Soldier Of God


Even in laughter the heart may ache, and joy may end in grief.

Music buzzed through the speakers softly, a difference noticeable to both passengers and appreciated by the one riding shotgun. Sam was over the blaring metal racket his brother loved to torture him with. It was the silence from the drivers’ side that had him feeling like a scolded child and he didn’t like it. In the back seat, their charge hadn’t said a word unless she was asked something and that pretty much was all Dean because Sam was avoiding Rhomy. It had been two days since the ghost on Selva Beach had been sent packing while Sam had been off with Ruby. He felt a little guilty for leaving Dean alone but it wasn’t as though his brother couldn’t handle it. Sam wanted to blame it on Rhomy but the truth was he’d needed more and Ruby had shown up just in time. He’d been thinking about the question she’d asked him, about Rhomy and the key… Ruby had said there was a legion hunting Rhomy. Sam couldn’t quite grasp that concept- how did you begin to understand something like that? And a legion? He might not know the exact number but he was positive it was one too many for them to handle alone. And what were the angels going to do about it? Would they even lend a hand? So far Castiel had been absent and more seals were lost. They were down to the last fifteen and that put more stress on Dean because he felt responsible. Sam knew it was all his fault, Dean had been dragged to hell because of him so they were both racked with guilt over what they’d done to get to this point.

The Impala roared down the highway and in the distance Singer Salvage was visible. Relief washed through the Winchesters for different reasons. Where Dean was looking forward to a little breathing space, Sam was interested in finding something to do with the key Rhomy was protecting. There had to be something in one of Bobby’s books the only problem was figuring out what that key was and Rhomy wasn’t about to tell him.

She watched him work in silence enjoying the warmth of the afternoon. It felt good to be in one place, a home-not a hotel and what she liked most was using the kitchen. That first morning had been a little awkward. She was forbidden to leave the house alone for any reason- an exaggeration but Rhomy did as Dean ‘ordered’, humoring the gruff Hunter. She still woke up early and with nothing to do but just lie in bed she chose to get up. There was no morning run for her since she couldn’t go out, she could’ve but then Dean would have been unbearable the rest of the day and there was always the possibility that he was right.

Bobby had told her to make herself at home. He was only being polite and she knew that so she felt weird just dipping into his fridge but it was still too early to wake him and ask permission. They had been up late into the night. Something she realized the brothers did even if they weren’t on a job. She started breakfast anyway, hoping the old Hunter wouldn’t take offense.

Rhomy was positive it was the bacon. One by one the men shuffled into the kitchen, Bobby more awake than the others. They sat at the table and served themselves from the platter already there. Except for Dean. The bacon was still cooking and he made straight towards her, snagging a couple of pieces before she even realized he’d entered the warm kitchen.

“I’ve noticed something about you, Dean.” Rhomy said from her perch on the rusted work table.

“You checking me out?” Dean asked between grunts as he worked under the Impala. Rhomy laughed softly. Of course she’d checked him out; there wasn’t a day something about him didn’t take her breath away. She couldn’t believe it was real, the feelings and everything she’d heard about what it had been like but she was living it now.

“You're an addict blondie.” She retorted in amusement. “You hardly have a meal that doesn’t include bacon.”

“I love bacon.” Dean defended. He didn’t see what was so bad about that- aside from the cholesterol and the greasy fat… but that’s why it was so damn good.

“You've got bad eating habits, guero.” Rhomy stated. She raised her hand and started counting. “You spend most of the day in the car, stay up late, indulge yourself at the bars…” she sighed frowning slightly at all the bad habits she’d observed in the last four weeks. “How do you stay fit?” Because it made no sense. “It’s really not fair you know.” He was all muscle. The life he was leading would make a man age prematurely- the wrinkles and gray hair. She’d seen other twenty-nine year old men looking haggard and overweight…

“It’s my genes.” Dean snarked sliding out from under the Impala. Rhomy quirked her lips and stared at him.

“They look dirty to me.” She deadpanned eyeing the stonewashed pair covered in grease stains.

“It’s called ‘working’.” Dean retorted, his expression amused. “And I wasn’t talking about my pants.” He stood chuckling softly and wiped his hands on an already dirty towel.

She made a face seeing that but noted the mirth actually shone in his eyes. It was a drastic change from the man who’d stood in her living room the month before. She liked that he was able to relax, even if it was only in moments. If that was all she could do then she would and happily. There had to be something better for Dean, a little happiness and the last two days had been pleasant.

“Well I’m starting to feel lazy so I guess you’ll just have to come with me after you're done.” Rhomy hopped off the work table and walked towards the Impala’s open hood.

