Doctor Who: The Bright Asylum

The Hero of Lime

“Let’s see now…” the child Doctor says, knocking on the slab of rock separating him from the entrance to the pyramid, “… I know there’s a trick to this somewhere…”

He remembers the present from Amy, quite suddenly, and takes it from his pocket.

“Ha!” he yells, fitting the golden object into a conspicuous hole just inside the thick stone door, “How’s that for Easy buttons?”

The head of the gold key shines in the light as it turns, twisting into the door’s ancient locking mechanism, fitting itself to the clicks and whirs in the carved stone.

The big slab door slides recesses with a puff of dust, and he hops inside.

“Are there zombies?” he calls, hopeful.

The echo from his young voice bounces down a low, narrow hall- a definite possibly-maybe, and he decides to turn just once, to investigate the out-sliding door, having no desire to be shut in with whatever shades might lurk in the depths of the tomb.

“Time to get serious,” he supposes aloud, rubbing his hands together to generate some friction. Then he blows on his hands, directing the air to the nearest of the torches dotting the cobwebbed walls.

The torchieres burst up with the light of flame, lighting a child-sized path down into the wall and slightly to the right; typical ventilation chamber. To the right, the obviously sealed main doorway- no hope budging that one.

“Baghdad Battery, indeed,” he murmurs, smiling as he touches his hand to the rough wall and continues on down the row of lit torches, “You can’t beat chaos when the marshmallows need roasting. Although, at the expense of dessert, it’s never wise to poke the bear… unless that bear is the Master, and that’s a whole other zoo… oh, and look at the time!”

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