Vampire Song

Chapter 18

“I have three missed calls.” The statement comes with some laughter and Ava grins at Kaz, leaned against him on the couch, the shirt barely covering part of her underwear. His skin is warm against her back and his arm around her is comforting, the guitarist only wearing a pair of loose pants. The dishes from dinner still sit on the table, not yet moved to the kitchen to be washed.

“All from Hyde?”

“Two from Hyde and one from Ju-ken.” He corrects with a smile on his face. “And a text wondering what the hell I’m doing from Hyde.”

“I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of telling him.” Ava giggles and Kaz nods in agreement.

“After him bothering me the rest of this week about it, I’m definitely not.” They fall silent as Kaz checks his voicemails and he’s shaking his head afterward. “Apparently they were going out and wanted us to come with. A bit of a final party for you.”


“After three missed calls and a text message that was over thirty minutes ago, I’m assuming it was either cancelled or they went out without us.” Kaz looks down at her curiously. “You want to go?”

“Mm… no,” she responds after a short silence, leaning up and kissing him softly. “I want to spend the rest of my time here with you.” Kaz gives a soft noise of pleasure, nuzzling her head softly.

“I like that idea.”

“Go ahead and let them know we’re alive, were eating dinner, and staying in tonight.” Ava giggles softly. “Besides, I know that means that he wants to go to another izakaya and I’m refusing to do that.” Kaz gives a quiet laugh and presses another kiss to her lips.

“I forgot about that point for a second.” The keyboard clicks as he rapidly sends out a text with a low chuckle. “And now he won’t forget about it.”

“You’re evil,” Ava states. However, the smile on her face reveals her amusement.

“I know,” Kaz replies and presses another kiss to her lips, pulling her tight against him. “Thinking of being evil, why was there a condom in your bag?” Ava’s face goes from a smile to an extremely bright shade of red, blushing hard enough that he licks his lips at the blood being so close to the surface of her skin.

“Ahm. Kyoko stuck it in there while we were wandering about and wandered into… shall we just say the wrong store?”

“The four of you walked into a sex store?” Kaz grins at her and watches her flush all the way out to her ears.

“Yes. Yes we did and I threatened to kick her ass in three different languages if we kept climbing the building.”

“So instead she bought a condom and stuck it in your bag?”

“She bought a few actually.” There’s a long silence between them before Kaz abandons his phone to the table, nuzzling Ava softly as his hands run over her torso.

“Mm, should we really ignore such a nice gift?” She giggles even as her body arches into his touch, leaning up to press a deep kiss to his lips.

“Devious,” she claims between kisses.

He’s even more unwilling the next morning to let her go, arms still tight around her as he lies awake, and the sun rises higher in the sky. It glimmers around the edges of the curtains as if to remind him that it’s the last day. She nuzzles against his neck, indicating to him that she’s awake and possibly has been for a while. He kisses her head reflexively and receives a kiss to his neck in response. The silence between them stretches out however, both appearing to be ignoring the idea of today’s date.

“I should start packing.” Her voice is quiet as she speaks and he gives a hum of agreement. Neither of them moves however, slow gentle breaths the only sound in the room. It takes another five minutes before she starts to sit up and he reluctantly releases her. She hovers above him with her body barely pushed up, an arm on either side of him before she leans down and presses a kiss to his lips.

“Mn… stay…” It’s a half-hearted plea, considering he already knows the answer. It just takes longer to come this time compared to the last time he begged her to stay.

“I can’t.” She kisses him again and she runs a hand through his hair, allowing herself to rest on top of him again. “I’ll work on it and be back sooner than you think.” She promises in a quiet tone, sealing it with another kiss.

“Do I get to keep you just with me for that time?” The question manages to pull a dry laugh from Ava and another kiss.

“I’ll make a deal.”


“If you don’t mope and do absolutely nothing, including not take care of yourself properly while I’m not here, you keep me with just you for part of the time.” She smiles, eyes focused on his and a small smile works its way up onto his face.

“So if you’re here for a week again…”

“Two days. Just us.” She smiles a bit more. “No outside interruptions.”

“I think I can agree to that.”

“Good, because I’ll be keeping in contact with everyone to make sure you hold to it.” Ava smiles more at Kaz and he kisses her head softly.

“I know. I intend not to break it.”

It’s almost impossible to let go at the gate. Her hair is tucked into one of his hats at his insistence and she looks a little nervous despite the facemasks that they’re wearing. As she moves a hand up to return the hat, he shakes his head and leans his head against hers, taking her hand in his. She keeps her eyes on his, squeezing his hand softly and he offers a weak smile, crinkling his eyes faintly so that she can understand.

“I love you,” Kaz murmurs quietly and he watches as she returns his smile, eyes scrunching softly as well.

“I love you too.” It’s a quiet response and he squeezes her hand a bit more, hesitating until the announcement for her flight comes up for the second time. “I’ll be back soon,” she reminds him.


“It’s not a promise. It’s a guarantee.” She squeezes his hand softly before releasing it slowly and he does the same, allowing her to head off through the gate to catch her flight home. His hat bobs on her head, letting him track her through the crowd until she turns a corner, pausing at it to look back at him, before she vanishes from sight. Kaz waits a while longer before making his way back to the waiting area.

Hyde greets him with a faint wave from one of the seats, eyes hidden behind large sunglasses. The singer had figured out the leaving trip and located them on the train, sitting beside them but casually giving them their space. Kaz plops into the seat beside him and Hyde flips a page in the magazine he’s pretending to read.

“She’ll be back soon,” Hyde reassures him in a quiet tone.

“I know.” Kaz stays quiet for a while. “We should head out before we’re noticed.”

“Ju-ken’s outside with a car,” Hyde states, placing the magazine back on the table.

“Kyoko told Arimatsu?”

“No, remember, I helped book the trip.” Hyde smiles and Kaz blinks before shaking his head and getting to his feet. Hyde gets up and starts to lead the way, heading towards the doors outside. It lets Kaz look back again towards the gate, wishing for some sappy, romantic movie-like event where she would come running back. Ava doesn’t however and they head out the front of the building.

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