Soldier Of God

Armor of God

Take the helmet of Salvation and the sword of the Spirit.

She looked around, hazel eyes taking in the chipped paint on the walls and hearing the creak of boards as they made their way through the abandoned house. It was dirty, dusty and cold. She shivered again, clutching her pillow and blanket to her chest as she followed Dean into another room. It looked just as run down and abandoned as the one before and the one before that…


And rats.

Rhomy really hoped there weren’t any spiders or rats because…

‘I hate spiders. Don’t like rats either. Please don’t let there be any and if there has to be then keep them from crawling over me. Please?’

She closed her eyes taking a breath just as Dean glanced over his shoulder. He saw her furrowed brow and stopped.


“Yup.” She answered quickly, her eyes snapping open. She flashed him a quick smile, not at all convincing.

“I know this isn’t-.”

“Fine. Really, it’s ok, I don’t mind, I’ve camped out before. It’s like we’re camping.” She rambled.

“It’s called ‘squatting’.” Sam corrected from across the room ignoring Dean’s annoyed look as he set up his own sleeping bag.

“Uhm, squatting. See?” she smiled at Dean again. “I learned something else.” But he didn’t look reassured and Rhomy leaned in, rising on her toes to whisper. “Spiders. I really don’t like spiders and uhm, uh, well…”

Dean chuckled seeing her eyes skip to the ceiling again and quickly away flinching slightly.

“That’s it?” He asked looking down at her and seeing her embarrassment. She nodded and he felt a little relieved. He hadn’t thought twice about stopping for the night or breaking into the old abandoned house. Didn’t think about her-. It wasn’t the first time he and Sam had done it and it likely wouldn’t be the last time either. A free roof over their heads for one night…. “Come on.” He led her to the same corner of the room Sam had set up as his bed and dropped the load in his arms. “We got bug spray.”

“Oh.” Rhomy felt a little relieved. It didn’t look half so bad now that there wasn’t a need to worry about spiders-. “Rats.”

Dean laughed, amused by her sudden change in expression.

“No rats, sweetheart.” He chuckled shaking his head as he went to lay salt lines.

“Sweet heart.” Rhomy muttered under her breath frowning slightly, annoyed at his amusement. She didn’t see what was so funny. Rats carried diseases! “Menso.” And though the endearment was nice she didn’t appreciate the tone, it was sorta mocking…

It didn’t take them long to make the house safe for the night while she set up the second sleeping bag. She was looking for a third when Dean and Sam came back.

“Take it.” Dean said walking past. Rhomy frowned thinking he must’ve hit his head laying the salt.

“And what are you going to do?” She asked, hands on hips.

“I’ll be fine.” He shrugged growing uncomfortable.

“You don’t have a spare, do you?” Rhomy said already knowing they didn’t or else she’d have set it up. Sighing, she rolled her eyes to the ceiling quickly realizing it was the last thing she should’ve done seeing all the holes. “I’llsharemypillowwithyou.” The words rushed out of her mouth so fast it was all one big word. She tried not to think about what little bugs could be hiding inside the cracks, bugs that would venture out and maybe one or two would even drop on their heads-. “Ok? Alright.” She answered before Dean could reply.

Castiel strode into the abandoned building. The demon that had tortured Rhomilly lay in the circle drawn by Tamryn. The angel had kept it alive, locked into the human it had killed. The man had given his soul for vengeance. In the end, the man had paid more than he'd expected.

Tamryn ignored the demon chocking on blood, the frustration of the past few days shone on her face. "All it will say is that he was sent to retrieve the key."

"By whom?" Castiel's eyes landed on the demon as it tried to sit up.

"He doesn’t know." Tamryn replied, once again focused on the demon. "So it says."

"She's dead." It laughed, or tired to. "Your little Martyr is dead."

Castiel's eyes began to glow, the bright blue light burned the demon who screamed in pain. "Who sent you?"

"She'll kill them too!" it tried to cover its face but the angels didn’t care.

Tamryn had led Rhomilly to the place of whorship, had shown her where to place the box… The angel now wanted to know who it was that had given the order to harm her human.

"Kill who?" Castiel stepped into the circle, his hand grabbing the arm and pulling the demon off the ground.

"Them! You're human and the brother!" the demon screamed, flaied its one free arm but the angels glowing eyes flared brighter. "She's going to finsih what she started."

