Soldier Of God


My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is made perfect in your weakness.

Worry. Everyone was worried. It showed on Sloane’s features as she came down the stairs and mirrored by Xexi. They met Rhomy in the foyer, each one without Drake.

“He’s really not here.”Xexi shook her head, the glossy waves of her soft brown hair plunking into her eyes yet again.

“The kids are still asleep.” Sloane added. “He didn’t take them.”

“The attic-.”

“No.” Xexi shook her head cutting Rhomy off. “It’s clean. Literally; I mean no dust or cobwebs.”

“I know.” Rhomy nodded because she’d been the one to help Grandmother Syd clean it out the spring before.

“The boys haven’t found him?” Sloane asked looking behind Rhomy.

“Not yet.” Zúlema answered coming up beside them. “They still have a lot of ground to cover; we have a big back yard, remember.”

“He’s definitely not in the house…” Xexi trailed off at her cousins’ negative shake of their heads.

“Then where?” Rhomy muttered because she’d checked the ground floor with Zúlema and they hadn’t found Drake in any of the rooms, especially the library and she’d had to pick that door open. She hadn’t given it any thought but spending that time with the Winchesters had totally ruined her in a way. She’d already known how to shoot but didn’t carry a gun, not that Dean would have let her have her own… Then again he’d been the one to show her how to pick a lock in the first place.

He really has been a bad influence.’ Rhomy thought with a soft smile because she didn’t mind it in the least.

“The bar…?” Xexi wondered glancing at Sloane who looked uncomfortable.

“The one Prudy told you about?” Zúlema questioned. Rhomy felt left out, she had no clue what they were talking about.

“Pru said he went to the same place; bar just off the promenade.” Sloane explained at Rhomy’s questioning look.

“Skeezy dive.” Xexi concurred. “She hated it but Drake wasn’t listening….”

They realized there was a lot about Drake that had changed and neither of them had paid attention to the signs.

“You say that about all bars.” Sloane said with an eye roll.

“Was she happy?” Rhomy asked softly. She hadn’t really spent much time with Pru the last few years but there was always such a big gap in their ages… Still, Rhomy only had good memories of her.

“Yeah.” Xexi nodded. “She really was, Rhom.”

And if Prudence hadn’t been completely happy she wouldn’t have complained about her choices. It just wasn’t in her nature to complain.

“It has to be the bar.” Zúlema said shaking her head in disapproval. Rhomy wasn’t so sure but then he’d been drinking. She’d seen the empty bottle in the library and she clearly remembered him drinking in the nursery- she wouldn’t forget that.

“Ok, so we tell the guys.” Xexi shrugged, her eyes following Rhomy’s retreating back. “Hey.”

“And where are you going?” Zúlema demanded, a hand on her hip.

“The cemetery.” Rhomy threw over her shoulder. It was where she’d gone after Romela had been buried and she was almost sure Drake would be with Pru and Cea.

“Oh no you are not.” Zúlema’s tone stopped Rhomy dead in her tracks. The younger woman turnied on her heel with a slightly raised eyebrow at the command.


“She’s isn’t going.” Zúlema repeated in the familiar tone. Rhomy had been forced to obey that tone when she was younger, simply because she was younger than Zúlema.

“At least not alone.” Xexi added seeing the stormy look in Rhomy’s eyes.

“Don’t even think any of you are going with me.” Rhomy warned because she wasn’t about to loose anymore family members. They stood forming a half circle around her and that was as far as Rhomy was willing to let them follow.

“Then take him.” Sloane proposed but Rhomy was already shaking though Drake was already angry with her. Because Drake blamed her for his loss and Rhomy couldn’t see how it wasn’t her fault.

“I don’t care.” Zúlema snapped. “That’s why he’s here. Why you're with him at all.”

“Don’t.” Rhomy warned. Because Zúlema had no right to say anything about what was going on. She’d never wanted anything to do with the family burden. Of course she knew the history, they all did but Zúlema had made her choice. She was happier dealing with the mundane part of life and leaving the rest up to someone else.

