Doctor Who: The Bright Asylum

Riled ARMS

The SHARDIS’ lips move; a shrill scream issues from the virgin teeth.

She sweeps her back-reaching arm in a rounding wave of motion toward the beach where the mummy stands hovering at the ocean’s edge, but her toes curl restless, digging into the sea bed.

She utters a word, and it bangs across the sky like clapping thunder.


The SHARDIS moans the word again, thumping her displeasure into the ocean, causing microbursts to shiver the surface of the sea.


But the third time her lips try the word, a niggle chokes her, and she raises her arms to her throat, clawing in surprise as that niggle becomes an itch, and the itch becomes a burn.

Blue fire erupts from under her chin, blowing out the delicate line of her jaw along with half her face in a spray of chunks and powder from the half-baked Flesh.

Streaks of blue fire like the wings of a giant bird escape the damage, two unfolding ribbons of blue silk tracing across the sky in either direction from the ruined porcelain face.

The SHARDIS flails leathery limbs, batting wildly as her fingers harden in the heat from the blue fire, curing in odd curls and twists. The Flesh beneath her quivers in a last break toward the beach, as the Doctor takes a last backstep into the water, beckoning to the mummy with his outstretched arms, his silhouette resembling nothing so much as a willing sacrifice.

As Jack looks down at the beach, he sees the Doctor’s shadow swallowed by a wave thrown by the writhing SHARDIS; the mummy disappears into the water as well, and a wail escapes the SHARDIS’ lips as the salt water begins to erode her heated Flesh feet.

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