Soldier Of God


The bolts of your gates will be iron and bronze and your strength will equal your days…

They couldn’t stop it.

The Devil won.

He broke free and got to walk the earth.

People died…

Whole families, gone.

Friends, women, children… Those were the hardest losses to accept. The children.

GOD was gone.

HE wasn’t listening, hadn’t been for a long while now or he just ignored their cries, the children they couldn’t save…

Camp Chitaqua was a haven, 1 of 100. It was all the Hunters could set up before the outbreak, even with the resources expended by the family.

So many of them dead…outnumbered and still, everyone soldiered on.

What choice did they have?

But at least they were self sufficient, as much as they could be. They grew their own vegetables, had a couple fruit trees, some goats, chickens… All-or pretty much all- the basics. There was enough ammunition to supply a small army and more stashed in pits around the camp. They had a good perimeter set up and target practice was held anytime the Croats came up too close. 24/7 patrols and guards… It was the best they could do with what they had.

Two of the cabins had been converted into hospitals with all the equipment necessary to perform surgery if needed. They were fully stocked on supplies as well, most of the money had been spent there and not just for Camp Chitaqua. Hollie, she’d turned out to be a good nurse, sort of a ‘calling’ but she hadn’t had a chance to start a residency before everything had gone to hell. Still, one doctor and half of one were better than none.

Dean wished he could do more. He wished there had been a third option.

Sighing heavily he looked away from the setting sun burning the sky a deep red-orange on the trees to the woman walking at his side. Not much had changed her over the years and yet she wasn’t exactly the same. For one, she hardly ever spoke of her faith, if at all. Dean still wasn’t sure how that made him feel, especially when it had annoyed the holy krap out of him before. But now… he sort of missed that there weren’t any verses falling off her lips, well only when she meditated. Her smiles were few, reserved for him and the few people she loved. She offered words of comfort to those who needed them, an ear for those who needed someone to listen… She stubbornly refused to let Castiel give up, constantly reminding him of who he was; an angel of the Lord. She wasn’t about to let him wallow in misery or let the angel become the man in the future Dean had seen.

Dean stopped in the middle of the path, his back to the cabin and held her in place. Her hazel eyes looked at him, questioning but never afraid, even with the world they lived in.

“You ever wish I’d said ‘yes’ to Michael?”

The question was always there, phrased differently each time but still there. Dean had doubts about his choice, of the world he helped turn into a horror movie. She’d told him to say ‘No’, screamed it while she was in pain but it had always been his choice to make.

Just like Sam.

“Do you still think I was right?”

The dusk made it harder to see her features but Dean didn’t miss the soft smile gracing her full lips.

“Not a day goes by, that I don’t thank God for you, Dean.” She tugged on his jacket, rising on her toes. “No regrets.” Her voice was soft and he knew she was telling the truth. “Not one single thing.”

Dean nodded, he could let it go…for now.

She knew it was guilt, why he always asked her the same question and she knew he was thinking of the others.

“I love you, Dean.” She saw the sad smile … “I can’t imagine a life without you.”

Dean had no doubt she meant it. He knew Rhomy never lied to him and he loved her for that, for being one of the very few people he’s never been afraid to trust. Sometimes all Dean needed was Rhomy’s reminder that all of this, the hell they were living, wasn’t his fault, that he’d been used… It still didn’t change anything, didn’t make the world a better place. Still…Rhomy believed it.

Dean wrapped his arms around her waist easily lifting her off her feet. He was still amazed by the fit of her, as though she’d been made exactly for him. He kissed her, soft lips parting and the scent of her cherry blossom shampoo enveloped them.

“You're the only good thing God ever gave me.”

Rhomy stilled in his arms, her hazel eyes bright as she looked at Dean and felt the strength of emotions in the whispered words. He meant it, because for all the krap he’d gone through, the things he saw and did…Rhomy was all the things Dean thought could never be his.

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