Soldier Of God

The Park

Many are the sorrows of the wicked, but steadfast love surrounds the one who trusts in the Lord.

Castiel stood with Rhomy away from Sam and Dean. They were too far and the Winchesters couldn’t hear what was said. It didn’t keep Dean from staring at them, trying to figure out what they were talking about. He concentrated on their lips but it was difficult to make out any words from the angel. Rhomy was different, he understood a few words but it still didn’t make a conversation. What Dean noticed was a puffy bruise on her cheek- slightly pink against the sun-kissed tone of her skin. The clouds shifted and streams of sunlight shone down on them, glints of blue highlighted her hair which grew long, reaching to her waist. His eyes took in the dark red flannel vest, the hood obscured by her hair. The black turtle neck was dirty and torn, the hood seemed to bother her because she reached back to yank on it. With a nod she turned from Castiel and reached into her jean pocket.

Dean followed her every move, curiosity burning through his being. How did she know what Castiel was? How had she done- how?

In the last three hours, nothing she’d done made sense. She ran from demons instead of handing over that bag. She could hear an angels true voice. She was more than able to defend herself from physical attacks. But…what the hell were Sam and Dean supposed to think of- of…that. What the hell was it?

So they hadn’t killed any of them, the possessed people trying to kill them because she’d asked and Cas was doing his angel thing with the hand on their foreheads. That left Sam, Dean and her with the task of exorcising them which wasn’t so difficult once they got caught in the traps she’d laid out with that oil…

She could draw a Devil’sTrap.

It left Dean to wonder what else she knew about being a Hunter, like was she a Hunter?

Neither man could deny what happened. That most of those people lying on the ground and bleeding had been seriously hurt before they’d ever come across the Winchesters and though Cas laid a healing hand on most of them they’d seen her do the same to a couple, as well.

So what was she?

Another fallen angel?

Why hadn't Ana done the same?

Dean wanted answers and there were plenty of questions to ask. Of both? Who was likely to answer them?

Rhomy turned her back to them, a thumb hooking into the back pocket of her black jeans as she thumbed through her cell. Dean frowned, head slightly tilted. On first impression the girl looked the type to find trouble. She dressed the rebel, the black boots she’d tucked her jeans into, yeah he was pretty sure they were steel toe. The leather belt wasn’t there because she needed it, just another accessory, it looked innocent enough but he could pick out where she’d likely hidden a knife.

The same one she’d used before?

Castiel walked to the brothers’ side, his eyes on Dean. He didn’t know what else was coming, no revelations from above, he didn’t know the plan anymore. Castiel did know this young woman’s purpose. It wasn’t difficult to interpret the expression on the Hunters face. Curiosity mixed with distrust but there was also interest there. Dean was smart, and what Castiel would tell him next…

“What is she?” Sam moved to intercept the angel.

“She’s your responsibility.” The words rasped out, soft and full of authority. There was no choice, no room to refuse and Castiel ignored the BoyKing, walking past him. “Protect her.”

“What?” Sam’s hazel eyes locked on the slim figure slowly pacing back and forth on the grass a few yards away. “Why?”

Dean’s first reaction was to say ‘No’ but after the last ‘conversation’ with the angel he thought it best to at least give the impression of considering the ‘request’ and he did need to get as much information from the angel before refusing. He didn’t feel like second guessing a ‘call’ from Bobby in the future- or anyone else for that matter. The angel still believed he was going to save them, Dean… that he would stop the apocalypse-

“The demons will come for her again.” Castiel answered. His disconcerting gaze stayed on Dean. It made him feel as though the angel could see him, what he was thinking, feeling-

“Why were they after her in the first place?” Sam asked, he glanced at her again, wondering- seeing what she’d done-the way the people had gotten up when they shouldn’t have been able to in the first place. “What is she?”

Dean had the same question. No one could tell him he hadn’t seen what the girl- the woman- what the woman had done in that street, how she’d… ‘helped’ those people.

“You don’t want her dead.” Dean stated. His green eyes darkened, wondering- wishing this one wasn’t like the one before. “She’s not one of yours then. A fallen angel…” He’d thought she might be, when he saw her do-. People just couldn’t do that. People just didn’t and if Castiel wanted her safe then it wasn’t black magic either.

“No.” Castiel said. “She’s not.” He looked over his shoulder at the young woman whose turn it was to carry the family’s burden. “Rhomilly is a faithful servant of God.” Castiel turned to Dean, the incredulous raised eyebrow not at all unexpected. “Her family have all served in some way. They are blessed with spiritual gifts and now is her time. The demons are a threat to Rhomy. You're the one who can protect her.”

Castiel watched Dean try and hide the expression on his face but his uncertainty and confusion were there in his eyes. Everything he’d done, trying to stop the seals from being broken… what Dean couldn’t understand, what he didn’t accept is that the failure was theirs, the angels. Dean was just a man and man was not perfect. They fell into temptation, they sinned, they felt-, angels… angels were perfect.

