Vampire Song

Chapter 15

“Mm… moshi moshi?” Kaz answers his phone, more rested than the previous times that it’s woken him up.

“Tell Hyde no sex still.” Ava’s voice is muffled by her face pressed into his neck. The sensation of her breath across the skin makes him shiver.

“Good morning Kazu. I heard Ava wanted to go sight-seeing, you suck at being a tourist, so can I take her?” Hyde sounds cautious. There’s a short silence.

“What?” Kaz blinks slowly, staring straight ahead as he attempts to wrap his mind around Hyde’s quick question.

“No sex,” Ava states sleepily.

“You’re an awful tourist, you complain a lot about walking around, so can I pretend to be a tour guide for Ava?” Hyde rephrases, sounding hopeful now.

“Why would you...”

“Tell him no sex, why’s he so insistent?” Ava’s hand slides up his torso, aiming for his phone as she tries to keep sleeping.

“Because when she comes back, she should know all the good spots! I’ll take good care of her, I promise! Very good care of her!” There’s a long silence as Ava pulls the phone away from Kaz’s hand and puts it to her ear.

“Mm… Hyde?” Ava’s head returns to resting on Kaz’s chest, the phone against the other ear.

“Ava? Did Kaz hand the phone off? I was asking if he would get all protective and angry if I took you out to go see the sights.” Hyde sounds surprised at hearing Ava.

“Oh… I thought you were…” Ava is cut off by a soft yawn.

“I have a threat hanging over my head that actually does sound like you would make it come true due to him giving in to your every whim and wish. On top of that, you hear me because you’re sleeping either on him or next to him every time I call. You think I’d risk that?”

“What’s he going on about?” Kaz murmurs, shutting his eyes again. Having Ava so close is so comfortable feeling and he holds her slightly tighter.

“Mm… I should hope you wouldn’t risk it,” Ava responds and there’s a pause. “I suppose I could. It doesn’t sound bad to do, sounds like fun actually.”

“Great! I’ll come get you in two hours! See you then!”

“Wait, what…” Ava trails off, Hyde having hung up. Ava pulls Kaz’s phone away from her ear and looks at the time. At least it isn’t some ungodly hour of the morning like the last time Hyde had called, two hours put her leaving at a respectable time. She hands the phone back and starts to pull herself up, pulling free of Kaz’s arms.

“What’s going on?” Kaz stretches, looking at her curiously as he wonders what she’s doing.

“I’m going to play tourist with Hyde.” Ava smiles and Kaz gawks, a silence drawing between them before the guitarist starts to get up.

“I’ll go too.” There’s an odd tone to his voice.

“You don’t have to watch over me. I can handle him if he decides to get a little touchy-feely with me.” Ava tilts her head, moving and grabbing her clothing for the day from a bag. “I’ll be fine.” She heads into the bathroom to get ready. Kaz stays still for a short time before getting up and retrieving his own clothing.

“It’s not the touchy-feely that I’m worried about,” he mutters to himself as he starts to get dressed.

When Ava opens the door, Hyde looks quite cheerful until he notices Kaz standing and looking prepared to go with. “Aw, he’s coming. He’ll make it miserable. He hates being a tourist. Even if it’s a fake tourist.” The singer’s mouth has turned into a pout instead of the beaming smile Ava opened the door to.

“Really?” Ava looks to Kaz and looks annoyed. “You told me that you liked the idea of walking around being a tourist.” Kaz shifts back and forth under the gaze.

“With you…” he adds on.

“Stop being protective. Nothing is going to happen.” She grumbles a bit and turns to head out the door, picking up a small bag from the side table. Kaz moves to follow but there’s a hand in the middle of his chest. “Are you going to be happy doing this today?” she questions, looking frustrated.

“I’m happiest when I’m with you, so yes, I would be happy walking around with you.” The words tumble out and Kaz is sure that he hasn’t seen someone’s face turn that red, that fast any time recently. He’s sure his own face is a similar shade of red due to embarrassment at letting such words slip out of his mouth.

“That’s the sappiest thing I’ve heard in my life.” Hyde gripes loudly, breaking the moment and Ava draws her hand back. “It’s not going to stop him from complaining bitterly about everything today.” There’s a long silence as Ava looks at Kaz more seriously. He’s certain he can decipher the look she’s giving him and even under it, steps out into the hallway and locks the door behind him. Ava shrugs it off and Hyde gives a loud, deep sigh, making sure that the two are well aware of his annoyance towards the situation.

“I’m surprised he’s doing as well as he is.” Hyde comments as Ava and he sit at a restaurant for lunch, an empty spot marking where Kaz had been until a minute or two beforehand.

