Soldier Of God


He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.

They’re screaming. Pain. It vibrates in the dark, all around her. She stares at the blood on her hands, it drips from her fingers feeling sticky- her sleeves are soaked. The screams grow louder and she blinks, tearing her eyes away from her clothes which are torn. She doesn’t understand, they’re all strapped down, leather straps over their mouths and feet and wrists- she opens her mouth but there’s no sound, not from her. She has no voice…

He walks in shadows, their cries are muffled, fearful now- afraid of him… There’s someone else as well, someone standing in front of a long table. It’s arrayed with- she stares in horror at the tools; sharp spiky things, knives, blunt objects- her eyes follow the dripping rivulets that puddle around it, more blood.

She doesn’t understand but she sees the blood on his hands…

“He’s the best.”

And he smiles, like a proud Father, only they aren't-

Rhomy jerked; pushing against the warm body she’d been nestled against and sat up. The image in her mind was unreal. The bloody sight of him…

“What?” Dean rasped, automatically clutching at the couch to keep from falling on the floor. He blinked the sleepiness from his eyes and quickly surveyed the living room but there was no one else there. “What’s going on?” He focused on her face, she was huddled at the opposite end, the heels of her hands pressed into her eyes and she was dragging in deep breaths. He sat up, concerned- “Rhomy?”

“Nothing.” She whispered flinching from his touch but it was the image in her head- “Its nothing.”

She lied.

Dean knew it, and Rhomy knew he did but nothing was going to make her tell him about the dream. Nothing could ever make her describe the dead look in his eyes, those beautiful green eyes… staring back from a blood splattered face- Nothing.

‘They were all dead.’

Every one of them-even the kids… and…

“He’s the best.”

Sam’s voice in her head. His grinning face, the gloating-

“Please.” Rhomy whispered avoiding Dean’s face. She couldn’t look at him, couldn’t see the bloody face from her dream, that haunted look… empty. Broken. Hopeless… “I- I’ll go…start the coffee.”

Dean let her go, surprised that she’d lie- she wasn’t good at it- and they both knew it but she lied to him. Still, he wasn’t going to push, wasn’t going to ask what she’d been dreaming this time. He could wait until it was all on paper, when she was done drawing it in her journal… He stared after her a little longer then bent and laced up his boots wondering where Bobby was at. The old Hunter was usually up and about already and Dean headed towards the second floor stairs.

“Hey Bobby!” he called.

“He’s outside, I think-.” Rhomy broke off as she stared at the mess on the back porch.

“Rhom?” Dean walked into the kitchen but she ignored him and stepped outside, the door swinging shut behind her.

‘Why are my things out here?’ she wondered walking slowly. She was having trouble getting her brain to figure this out and then panic set in, almost chocking her.

“No!” Rhomy dropped to her knees and frantically pawed through her scattered clothes ignoring Dean’s questions.

‘Where is it?!”

“What- who-. Bobby!” Dean called loudly.

“No.” Rhomy grabbed the box and fumbled with the lid until it came off and still she shook both pieces wanting it to be full. “Empty.” It was empty and she sat staring at the wooden pieces in her hands.

“He’s gone.” Bobby’s voice barely registered in Rhomy’s mind. He swayed and grabbed at his forehead annoyed with Dean for trying to help him.

“Sam-?” Dean headed towards the house again but Bobby yanked him back.

“I said he’s gone.” The old Hunter repeated with a scowl.

“He did this?” Dean demanded eyeing the bruise and dried blood around Bobby’s nose.

“Nah, I just like planting my face against solid objects.” He replied with heavy sarcasm and glaring eyes.

“He took it.”

Both men focused on her, still kneeling among her clothes and holding the empty box pieces.

“You sure-?” Dean broke off as Rhomy tossed the pieces at him.

“It’s gone.” She repeated with a little heat.

‘I failed.’

She’d thrown her tantrum and this was the consequence of her stubborn, pigheaded, unbending…

“La regue.” She murmured, disbelief in her voice. Five generations had died for that key, so many of them had kept guard…

‘And I screwed up. I failed. Me.’

“So this is it.” Ruby noted. She flicked the delicate looking rosary with the tip of her finger expecting some sort of reaction and was pleasantly surprised when nothing happened.

“How do we destroy it?” Sam questioned dropping into the couch.

We don’t.” Ruby replied grinning at him. “You are not part of the process, Sammy.” She leaned across the coffee table and kissed him snatching the rosary as she pulled back. “I am taking care of this one.” She tossed over her shoulder moving quickly towards the door. She caught the relieved expression on his face and smirked.

