Soldier Of God

What We Are

For HE will command HIS angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.

He stared at the road in silence, every so often he’d glance in the rearview mirror, at her and back at the road when he couldn’t see past the dark aviators. She hadn’t said much but it was still early and they’d only just left the city. He’d been surprised to see she’d packed a duffle, which her brother had silently carried down to the Impala. She’d pulled another case along; medium sized which Dean assumed contained all the things a woman needed to have. As if that hadn’t been bad enough, she’d brought along a small blanket and pillow.

‘Does she think we’re going on vacation?’ Dean grumbled to himself. There was a permanent scowl on his face, he just knew it. But what really bothered him was that they just let her go. All four of them. Her brother – he just let her walk out and they all knew why.

She told them.

She told them about the demons and how they all met. She told them about Castiel…Castiel- no protest. Not one of them tried to change her mind. And it pissed him off.

“She’s your responsibility.”

‘Mine.’ Dean thought. ‘My responsibility.’

He resented that. Why him? Why were they making him responsible for someone else? Hadn’t they seen what a bang-up job he’d done with Sam?

Dean glanced over at his little brother. Sam… he was running around with Ruby, he was doing it behind his back thinking nobody knew-. Dean clenched his jaw feeling that same helplessness again and it made him angrier because no matter what he did it just wasn’t good enough. Nothing had changed, not a damn thing…

He hated being lied to, hated his little brother was trying to make a fool of him- his own brother! What was the point? Why make the deal-sell his soul- if Sam was just going to turn evil anyway? If he was going to use those demon powers Azazel had given him- and didn’t Sam care that their Mom had died because of it? Didn’t he see how that- it was just wrong! She died trying to stop the demon- to save Sam…

Dean gave up his soul for him….

People always died around them… for Sam… because of him?

“What’s the plan?” Sam asked turning to his brother. They’d been driving in silence for the better part of the morning and he was done waiting for Dean to ask her about the key.

“Bobby’s?” Dean replied with a shrug. Though he said it as a question he knew that was the best place for her even though he really didn’t want to leave her behind and that was weird. He didn’t want to admit it and he definitely wouldn’t say it out loud but… she was… uncomplicated and that made no sense. It didn’t change the fact he could talk to her and it wasn’t uncomfortable…

“It’s the safest place.” Sam agreed thinking of the safe room Bobby had downstairs. If anything happened, she’d be alright in there; they wouldn’t be able to get to her. “What about the key?” He asked turning in his seat to look at her.

Rhomy sat back and crossed her arms, eyes obscured by the aviators she wore but her attention was on Sam.

“What about it?” She asked softly but her tone was not warm and they noticed.

Dean shifted, looked over his shoulder and then decided it was better to just drive. For some reason he felt as though telling Sam about the key hadn’t been his best idea.

“Look,” Sam began and didn’t bother hiding his annoyance. “You're only making it harder for us to protect you by n-.”

“Let’s get one thing straight.” Rhomy cut in. “You are not protecting me.”

Sam blinked.

“That task was given to Dean and him alone. In regards to the key, that’s none of your business.” Rhomy turned to Dean, her small hand slapping down on his shoulder. “As for you, don’t expect me to be sharing anything else if this is what’s going to happen.”

“What?” Dean looked into the rearview mirror. She really hadn’t liked that he’d told Sam but then Dean’d had that nagging feeling, like he was saying too much the second he opened his mouth and spilled the beans on the reason she was hunted by demons.

Rhomy blamed herself. She knew telling him about the key was a bad idea but she’d done it anyway. Only no one was supposed to know about the key. None of her cousins knew it existed and they’d heard the stories, the family history. The key had been in possession of each ‘soldier’ and the only other person who knew it existed was their chosen partner. It had always worked that way, it was safest for everyone.

‘Oh boy did I mess up.’ Rhomy thought more than a little annoyed with Dean but she had no one to blame but herself.

“Hey,” Dean protested. “We don’t keep secrets-.”

The hesitation and look shared between the brothers was not lost on Rhomy. Neither one could hold the others eyes for long.