“Where are we going?” Dean asked already cleaning up his tools. He’d finished and was looking forward to a cold beer.

“Running.” Rhomy didn’t hold back her giggle at his pained groan. After all, he’d made the rule…

Sam stared at the yard, he’d watched his brother take off with Rhomy a half hour ago, saw them disappear down the road from the upstairs window, both of them laughing.

Dean was laughing.

He’d hardly spoken to Dean in the last two days but they’d barely spoken before that… It always ended up with them arguing and Sam wasn’t in the mood. Now his brother spent more and more time with Rhomy while Sam tried to figure out what the key was all about and worrying over the demons coming for it.

“Quit glarin’ at my window.”

Sam shifted, his expression softening a bit.

“Well?” Bobby snapped from the doorway.

“Uh,” Sam wasn’t sure what he was supposed to do.

“If it aint one it’s the other.” Bobby grumbled with irritation. “You coming out of there or what?” He demanded straightening from the door frame.

“Uuh… you need help…?” Sam asked starting to move.

“Sure, you gonna tell me what’s got you so damn preoccupied?” He arched a mocking eyebrow but he wasn’t joking. He’d seen the way Sam behaved around the young woman. Bobby was just having trouble figuring out the why because with the Winchesters it was never easy. Because if Sam liked her…it was plain as day, how easy and relaxed Dean was with her and she barely took notice of Sam. There was something about the eldest- he could charm pretty much anyone though Bobby didn’t see Rhomilly being an easy mark for Dean. Hell, Bobby liked her too. Even if she wasn’t helping them figure out her situation and politely but in no uncertain terms told them to butt out.

“I’m not.” Sam denied immediately. His answer came too quick and he knew it, Bobby wasn’t buying it. “Really-.”

“Don’t feed me your baloney, kid.” He frowned. “I know you boys and right now you aint behaving like yourself.”

It was clear Bobby was concerned, that he cared but Sam was easily annoyed.

“Maybe that’s because we’re down to the last fifteen seals.” Sam glared. “I’m sorry if I haven’t been good company-.”

“Boy, don’t you get snippy with me.” Bobby warned walking into the room. “Fifteen is better than none and right now we still have a chance of stopping this.”

“I know.” Sam assured looking contrite. “I’m sorry.”

“What is it?” He could see the boy struggle and it wasn’t easy not to get frustrated, hell Bobby was frustrated. They had no idea where the next seal was going to break and Rhomilly hadn’t budged on her key. There were just too many references to be able to figure out what they were dealing with if she wasn’t going to help them narrow the search.

“I’m fine.”

Bobby was not happy but the boys were just as stubborn as their old man. He stalked out muttering about mulish ‘idgits’ under his breath. Sam let out a sigh, shoulders sagging but there was no relief. There were demons coming, Rhomy had a key they wanted and the last fifteen seals were all that kept Lucifer imprisoned.

“We’re fucked.”

“Suck it up.” Rhomy laughed. The entire run had been full of huffing and puffing from the blond at her side and he’d constantly asked for breaks. “I thought you were in better shape.” She teased as the junk yard and house came into view.

“I’m about to have a heart attack.” Dean panted knowing his face had to be bright red.

“I told you about the bacon.” Rhomy reiterated. “And those bad habits of yours, Dean.” She tisked and slowed her pace again. She’d been doing that the entire run, slowing down when he lagged behind. She even gave him two breaks and resolved to make him run with her more often.

“Love bacon.” Dean huffed on another breath.

“Come on, the house is right there.” Rhomy encouraged. “I’ll race you, yeah?” She jogged beside him looking more concerned as he slowed and clutched at his side. “Dean?” She reached out, almost stopping when he looked up grinning.

“You're so easy.” He chuckled and took off at a dead run towards the house.
“Hey!” Rhomy yelled sprinting after him. She tried to pull ahead but he had a longer stride. “Cheater!” She accused reaching out and grabbing a handful of his t-shirt but that didn’t slow him down at all. They were both laughing as they reached the porch.

“Lying is bad.” Rhomy warned trying to breathe and still laughing.

“I won.” Dean crowed, grinning, eyes shinning with mirth. She hadn’t thought him such a playful man but there he was, a pleasant surprise.

“Uh-huh. You were playing me the entire time.” Rhomy smacked his arm lightly and headed up the steps.

“Hey, don’t I get my prize?” Dean asked following her inside.

“Ha! You were so busy lying we never got to that part.” Rhomy said smugly.