"Lilith." Tamryn reached for the demons face, her eyes flared and burned it from the human. She burned it all, leaving just a charred carcas in the circle.

Sam sank to his knees, no more energy left to deal with the last demon. He didn’t have anymore blood, had run out a week ago and Ruby hadn’t been answering his calls. All he could do was stare at the young girl, eyes blacked out with a smirk on her pale pink lips. With a wave of her hand Sam was yanked off his knees, his back smacking into a tree trunk. He grunted at the pain, eyes flicking to where Dean was held down by an invisible hand. Neither could move…

“You know what I want.”

Dean looked around, his eyes searching and widening as they found Rhomy…standing. He saw the calm on her face, the steady weight of her gaze on the demon. And she was standing…

“Run!” He yelled trying to get up, his muscles straining against the invisible hold pinning him to the ground. “Get out of here! Go!”

The demon laughed, but there was a nervous undertone.

“Take up the whole armor of God.”

Rhomilly stood firm, her eyes on the demon inside the girl.

“That you may be able to withstand in the evil day and having done all stand firm.”

“It doesn’t belong to you.” Rhomy said ignoring Dean’s order.

“I’ll do worse than poke a hole in your wrist.” The demon threatened. “What do you say Dean, a little torture should do the trick and I’m no hack.” It taunted.

“Fasten on the belt of truth, put on the breastplate of righteousness.”

“You have no power over me.” Rhomy moved towards Dean until she stood in front of him.

“Take up the shield of faith.”

“Stand up.” She told him, still facing the demon.

“With which you can extinguish all the flaming darts of the evil one.”

Dean could move. He jerked his shoulder off the ground, surprised. He could move and he wasted no time getting to his feet or questioning how she’d done it.

“You will not harm us.” Rhomy raised her arm, crossed in front of her.

Sam’s eyes widened. He could see something- a glow shaped like a rectangle just above her head reaching to the ground where it rested. A shield like he’d seen in his world history books at school, something that shouldn’t have been- that couldn’t but Sam couldn’t deny what was right in front of him.

“Take the helmet of Salvation and the Sword of the Spirit.”

Dean drew in a shaky breath, a glow suffused Rhomy’s hand as she raised it. She was gripping something, the light spreading until he could make out a sword. He’d never have believed it but there it was. A long silver sword, shining and the demon- it was backing off.

“No weapon formed against me will prosper.” Rhomy stepped forward, closing the distance between the demon and herself with the sword raised above her head. “You don’t belong here.”

The demon shook its head, eyes widening as Rhomy brought down the sword. It screamed, all three watching as the demon jerked and the light flashed inside like lighting striking. The girl fell, her body jerking on the dirt with a violent seizure.

Sam drew in a deep breath feeling the hold on him gone. At the same time, the glow in Rhomy’s hand and in front of her body faded as she walked towards the girl.

She lay as still as death, her face so pale… Rhomy knelt, her eyes studying the orphan. She’d had no one left after her parents died, no one who wanted her when her Grandmother died and the only place for her had been with strangers. Rhomy touched the dark brown strands, pulling a few out of her face. This girl had runaway, run from the abuse and lived where she could, feeling alone-angry… A perfect vessel for the demon.

“She wasn’t a bad kid.” Rhomy murmured sadly. The girl hadn’t seen another way to live; she hadn’t been given the chance.

Behind her, Dean was still a little awed by what he’d seen. And Sam…he reached Dean’s side, his eyes glued to the girl and Rhomy touching a gentle hand to her face.

“Get up.”

“She’s dead.” Sam said but the girl drew a shuddering breath even as he did.

“You saw that?” Dean asked unable to get the image of the shield and sword out of his mind. “You saw it, right?”

The first thing the girl saw when she opened her eyes was Rhomy kneeling over her. A look in her eyes; compassion mingled with hope and the girl felt the tears burn behind her eyes.

“Why?” She asked hoarsely. “I was dead.”

“Because HE won’t let you go there.” Rhomy answered softly. She held the crying girl in her arms, comforting her.

“She was dead.” Sam reiterated staring at the crying girl in Rhomy’s arms. The fact that his brother wasn’t questioning that didn’t escape him.

“Dude, you saw the-, you saw those right?”

“That girl was dead.” Sam glared at his brother, jabbing a finger at the two women on the ground.