“Don’t lie.” Rhomy warned frowning at them.

“If we know what they want maybe we can use it against them. Maybe- maybe get the Colt, get to Lilith.” Sam finished, his eyes going from Rhomy to Dean.

“Would you stop with that already?” Dean snapped. He was tired of going through the same shit over and over and it was like nothing he said was sinking into Sam’s brain. “We are not going after that bitch.”

“No, you don’t want me to go after her.” Sam retorted. “You know, I don’t get you, Dean. You should want to go after her- she sent you to hell!”

“She what?” Rhomy asked. They looked at her, remembering she was in the back seat. Dean’s jaw was clenched so tight she thought he might break it and Sam couldn’t look at him. “Dean.”

He couldn’t. He didn’t want to talk about it and he sure as hell didn’t want Rhomy to know anything about the past year or what he’d done.

“Shut up, Sam.” He snarled in warning but Sam decided to ignore it and changed the subject.

“What about the Colt?”

“What about it? Its gone, who the hell knows where they’ve got it or if it even exists anymore.” Dean could feel her eyes on him.

“We don’t know that, Dean. All I’m saying is, maybe, when we get to Bobby’s…” Sam cast a glance into the back seat at Rhomy who was sitting quietly with her arms crossed.

“What?” Dean asked as the silence lengthened. He glanced at Sam then at Rhomy but he couldn’t look at her for long. They hadn’t answered her question and she’d get to it sooner or later.

“Maybe he’d know something. About the key and what it’s for.” Sam finished.

“I know what it’s for.” Rhomy told them.

“You do?” Dean asked half turning around. “Of course you do.” He answered himself with a tired sigh. She was supposed to keep it safe, why wouldn’t she know what it was for?

“What?” Sam asked ignoring Dean and the hand he wiped over his face.

“None of your business.” Rhomy replied.

“Sam.” Dean warned.

“She’s got demons chasing her because of it and she’s not telling us anything that will help her! What are we supposed to do, Dean?” Sam demanded.

“We’ll figure it out at Bobby’s.” Dean said and looked into the rearview mirror. “You’ll be safe there.” He assured.

“You're not leaving me behind.” Rhomy said.

“Why not?” Sam asked. “Or is that none of my business as well?”

“Sam.” Dean warned adding a glare.

“That’s not what he said to you, Dean.” Rhomy didn’t look away from him, ignoring Sam.

“We’re trying to save the last seal’s, Rhomy. That means demons-.”

“My place is here.” She cut in, stubbornly.

“You can’t stay here, damn it!” Dean exclaimed. “You're not safe…”

“He said you wouldn’t leave me.”

“Who? Castiel?” Sam asked frowning but she wouldn’t talk to him. “They’ll go after your family.” He said, trying a different approach.

“They can take care of themselves.” She answered. They’d done it before, with each ‘soldier’ since Jahna…

“Against demons?” Dean questioned. “Praying’s not all that effective.” He scoffed.

“We know what to do. It wouldn’t be the first time demons came up against us and as long as we still have the key it won’t be the last.” She assured him but didn’t offer any explanations.

Dean glared at her because she was just too damn calm about the whole situation. He didn’t like it and he couldn’t deny she was ignorant of the basics of hunting. She could do an exorcism- he’d seen… he saw her do…

“Who are you people?” He wondered incredulously.

“People with faith.” Was her simple answer.

He watched from a distance. It had been a week since the three had taken to the road. So far nothing out of the ordinary had occurred. He could see she was doing well with them. Her quiet confidence did much to alleviate whatever concerns they might have had in taking her along. Her knowledge of Hunting grew with each passing day in their care. All in all, Dean was doing well with the task he’d set for him. There was a sense of ease with Dean and the angel was sure it was due to her. She was sent to help him, to ease the torment in his mind for the suffering he’d endure in hell. Her purpose was two-fold, to protect the seal and to strengthen their savior.

Satisfied with what he saw, Castiel turned his eyes to heaven.