“Its called pretending and you're not being fair.” Dean argued but he hadn’t felt that good in a long time. This was easy; the time spent with her… he hoped they’d make it a couple of more days before the real world had to bust up the peace he was enjoying.

It was a warm morning and driving down the road they left the windows open catching the cool breeze. The radio was set to a local rock station he liked, turned down low all they heard was the buzz of music through the speakers. He kept glancing at her from the corner of his eyes. She didn’t seem to notice, staring content out the window and pulling inky strands of hair out of her face. She looked so calm and he didn’t get it.


At first she wasn’t sure what he meant. There were a lot of ways to interpret the question.

“How does somebody…this. I mean, how?”

Rhomy’s lips quirked into a smile, she shook her head.

I guess its time to share.’

“I grew up with this, Dean.” She replied. “My Mom and Dad are religious. They believe in God and the promise of the Kingdom in Heaven.”

“They do, huh?” Dean’s brow furrowed and she just knew he’d be scowling before long.

“Why do you get upset by anything remotely related to God or religion?” She asked turning in her seat so she was facing him. He seemed surprised by her question, then unsure until he scoffed.

“You really have to ask?” He glanced at her but she was waiting patiently. “Fine.” He turned back to the road. “Its krap.” No one was going to change his mind about that.


Dean frowned at her. She wasn’t getting defensive?

“You don’t believe there is a God?” Rhomy asked when he stayed silent. Dean shrugged, that ‘I don’t give a fuck’ shrug she was coming to dislike. “What about Castiel? You have an angel on your side, Dean.”

“That’s not saying much.” Dean retorted with a side glance at her.

“Dean.” Rhomy couldn’t help the slight smile on her lips because he was being ridiculous. “You don’t like when I quote scripture at you- I can tell.” She said at the look he directed to her. “But you have to know God doesn’t give us anything we cant handle and I’m sure you’ve read or heard the parable of the footprints in the sand. The man questioning God-.”

“Because he only saw the one set and it was during the bad times- yeah. I heard it at least once whenever we stopped at Pastor Jim’s place.” He cut in. “It’s a load of bull.” He finished sighing.

Rhomy was silent. That parable was…it filled you with hope when there was none. You could read it and know that however bad life was at the moment, you weren’t alone. She believed in that.

“You're the one full of shit.” Rhomy snapped. She turned back in her seat and stared out the window, upset.

“Did you…” Dean frowned.

“Say shit?” Rhomy snapped again. “Yeah, Dean. I said shit.” She glared at him. “Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit.”

Dean blinked in surprise. Even when her brother was yelling and getting in her face she hadn’t cursed, at least he hadn’t heard her.

“I must be rubbing off on you.” He muttered staring at the road ignoring the fact it somehow bothered him. He didn’t see her roll her eyes.

“One bad word.” Rhomy muttered. “We aren't perfect, Dean. We make mistakes… its how we got the job.” She muttered sinking into the seat. She wasn’t looking forward to getting into town anymore.

“What do you mean?” Dean asked eyeing her. She tugged on her bottom lip, biting the corner. She was debating whether or not to tell him. He realized, with a little, surprise how easily he’d recognized the expression on her face but it didn’t feel weird. He could laugh and joke with her and the world wasn’t going to end because he wasn’t focused on what had to be done. The more time he spent with her, the more he felt at peace with himself. His every breath didn’t have to be for the job ahead; his every thought didn’t have to be spent on finding a solution. He could breathe and just…be. Because of her…

“My great Grandfather Elian. Tag a few greats on.” She said sitting up again. “His Father passed on the key, it was time and for a while things must’ve been ok but then… he ignored his ‘chosen' bride. He disobeyed and married the girl he loved.” Her voice ended in a whisper, she was staring at the road. “Mallory wasn’t part of the plan. Grandfather Elian didn’t listen… He went against what he knew to be right, ignored the warnings and bought himself a world of pain.”

“Take it they didn’t do the happy ending.” Dean said to her silence.

“No.” Rhomy sighed. “They were happy. At first.” She drew in a breath and turned to him again. “There’s…a rule.”

Dean raised a questioning eyebrow waiting.

“Please,” she shook her head, hesitating. “Don’t laugh or have me committed, I swear I’m not cuckoo.” She assured and now Dean was really curious. Seeing her like that, anxious, that wasn’t her usual day to day behavior.

“Soul mate.”

Dean blinked. He glanced from the road to her and back again wondering what that had to do with the conversation. Had she switched topics on him all of a sudden?

“All that ‘love at first sight’ and…yeah.” Rhomy sighed unsure of the lack of expression on his face. “It’s true.” He still didn’t respond and Rhomy wondered if she hadn’t made a mistake by telling him about that so soon. “For us, anyway.” Maybe he wasn’t ready-

Do not suffer doubt.

