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Soldier Of God

By Kaoz

Romance / Adventure


Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.

It always ended the same.


She always ended up running.

It was better than dying, the only complaint she had was the pain she’d be in the next morning, if she was that lucky because usually the pain started as soon as the adrenaline wore off. But she wasn’t running, yet.

No, Rhomilly was walking through another run down building in the worst part of town. This one was just as bad as any other, faded paint and chipped plaster. The crunch under her boots was one part dirt, the rest crumbled tiles… it was a shame. The building still had that echo of grandeur it must’ve had back in its heyday. The moldings were yellowed with age and in some places were missing. Here and there she’d get a glimpse of an original door miraculously still in use, though barely.

‘Ok, I’m here.’

Rhomilly waited in the middle of the hall, turning left then right wondering how long it would take. It wasn’t that she had anything better to do-.

‘Like live.’

Patience was something she’d cultivated long ago though it was something she still had to work at. God’s work required a lot of patience.

‘And faith. It’s all about the faith.’

Somewhere down the hall a door screeched open. Rhomilly turned around and watched not at all perturbed by the man coming into her part of the hallway. He looked the same, had the same blacked out eyes, the same bloody shirt, the knife still in his hand…

It was always the same.

HE didn’t leave out details. HE gave her all the information she needed to stay alive and today was no different.

Rhomilly had a soul to save.

Dean and Sam kept walking, half ignoring the pedestrians on the street who cast the arguing pair curious glances and then continued on their way forgetting them just as easily. Dean wondered what it was about the general population that made them blind to anything and everything around them. Couldn’t they feel the change?

Sam sighed; frustrated with Dean and his sudden reluctance to do what needed doing. Not for the first time did he wonder what had happened to Dean… down there… but that was something his brother wasn’t talking about. However much Dean denied not being able to remember his time in hell, Sam was one hundred percent sure his brother was hiding something. 

Dean could feel himself ready to lash out at Sam. He couldn’t believe it- had seen it with his own eyes- and still had trouble believing it but there it was. Sammy had broken his word, had deliberately hidden the fact Ruby was helping him with those freaky mind powers Yellow Eyes had given him. And why did it bother Dean so much? Was it jealousy? Of course it would be sort of cool, who didn’t dream of having super powers?

‘Grown men, dumb ass.’

Right, because grown men knew better than to trust a demon!

Hadn’t Sam learned that by now? What else had to happen before Sammy got the message and learned that lesson?

The brothers passed an outside café with a few customers. Sam noticed it wasn’t very busy, just a couple of patrons enjoying the late afternoon sun sipping at lattés. He was dreading having the ‘conversation’ Dean would eventually bring up. The one with Ruby and the demon and the man He’d saved… he didn’t see what was so wrong about using his powers. He still had them so why not use them against the demons? Why couldn’t Dean see that?

Dean glanced up from the sidewalk at the sound of people shouting. His green eyes didn’t pick out anything strange aside from Sam’s elbow nudging him.

“Dude.” Dean grumbled with a glare. Before Sam could utter a word of reproach something- or rather someone with a mane of dark hair ran into him. His little brother let out a breath of air, both hands automatically grabbing and holding onto who ever had run into him.

“Dude.” Dean echoed staring at the brunette. She pushed on Sammy, trying to get free but she wasn’t going anywhere. Sam tightened his grip, eliciting a soft yelp.

“Sueltame!” She ordered hauling back enough that she got her leg up. Her foot caught Sam in the gut, another whoosh of air left his lungs and the girl stumbled into Dean. The solid object in front was gone only to be replaced by another at her back.

Dean wrapped an arm around her waist, surprised by the little girl beating up on Sam. She struggled almost immediately, pushing against him to get out. When she reached up Dean grabbed that arm, unfortunately he wasn’t ready for the heavy boot heel that smacked into his shin.