They continued down the street, towards the library. He’d avoided being alone with her which hadn’t been that difficult to do considering Sam was always around. There wasn’t anywhere for him to go- unless they tied him to the roof of the Impala and she doubted Dean would like that. He was very particular about his ‘baby’. A small smile ghosted her lips which he noticed but he quickly shifted his gaze from her.

“Eventually,” Rhomy said in that quiet tone of hers he’d come to recognize as her ‘I’m going to wait until you're ready’ voice. “We’ll talk about it. You know that.” She turned to him, her eyes searching his face but Dean wouldn’t look at her. She sighed and on impulse slipped her hand in his. “So, I’m thinking you broke a lot of hearts in high school.”

Dean stiffened just a bit. He looked down at their hands, her small one in his and it felt… comfortable.

“Hmm?” Dean frowned, green eyes shifting to her face and the smile on her lips.

“High school.” She said. “Heart breaker.”

“Oh.” Dean blinked and thought about it. “Uh, yeah. I was…” he certainly had been but did he want her to know that? And why did he care if she did?

“I won’t think any less of you, Dean.” She assured with a gentle nudge of her shoulder against him. “You moved around a lot?”

Dean let out a breath and stared ahead, at the people walking down the street or passing by and thought. He honestly couldn’t say how many schools he’d been to or how many times they’d travelled the whole of the United States since he was four years old. The longest he’d ever been in one place- hell.

“You’ll get premature wrinkles.” Rhomy warned softly. She touched her fingertips to his face but only reached his cheek. She wished again she’d been blessed with a few extra inches and envied Sloane’s longer legs.

“What about you?” Dean asked clearing his throat and ignoring the way she made him feel which he couldn’t figure out.

“Oh no.” Rhomy shook her head. “You don’t get anything from me because you’ll only go and share it.”

“Why is that a problem?” Dean demanded frowning down at her.

“There are things best kept between us. And what I told you in my kitchen was one of those.” She answered, her hazel eyes lightened under the sun, showing tiny flecks of gold around the iris.

“Sam…he’s my brother…” he murmured. He stared at her, the way the sun played with the highlights in her hair, the gentleness he saw in her eyes and the soft smile hidden on her lips… She was- he couldn’t find another word other than peaceful to describe how he felt around her.

“I know.” She nodded and kept walking. “That’s why I’m not sharing with you anymore. You don’t have to keep…things, from him.”

Dean heard it, the word she didn’t say. Secrets. Because Sam was keeping plenty and Dean hadn’t called him out on any of them. He frowned, stared at the street not seeing it as he thought about Sam and what he’d seen him do.

“You know it’s wrong.” She said at his side when they continued walking in silence.

“Yeah.” He agreed.

“It’s not your fault and it’s not up to you.” She said. “What he chooses to do. Everyone has a choice, Dean. We make our own misery.”

He was grateful she didn’t follow it up with a scripture quote but then she didn’t often speak of her faith. He looked at her again. Was it because of him? Because she knew he didn’t want to hear it? Because he couldn’t believe like she did?

“Hey," Rhomy pointed drawing his attention to the brick front building. "The library."

The building was modern, all steel and glass. All the old books and files had been moved into their new shelves from the old library building across town. It just hadn’t been able to accommodate all the new items coming in and the city decided it was time for a change. From outside the only reason Dean and Rhomy knew it was a library was from its sign bordered with pink daffodils.

Rhomy didn’t like the interior which was gray and cold; not at all how a library should look or feel. Instead of the comfortable arm chairs you could sit in to read there were metal benches and the warm wood tables had been replaced by glass and steel cages with keypads instead of door knobs. She noticed as well the little black bubbles on the ceiling and corners; security cameras.

“So what do we have?” Dean asked coming up behind Sam’s chair. The metal table was littered with open books and papers which Sam cleared to make room for Rhomy’s laptop.

“Where do I start?” His brother muttered.

“Who’s our bad ghost?” Dean sat across from him, the laptop between the brothers while Rhomy plugged in her power cord. The table was set up with a lamp in the center and the base offered every connection you could possibly need. As her screen lit she noticed the book Dean picked up.

“Missions?” He asked Sam with just a hint of annoyance.