“You will keep her safe.”

Dean felt his mouth go dry; he felt the weight of responsibility press on him again. This time it was different because it wasn’t his Father telling him to look out for Sam. This was an Angel of God. And it was HIM telling Dean to protect this woman, a complete stranger. A ‘servant of God’.

He wanted to say ‘No’, wanted to forget all about the coming apocalypse, bury his head in the sand and forget the world as he knew it, would end when all the seals were broken.

‘Because of me.’

Because he hadn’t been strong enough.

All this time they’d been running around, going after demons, trying to keep the seals from breaking and for what? What did it matter if he saved Tessa and kept one seal closed?

One seal.

That was all it took to get everything started and it was his fault.

Sam watched his brother just stand mute as the angel delivered his message. Castiel took Dean’s silence as answer. He walked past them; nothing he could say would lift the guilt Dean was feeling.

“Wait!” Sam called; he followed Castiel frowning at his brother.

Dean ignored them, he didn’t care- no, he did care, too much and it pained him, felt like someone had gutted him-


Torturing him… he hadn’t wanted to do it, because none of this would be happening if he’d been stronger, if he’d been half the man his Father had raised him to be.

They were turning on each other, angels killing angels because they didn’t believe anymore. Dean didn’t believe them either, he didn’t trust them anymore, he’d wanted to believe even he could be forgiven. For the torture of those souls, for the enjoyment he’d started to feel-he wanted to believe those terrible things… wasn’t HE known for that? For being all knowing, forgiving and loving? So why couldn’t Dean let himself believe…?

‘Because I don’t deserve it.’

She closed her cell, hazel eyes staring at the children playing without really seeing them. She’d known it would happen, HE’d been telling her as much the past four weeks.

‘It’s really my time.’

It was, and now wasn’t the time for doubts. She had to believe it would all work out, trust that HE knew she was ready for this. Let HIM guide her… She’d been asking to better serve HIM, to do more.

‘I got it.’

And so much more than she’d expected.

He stood beside her, silent and yet alert, aware of their surroundings. She could see it, his eyes never stopped looking-. His shadow was longer than hers, it shifted and still not a word. Rhomy had no clue as to what was going through his head. Did he know? Was he aware of why-. He probably didn’t even know her name. He definitely had no idea their lives were forever changed because of today.

She had to go with him.

With Dean…

The demons knew, they’d hunt her, they wouldn’t stop.

‘’He’ll protect me.’

Rhomy had faith. She would trust them both.

“I need to go home.” Rhomy turned to Dean, her voice soft- different from before.

‘She was chased by demons.’ Dean thought, how exactly was she supposed to sound?

Dean nodded, his eyes glued to the playground and the kids crawling all over the place. Rhomy looked at the children, wondering what he was thinking. Had he ever been a child? Did he get the chance to play, laugh with the innocence those children laughed? She hoped so, wanted the silent, suffering man at her side to at least have something that innocent to remember.

‘Things will get worse.’

She knew it, had been ‘told’, in a way to expect…. Dean would be her protector, and Rhomy would be his strength.

It was meant.

Rhomy placed her hand on his forearm. His green eyes focused on her face, wary. She smiled, just a quirk of her lips but he only stared, this time she didn’t drop her gaze. He wouldn’t trust her easily; it would take time, Rhomy worried they wouldn’t have that, not enough.

Dean wanted to walk away, forget what Castiel had said and just go. He didn’t want the responsibility, didn’t want to screw up something else.

‘You didn’t know.’

That was no excuse. His weakness, he broke, he gave in, it was him

“Protect her.”

He’d broken the first seal, now they wanted him to keep this woman safe?

Dean looked at her, at how small she was. He would never have believed She’d outrun the demons. Right now, Dean wished it was all a dream- a nightmare. He wished someone would wake him up, that he’d open his eyes and be four years old again…

“It’s not far.” She said, as though that might be his reason for staying silent. But it wouldn’t matter; Castiel had placed her in his care-

Dean could feel she was already placing her trust in him. She looked at him, not how he expected, waiting, wondering if he’d turn into a psycho killer. Whatever she and Castiel had talked about… was that enough for her blind faith? For the simple way she was turning to him for… for what?

Dean nodded once more; he turned to where Sam stood alone, glaring at the trees. There was something she was hiding, something she wasn’t saying and that usually meant it was important.

Rhomy followed, she could see Dean wouldn’t make it easy. He wouldn’t understand why she believed, why anyone would want to be in her place. Dean had every right to be suspicious of her, of what the angel had told him. But he wouldn’t desert her. Castiel assured her and Rhomy knew…

No, Dean wouldn’t like it but he wasn’t going to ditch her either.

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