A Year or Two

It's Not What It Looks Like

Okay. So, I know it looks bad. But I do love Freddie. But ever since we lost our baby, Freddie has been really distant. We called off the engagment too. I feel so lonely. It's like Freddie isn't ever there for me anymore.

"Come in, babe," Brad said, standing at the door shirtless.

"Okay," I said as I walked inside his apartment.

"You look so.. sexy," Brad said, putting his hands on my curves.

I closed my eyes and pretended that Brad was Freddie.

"You do too." I smiled as I imagined Freddie.

He leaned in and molded his mouth to mine, kissing me furiously. The kiss was nothing compared to Freddies. I hadn't felt Freddie's lips on mine for ages. Brad leaned me to his pull out couch and put himself on top of me.

My phone rang, I knew it was Freddie by the song that played. iFall Harder Than iPunch, a song I made myself for Freddie's birthday.

"Hello?" I said nervously.

"Where are you?" Freddie asked, getting to the point.

"I'm.." I looked at Brad. "I'm out shopping with Tasha."

I bit my lip. Maybe he'll buy it.

"You've been gone since five P.M yesterday," he said annoyed.


"Sam. I- I thought you loved me," his voice broke.

"No. Freddie, listen! I do. I do love you!" Brad sturred beside me, waking up. I bit my lip.

"We need to talk, Freddie. I'll be at the apartment in a bit. I do love you."

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