“There used to be one here.” Sam replied almost absently. He clicked on his keyboard and leaned towards his screen while Rhomy was still connecting to the net. She hadn’t been sure how to help them but surfing the net was something they didn’t have to teach her. They’d already explained about poltergeist, vampires (which she wasn’t sure about believing because…) and werewolves (a second movie legend she wasn’t sure could be real but…) and had just started explaining about ghosts and how to get rid of one.

“What’s that have to do with our ghost?” Dean frowned because anything other than that should be done on Sam’s own time. After they were done with the job at hand. Rhomy reached over and took the book, drawing Dean’s attention for a second before he went back to glowering at his little brother who was engrossed in whatever he’d found on the net. “So…?”

“Who were the missionaries?” Rhomy asked glancing up and catching Dean move the screen to get Sam’s attention. She’d noticed they bickered a lot, which she didn’t like but it was normal sibling behavior. Then again, they did spend a lot of time together…

“Uh, the Jesuits.” Sam answered with a frown at Dean. Rhomy closed the book, setting it down looking at him with interest. “The mission was built in 1682, then I found this.” He turned his lap top around so they could see what Sam had found so engrossing. “The mission was torn down- it was supposedly damaged and not worth restoring. Some wealthy baron built his estate over it, the Brydon Estate.” Here Sam clicked on the keyboard and brought another screen to the front. “I found this in the most recent newspaper archives. The last Brydon died leaving the estate to a charity organization.”

“They re-name it and turn it into…”

“The Elsner Recovery Home.” Sam finished nodding as Dean got why he’d been researching the mission.

“The mission would’ve been abandoned in the early 1700’s…”

The brother’s turned to Rhomy who, realizing she’d been talking to herself out loud again felt her face grow hot. She looked from one to the other and started talking before she could stop herself.

“The Jesuits began establishing Missions in North America during the 17th century. ‘The Conquest of Souls’ is what they called it. They settled in Wisconsin, along the Mississippi River, Louisiana, Illinois… but they really didn’t have a strong hold until 1634. That’s when they established the Huron Mission, only it was destroyed in 1648 and again in ‘49.” Rhomy hesitated seeing the expressions on their faces.

“Why...” Sam waited, looking interested.

“The Iroquois didn’t like it.” She answered in a quieter voice.

“Wait.” Dean shook his head trying to make sense of what they were talking about now. “Indians?”

“That’s why there were missionaries sent to the Americas.” Sam answered looking at his brother as though that were obvious.

“I know that.” Dean snapped, he hated the uppity tone in his little brother’s voice. Just because he hadn’t gone to college didn’t mean he was an idiot. He’d learned… stuff… in school. “They were converting… and… stuff!” He scowled hating that he sounded like a moron especially when Sam turned back to Rhomy and ignored him.

“Actually, the Jesuits where more respectful of the Indian’s way of life.” She could see that Sam had an interest so she continued. “History clearly shows the Spanish Conquistadores crushed the Indians, English civilization scorned them- the Puritans imposed total conformity on them, forcing them to dress and behave like Europeans though they were considered no better than animals. But the French,” she paused and noticed that Dean was looking at her with a curious expression on his face. “They tried to accept the Indians. Jesuit Missionaries learned their languages, conformed to their way of life but it still took thirteen years to establish five missions among the Iroquois tribes. Which they then had to abandon in the early 1700’s.”

“Uh-huh.” Dean nodded still looking at her strangely. “Why…?”

“War.” Sam replied wondering if his brother had ever paid attention in class.

“Yeah, the Frenchies and Indians. I figured.” Dean snapped turning to Sam who looked a little surprised he’d know that. “I meant, how is this relevant?”

Rhomy looked at Dean; she wondered if she’d somehow messed up their research and glanced at Sam who was looking at her.

“Hey,” she shook her head sitting back in her chair and holding her hands up. “You two are the ghost experts.”

“And unless we have a Jesuit or an Indian haunting this place…” Dean turned to Sam looking at his brother pointedly.

“Uh, no. I don’t think so.” Sam said shaking his head.

“Then we’ve got diddley-squat.” Dean grumbled.