Dean frowned, they’d seen Rhomy heal before, it shouldn’t have been that big a deal but it was. Rhomy had told him no one in her family had been gifted with raising the dead since her Grandfather Elian… Now, there she was, a dead girl crying in her arms.


She looked up from the girl, the guys staring at the familiar figure standing a few feet away.


The hotel room was crowded and the only ones who’d gone out were Sam or Dean. They’d driven to the nearest one after being found by the demons and chased. Sam hadn’t said a word to her since Castiel had shown up and Dean had barely been civil, still angry about Rhomy’s hospital visit. The fact she’d set herself up as bait; willingly let herself get beaten- almost to death…

Rhomy had spent the entire night talking to the girl, helping her understand what had happened. She’d cleaned her up, fed her… Dean had seen another side of Rhomilly, one he hadn’t expected. She was…sweet, in a way, just as calm and reassuring as she’d been with him from the beginning. That part he didn’t like so much, thinking that maybe he was just some…sort of… ‘Poor John’ case she was working on.


Dean looked up, focused on her soft smile and dark hazel eyes but Rhomy was on the phone talking to her cousin again.

“Yep, 728 on the second floor. Ok.” Rhomy hung up, the cell sliding into her jean pocket easily while she turned to Holllie. The girl was sitting on the edge of the bed, she hadn’t spoken much, not to them anyway and only Rhomy was allowed near enough to touch her. “Don’t worry. I have a place for you to go, it’s safe and you’ll be fine.”

“I…I don’t…” Hollie shook her head, her eyes dropping to the dark colored carpet. She was embarrassed, not wanting to take any handouts but after what had happened to her, what she’d done…

“You’ll be safe, they won’t touch there.” Rhomy assured with a gentle hand on the girls shoulder. “You can live without having to look over your shoulder.”

“That’d be…nice…”

Dean thought so. To live without having to worry about demons at every turn, or that Sam would loose himself-.

“Oh…” Hollie’s brown eyes grew round as silver dollars. The others turned towards the corner of the room where a willowy woman stood. Her auburn hair was long and fell about her shoulders in waves. Her white dress draped over a slim figure but it was the eyes… a coppery brown.


Dean looked from Rhomy to the angel. That was her Guardian angel? The willowy figure with skin that seemed to glow like a warm sun and eyes that were ageless-.

“Rhomilly.” Tamryn’s barely there smile only graced her lips briefly but it was enough to change her expression, if only for a split second.

“I’m glad you're here.” Rhomy said with a hint of relief in her tone. The angel only nodded, the copper eyes drifting over Hollie. The girl shifted nervously on the bed but the knock on the door got all their attentions.

Hollie gasped as the angel disappeared. She pointed, mouth open.

“Yeah, they do that.” Dean assured with a slight scowl. Sam gave a slight nod towards the door and moved to answer it, peeking through the little peep-hole. He frowned but opened the door to find a woman standing in the thresh hold. She looked…expensive was the first word that popped into Sam’s head quickly followed by gorgeous. Her dark brown hair was twisted up into a simple knot and her clothes… Sam’s eyes wandered over the black turtle neck peeking from the short leather trench coat she wore, down to the tight gray pencil skirt and black heels.

“I’m looking for Rhomilly Colt.” She said, her voice quiet-confident. Sam looked up at her, at the dark green of her eyes framed by long thick lashes.

“Sloane.” Rhomy’s voice at his back shook him from the silent appraisal of the woman he still hadn’t invited inside.

“Rhomy,” Sloane stepped past Sam with barely a glance at him. “Wow, not what I was expecting.” She said giving the room a quick once over. Her eyes rested on Dean with a look he didn’t know how to take, it was a little…weird.

“Uh, Dean.” Rhomy turned to him waving a hand at her cousin. The last thing she needed was Sloane saying more than she should, especially around the Winchesters. “This is Sloane Stormont. Laz and Joel’s sister.” She introduced her knowing her cousin could very well see the embarrassed stain on her cheeks.

“Oh. Uhm, Hi.” Dean replied blinking. He stared at the woman in the room, admiring her and thinking she was definitely related to Rhomy.

“Sam, he opened the door and this is Hollie.” Rhomy turned to face the young girl still sitting on the edge of the bed. She looked away from the empty corner.

“Hi there.” Sloane stepped towards the bed, a soft smile lighting her features. “I’m in kind of a hurry here so we should leave. Plane ride you know? You aren't afraid of flying, are you?”

