Vampire Song

Chapter 5

Kaz hears Hyde’s phone go off from where he’s lying in the bed. He keeps his eyes closed, hearing the water turn on and then off as the singer brushes his teeth. Another message comes in before it turns into a phone call that Hyde actually answers. Kaz blocks out the sounds of the conversation, rolling onto one side and putting the pillow over his head. If he had a choice, he would stay here for at least the next week, just stuck in bed.

Footsteps catch his attention and he watches Hyde dart by before closing his eyes again. He doesn’t see the need of Hyde staying with him. He is a grown man and despite the fact that he feels like staying in bed for at least the next week or two, he has an obligation to keep to. He wouldn’t do anything to harm the tour.

Hyde’s voice sounds happy through the pillow and Kaz wonders if he had ordered food from somewhere as a special treat while Kaz had been in the shower. The singer has an odd penchant for ordering strange things whenever they went abroad anywhere, just to try them. At least he couldn’t get too terribly sick if he ate something funny. It’s definitely an advantage.

There’s a movement on the bed and the sensation of someone joining him alongside a different sensation at the back of his mind. Kaz ignores it. If Hyde wants the pillow back, he’d have to fight him for it. He just wants the world to go away right now and the best way to do that is with the second pillow over his head. He hears Hyde’s voice vaguely again and ignores it.

“Ahm… Kaz?” The female voice is as clear as day and Kaz freezes up before reaching up and slowly removing the pillow. Ava sits beside him on the bed, looking at him with mild concern and great suspicion. The pillow sits across his chest and there’s a long silence as the pair of them stare at each other. “We need to talk.” Ava finds her voice, even if it’s quiet.

“Anything you want.” He stumbles over the words in the rush to get them out. Ava looks taken aback at the reaction. There’s a short pause as Kaz shoves the pillow out of the way, sitting up more to be closer to Ava. He reaches out, hand trembling as he pauses, before running a hand through her hair. It’s still damp and the skin on her cheek is warm, seeming that she’s fresh out of a shower.

“Tell me everything,” Ava states, glancing with concern at his hand as he caresses her cheek. Kaz fixes his eyes on hers in surprise.

“E—Everything?” Kaz wonders how long it is until they have to leave. He has no hope of fitting all that in during that time period.

“Kyoko filled in quite a few gaps. The section about being vampires, how their portion of the fan club works with you, specifically how she works,” Ava pauses to send a glowering look in Hyde’s direction, “a lot of things, but I want you to clear things up for me.”

“So not everything, just related to all of that?” The idea sits better. He has enough time for that. At least he hopes so.

“Why? Concerned about what I’ll want to know?” Ava eyes him suspiciously.

“Time,” he answers immediately. “We have to leave in the morning.” He gently caresses over her cheek before running his hand into her hair more. Ava gives a slow nod, staying quiet for a long time.

“How old are you really?” There’s a slight pause, Kaz blinking.

“Forty-six.” Ava’s brow furrows.

“You’re not older?” At a shake of Kaz’s head, Ava tilts her head a bit more as she considers her next question. Kaz waits patiently, continuing to run a hand through Ava’s still slightly damp hair, ignoring the sound of Hyde shifting back and forth from where he’s still standing.

“Ava… what?” Kaz questions and the woman’s face flushes softly.

“How’d you… she called my name out in the hallway.” There’s a short pause. “Ava Black.” A slight pause follows before she speaks again. “How many people have you killed?” Her fingers dig into the blanket on the bed, nervousness springing into her expression. His hand pauses in her hair, the other stopping in threading over the covers towards her hand. Hyde gives a noise of disapproval.

“That’s not—” He attempts to break into the conversation but Kaz cuts him off.

“Three. One is with us and I visit the other two every year on their birthdays and leave offerings, hoping that they’ll forgive me.” Kaz refocuses his eyes on hers and instead of the disgust he expects, there’s surprise and disbelief. Hyde is still attempting to interject to diffuse what he sees as a volatile situation, seeming worried that Ava would run away again.


“Three. Arimatsu. Yukiko Takeshita. Takuro Nishio.” He states out the names that he’s memorized, recalling the last offering he left for Yukiko. Yukiko had been unlucky as to where she had been standing when Kaz had been turned. Takuro had been when he had the snowboarding accident.

“Arimatsu doesn’t count.” Ava frowns a bit.

“I count him. He’s not technically alive,” Kaz points out, returning to gently running his fingers through her hair.

“He’s not dead and buried,” Ava retorts before shaking her head. There’s a very long pause and Kaz gives a small, slight smile, remembering the relief when Arimatsu had been turned. He had thought that the drummer would have died at the time.

“No, he isn’t.” There’s a long silence and Ava jumps slightly when he takes her hand, gently running his hand over hers. Hyde returns to his spot, shifting uncomfortably.

“So you have thralls. You have staff that let things pass them by.” Ava licks her lips nervously, shifting a little as Kaz’s thumb trails over the back of her hand. “What do you want from me?” Kaz pauses a second, looking to his hand in the woman’s hair before looking down to his thumb caressing over her hand. Ava follows his gaze down to her hand before he shifts position, slipping his hand under hers and entwining their fingers. Her eyes slip back up to his face, finding him closer.

“Just you.” He leans in closer, pausing a second and making sure Ava isn’t pulling away before closing the remaining distance and pressing his lips to hers. A small tremble runs through her body before he breaks the kiss, staying close and leaning his head against hers.

“I—I don’t know. This is… more than a little weird. You didn’t even know my last name.” Her voice is quiet and Hyde chuckles.

“But you’re his one.” The word is overstressed, showing how little Hyde thinks of it and Kaz moves just enough to glare in the singer’s direction. “I’d see myself out if I trusted her not to run off and leave you a mess again.” The singer wanders into English, seeming quite annoyed, voice down to a mutter.

