him.

“I know… I think Hyde kept ordering them.” Ava mutters into Kaz’s side.

“Why would he do that?”

“I dunno.” There’s a pause. “No, no no… wait wait…” Ava sits up partially, having Kaz’s full attention, or as best as he can manage at the current moment. She presses a small kiss to his lips and giggles softly.


“He’s still pushing for sex,” Ava announces, looking quite pleased that she’s figured it out.

“Why?” Kaz blinks more.

“I dunno.” Ava blinks back, body slung across Kaz’s lap. She yawns and lays back down, snuggling against him.

“This isn’t a bed,” Kaz complains and moves to pick Ava up. She gives a noise of complaint in response, attempting to stay where she is.

“I have to change clothing if I go to bed and I don’t want to.” Kaz picks her up anyways, despite another complaint and he stumbles to the bedroom.

“Just strip down,” Kaz offers as a solution as he sets her on the bed. She looks shocked at the idea.

“No, I can’t.”

“Why?” Kaz blinks, sitting beside her and starting to remove clothing. “It’s comfy. Just wear underwear.” Ava seems to consider the proposition, watching as Kaz pulls his shirt off, letting it drop to the floor and starting on his pants.

“Fine,” she finally responds, beginning to carefully pull her pants off. Kaz nods, finishing pulling his own pants off and slips into the bed, under the covers, and relaxes into the pillows with a deep sigh. The bed moves as Ava joins him and he blinks up at her. She smiles lopsidedly but he pulls her down against him, kissing her with a light nip to her lips before simply leaning his head against hers. There’s a faint, new flavor in his mouth as he draws back.

“Mm… mine,” he murmurs and Ava nips at his nose.

“Possessive.” She chastises despite being drunk and Kaz chuckles, stealing another kiss.

“Yes.” It’s a simple response that garners another bite on the nose.

“Stop it.” Kaz gives a noise of complaint at the request and the nip to his nose.

“I don’t want to, I love you.” He buries his face in her hair and she snuggles closer.

“I’se not an object.”

“Mm… never said you were. Just… my love.” Ava presses a kiss to his neck after the statement with a small giggle.

“I love you too.”

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