“We do.” Sam countered. He grabbed the papers and leafed through them until he found what he wanted. He handed the sheet over to Dean who read it turning it so Rhomy could as well. The little action wasn’t lost on Sam who filed it away with all the other little things his brother did to include or accommodate her.

“Raymond Lox.” She read tilting her head slightly as she studied the picture.

“He was found on Selva Beach two years ago.” Sam handed them two more sheets, obituaries. “Same place, all drowned and they’re all tied to the same place.”

“The home?” Dean asked looking up at him. Sam nodded and Dean was ready to finish. For once it was going to be easy and quick. “Let’s find Ray and salt his ass.”

“Uh…” Sam frowned and sat back in his chair. “We can’t.” His brother was not pleased. “He was cremated.”

“Then, this boy isn’t your ghost?” Rhomy asked looking at them as she set the article on the cold table. She could see Dean was growing frustrated.

“We can’t be sure.” Sam said. He picked up where Dean had left off in ‘Hunting 101’ restraining the eye roll at the title his brother had come up with. “There might be something else that ties Raymond Lox here. A talisman or-.”

“Body part.” Dean cut in drawing her attention.

“There aren't any body parts missing, Dean.” Sam glared at his brother, annoyed but Rhomy didn’t seem too worried about the body parts comment. They didn’t need her skittish or frightened and so far she seemed to be holding up well, though ghost’s were a different barrel of monkeys than demons.

“How do you know what it is or where to find it?” Rhomy asked seeing Dean open his mouth. She wanted to stall their bickering before it got started.

Sam and Dean looked at each other knowing the best place to start was the last place Raymond Lox had been and that was at the home. Two years was a long time but it didn’t mean the task of finding whatever held the ghost here was impossible. It was going to be a lot harder than Dean liked but that’s just how it was.

“FBI?” Dean proposed. Sam turned to Rhomy who still sat quietly waiting for them to answer her. She looked a bit curious at mention of FBI. They still hadn’t told her the part where they lied and passed themselves off as officials but she had to know. She was smart and how else would they get any information?

Rhomy grew a little uncomfortable as Dean turned to her as well. She couldn’t know they were wondering what to do with her. Two FBI agents wasn’t unusual but three? And one of them a female?

People would remember, they’d find it odd and maybe question it. There was also the fact Raymond Lox had been dead two years and all the other drownings had happened in the same place, all on Brydon property. A ghost wasn’t a demon but did he want to take her there?

“What?” Rhomy asked a little warily.

They were con-men.

It made sense and she could understand why but she just hadn’t realized it. So Rhomy felt like an idiot for not grasping that fact sooner and then she was mad because they wanted her to lie.


Ok, so maybe she did it, maybe she lied even though it was wrong but… well, they wanted her to pretend to be someone she wasn’t and it was wrong. Of course Dean got upset. He thought she was criticizing them and that’s exactly how she’d sounded though it wasn’t what she’d meant at all. Then Sam had butted in and the brothers had started to bicker because that’s what they did and she knew it wasn’t really about her. They had things to talk about that they weren’t talking about and that was making their problems worse than they should be. All of it was enough to give anyone a headache and she was no exception. No one said anything and the guys left wearing their black suits and ties looking very much like the Blue’s Brothers while she stayed at the hotel. Within ten minutes she was on the phone making her appointment with the Home’s director for an interview.

“Lord forgive me.” She muttered heading out the door to the waiting taxi and fifteen minutes later she walked into the director’s office while the Winchesters were impersonating FBI agents. It hadn’t been so bad either, the interview, because she did have some volunteer experience as a counselor which she had Grandmother Syd to thank for. She twisted the truth a bit when he asked why she was there instead of applying to some other home in her city. The director didn’t seem bothered by the fact she was on a ‘spiritual journey’ or when she said she’d felt this was where she was needed. No one would’ve blamed the director for thinking her a loon and tossing her out with orders never to come back. But he didn’t. Instead he asked if she could help them out immediately.