“What?” Ava draws back and stares a bit at Hyde. “I’m being kept here?” Hyde blinks, rethinking the phrasing of his sentence.

“Ah hell, fucking English. No, you’re not. I’m saying that if you take off because you don’t like his cologne, I’m here to pick up the pieces.” Hyde grumbles at being misunderstood. There’s a short pause.

“What’s this ‘one’ thing he’s talking about?” Ava turns her attention back to Kaz, the guitarist attempting to draw closer to her. It startles him and he blinks at her.

“Oh this’ll be good,” Hyde murmurs with a grin, receiving another pointed look from Kaz and there’s a long silence.

“I… When…” Kaz pauses a while. “When you’re…” Another pause. Hyde giggles. “Hyde!”

“What?” The singer innocently responds. Kaz grumbles softly and leans a bit more against Ava, nuzzling a bit against her. He’s pushed back slightly with an annoyed looking Ava’s expression demanding an answer.

“I have more senses than a human and… well… As a vampire… I mean… I um…” Ava looks more frustrated every time he pauses and stops. “It’s a little… It’s like…”

“Spit it out already,” she demands and Kaz stammers. Hyde laughs harder before deciding to help out.

“He’s referring to that idea that there’s one person somewhere in the world for you and only you. It’s an antiquated romantic notion.”

“It can be antiquated all it wants to, it’s true!” Kaz defends loudly as his face starts to flush a shade of bright red that looks unhealthy. Ava raises an eyebrow at Hyde’s statement before looking to Kaz curiously, giving a quiet chuckle after a bit.

“So I’m your special one?” Kaz nods rapidly, feeling his face flush all the way up to his ears as Ava looks him in the eye again. “I have to agree with him. We know next to nothing about one another and for all you know, you’ll hate some habit of mine.” Kaz opens his mouth and closes it a few times, a small strangled noise coming from him as he attempts to speak more than once.

“See? You can’t sense your special one. That’s a stupid thing. The whole idea is pretty out there in the first place, even for us.” Hyde gives a snort of laughter.

“You helped me today!” Kaz responds quickly, eyes moving to Hyde.

“You looked like you were going to die if I didn’t!” Hyde defends, an awkward expression caught on his face.

“I’ll prove it’s not dumb.” Kaz refocuses on Ava, the woman looking amused. “Two years ago, you attended the concert in New York. You were running behind.” Ava’s expression slowly starts to change as Kaz speaks. “You stopped at the merchandise table and then rushed into the crowd. For the entire concert you were close to the side doors until close to the encore when you managed to get halfway to the stage, in front of Hyde but still at least ten feet back.” As he finishes, there’s a long silence, and Ava’s face changes completely to shock and surprise.

“How could you possibly know that?”

“Wait what?” Hyde’s mouth drops in surprise.

“I sensed her all night long and I swear I wanted to stage dive to find out where she was.” Kaz draws closer again, beginning to caress over her hand again with his thumb. Ava stares at him, a blush slowly spreading across her face. “She was too far away when we headed out the back. I didn’t even have an idea as to what she looked like.”

“That’s why you were distracted during that live?” Hyde demands and Kaz nods. “Why didn’t you say something?”

“What was I going to say? There’s someone in the crowd that triggered a sixth-sense of mine that you don’t believe in?” Kaz leans his head against Ava’s again, seeming content. “You would’ve laughed your way down the block, especially since I couldn’t tell you anything about her at the time.” He stays quiet for a long time, letting his thumb caress her hand. “I settled for ships passing in the night. I knew that I would probably never see or sense her again. In fact, I believed that I wouldn’t. At least never close enough to identify her. Not close enough for it to matter. I settled for being alone.” There’s a long silence.

“Kaz…” Ava tilts her head, pausing for a second with her lips just short of his before pressing a kiss to his lips. The guitarist immediately gives a pleasured sound, pressing closer to Ava and letting his fingers tighten on her hand. She draws back after a second, face flushing further as Kaz relaxes against her more. “My point still stands though.”

“Come with.”

“What?” Ava’s surprise comes with an echo, Hyde saying the exact same thing.

“Come with us. It’ll get you a good idea and… and…” He stays quiet for a while at the look on Ava’s face, heart sinking quickly.

“I can’t run away from my responsibilities like that.” There’s a long silence and Kaz shuts his eyes tightly.

“Of course.” The words come out more strained than he means them to.

“You can’t take some vacation days?” There’s a long silence after Hyde’s question.

“If you’d like to wait two weeks to find out, then we could see.” There’s a bitter tone in Ava’s voice and there’s a long silence. Kaz listens to Hyde shift and mentally sees the singer trying to come up with something else to offer.

“Stay the night?” There’s another pause after Kaz’s request.

“I could do that.” Her voice is quiet and he reopens his eyes to focus on her. She offers a small smile. “No sex.” Kaz blinks as he attempts to process the statement. Sex wasn’t even on the list relating to her at the moment.

“No problem.”

“I’m not going to stand here and watch you two cuddle all night.” Hyde stretches and steps away from the wall he’s been leaning against and starts to head for the door. “Not unless I can join in.” He glances back over his shoulder with a sly grin, pausing in his walk. Kaz looks to Hyde and feels his lips draw up and back in a snarl, lengthening teeth almost nicking his tongue. Ava’s expression turns to shock and surprise before he gets himself back under control. “I didn’t think so. Good night, lovebirds.” Hyde laughs again, heading out the door.

The silence after Hyde leaves is palpable before Kaz moves to lie down on the bed, looking worriedly at Ava. She joins him however and he draws her close to him again, resting his head against hers. Quiet tones of conversation whisper through the room, ebbing and flowing here and there.

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