Vampire Song

Chapter 17

Ava still has an arm linked through Kaz’s as they head up to his apartment, the piece of jewelry she got from Obaachan around one wrist. It’s been comfortably quiet most of the time since they left the shop, picked up some groceries, and started back. Each time he catches her looking at him, her face regains the light flush across her cheeks. She settles in closer to him in the elevator and gives a quiet sigh of contentment, head leaning against his shoulder. Tilting his head, he presses a soft kiss to her head in response.

The keys jingle cheerily as Kaz fishes them out of his pocket and opens the door with a smile, Ava staying close to him. Heading through the doorway, it’s the first time she’s let him go since they’ve left the train station and he misses her presence for the short time that it’s gone. She rejoins him in the kitchen as he’s putting the groceries away, helping with the last few as the remainder are left out for dinner.

“You didn’t have anything in particular in mind for dinner, did you?” Kaz asks, looking to her and there’s a short pause. A small smile crosses her face before the light flush returns. He raises an eyebrow, looking curiously at her before she turns and presses a kiss to his lips. As her tongue runs over his lips, a low noise of pleasure escapes his lips and she draws back.

“I… have an idea.” She stays close, lips brushing over his as she speaks. The sensation sends a shiver down his spine, his hands slipping around her waist.

“Really?” Ava presses into his touch, placing another kiss to his lips. She takes a step backwards, pulling him along with her as she keeps her lips on his, and his hands start to wander over her body as he follows along with her. She presses up against him as his hand runs over her butt for a second, a small noise of pleasure coming from her muffled by their kiss. It only takes a second before he slips his arm under her and lifts her up, her legs wrapping around his waist and arms looping his neck loosely to keep herself held in place.

“Kaz…” Ava breaks the kiss for a second before his lips press to hers again, as he carries her down the hallway and into the bedroom. Setting her down onto the bed, he keeps his lips pressed to hers even as her fingers find the edge of his shirt and slip under, pushing it upward. His hand slips back up from around her, gently sliding down her side and starting to undo the button and fly on her pants, pulling them downward slowly. Breaking the kiss, he slips his head through his shirt, pulling his arms back through it afterward and discarding it to one side along with Ava’s pants. She draws him back in close again, another deep kiss pressed to his lips as a moan escapes his throat, her fingers teasingly trailing along the edge of his pants before starting to remove them.

Kaz’s fingers drift up under her shirt, pushing it upwards as his fingertips caress over her skin and their kiss is broken for a second time as he pulls the shirt off over her head. The shirt lands to one side and the guitarist steps out of his pants, kicking them towards the rest of the clothing and dips back in to press another deep kiss to Ava’s lips. Her fingers run a line down his spine, pressing closer to lift herself from the bed as his fingers search for the clasp on the bra. His fingers slip over it a few times, struggling before the clasps pop open and the bra becomes loose around her body.

A small gasp comes from Ava as Kaz’s fingers slip under the bra, brushing over one breast and rubbing her nipple lightly. His other hand moves and begins to pull the bra off, letting Ava slip one arm at a time out of the bra, Ava returning her arms to be around his neck. The bra joins the rest of the clothing as her hand runs slowly down his spine, caressing the skin gently until reaching his boxers. Her fingers slip into the waistband, slowly starting to push them downwards, and Kaz gives a soft noise of pleasure.

Pressing up into his touch, Ava shivers deeply as one of Kaz’s hands wanders down to her underwear, slowly starting to strip them off of her. The last pieces of clothing drop to the ground and he finally joins her on the bed, breaking the kiss to place doting kisses down her neck as his hands gently caress up her body. Ava gives a low moan, one hand running into his hair, fingers tightening in the short strands as her other hand caresses down his torso. Kaz presses his body tighter to hers as he nips lightly at her neck, giving a soft noise of pleasure.

“K—Kaz, condom…” Kaz shivers softly as he looks around to attempt to locate a condom.

“I wish… you’d said something… earlier.” Kaz gives a low moan as Ava presses kisses along his neck. “Ah, please…”

“There’s one… in my bag,” Ava murmurs against his neck, nipping lightly at it.

“Where’s… that?” Kaz hazily scans the room, more focused on the pleasure from Ava’s attentions on his neck.

“Beside the door.” Ava gestures with one hand towards the door, shifting a little and releases his hair.

“What—What pocket?” Kaz leans down and presses a deep kiss to her lips before nipping at her neck again.

“I’ll get it.” Ava presses a short kiss back to his lips, slipping out from under him towards the door and Kaz gives a loud complaint, turning over to watch her move. Ava yanks at the bag next to the door and fishes out a small packet, tearing one side open as she returns to the bed, sliding up to sit across Kaz’s lap. She presses a deep kiss to his lips as the condom packet crinkles, Ava pulling the condom out and discarding the packet. She runs a hand down his torso as he wraps his arms tightly around her, fingers caressing his length slowly before beginning to roll the condom onto his cock.

He breaks the kiss with a loud moan and she presses kisses down the front of his throat. Her fingers circle the base of his length, the condom completely on, and she trails a finger up along the bottom of his length. Kaz’s hips buck up as he gives a loud moan of pleasure, throat buzzing under Ava’s lips as his fingers dig in. She presses tighter to him, hands moving up with one into his hair and the other caressing down his back, placing a short kiss to his lips.