“You're the-.”

“I’m not twelve and you certainly don’t get to boss me around.” Rhomy cut in.

“What’s the trouble girls?”

All four turned to the gruff voice and found Judson standing just off the main door with his coat in hand.

“Rhomy’s taking off without her guard detail.” Xexi immediately piped up, her hand pointing to his glowering daughter. Judson held in the grin, easily picturing Xexi at eight years old and giving up her cousins’ and their plans for mayhem.


“She wants to go to the cemetery. Alone.” Zúlema added with a glare at Rhomy.

“It’s not safe and you know it, Rhomy.” Sloane added trying to take the sting out of the argument.

“That’s why we need to find Drake.” Rhomy said, exasperated. “Before anything else happens.”

“Get your coat Rhomilly.” Judson ordered already slipping his on.

“But-.” Zúlema bit her tongue at her uncle’s look.

“I’m driving.” Judson’s glance shifted pointedly to Sloane. “One SpeedRacer is enough.”

“She’s got the motorcycle!” Sloane protested as Rhomy grabbed her leather jacket from the hall closet.

The half empty bottle thudded into the ground, narrowly missing the empty one. Drake never noticed, all he knew was nothing he’d drank so far had numbed him enough. His wife was dead, his little girl too and where had God been? When they’d been mangled inside the car? While his wife was trying to call out for help? While his daughter lay unconscious, bleeding, broken…

“Where HE always is.”

Drake jerked around, his elbow striking the double headstone. He hissed a pained breath, cursing and the bottle tipped over. None of that mattered as the blond woman in the black dress sank to her knees a foot away and crawled towards him. She did it slow, like a stalking animal but the flash of red in her eyes was the detail his brain latched onto. The rest didn’t matter, not the way the dress clung to her curves, or the low neckline that was almost non-existent, or the fact she was now straddling his lap, a smirk on the bright red lips.

“Who are you?” Drake’s words were slurred, the alcohol on his breath fanning her face but she didn’t flinch. He felt himself sobering slightly as he realized what she was.

“That,” she murmured leaning into his face. “You already know.” The tip of her finger tapped his nose.

“What do you want?” He had nothing else they could take. The fog of alcohol and his grief had erased all thought of Sawyer and Aislyn from his mind. He’d barely spoken to his son since… it was all he could think of. Pru and Cea in the car, dying. And he had no idea why she’d been out in the first place. She’d had no business being on the road but he blamed himself too because he should’ve been home with them. He shouldn’t have stayed late at the office- why was he always making work more important?

“Its more about what you want.” The demon smiled at him, her red lips parting and then she was taking a swig from his bottle, the tip of her tongue gliding over her lips as she studied him. “You can have her back.”

“Pru…” Drake breathed.

“Just like before.” She promised.

If she were back, if Pru weren’t dead he’d do it different. He wouldn’t spend so much time at work, he’d even stop going to the bar, he wouldn’t make her feel unimportant, he wouldn’t give her a second of worry…

“Ceana.” He grabbed onto the demons arms, his grip strong. “I want them both.” He said pulling her closer.

“Cant.” The demon shook her head. “That’s not how we do things.” She said and once more the bottle was in his hands and the demon was pressed up against him, his back to the cold marble. “No ‘two for one’ deals.” She stood up slowly, toying with him, hiding the slight shiver from his warm breath on her skin. “Unless…” she stood, elbows resting on the headstone looking down at him. “You give me the key.”

Drake didn’t hesitate. He scrambled around, shoving his hands in his pockets until he found them and then stumbled to his knees holding out the key ring in his palm.

“Take them.” He urged when she just stood there. He tried pressing them into her hands but she flung him aside.

“I am not amused.” She hissed standing over him.