“Really?” Ava appears curious, looking up from the menu she had been given.

“Yes, usually he’s much more,” Hyde pauses, considering what word he should use before nodding, “bitchy about this stuff. Comes with the whole sunlight problem.”

“I haven’t seen either of you burn up.”

“He was already sensitive beforehand and likes to press it and make it worse by not drinking enough.” Hyde’s voice drops a little and Ava blinks, trying to figure out the logic.

“So… you put it off by drinking? Isn’t that little counter-intuitive?”

“No. Technically the more you drink, the more “normal” you can seem. Save for the drinking. It’s like eating food for a human, go without and you become weak, frail and different in appearance.” Hyde tilts his head as he rubs at it, looking uncomfortable.

“You realize that I’m, more than likely, going to end up knowing these things whether you tell me or not, right?” Ava tilts her head.

“Doesn’t make it easier to spell it out for you. Especially with the fact that I’m not sure what’s going to make you take off running for the hills,” Hyde mutters, focusing back on the menu again himself.

“I’ve gotten kicked, healed, told I’m the absolute one person for someone, and finally I’ve been bit on top of all that. I’m pretty sure he picked a crazy one because a sane person would have been running for the hills long ago but I’ve stayed.” There’s a pause as Hyde looks up at her in surprise.

“Bit?” he echoes.

“Yes. And it’s your fault.” Ava frowns and shows him the small, healing puncture marks that are well hidden under a bit of lipstick. “It was the night before last.” Hyde stares a bit before looking at her neck, the skin unobscured and unblemished.

“Not the neck?”

“From what we can figure out, it was in the middle of a kiss.” Ava returns her gaze to the menu, slightly more annoyed than before. Hyde stays quiet for a long time before looking down at his menu.

“That wasn’t a bite to get blood,” he claims and Ava looks back up at him. He stays silent however, seeming more interested in the menu.

“All right, I’ll bite, what was it for?” Hyde shakes his head at Ava’s question however and Kaz retakes his seat beside the woman.

“What was what for?” The guitarist looks curious.

“She wanted to know about something on stage.” Hyde gives Ava a small, smile. “But it’s a secret for now, I’m sure she can figure it out sometime soon.” Ava raises an eyebrow but catches the singer’s drift and shrugs.

“I suppose I will.” She responds and Kaz looks more confused.

“Ahm… all right then.”

“Those look delicious!” Ava’s face is close to the glass, looking in at the sweets displayed.

“I know, right?!” Hyde’s face is about the same distance from the glass, looking in as well.

“You two just ate!” Kaz complains with a loud laugh, standing and waiting for them to finish staring at the desserts.

“Yes, but there was no dessert,” Hyde claims, pointing at one of the sweets. “I think I want that one.” Ava follows to where he’s pointing.

“If you get it, can we split it? I want to try that one over there but I want to try that one too.” Ava points at a different one and Hyde gives a loud noise.

“Split that one with me and you’ve got a deal.”

“Sounds good!”

“Wait, you’re serious about getting something else to eat?” Kaz blinks as the pair starts into the pastry shop. Ava waves at him happily as Hyde blinks back.

“Yeah, of course we are,” Hyde responds, pausing in the doorway, Ava just in front of him. She leans back over Hyde’s arm to make sure Kaz can hear her when she speaks.

“Did you want something?”

“I’m stuffed! As you two should be!” Kaz stares at them and Ava giggles.

“I didn’t get dessert,” Hyde complains and the door jingles brightly as it finally closes behind them. Kaz stares blankly at the door, unable to come to terms with the fact that his girlfriend and his best friend are eating more food than they already had. The guitarist couldn’t even imagine eating anything else for a while. Through the glass, he can see them getting the pastries that they pointed out and then some that it looks like are chosen on the spot. He still has no idea how they’re going to manage to eat them.

Ava waves for him to come into the shop, smiling brightly, and Kaz pauses in thought before heading in. The scent of sugar, flour, and chocolate swirls around him as he enters the shop and joins the two. “I got you something for later anyways. Hyde said you’d probably like it,” she claims and a small smile appears on his face.

“Okay, I got mine, let’s eat!” Hyde rejoins them from paying for his sweets and Ava grins back at the singer, giving a quiet cheer in response. Kaz keeps his eyes on Ava however, smiling softly at how sweet she had been.

The term ‘bottomless pit’ had never been more apt. Kaz isn’t quite sure where the two of them are putting everything they’re eating. First it had been the pastries, divided in half and each one getting a piece of the other’s pastry. Hyde hadn’t been able to resist the street vendor not long afterward and thus, Ava had eaten about half of the takoyaki serving. Then there were the strawberries twenty minutes later, covered in chocolate of course. He’s at least happy that they hadn’t split the melon sticks that had been a later purchase, and even though he would’ve strangled Hyde for attempting to lay lips on Ava again, he still isn’t sure how they are eating so much. As it is, he’s just starting to get hungry again. He’s starting to think that he is going to be cooking a meal for one when they got back in.