“Son of a-!” Dean hissed, bending slightly. It gave her enough leverage to jab her elbow in his chest. She didn’t stop there, twisting his hand away from herself; she swung an arm which he ducked shoving her away from him.

“Christo.” Her voice rasped, husky and out of breath. Dean glared at her, scowling at her use of the word. She was making sure they weren’t demons? They hadn’t done anything to her.

Surprise, that was the expression on her face, at least what he could see through the tangles of dark hair. She was breathing hard.

Dean straightened, finally breathing normally. Behind her Sam was frowning, a hand on his abdomen but neither had a chance to say anything to her.


All three turned to the café the brother’s had walked past. A tall man, wearing a stained white apron glared at them.

“Give it to me.”

Dean and Sam looked at each other wondering what the man was talking about when the girl took a step back. She shifted her satchel behind her waist, then with both hands fisted stood firm against the man.

“Now.” He smirked walking towards her. She took a step back, almost bumping into Dean. Both saw his eyes go black.


Sam took a step in front of them as the demon charged. He hit Sam full on, knocking him into Dean and the girl. They tangled in a knot of flailing limbs, all of them falling to the ground. Somehow Dean ended up on his back, the girl lying on top of him. Her eyes grew wide, a surprised breath whispered past her lips and Dean lay still.

‘Green.’ She could see the color and hints of gold-  The sounds of Sam getting tossed registered. She pushed up on her hands and knees only to be rolled aside by Dean. He reached to his back, drawing his gun knowing it wouldn’t make a difference to the demon but it was all he had.

“No.” She pushed his hand aside, she wouldn’t let him shoot. Dean could see Sam barely rolling up into a sitting position. The demon turned back to the girl-.

Woman. She didn’t look young enough to be jail bait, at least Dean hoped not and knew his brother would have something to say about it.

She kicked him, the demon. It had to be a lucky hit because Dean heard the leg snap. She got up turning into the waiter coming towards them. He reached for her, grabbing onto her satchel. One arm reaching around her neck which she skewered with the knife in her hand she just happened to have stashed somewhere on her person. The waiter screamed and while Dean got to his feet the girl-woman, the nameless woman chased by demons maneuvered herself out of the demon’s grasp. Dean jumped in, his fist connecting solidly with the possessed face.

‘That’s definitely going to leave a mark.’ He thought wincing slightly at the sting on his knuckles. It definitely felt like a black eye type of punch.

As the Winchesters grappled with the demons one of the patrons eyeing the brawl on the sidewalk while calling the police suddenly dropped the cell and moved towards them. The clawed hand grabbed the satchel and yanked but the leather strap held.

“Aah-let go!” Grabbing the satchel she turned jabbing her fist into the possessed woman’s throat. The demon gagged but wouldn’t let go. She hated to hurt them, to cause them any pain but it was that or die and she couldn’t die. She had work to do… using the knife she slashed at the wrist only to be tossed into the patio area.

People yelled, some angry though most were frightened by the fight and the woman with the knife and the blond man with the gun- there was plenty reason for any of them to call the police and those with cell phones were doing just that.

Dean and Sam ganged up on the cook demon tossing him onto the waiter. The crash of table wares and glass breaking drew their attention. From the mess they saw the brunette trying to get up. The demon smirked approaching her; Dean could see she was hurt, blood ran down in a thin line down the side of her face from her hairline.

The sound of the sirens was faint but it drew her attention. The gunshots surprised her and seeing the bright splash of red on the possessed woman’s blouse caused her a moment of regret. There was nothing she could do about the innocent dead, that didn’t mean she didn’t feel a little guilty about the outcome. The possessed woman could have a family, maybe she had children, kids who wouldn’t get to see their Mother again-. The sirens grew louder, making her decision quickly she faced the Winchesters on unsteady feet.

“RUN.”  She didn’t wait for them to follow her; as fast as she could, considering the pain in her side and leg from being tossed around like a pillow, she took off at a run.

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