“You want keys!” Drake exclaimed. “Take ‘em all- I don’t care. Just… bring ‘em back.” He begged scrambling to his knees, using her legs for support. He held the keys up to her again, slurring drunkenly.

The bar was packed, with music blaring from the jukebox in the corner.

“Why?” Tahan wondered out loud as he surveyed the place. “Oh.” He replied as two women sashayed past him. The tall blond looked over her shoulder smiling and then she winked.

“We are looking for Drake.” Riel reminded him with a nudge. He cast a sidelong glance at Dean but the Hunter was looking towards the pool tables.

“Right. I know.” Tahan assured.

“Yeah.” Riel muttered shaking his head but had to admit the women weren’t below 7’s on the 1 to 10 scale. At least not yet.

“Come on, bartender.” Sam pointed towards the crush of people to their left.

“You look around.” Tahan motioned his cousin while he headed off with Sam. Dean raised a questioning eyebrow but Sam just shrugged.

“Don’t worry.” Tahan said. “Riel just needs to get used to your brother.” He assured as they threaded their way between a couple of men to get to the bar.

“Why?” Sam stared at him curiously.

“Like you don’t know.” Tahan scoffed chuckling. Sam still didn’t reply. “I know my cousin, she’s not- well, our girls are old fashioned. So, there’s hand holding, maybe some snuggling…? Yeah.” Tahan nodded smirking. From Sam’s expression he knew it was just like he was saying it was. “Yeah, you know.” He assured.

“Know what?” Sam snapped, annoyed. “That my brother-.”

“Loves Rhomy.” Tahan cut in. He shrugged. “It’s just the way it is. Same thing with her parents. Gram says it’s like that for all the ones before.” He turned and raised his arm catching the bartender’s attention. Sam could only stare, of course he'd known but if he didn’t say anything… then it wouldn’t be true.

“What’ll it be?” She asked placing both hands on the wood bar top and smiled.

“I’m looking for my cousin.” Tahan said leaning closer. “He comes here a lot. Have you seen him?” he pulled out his wallet and showed her a family picture. It was the most recent; taken by Xexi the day after Aislyn was born. Ceana and Sawyer were perched on the bed with Pru while Drake held the baby.

Xexilia was talented and it showed, not to mention the family saved some money on photographers with her around. He wondered when Grandmother Syd would put Xexi to work on the pictures and portraits she wanted to have digitally saved on the computer he’d bought her.

“How sweet.” The bartender replied with a softer smile. “I didn’t know he had such a beautiful family. She’s gorgeous.” Her finger tapped on Pru’s face and Tahan’s smile got a little stiff.

“Yeah.” He nodded.

“He hasn’t been in tonight.” She said shrugging. “Least I haven’t seen ‘im. Usually sits over there.” She pointed to the corner of the bar just out of the way.

“Thanks.” Sam replied slipping a twenty to her and moving off with Tahan.

Judson glanced at his daughter again. He didn’t question or ask why she’d think Drake would be at the graves. He didn’t want to bring up the past or think of the first weeks after he’d buried Romela. Not the worry Rhomy had caused him and her grandparents when he’d found her room empty in the middle of the night. An empty bed where his teenage daughter should have been sleeping… For that first month, she’d just disappear. They’d had no way of knowing if she was alright, how to get a hold of her, nothing.

“I’m sorry, Dad.” Her soft voice echoed in the car as he drove past the cemetery gates. “For sneaking out at night after Mom… I just-.” She drew in a breath.

“I know sweetie.” Judson assured squeezing her hand. She’d apologized before but he knew this time she wasn’t some teenager telling him what he wanted to hear.

They were quiet and then he slowed to a stop at the bottom of a small rise. It was dark, the waning moon casting only a faint light. Rhomy and Judson got out of the car both stepping onto the grass. They headed towards a section of the cemetery partitioned off for their family. There were quite a few and it had made sense, Grandmother Calida had built the small mausoleum and that was where she’d elected to have her ashes placed along with Thane.