‘Yup, I certainly will take care of this.’

“You're wasting time arguing.” Rhomy grabbed her duffel and headed towards the front door. “You can chew me out in the car.”

“Go on then.” Bobby urged with a frown.

“You aint helping.” Dean growled but he headed out to his baby. He didn’t want Rhomy along, not for this but he couldn’t waste time arguing with her either. Not while Sam was likely getting dosed with demon blood.

‘Fucking hell bitch.’

If he saw her, no way was he going to let the bitch get away, not after she’d hooked Sammy on demon blood.

The door slammed shut as the engine purred to life. Gravel spewed from the tires as Dean put his foot down and they rumbled towards the highway.

“Wonderful.” She clapped, delighted with the trinket placed around her neck. “You know…” she turned left then right and pursed her lips. “No, I don’t like this one. It doesn’t show off my new key.” Lilith yanked on the dress’ neckline, tearing the fabric and tugging until she was out of the garment.

“Perhaps the white one…”

He’d told her to stay in the car, made her lock the doors and even left her the keys just in case… She had every intention of staying right there, she wasn’t going to follow him-


Because letting him walk into the hotel on his own wasn’t hard enough, just knowing that demon was with Sam…

“He can yell at me later.” Rhomy muttered getting out of the car and locking the door before sprinting across the street and towards the double glass doors. It was definitely warmer inside and she made her way casually towards the bank of elevators. The man at the front desk glanced at her curiously but she smiled and kept walking like she knew where she was going. Of course, she did know.

The elevator behind Rhomy dinged and the doors slowly slid open. As she turned, the brunette in the elevator lost the smirk.

‘She knows me.’

Rhomy was sure of it and without hesitation shoved her back into the elevator and followed her in.


The woman jerked and her eyes blacked out. Rhomy hit the buttons uncaring of which floor she pressed so long as the doors slid shut and they were moving.

“You bitch-.”

“You're the one in a stolen body.” Rhomy retorted dropping into a defensive stance.

“She wasn’t using it anymore.” Ruby shrugged angling towards the doors Rhomy was blocking.

“Keep lying. I’m not so easy to fool.” Rhomy snapped throwing a left fist and following the strike with a snap kick Ruby didn’t block. “Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus, omnis satanica potestas, omnis incursio infernalis adversarii,

Ruby screamed, blacked out eyes flashing and then she lunged at Rhomy driving her into the wall. The resounding echo of the metal covered the pained grunt as Rhomy slid to the ground.

Omnis legio-.

Ruby kicked her, the force shoving Rhomy into the corner and the words cut out in her need to get air.

“You-.” Ruby panted, stepping back as she glared down at the little martyr. Hate twisted her features and she wiped the cut on her lip. “We won. You and your family…” She laughed and bent to taunt Rhomy. “We are going to kill them all.”


“Every last one!” Ruby snapped driving her foot into Rhomy’s side again. “Just like your cousin, she was so easy. One phone call and she comes out- you're all so…! Putting up those damn locks. Keeping us out- you know its not-.”

“You. You killed them…” Rhomy rasped, wincing at the ache in her side but knowing for certain why Pru and Cea were dead hurt worse.

“Oh… we did more than that.” Ruby smirked. “The little one screamed…mmm.”

Rhomy grabbed the vial in her pocket, kept it clenched in her hand and glared at the demon.

“I’d like to kill you in front of Dean, watch him while you scream and beg and bleed all over…”

“Shut up.” Rhomy snapped.

“Sore spot?” Ruby taunted kneeling down and grabbing Rhomy by her throat. She squeezed earning a soft gurgle from the little soldier. “I’m curious.” She leaned in closer, studying Rhomy’s expression. “Sammy, now he’s all…mmm, good for a hard ride if you get my drift. Real nice on the eyes, all that rippling muscle and flesh…yeah. Real nice but… well. There’s Dean.”

Rhomy glared at the demon, one hand grabbing onto its wrist.

“You… haven’t you fucked him yet?” Ruby tisked, shaking her head. “He looks as though he’d be a great fuck. All rough- exactly how I like it.”

Rhomy flicked the lid from the vial and tossed the contents into Ruby’s face shoving at the demon who fell back screaming and clawing at the stinging skin. The elevator stopped while Rhomy tried to drag in a breath.