Rhomy was just finishing her paperwork when the secretary led the Winchesters into the director’s office. They were surprised to see her there and Sam was quick to mask his expression but the scowl on Dean’s face looked to be a permanent fixture. She said hello before he got a chance to say anything and excused herself. It took Dean a half hour before he started calling her and she had to turn her cell off, though she sent him a text with a brief explanation.

Her afternoon was spent with Nailah, the female counselor who was introducing her to the residents and showing her around. The woman was nice enough, polite and helpful but something felt off and Rhomy wasn’t entirely comfortable with her. All in all it hadn’t been a waste of time especially when she had plenty to share with the brothers.

The sky was turning a deep violet and the sign was practically obscured by the overgrown bush. It clearly stated the park closed at sunset but that didn’t matter to the figure she could make out leaning against the stone wall. Technically the sidewalk wasn’t part of the park but the sign also stated loitering was prohibited.

Dean was waiting. She’d called him a half hour before to tell him she’d be on her way back to the hotel and he’d insisted on meeting her halfway when she refused to let him pick her up. She was right of course. The Impala wasn’t an easy car to forget about…especially when two FBI agents had driven up to the home in it and left the same way. Her text hadn’t done much to alleviate his bad mood which is why Sam had left him alone and gone back to the library. It had been Rhomy’s idea to walk there after they checked into the hotel and Dean hadn’t wanted to. The Impala was faster and that meant there was less time for her to ask questions about…Hell.

She hadn’t known.

He could only assume she didn’t know the rest of it either. How it was because of Dean the Devil would walk the earth again if they couldn’t keep the seals from being broken. But Sam had blurted it out, like he hadn’t known Rhomy was sitting right there, in the back seat. It just wasn’t like Sam at all, no, diarrhea of the mouth was usually Dean’s thing, except for when he was compelled to spill his guts out by some guy dosed with demon blood when he was a baby!

Of course, Sam was immune.

‘Isn’t he always?’

“You're frightening the pedestrians.”

He straightened, pushing off the stone wall and looked down into her dark hazel eyes, watching the soft smile on her lips fade. He knew the scowl was set like stone on his face but he couldn’t help it. She was walking around like there was nothing wrong when they damn well knew there could be demons just around the next corner. There weren’t a lot of people about, mostly because the park was closed and those walking past Dean gave him a wide berth. It didn’t escape her notice, the way he looked around, making sure there was no one following her. She’d checked as well but she wasn’t going to say anything to him.

“How was the first day?” Dean asked. His hand felt warm on her back as he drew her closer and started walking into the park. She didn’t say it was closed because he would know that already and obviously didn’t care.

Rhomy thought about her day, or rather, the afternoon. How did she begin to tell him about the kids she’d met and the dead look in their eyes? They’d all looked sort of hopeless- lost and broken by the lives they’d had but she couldn’t tell Dean that. His torments were still fresh.

“I read some of Raymond’s file.” She finally said. “He was a very troubled young man.”

Dean was surprised she’d gotten into a file they’d been denied; doctor – patient privilege krap. He heard the underlying note of sadness and saw the small frown on her face as she told him Raymond had grown up with a foster family. They knew that. The kid had run away constantly, lived on the streets, screwed up, got high and each time he was taken back he did it all over again. Until he’d been sent to the Elsner Recovery Home. All of that had been told to the FBI by Director Gaetz when they’d been asking questions and none of that was helping them find the last piece holding the ghost there. What he didn’t expect where the pictures on her phone. Pictures of documents in Raymond Lox’s file.

“I just have to download them.” Rhomy explained handing him the cell.

“You got everything?” He asked trying to decipher the tiny writing.

“Yes, and… There’s more.”

Her slight hesitation was enough to get his full attention.

“I… I think there was something else.” Rhomy amended though she knew there was. It was telling him about it that had her tongue tied because she wasn’t sure how to make it sound…normal.

“What?” Dean asked and she knew he’d want an explanation but that was the problem. Anything she said was going to sound cuckoo -.

“I’m only telling you this because I think it has to do with your job.” She stated with a frustrated breath.

“Rhomy.” He warned making her stop and face him.