Rounding the mausoleum they headed towards the tree at the entrance to their family plot. Rhomy was the first to hear Drake and she ran forward.

“Rhomy!” Judson called but she was past the gate.

Rhomy saw the blond in the slinky-barely-there dress and Drake kneeling in front of her. It didn’t take a genius to know something was wrong.

“Drake, no!” She yelled running forward again. The demon looked up, eyes flashing red and Rhomy began the familiar exorcism.

“NO!” Drake roared, his face contorted in rage. He grabbed the bottle from the ground and pulled himself up. He wasn’t about to let her interfere, he wasn’t standing by while his chance of getting his family back was taken away. Rhomy paid him no attention and he swung at her blindly. The bottle thudded, the blow connecting with her head just as Judson came into view.

Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus, omnis satanica potestas, omnis incursio infernalis adversarii, omnis legio, omnis congregatio et secta diabolica, in nomine et virtute Domini Nostri Jesu Christi.” Judson pulled out the flask he carried in his coat pocket flicking the contents at the demon.

“No!” Drake yelled again. “She’s going to bring them back.” He swung at Judson but missed and the older man knocked him down. Two other demons showed up, flanking Judson…

Tahan walked beside Sam listening as Riel told the girls they hadn’t found Drake.

Forget the bar.” Zúlema ordered over the speaker. “Get to the cemetery.”

“Why?” Tahan asked leaning around Riel.

Because we’ve been calling Uncle Judson and Rhomy.” Xexi informed them and the worry in her tone was evident to all four men.

They haven’t answered.” Sloane’s voice carried on the busy street and they increased their pace.

“What the hell- why isn’t Rhomy at the house? Where I left her.” Dean snapped glaring at the phone, his keys already in hand.

“She didn’t…” Riel muttered but he had a bad feeling.

“You know she did.” Tahan assured. They both knew Rhomy, knew exactly what she’d do.

She thought hed be there.” Sloane added just as they came up to the Impala.

“Make sure you seal the house against them.” Riel ordered as he slid into the back seat with Tahan. He hung up and dialed his Dad hoping to get an answer.

“What are you talking about?” Sam questioned as Dean pulled into the street and headed towards the cemetery.

“My Grandmother seals the house against the enemy.” Riel answered getting the voicemail. He hung up and tried Rhomy but hers didn’t even ring, it just beeped ready for him to leave a message.

“You’ve seen her and Gramps take their evening walks? Its not just exercise.” Tahan assured. Sam still looked confused which annoyed Riel.

“Look, we can’t really have rock salt lining our property line or in the window sills and doors. Not very practical and it invites questions.” Riel snapped more worried about his sister and Father than he wanted to admit.

“The girls have been taking turns with us, sealing the house since… the wake.” Tahan added with a side glance at his cousin. They’d wanted to say it was due to the Hunters being in the house but they couldn’t be sure that’s why the seals were always broken. “Too many people coming and going from our home.”

“Rhomy said her apartment was safe.” Dean glanced in the rearview mirror catching Riel’s attention.

“All our homes are sealed. We make sure.” Tahan assured.

“That’s why we reacted like that.” Riel added, his eyes locked with Dean and it was clear he was talking about the fights.

Dean nodded, focusing on the street. He didn’t blame them for jumping to conclusions and acting. It was usually the safest action if you wanted to stay alive, though sometimes questioning was the smarter option.

“She still shouldn’t have left.” Dean grumbled loud enough they heard him.

“She’s with my Dad.” Riel said but he was worried too.

Rhomy heard her name but it took her a second to figure out who it was calling her. She blinked, seeing blurry images and winced at the pounding headache.

“Are you alright?”

“Dad?” Rhomy mumbled blinking up at him. She wondered what she was doing lying on the lawn a second before everything clicked and she jerked upright. “Drake!” But he was lying on the ground a few feet away, crying. Her Father was busy with a demon, his armor keeping it at bay. She got up touching her temple and coming away with a smudge of blood.