Omnis congregatio,” she wheezed as Ruby scrambled to her feet. “Eet secta diabolica-.” Rhomy lashed out with her foot as Ruby lunged for the open doors. She got her leg making her fall but the elevator doors slid shut between them. “NO!”

Frustrated and angry Rhomy kicked the doors then lay back but the pain in her side wasn’t going away just because she wanted to. Getting up wasn’t so easy but she did and pushed the right button. They’d only stopped two floors down and the doors opened to another carbon copy of the previous hallways. She stepped out favoring her left side when Sam came around the corner.

“Sam.” there was relief in her breathless voice as she saw him.

He looked up, new bruises forming on his face and the smear of blood on his lip not completely wiped away. Anger was the dominant emotion, closely followed by hurt and Rhomy knew their conversation hadn’t gone well. There was a darkness to him, his eyes full of shadow-

“Sam, what- where’s your brother?” She asked stepping in his way, avoiding the subject of his bruised face or mention of what he must have been doing to look...

“Move.” Sam ordered glaring down at her, hands clenched into fists. Dean's words kept ringing in his ears, yelling at him, that if he walked out... 'Just like Dad.'

“Stop and think, Sam.” Rhomy begged. “You already know this isn’t right, please turn back. Go to your brother, talk to him-.”

“MOVE!” Sam yelled and started past her.

“You can’t let them have the key-.” Rhomy grabbed his arm as he tried to walk past.

Sam yanked his arm out of her grip, pushing her away and rushed down the hall towards the stairs.

Rhomy drew in a breath, wincing at the pinpricks going up and down her back from the second impact with a hard surface. She was surprised by Sam but not completely shocked by his behavior. He wasn’t thinking rationally and she couldn’t begin to guess at what Ruby had been putting in his head…

‘Please…’ but she couldn’t bring herself to pray, not when she doubted there was anyone listening, willing to help.

She headed down the hall way towards the only door left slightly ajar.

“Dean…?” she called walking in and drawing a shocked breath at the destruction. “Oh my… Dean!”

He was lying on the floor, the broken table and pieces of the divider scattered all around but Rhomy hurried across the room and dropped at his side.

“Hey, don’t pass out on me.” Rhomy begged gently cupping his face in her hands. “Dean-.”

“I heard you.” He snapped roughly but he didn’t brush her hands away or stop her from checking the bruises forming on his face.

“Damn it, why can’t you guys use words?” Rhomy scolded as she helped him sit up.

“We used words, this was after.” He groaned getting to his feet and finally noticed the way she favored her side. “Who hurt you?” he demanded fervently hoping she wouldn’t say Sam.

“That demon.”

“Ruby.” Dean snarled. “Is she dead?” Right then he wouldn’t care it had been Rhomy to do it so long as Ruby was gone.

“To my utter disgust she got away from me.” Rhomy scowled. “She won’t look so good for a while, maybe Sam’ll think better…” but even that hope was another pipe dream and they both knew it.

There was only one place to go after the failed attempt at getting Sam back.

"My Dad was a lot of things, Bobby, but a coward?” Dean questioned though he tried not to get upset with the old man. After the beat down Sam had imparted and the things they’d said to each other… No, it wasn’t going to be his fault; Dean wasn’t shouldering the blame for this because Sam had made his choice.

Sam chose.

“He’d rather push Sam away than reach out to him. That don’t strike me as brave. You are a better man than your Daddy ever was. So you do both of us a favor. Don’t be him.” Bobby ordered. His tone was scolding but there was more to what he said and Dean turned to the window, looking out at the yard and thinking of John. His Father had done everything to protect that kid and all Sam had ever done was bitch and complain how they didn’t have a normal life, how everything sucked- well, boo-fucking-hoo. They got dealt a hand and John had made the best of it he could, nobody was going to tell him any different even if Dean could see where it was all screwed up…

And Sam was full up on demon juice again. Rhomy had seen it-. Dean had asked her… why she didn’t see the darkness in him, why she couldn’t see all the things he’d done in hell…

“Because you aren't tainted.”

No, he wasn’t cursed with demon blood like Sam, but there were other ways to taint a soul.

Bobby was hoping it would be enough to make the boy see sense but even if it wasn’t, Rhomilly was just outside. He could hope she’d have a better chance of convincing him to-

“Dean!?” Bobby exclaimed but the blond was just gone. He scanned the living room but there was no sign of him. “Goddamn it!”

Rhomy paced the length of the front porch, the cell warm in her hand as she went over the dream with Sydony.