“Nailah Halloran.” She started and ignored the warmth of his hand on her arm. “She’s a counselor-.”

“We spoke to her.” Dean cut in, a little impatient.

“Well, she’s going to be my ‘guide’ so I spent most of the afternoon with her, meeting the kids, some of the staff, what to do or not and… yeah...”Rhomy drew in a breath, fortifying herself. “She’s…uh…tormented.”


Her eyebrows rose in question as he just stared at her.


It wasn’t exactly reassuring, the lack of expression or emotion in his voice, but she couldn’t precisely say it was bad…

“I can see when there are spirits tormenting someone.” She explained softly.

She was looking at him, hoping he wouldn’t react like any normal person would; in disbelief.

“It’s not like in the movies, all dramatic or-.”

“What are you talking about?” Dean cut in.

This was the part where she told him about herself only she’d said she wasn’t going to share anymore because he’d only go tell Sam. The problem was, Rhomy needed Dean to know her, she wanted his trust and every question he had kept getting in the way.

“Spiritual Gifts.” She started walking drawing him along with her. She could point him to the ‘good book’ and have Dean read about it but he’d most likely need an explanation. She still wasn’t sure how to explain it to herself!

“So…” Dean looked ahead, thoughtful.

“It’s a shadow in the eyes; they’re black- not like a demon.” She quickly assured when he turned towards her, alarmed by the thought she might have spent the afternoon with a demon. “You can’t distinguish between the pupil’s and the iris. It’s all dark… people like that, they’re open to demon possession.”

The sounds of the busy street grew louder but Dean was still stuck on the part where she could see shadows in people’s eyes.

“You… see…?” He couldn’t quite grasp that because –well how was that possible? And Spiritual Gifts? “That day, in the street, when Cas… the demons- those people… You-. You…” Dean shook his head. He’d been wanting to ask her about what he’d seen her do but hadn’t because he didn’t want to know and that made no sense but that’s how he felt. Nothing had been making sense, from the moment he woke up in a pine box six feet under and had to claw his way out. Sometimes he found himself doubting he was really alive, that this wasn’t some other hell…

“We call it ‘Faith Healing’.” Rhomy said quietly.

“Faith…” Dean nodded because this was something he was beginning to understand about her. With Rhomy it was all about faith, a blind, unwavering faith. But he didn’t say anything as they came out onto the street.

“My great grandmother had the gift.” Rhomy volunteered when he just kept walking.

Dean put his arm around her waist, glanced in both directions and started crossing the street with her tucked into his side. He couldn’t help thinking about her cousins.

“Five.” He muttered. “Big guys, all of them…” and then what she’d done to those people. He’d seen it with his own eyes and couldn’t believe it because it just wasn’t possible. “You see spirits.” He muttered, absently picking up the pace. “You heal-.”

She’d placed her palm on their foreheads and told them to get up- ordered them… And they did!

Dean grabbed her arm and forced her off the sidewalk almost under a trellised stairway. She made a little sound and stumbled but he kept her on her feet.

“Why me?” He demanded of her ignoring the surprise on her face. “Why am I responsible for you? Why make you go with me? Why couldn’t you stay with your family? In your fancy apartment where you could be safe…”

The anger drained away almost as quickly as it had come over him and he let go of her arm. He hadn’t meant to be rough but he just couldn’t understand… Why take her away from safety?

“I told you.” Rhomy said in a gentle voice. It was only part of the answer so he didn’t understand and Rhomy couldn’t say more because it wasn’t the right time. He knew she had asked…

“Who asks for this?” He sure as hell wouldn’t have, not if he’d been raised differently because apparently it was too late to be anything else.

“We are where we’re supposed to be.” Rhomy told him. She slipped her hand in his feeling the slight squeeze of his fingers on hers. “To do what we are meant to do because no one else can.” Her eyes found his and she held his gaze, brown eyes warm as she raised a hand to his cheek. “This is my place.”

There was conflict in those green eyes. He didn’t know which way to go, what to do and until he opened up to her Rhomy could do no more than she had.

“After the suffering of his soul, he will see the light of life and be satisfied.”

Patience and time…

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