Judson spared his daughter a glance before turning his full attention to the demon. He spoke the words easily, after so many years they weren’t difficult to remember though he found it a little harder to stomach the sight of people dying. Black smoke poured out of the man’s mouth and he dropped to the ground.

“They’re all dead.” Rhomy whispered looking around at the four bodies. The blond demon was nowhere in sight.

“I couldn’t finish her.” Judson admitted shaking his gray head. Gently he took Rhomy’s face in his hands and examined her forehead. She had blood seeping from a small gash in her temple and his jaw clenched. “Haven’t I told you to duck?” He demanded.

“I’m fine, Dad.”

“Did you forget how to block, Rhomilly?” He frowned, more worried than angry though he wanted to smack Drake around for daring to hit his little girl, let alone a woman.

“Daddy… it was Drake.” Rhomy shrugged. She hadn’t expected him to attack her; she hadn’t paid him any attention once she’d seen the demon. All she’d thought of was Sawyer and Aislyn growing up without parents. If Drake had made the deal… “I just…”

“Don’t ever loose your focus.” Judson reprimanded. He pulled Rhomy into his chest, worried. He didn’t want to bury his daughter as well. “You always pay attention. Understand?”

“Always.” Rhomy nodded assuring him.

Judson drew a heavy breath putting her at arms length and scowling at the blood smearing her temple. Her eyes widened, shock and fear on her face.

“Dad!” Rhomy’s grip tightened on his jacket but Judson pushed her back as he turned. “DAD!”

The bright red blossom of blood soaked the shirt, her scream echoed through the cemetery and Drake’s blacked out eyes turned to her.

“The Key.”

All Rhomy could see was her Father’s hand clutched around Drake’s wrist, the knife imbedded into his chest. There was blood- too much blood and the knife glinted under the faint moon a second before it slashed across Drake’s throat.

“The Key. Or you won’t have any left.” The cloud of black spewed and both men crumpled to the grass.

Rhomy jerked, her limbs feeling stiff and uncoordinated. She dropped beside her Father, hands trembling as she hesitated. She couldn’t see through the tears burning in her eyes and then she was pressing down on his chest.

“Daddy… Daddy…” she choked on a sob. “Daddy, please don’t leave…” but nothing stopped the rasping breath, the blood choking him, spilling from his mouth-. “TAMRYN! HELP ME!”

Rhomy looked up, at the starry night and screamed again for her angel. They would help, they’d heal him, it was in their power…

“Please… Dad!” Rhomy’s voice broke and her cries became indistinguishable.


“What the hell happened?”


She didn’t hear any of them. She didn’t see them, couldn’t process anything but the unstaring eyes that held her spellbound.

Riel dropped to his knees, eyes locked on their Father’s body, the blood on his chest-.

“Oh, God.” Tahan breathed. Shock relieved him of any breath in his body at what he saw. He shook his head but even that didn’t change the scene; Rhomy’s bloody hands, the red stain on his uncle’s dress shirt-.

“They’re dead.” Sam noted, the four bodies lay prone on the ground and Drake- his throat was slit and blood had soaked his chest but the man was still gurgling, trying to speak… There was nothing to be done for him.

“Rhomy…” Dean knelt behind her, his voice a soft murmur in her ear as he wrapped both arms around her. The worry that had held him captive on the crazy drive to the cementery loosened slightly. He tried moving her away but she shoved him off and Dean gave up at the second attempt. He felt helpless, angry because he couldn’t do anything for her. She was hurting and there was nothing he could say to make it better…

“Dad…” Riel muttered shaking his head. It was unbelieveable. Judson was dead, his Dad… and now they were alone. Their parents were both dead and for what? Because they’d been God’s Soldiers? What was the point! “Dad.”

The flutter of wings and the gust of wind snapped Riel’s cold eyes to the angel taking in the scene of death.