“It’s only a warning, mi niña.” Sydony assured. “Even in the dark you could see colors, Rhomilly. That’s always a good sign and you know HE wouldn’t send you a dream like this if HE didn’t mean for us to change the outcome.”

“I’m not so sure anymore, Grams.” Rhomy replied because so far she hadn’t seen much help from the angels sent to guide them.

“Well I am. We will change the outcome.” Sydony assured fiercely. “Pray. Strengthen your faith, Rhomilly. You can do nothing without HIM and HE is there, always when we are in need.”

“I know Grandma but I’m just… I can’t loose all of you. I’m- I’ll be alone and I’m….” she trailed off as her voice grew husky with emotion. “I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

“You’ll do your duty, Rhomilly. And you won’t be alone. You are never alone, darling. Now, go. You have things to do.”

“Yes Grandma.” Rhomy agreed with a little smile. “I love you.”

“As do we.” Sydony said before hanging up.


She turned towards the door and hurried inside at Bobby’s urgent tone.

“Rho-. Those damn pigeons- I’m sure it was them.” Bobby groused slamming books down on the table in front of him.

“The angels?” Rhomy questioned frowning in confusion and looking around. “What are you- where’s Dea-?”

“Didn’t I just say those angels got him?” Bobby groused turning a gimlet eye on her.

“But he was-. When? How? Why?” she fired off looking for some place to go as she started to walk only to halt because there was nowhere to go.

“Girl… look, I’m- I don’t know. I’m just trying to see what I can find so we can get a general idea of where he’s at.” Bobby replied tossing another book aside. “Get him back or…”

“Great. I’ll be right back.” Rhomy turned on her heel and headed to the back porch. As soon as the door slammed shut behind her and she stepped onto the gravel she screamed at the top of her lungs for Tamryn.

Bobby hung his head and sighed. He could feel a head ache coming on and dropped into the old chair.

The doors were in need of some TLC. Time and the weather had taken a toll on the old wood but the indentation was still visible. Lilith pulled the rosary from her neck and reverently placed the cross into its lock. For a moment nothing happened and she frowned. She would’ve torn the demons around her to shreds if the wood around the cross hadn’t started to bleed when it did. Blood seeped into the woven cross, bathing the clears stones. The ground trembled, just enough and then it rumbled, deep and groaning as though the world would break apart to release Lucifer.

“Abra cadabra.” Lilith murmured and smiled very pleased with herself.

She was hoarse from all the yelling and still she kept trying.

“Pray, you're not alone.”

But she was too angry to call on HIM for help, to ask HIM to send her an angel.

“Pride is mans downfall.”

Her own words taunted her and Rhomy drew in a ragged breath. She didn’t want to do it but nothing else had worked, not the spells Bobby had tried, not the people he’d called trying to figure out what the hell was going on and why the angels had taken Dean- if it even had been the angels.

Rhomy sat on the steps, head hanging and drew in another breath. “Father… forgive my anger. I need help, please…I’m asking…”

She felt the rush of air and heard the flap of wings even before she’d finished. Swiping at the inky locks blown into her eyes Rhomy got to her feet.

“Bobby!” she yelled staring at Tamryn. The angel’s glow dimmed, her copper eyes darkening.

“Where’s Dean?”

Tamryn was silent, her stare inscrutable as the back door opened and Bobby paused in the threshold before coming outside.

“You are not the same.” Tamryn stated and her tone was slightly remorseful. Rhomy felt ashamed but stamped the feeling down and focused on her anger.

“You're not exactly the way I expected so I guess we’re even.” She snapped. “Now where is he? Why did you take him?”

“It was not I.” Tamryn corrected and her patient tone was getting on Rhomy’s last nerve.

“Just tell us where the boy is.” Bobby intervened seeing Rhomy start up the steps. She was angry, that was easy to see and people tended to do stupid things when they were pissed off.

“That is not why I have come.”

“There’s a lot that shouldn’t but is.” Rhomy snapped. “You're here now so st-.”

“Where is Dean?” Bobby tried again and was startled by the glow in the copper eyes that changed until they were more a deep gold color.


Where?!” Rhomy demanded drawing the disconcerting eyes to her again. Tamryn said nothing and after a long pause Rhomy backed off. She knew exactly what had to be done and it galled her to do it.

‘Its for him, I’ll do it for him.’

“I know what I did. I know why I failed in my duty… Please, help me make this right. There’s- I can still be useful, give me a chance to make this right. Please, Tamryn… let me try…”

They owed her that much, an opportunity to change the outcome, to repair the damage she’d caused for her stubborn pride and in her anger.