Dean shifted uncomfortably ignoring Sam’s knowing look.

“Umm, no.” Hollie whispered looking up hesitantly. Her eyes shifting from Sloane to Rhomy.

“Rho.” Sloane slipped the strap of the bag she carried off her shoulder and held it out. “Some goodies, figured you’d be missing all the girl stuff we like.”

“Uhh…yeah.” Rhomy blushed a bit, her eyes almost flicking to Dean but she kept her eyes on her cousin. “Thank you. And Tamryn’s going to keep an eye on you two. Make sure it’s safe.”

“Cool.” Sloane grinned, liking the idea of having an angelic escort. “Grams says Hi and for you to be careful. Maybe answer your cell more often so you’ll know what’s on your ass before it messes with this pretty face.” She touched Rhomy’s cheek gently, where the bruise had faded and only a faint cut was left. Just a pink mark… Sloane wrapped her arms around Rhomy, dropping a quick kiss on her forehead.

“They shouldn’t worry so much.” Rhomy murmured hugging her back but it felt nice, their concern and having Sloane there, even for a moment. When they pulled away from each other Sloane was grinning again.

“Ya saves como son.” She shrugged and Rhomy did know how they were, the family was close and everyone took care of each other. “Me vas a decir-.”

“Nope.” Rhomy shook her head ignoring the curious looks from the brothers. “El no save y no esta listo para decirle.”

“Too bad.” Sloane shrugged with a look at Dean. “Esta bonito.” Rhomy couldn’t agree more, she thought the same thing. “Come on Hollie, we have a flight and can’t be late or my Grandmother will… well.” She shrugged, chuckling. Rhomy drew Hollie from the bed and walked with them to the door.

“What’d you rent?” Rhomy asked curiously.

“What’d you think?” Sloane returned with a smile she knew all too well.

“Oh boy, really?” But Sloane just shrugged again. “You are going to hear it. Again, Sloane. Grams doesn’t like you driving the sporty rentals. You know, you just like trouble.”

“Duh,” Sloane mocked with a happy eye roll. “I work like a mule for the business, this is my one indulgence. Is that a sin?”

“Ha, ha.” Rhomy chose to ignore the dig and turned to Hollie as they walked out the door. “Don’t let her speed.”

“Whoa, whoa.” Dean quickly stepped out after them, not willing to let Rhomy out of his sight.

“Nice.” Sloane winked. “Personal protection and not bad on the eyes. Laz said you-.”

“Well, have a nice trip back to the airport. Tell Grams I love her and not to worry so much.” Rhomy gave her cousin another quick hug and hurried her off hearing the amused laughter. Her cheeks were a slight pink and her eyes kept flicking around Dean, unable to look him in the eyes.

“So… That’s their sister.” Dean said walking with Rhomy back to their room.

“Yeah,” she smiled. “Sloane’s the only girl- uh, for Uncle Seely, his little girl-.”

“Whoa, wait.” Dean held up a hand, his green eyes full of mirth. “Seely?

“What?” Rhomy stopped, hands on hips again. “You make fun of their names, Winchester and I’m-.”

“No, not making fun. Really. It’s…just… I mean… Seely. Wow.” Dean tried to hide the smirk on his face but she caught it anyway.

“Yeah, quit laughing, guero.” She smacked his arm lightly. “I think Sam liked her.”

“Ha! You noticed?” Dean chuckled opening the door for her.

“Duh.” She replied making a face as she walked into the room. It felt more spacious now that it was just three of them instead of four but it was quieter and that re-enforced the fact Sam was moodily pretending she didn’t exist.


“So what’s in here?” Dean asked grabbing the satchel she’d tossed on the bed. Sam grabbed his clothes and headed to the bathroom.

“Oh no, not sharing!” Rhomy laughed trying to grab it out of his hands but Dean tossed out the contents with a whistle.

“Chocolate.” He grabbed a Hershey bar, tearing off the wrapper in no time. His eyes wandered over the rest of the stuff, like the bottles of nail polish and a little tub of what he assumed was cream.

“Not my almonds, hey!” Rhomy protested. Sloane had gotten her their favorites; dark chocolate Hershey bars with almonds, salted cashews, Kit-Kat’s and a case with movies she could watch while they were on the road.

“And those-.”