“You.” Riel got up, jaw clenched and jabbed a finger to the ground, to where his sister was huddled over their dead Father. “Fix it.”

The angel was silent, his eyes just as sad as always. Rhomy looked up, her face tear stained…

“I did what you asked of me.” Her voice was soft, like a confused child unsure of why they were being punished. “I left the box for them like you wanted. I haven’t questioned anything…Please.”

“Cas!” Dean snapped tearing his gaze away from the pathetic figure. Something burned inside him at seeing Rhomy like that. The pleading note in her tone was foreign, not worthy of her, of the woman he’d come to know…

“I’ve done everything asked of me. Please… Please…”

Castiel studied her. His head tilted slightly, eyes narrowing just a little. Grief. She was drenched with it. Despair. It was there, in her eyes and pose… Hope.

Cas was amazed to see she still believed... He drew in a breath and straightened.

“Cas!” Dean yelled because it was the least the feathered fucks could do after everything Rhomy’s family had given up.

“No.” Castiel said turning to Dean. There was silence, incredulity spread over Dean’s features quickly replaced by anger.

“NO?” Riel echoed. His voice was pitched low, shoulders hunched and Tahan knew his cousin wasn’t thinking, wasn’t going to calm down…

“What do you mean, ‘No’?” he demanded taking a menacing step towards the angel. “My family hasn’t said NO in five GENRATIONS!

Tahan flinched at the loud roar from his cousin.

“We’ve made up for him!” Rhomilly chimed in. She glared at Castiel, getting to her feet and then Tamryn was there. Her gentle hand rested on Riel’s shoulder and some of his rage burned off like mist.

“Why didn’t you come!” Rhomy accused. “Why!”

Tamryn shook her head. “I was not permitted.”

“Take them and go.” Castiel ordered and Dean found the sad eyes resting on him. They were alight with something else, a cold resolve and it was unnerving, how easily they could move on…

“What?” Sam questioned.

“Now.” Cas turned away, eyes on the ground and the bodies.

“You take it!” Rhomy yelled.

“Rhom…” Tahan grabbed her arm but she pulled away from him.

“Take your key!” she grasped at her wrist, fumbling with the rosary wrapped around it. She scratched herself but didn’t care. All she wanted was to get it off; she didn’t want anything from them, not if they couldn’t do that one simple thing. “Here!” Rhomy flung the bloody rosary at Castiel. It bounced off his chest harmlessly but he didn’t pick it up.

They’d healed her, Castiel had done that so why not Judson? Why was he any different? He’d done his part, had followed their commands without question…

Still, Castiel only stared back. Silent. Neither angel had any power to change what happened. Judson had done his part…when it had been his duty.

Sam stared in shock.

Thats it?

That was the key the demons were after? And the entire time it had been staring at him, right under his nose…

“Rhomy.” Dean suddenly felt unsure. The angels weren’t making any move to retrieve the key. He wasn’t sure Rhomy had done the right thing in tossing it at them. He glanced around, at the empty cemetery hoping there weren’t any demons around just then because…

“Gram’s rosary?” Tahan stared at the familiar piece of jewelry. He’d seen it plenty of times; Aunt Romela had worn it on her wedding day… There were pictures of Sydony wearing it on her wedding day as well, and of Calida… It made sense. All the women in their family who took up the burden- that was it.

The Key…’

“Uncle Ezra, Aunt Gisela, my cousin-!” Riel glared at the angels, his tone accusing. “They died for that? For some jewelry!”

“No.” Tamryn intervened in her soft voice but that only angered the siblings more.

“This is the key to the last seal.” Castiel stated drawing their attention. “The place where Lucifer is held.”

The big house felt…gloomy. Everyone walked around on silent feet, heads hanging, still surprised by the events of the evening. They’d just buried two family members; Prudence and Ceana… it didn’t seem possible there would be two more funerals.