“You should see Kyoto before you go. It’s not really that far.” Hyde states as they head into another store. Ava gives a small hum of agreement.

“I wouldn’t mind but I’m sure there’s a lot to see here.” Ava gives a smile. “Besides, I’ll make sure that I’ll stay longer next time and visit there.” Hyde grins at her and the shocked look on Kaz’s face.

“Add an onsen if you stay any longer, we’ll make a big trip out of it.”

“An onsen?” Ava laughs, reaching up and shoving his shoulder lightly. “You just want to see if you can try catching a peek.” Kaz stays quiet, watching between the two, starting to become bothered by how close they seem to have become.

“Do not,” Hyde denies, laughing. Kaz is starting to feel like keeping her away from Hyde would’ve been a good idea when Ava takes Kaz’s hand, entwining their fingers. The movement startles him, even more so when she leans against him.

“What do you think? Take an onsen trip next time and you attack everyone who glances at me because we haven’t fixed you being overprotective yet?” Ava grins at him and he blinks, at a loss before smiling and nodding, starting to feel like he’s floating along instead of walking.

“Sounds good to me.” The idea of a next time with her makes him keep smiling with pure happiness as they continue to peruse the streets.

“Ah! No! Go sit over there, now!” Ava holds a chopstick like a police baton, glowering at Kaz and the guitarist pulls back just far enough for her to continue working without him seeing what she’s doing. “I told you I was going to make dinner tonight. I’m not taking that back.” She returns to working, seeming to be making a fish dish but he isn’t sure of the details.


“No buts. You cooked all by yourself last night, I’m cooking all by myself tonight.” There’s a short pause. “Well. Kind of. I’m not sure where some things are in your kitchen.” She blinks at him and he gives a small laugh before she returns to working.

“Then let me help.”

“Nope! The most you can do for me is finding a spice that I want. I have everything else here.” She continues working, focused on that.

“What spice do you need?”

“Ahm… paprika.” She nods and Kaz locates the small bottle, placing it beside her and attempts to look over her shoulder. “Oi! No.” She scowls at him, having turned just enough to catch him. He gets a short kiss to the lips and kicked out of the kitchen. “I don’t need any more spices. Thank you.” Kaz stays close however, just on the edge of the kitchen, moving back and forth to see what she could possibly be making. It only serves to amuse her as she continues to hide what she’s cooking.

Eventually, she turns out a main plate and places it down for them, a pair of plates on the sides for them to use. Kaz blinks in shock at the fish and vegetable dish, pleasantly surprised. “That looks extremely good.”

“Really?” She blinks at it before giving a smile. “I guess it does.” She looks pleased and he smiles at seeing her happy. They start to eat, random chatting going back and forth before he focuses on her a bit more.

“What exactly does computer work involve?” Ava blinks at the question, the subject only mildly related to that of her home life.

“Tech support and data entry technically, with a side of the occasional programming.” Ava takes a bite of her food. “It involves a lot of running around and stress due to the tech support portion. And that’s not including the OL parts.” She frowns. “On the side, I do translations for a fee.”

“English and Japanese?” Kaz questions.

“Plus Spanish because I was forced to learn it in high school.” She chuckles softly.

“Knowing three languages is impressive.”

“My Spanish is a little iffy in some areas.” Ava shrugs the statement off, continuing to eat.

“Still. I’m working on my English.” Kaz laughs quietly. “Everything else Hyde handles because he likes to at least try.”

“Were you attempting to impress me then? All the way at the beginning?” Ava smiles, looking curious and Kaz pauses, looking at her with surprise. “When you wished me to have a good concert in English?”

“Oh.” Kaz’s face begins to turn a bright red. “Well… um…” he stammers. He had wanted to be understood, foremost, and English is fairly universal. Being able to speak it well enough for her to be impressed had been second on the list.

“That’s sounding like it was.” Ava’s smiling widely now, appearing amused.

“Sort—Sort of.” He finally admits. There’s a short pause, Ava getting another bite of dinner.

“It actually did mean a lot to me in that moment. It got wiped by getting locked into a room immediately afterward but,” Ava smiles more shyly, “it meant a lot that you specifically took the time and effort to wish me a good concert in English.”

“Then it worked.” Kaz smiles in return. “I communicated with you and impressed you at the same time.” Ava gives a small laugh and returns to eating.

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