“There,” she murmurs against his lips and he gives a low noise of pleasure, pulling her around and pressing her into the bed. She wraps a leg over his hip, pulling him tighter against her and his cockhead brushes over her vulva. Kaz slowly presses forward, sliding his length slowly into her with a low groan of pleasure. Ava’s fingers tighten in his hair, nails digging lightly into his back as she presses tightly against him. He presses completely into her, breathing heavily as he litters a few kisses along her neck and she shivers in response, pressing her hips tighter against his. He slowly starts to move back and forth, his cock slowly sliding out and in as he nips lightly at her neck. Ava’s fingers start to caress across his back, the other hand still tight in his hair.

He slowly starts to move quicker as he peppers kisses and nips across her neck and chest until she pulls him up to press a deep kiss to his lips. Her lips work hard against his, deepening the kiss with a loud moan echoing into his throat. His tongue runs over her lips and runs along the edge of her teeth as their bodies move together, searching her mouth greedily and holding her tighter. Another moan escapes from between their lips before her tongue runs hard against his, fingers pulling lightly on his hair.

Running one hand down her body, Kaz cups her ass again, giving it a firm squeeze and she gives a loud noise of pleasure. Her nails scratch hard down his back, leaving scratches that heal immediately as her body arches against his. His eyes have changed to a shade of bright red by the time they break apart to pull a breath in and as Ava presses another deep kiss to his lips, she feels his fangs through the kiss. She runs her tongue over his lips again, darting into his mouth the second they part and starts to run her tongue carefully over the line of his teeth, searching his mouth gently.

Each thrust is stronger as he moves with her body, their hips grinding together with pleasured moans escaping from around their kiss. One fang lightly grazes over her tongue even as his tongue runs against it, Ava pulling back slightly and there’s a harder thrust into her body that makes her back arch hard, breaking the kiss. His lips press a flurry of kisses and nips across her neck, slowing down as he moves to one side of her neck. She moans loudly, fingers still tight in his hair and hips bucking hard against his.

“Kaz…” His name is a long, drawn out call and he grinds harder against her hips as his tongue darts over the skin on her neck. There’s a pause before he nips harder, blood welling up from the nip before he bites down, fangs sinking into her skin. Ava gives a loud gasp, eyes opening to stare up before she bites at her lip, his tongue running over the spot he bit. Kaz’s fangs dip in again for a second, body thrusting harder and faster into hers and she gives a low moan of pleasure, eyes closing again, fingers tightening in his hair.

He seems to drink for a short period before there’s a slight burning sensation across where the bite is following a swipe of his tongue. His lips crush against hers again and his tongue slips into her mouth, running hard against hers and tasting strongly of blood, though Ava’s not sure whose at this point considering the mild burning sensation of the bite on her neck. She kisses him back, hips rocking hard against his as he begins moving faster into her, the odd taste of blood overwhelming her taste buds even as it burns in a couple places.

The kiss breaks for a bare second, letting both pull in a gasp of air before she presses her lips to his, nipping lightly at his lip. He gives a low moan, arms tightening around her, breathing getting heavier as he continues to thrust hard and quick into her. Ava arches against him, moaning loudly as her muscles start to draw taut and a pleasured flush spreads across her skin. She continues kissing him, lips pressing back against his every time they come back together after a breath and his fingers start to dig into her skin.

As her body arches further, pressing tighter to him, he breaks the kiss in favor of pressing more kisses down her neck, shivering as she gasps in pleasure. He starts to grind harder against her hips on each forward thrust, feeling her press back even as she pulls lightly on his hair. She throbs slowly around his length, making him echo her calls of pleasure and he bites lightly down on the front of her neck, not damaging the skin.

She tightens more around him, fingers digging light grooves into the skin on his back as she gives a couple gasps before her head cranes back, a loud moan of pleasure coming from her lips as she orgasms. He thrusts once, deep into her as she throbs hard around his length and gives a loud call as he comes, hips pressed tight against hers. Slowly, her fingers loosen, the one hand that had been in his hair moving around and drawing him up for another kiss, much gentler, and broken often by their breathing.

“I love you,” he murmurs between kisses, body starting to relax against hers again.

“I love you too.” She smiles gently, letting him turn with her in his arms and coming to rest on top of him. She presses another kiss to his lips before nuzzling into the crook of his neck, both still catching their breath. He closes his eyes, tilting his head to bury it into her hair.

“Mm… you never answered the question about dinner,” Kaz murmurs into her hair, holding her tightly to him, tangled in the sheets with her and both of them unwilling to let the other go.

“I did,” she responds and she tilts her head up to press a short kiss to his lips. He still tastes faintly of blood, eyes more red than brown. “I wanted you for dinner.”

“Never a good idea with a vampire. I’m sorry—” Kaz states before Ava’s lips on his cut him off from a second sentence.

“I know, you had me instead.” Ava is more amused than angry, shivering faintly as his finger runs over the bite in her neck. It looks mostly healed, some faint damage showing where it is and scabbing over the actual wounds.

“You’re not upset?”

“I… made a choice.” Ava tilts her head into his touch, eyes closing lightly.

“Oh?” Kaz raises an eyebrow.

“Yes.” Ava stays quiet, failing to elaborate until he starts to draw his fingers back. “It’s me trusting you. I trust that you’re not going to maim or kill me.” Her face starts to flush. “Besides, I kind of enjoyed it.” Her eyes reopen, focusing on his with an embarrassed expression until his lips press to hers again.

“Really?” It’s his turn to sound amused and Ava nods.


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