“My poor kids…” Sydony whispered hoarsely. Beside her, Gareth lay a comforting arm over her shoulders. There was nothing any of them could do, not for the little ones who’d have to be told in the morning… they were orphans now. Both parents gone, it wasn’t fair but it was done.

“My girl…” Sydony shook her head, sad old eyes locked on the young woman curled into the corner of the couch with her brother. At that moment they looked the same as when their Mother had died.

“They’ll get through this, love.” Gareth assured casting a sad glance at his grandchildren. “They’ve done it before and they’ll do it again.”

“Look at them, Gareth.” Sydony urged, her tone just a little angry. “Look at my kids, their hands…” because neither of them had washed Judson’s blood off. They hadn’t spoken to anyone, hadn’t allowed anyone near them, neither letting go of the other…

“It’ll be alright.” Gareth promised but his expression was tinged with worry.

“Excuse me.”

Gareth looked up, trying to find a reassuring smile for Dean and managing a grimace at best. They were both uncomfortable.

“I…” Dean had no idea what to say. He’d been too late to do anything and that made him feel useless especially around Rhomy. She hadn’t spoken to him, not in the car, not when they arrived, nothing. And she hadn’t left her brother’s side.

“We’ll get her back on track, son.” Gareth assured. “She’ll go on, just give her some time to grieve.”

Dean nodded, hands slipping into his jacket pockets. His fingers closed around the rosary; he’d tried to clean it, poured some water on it but somehow it still felt…dirty.

Its the one thing keeping Lucifer locked up.

He should’ve felt … relief. He had in his hand the one thing the demons needed to bust out Lucifer, the one seal absolutely necessary to free the devil… No matter what seals the demons broke now, as long as this one stayed out of their hands, Lucifer wasn’t going to get out.

“This…” Dean pulled out his hand, the rosary gleaming under the lights. He wasn’t sure what to do with it, and he hesitantly held it out to them. It seemed like the right thing to do though he was reluctant to let the key out of his hands. “I picked it up. Seemed like the thing to do…”

“Good.” Gareth nodded but he made no move to take it from him.

“So,” Dean turned his hand over, letting the cross hang down, expecting the old man to take it. They’d been holding on to it, keeping it out of the demons clutches for over five generations…

Who else can better protect it?’ Dean wondered. Hadn’t he lost the Colt…

“That’s not ours, son.” Gareth shook his head, a sad smile ghosting across his face. Sydony reached up, the tip of her finger touching the cross and setting it to sway. She looked up at Dean and he could see the weight of her years reflected in their depths.

“This is your time. You and Rhomy.”

The surprised expression on his face turned into a frown. He didn’t see where they got that idea and then he remembered the conversations he’d had with Rhomy. The things he’d learned about the family and why it was only the women who took over the key when it came time. How each of them were never alone in the task, how they’d all found a ‘soul mate’, someone to help-

Son of a bitch!

“She thinks I’m pretty.” He didn’t realize the words had left his mouth but he couldn’t help thinking of how Rhomy had described him. The sound of her voice and the sad shine in her dark hazel eyes as she spoke about him

“She’s right.” Sydony agreed with a soft smile.

“They always are.” Gareth assured with a wry chuckle.

All Dean could think about was how Rhomy said she’d already met her future husband.

Me. Im him. Im the me…’

The flare of panic subsided and all he felt was a sense of relief. Because with her it was easy to just be. With Rhomy he didn’t have to pretend, he didn’t have to keep a wall around what he was thinking or feeling… she didn’t judge him. Rhomy… she made things better, everything was better with her around. Except…


Why was it him?

Why did Cas put Rhomy with him? What was the real reason, the catch- because it was never simple with the pigeons. ‘They’ had never let him be happy, not really. All the angels had done was screw him over, one too many times for this to be as easy as it looked. Dean wasn’t willing to play their game; he wasn’t going to be their bitch even if Rhomy was the bait being dangled in front of his nose.

Damn them.

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