“Whoa-.” Bobby strode towards the angel as she raised her hand and touched her finger to Rhomy’s forehead. “Dammit!” he scowled as both disappeared.

Rhomy blinked trying to get her eyes used to the darkness, grateful there was a moon. She looked around and found herself alone in the middle of an overgrown lawn.


Rhomy jumped, startled by Tamryn’s sudden appearance.

“Where are we?” she questioned following the angels line of sight to an old building. It was easy to see the grace in the architecture which reminded Rhomy of a church.

“St. Mary’s Convent.” Tamryn answered. “You are in Illchester, Maryland. This is where Lucifer will rise.”

“Here? Inside the convent?” Rhomy was shocked to say the least and glanced over her shoulder- the angel was gone. “In a convent…”

‘You're wasting time, move it.’

Rhomy made her way through the overgrown weeds and rounded the building looking for an entrance. She passed some windows- not so high she couldn’t reach them if she used the statues lined along the wall…

“Front door. Great.” Rhomy breathed in relief. She ran up the stairs to the closed doors glancing behind her uncomfortably. If Lucifer was going to rise why weren’t there more demons around?

She stopped at the doors and gasped, surprised and tentatively raised her fingers to the cross on the left door.

“Broken.” She mumbled feeling the familiar weave of the cross. She dug it out, frantic even though the damage was done. The seal was broken; the key was useless now and then it was in her hand, the broken chain swinging like a pendulum while she dully stared at the bloody stones.

Rhomy wiped at one but the color remained a bright red…

“Sam! Sam!” but the door shut in his face and he pounded on it uselessly. Dean looked around frantic to find something-anything that would help him get through the heavy wooden door and grabbed at the broken statue in the hallway. He kept yelling, trying to get Sam to hear him, to warn him about the last seal…

“Open!” Rhomy yelled banging on the door but it wasn’t budging. Frustrated she stepped back and kicked it and winced. “Krap! Stupid door… ow.”

‘Get to a window, genius.’

Hobbling quickly down the steps she went around to the side grabbing a couple of rocks as she went. The windows were all those fancy colored glass and she felt badly about breaking one. The first stone sailed through leaving a hole where one of the colored pieces had been but the window remained intact.

“Round 2. Come on, break.” Rhomy muttered tossing the second stone, this time half of it came crashing down. All the noise made her wince but no one came to see what the commotion was about. Counting herself lucky, Rhomy ran towards the broken statue and used it as a step to jump and grab onto the window sill. The glass cut through the soft flesh of her palms but she pulled herself up and onto the sill holding back the pained cry. A few cuts weren’t important, not when the devil was on the verge of being set free…

Her feet touched on the dirty floor, her chucks silent as she hurried down the hall towards the fading sounds of banging. She was hesitant but hurried around the corner and stared down the hall at the open doors.

“Dean?” she called softly and slowly made her way towards the end. There were voices coming from the other room, too low for her to know what was being said but they sounded familiar. “Please, be them.” Rhomy muttered moving towards the wall and increasing her pace. She could see light and it was getting brighter, too bright for it to be normal… “Dean!” she ran towards the door, towards the flash of blinding light-

“Ooph!” Rhomy hit the wooden planks on her back side, blinking to get her eyes accustomed to the dark. “What- where…?” she looked around, hearing the creak of the wood and feeling the swaying of – ‘Train? I’m in a train…?’

Rhomy got up, and lurched towards the walls. They were just boards and the cracks let in a little bit of light until she found the door. She yanked on it hard and got it to screech partly open. Moonlight poured into the cargo box – it was empty. Rhomy looked out, at the passing trees and shrubs and the line of roofs she could make out in the distance. Her eyes followed the spire of light shooting into the sky, like some laser…

“No. Please, no…” Rhomy begged in a whisper but she felt certain nothing had stopped Sam… No one. She couldn’t believe it was over, she’d truly failed in her duty, disobeyed God and broke the promise she’d made… All because she’d been angry, hurt-

“Forgive me Father….” Her whisper was choked with fresh tears as she slid to her knees. She dropped to the planks, staring at the moon and the light watching a plane come into sight and then pass across the moon.

"There is a place that you are to fill…”

Yes, Rhomy realized that and she accepted it. Anger had no place in the world she had helped condemn, she’d practically let the devil out of his cage and he’d walk the earth freely.

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