Soldier Of God

Guardian Angel

My covenant was with him, a covenant of life and peace

Sam took the lead; his long legs came in handy when it was time to run away from the demons. What didn’t help was the little brunette who decided to turn down a side street in the opposite direction from where he was leading them. Of course, he was trying to get back to the Impala, the same as Dean but his brother followed her…

Sam caught up to them, glaring at Dean-.

“Angelus ab Deus.” Rhomy gasped out of breath. She bowed her head still breathing hard while Sam stared in surprise.

“Ange- what?” Dean echoed looking from her to Castiel, standing very calm in the middle of a side street.

“Angel of God.” Sam answered sotto voice. Dean could care less; he knew as well as Sam what she said, Dean was more interested in why she said it. More importantly what was Castiel doing there and how had the woman known him for what he was?

Limping, she moved to stand in front of Castiel, her dark hazel eyes looking straight into the angel’s, her breath streaming past slightly parted lips. Again, Dean winced at the high pitched sound, green eyes glaring at Cas. It didn’t last long and then Castiel turned to the brothers while Rhomy set about her work.

“What are you doing?” Sam asked watching her take a plastic bottle from her satchel and start squirting the asphalt. She seemed not to notice the slowly oozing blood from her hairline nor the limp in her walk.

“Watch your feet.” Rhomy put up her arm stopping Sam before he walked into the trap as he followed her. Turning, she looked past him towards Castiel, ignoring Dean as well though her eyes flicked towards him anyway. It was difficult not to look at the blond…

“We’ll stay here.” Castiel rasped in his low voice.

“We?”Dean glared at Castiel, his green eyes flicked to the brunette limping to the angel’s side wondering why it was the woman was so calm. How the hell had she known what Cas was and why did he have the niggling suspicion she could hear Castiel’s true voice?

Castiel said nothing.

“There are demons and thanks to you, police are also after us.” Dean accused glaring at the brunette.

“I told you not to shoot.” Rhomy reminded him in a gentle tone. It unsettled Dean, who’d been slowly letting his anger boil. He was angry, the angel knew that and somehow the woman had picked up on it. Her tone- Dean suspected she was trying to appease him. That should’ve pissed him off.

“Don’t kill them, they’re innocent people.” She said though her eyes were soft and almost pleaded with him to listen.

“They’re possessed.” Dean snapped not at all happy to find himself in this situation.

“They are still human.” Rhomy replied. Her brow furrowed but she turned to stand in front of Castiel again. She bowed her head, hands pressed together as though she were praying. Sam and Dean watched as Castiel touched her forehead with his palm.

“What are you doing?” Sam questioned, rather curious about the whole thing. He was still a little in awe of the angel and seeing this strange woman so sure around him… Sam had questions.

The glow that lit up the angels hand answered the question. The blood at her hairline was all that was left of the damage caused by the demon that tossed her into the patio tables. He assumed whatever pain had made her limp would also be gone-

“How did she know?” Dean demanded taking a few steps closer to the pair. “She knew you on sight. How?” He didn’t like being ignored; hell, he didn’t like any of it. Still, Castiel turned towards Dean, his blue eyes slightly narrowed- a sign the angel was growing annoyed. Dean was past giving a shit; send him back to the pit- That’s what Cas had threatened him with before.

“Dean.” Sam took a hesitant step towards his brother, eyeing the angel warily but Castiel didn’t respond. Beside the angel, the brunette stayed quiet, not volunteering any information either though her eyes avoided Dean’s. She couldn’t hold his angry gaze, the accusations she could see there-.

‘It isn’t time.’

But that didn’t help her at all. She jerked around as she felt that tickle at the back of her neck, her eyes scanning the end of the side street. It led behind the main buildings lining both sides. Apartments most likely. The brother’s noticed Castiel’s stance shift, his eyes locked onto the open street the three had come from.

“We stand here.” Castiel repeated. At his side, Rhomy shifted the satchel until it was resting on her back. She could feel them approaching, smell them…

“We- what am I supposed to do?” Dean questioned glaring at them. His gun wasn’t of any use- all he had on him was a flask of holy water. That was it.

“Not kill them.” Rhomy replied with a note of urgency in her voice.

“They’re demons.” Dean retorted with a frown. He was uncomfortable with how comfortable she was standing next to Castiel. She knew what Cas was and wasn’t surprised or frightened. Dean still questioned why that was and it would bug the hell out of him until he found out.

“They are innocent and I can help.” Rhomy assured. She sounded confident, looked it too but it was that inability to hold his gaze that had him wondering if she weren’t just pretending.

Sam was hopeful, full of questions but hopeful none the less because if this woman could help the possessed then Dean would have to listen to him, about Ruby and his abilities. But Dean was ever the skeptic. They didn’t have time to argue further as the demons entered the side street.

“Just one angel.” The demon taunted eyeing the four standing on the black top.

“He’s not alone.” Rhomy assured moving to face the demon. Behind them another group of demons approached which Sam and Dean moved to face.

Dean spared Sam a glance, hoping for … he wasn’t sure anymore. He just wanted things to stay the same if getting better wasn’t in the cards for them.

‘Just as long as it doesn’t get any worse.’

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