“Nope!” Rhomy pulled the DVD’s out of his reach. “Mine.” She plopped down on the bed with a smirk and flipped through the movies Sloane had picked. There were a couple of comedies, not many because Rhomy wasn’t much into them. This was their basic all girls movie night package; chocolates, nail polish, facials and movies. What else could a girl ask for?

“Is that what I think I saw?” Dean asked leaning down to read the title written on the CD. “The Wolf Man.”

“Black and White, I watched The Bride of Frankenstein before the whole… you know.” She trailed off no longer interested in the CD’s as she thought of what had almost happened. How the demons had come in, right at her. They'd barely gotten to sleep and Rhomy had been fidgetting, unable to forget about the creepy crawlies that just might attack if she fell asleep. But she'd hear them, three demons just strode into the living area where thye'd set up the sleeping bags. She'd sat up, yanking on the sleeping bag and tartling Dean. They'd both jumped up as the demons attacked. Dean calling for Sam and both of the guys jumping to her defense. It just didn’t make sense but she was grateful, even if Sam was still upset and not speaking to her, he was still going to help Dean protect her.

“So, I don’t get it.” Dean sat down beside her, his back resting on the headboard, the chocolate bar half eaten already. “You- what did you do? That light- I mean I saw…” he didn’t say it because- well it was going to sound ridiculous. Rhomy nodded, her eyes closed and she drew a deep breath.

“It was the Armor of God.” She looked at him, the corners of her mouth lifting just for a second. “You pray it on, have faith and they can’t touch you, can’t do anything against you.”

He could only stare at her, the calmness and the peace in her expression. The absolute certainty of her belief in what she was saying. How could she be so sure? So certain when he knew… angels where killing angels-.

“You really were holding a sword.” He murmured looking at the chocolate bar in his hand. “I saw it in your hand…and the shield… You-you broke whatever hold that demon had on me. I couldn’t move-.”

“By faith.” Rhomy answered shifting around until she was facing him, her small hand slipping into his.

“Yeah,” he smiled crookedly, glancing at her. “Faith.” They sat in silence for a moment, the shower still running and then Dean had another question. “That girl was really dead…”

“Mm-hmm.” She nodded closing her eyes. Rhomy remembered what she’d said, there was no one gifted with raising the dead, not since her Great-Grandfather Elian. “I know what I said. Do you remember what I told you about Spiritual Gifts? How the Spirit gives them to each as he determines. Well, it was a one time thing- I think.” But she didn’t say that it had felt as though she were looking at them all outside of herself. That it wasn’t exactly her telling Hollie to wake up and that it was always like that. When she’d healed those people at their first encounter, whenever there was a need for the Spirit- it was just there.

“You think?” He echoed looking doubtful. She shrugged and opened her eyes. “Why didn’t you do that before? I mean at the asylum.”

“Oh.” Rhomy shifted, sitting up, her cheeks blushing. “I’m kinda embarrassed, truth is…uhm…I panicked.” She’d messed up, simple as that. Everything she’d been taught flew out of her head the moment panic set in. A single instant where she’d floundered, forgotten what she believed in because the world was overwhelming her… and she allowed it.

“Panicked.” Dean repeated watching her.

“You sound like a scratched CD.” Rhomy grouched with a frown at him. “Stop repeating what I say.”

“I’m sorry, It’s just…” he chuckled but there was no amusement. “You aren't the ‘panic’ type of girl, Rhomy. I mean, look at what you did last night.”

“I told you, it’s about faith-.”

“Yeah,” Dean waved a hand at her, he didn’t need to hear it again, all the explanation about the why and- Dean was over that. “I don’t see why you're still so full of it after everything that’s happened.” He was annoyed. With her- a little bit- and at everything else because all of them got hurt; they were all being hurt and he didn’t see this as something of their choosing. This time it was God’s angels who deserved the blame. “God isn’t speaking to any of them, Rhomy. There isn’t any ‘revelation’, angels are killing each other, some of them want to bring on the apocalypse and you're still willing to follow- to believe because… because you have faith.” He shook his head. In a way he was a little envious of her, the strength of her belief.

“Cas told you he’s never seen God, that only four angels in heaven have ever seen his face.” She smiled softly. “But Castiel still believes, he’s doing what’s right. So do we, even if we don’t get a pat on the head telling us we’re doing a good job. We just have that we are.” She gave a little shrug, her fingers quickly snatching at the last half of the Hershey bar.

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