“Huh.” Dean grunted out a breath. He wasn’t laughing not because he didn’t want to, because that was just ridiculous. People just didn’t – and whoever said they did was full of shit. It was physical attraction, plain and simple- all hormones… “So… she wasn’t…?”

“No. She wasn’t his.” Rhomy agreed.

“But he chose her.” Dean insisted. “You're saying that wasn’t ‘love’ or that ‘soul mate’…?” the words just didn’t feel right coming out of his mouth and he grimaced.

“It wasn’t blessed.” Rhomy tried to explain. “They weren’t meant for each other- look,” she broke off. Trying to explain the rules was going to be difficult if she wasn’t going to tell him about their part in the scheme of things to come. “I can’t say if Grandfather Elian loved her or not but Mallory wasn’t chosen for him. So he got what he wanted and it didn’t end well.”

What had begun as a nice morning wasn’t ending the same. She’d started to miss her family and coercing Dean into helping her get the bar-b-q under way had seemed like a good way to get over the little bout of homesickness. Maybe it wasn’t fair, using them like that but she also hoped Sam and Dean would do more than mutter half sentences to each other. Even Bobby was getting fed up with them.

“What happened?” Dean asked and Rhomy had wondered the same thing. They only had second hand accounts, passed down from one to another. She hadn’t read Jahna’s journal, that wouldn’t get to her until this rough patch was past and then she’d add her journal to the others.

“They had two girls.” She shook her head, staring down at her lap. “Malina and Jahna. Then he found out Mallory wasn’t what he’d thought. Everything he’d been told-. The girls were left orphans when he confronted her.” Rhomy shrugged. “No one knows what happened, there’s no record but it isn’t a far stretch to think it had something to do with demons.”

Dean stared; this was beyond anything he’d imagined she’d say.

“I told you, this isn’t the first time my family has been up against them. Others died before Elian.” She spoke softly, her eyes just a little sad but there was no worry or concern. “The girls were sent to each family. Malina, the oldest lived with her Mother’s parents and Jahna stayed with us.”

“One for each set.” Dean muttered. “How diplomatic.” But he couldn’t stop thinking about her lack of worry. Was she crazy after all? There had to be some concern, a sense of self preservation at the very least.

“Jahna wasn’t like Malina. My Grandmother told me that her faith was strong. She really did believe and she followed faithfully. It’s because of her… because she proved her strength and willingness that it’s only ever been a woman since.” Rhomy rested her head on the seat still facing Dean. “We follow the rules; we do what’s right… She accepted her place and got her reward. A happy life and a family.”

“Is that what you want?” Dean asked into the silence. He felt awkward but he wanted to know. When it was all over, if they managed to keep the last seals intact… What was she going to do?

“If that’s the plan.” She replied quietly with a careless shrug. He wasn’t sure if he believed her or not and was confused about how he felt by the lack of a straight answer. She smiled at him. “I heard Jahna was a bit of the rebel.”

Ok, so she was changing the subject. Dean wasn’t going to fight her on it.

“She insisted her girls be capable of protecting themselves. Can you picture it? A woman with two little girls, city folk and learning to shoot- they say she took up boxing first.” Rhomy chuckled. “It’s amazing…”

“What? The boxing?” Dean wondered.

“That’s how she met Logan.” Rhomy said shaking her head. “The man she was meant to marry.”

Rhomy was still in awe of how simple it was- meeting him, knowing he was the part you’d been missing and was now at your side. It happened instantly, the knowing, the feeling, it was all clear. It had hit her like a load of bricks, surprise and disbelief, all at once and she hadn't been able to enjoy the moment. There was work to do.

“Wait a minute.” Dean protested. “You're saying its all planned? Aren't we supposed to have free will?”

“You're hungry.” Rhomy stated confusing him. “So you grab yourself a slice of pie. Or a bacon cheeseburger.” She rolled her eyes chuckling at the analogy.

“What are you talking about?” Dean demanded with a frown.

“You get thirsty, you drink.” She said. “You get tired, you sleep. If you dont eat, you starve. If you dont drink, you dehydrate. If you dont sleep...these are your choices, little things but you decide.”

“Free will.” Dean muttered getting her crazy point.

“Yeah, we dont have to listen or believe or put our faith in God.” Rhomy said. “We can go about our business ignoring every opportunity to love HIM that crosses our path but you can’t blame all the bad on God either. It’s not HIS fault you dont want to take the hand extended to you.”

Dean was pissed. She had no clue; none and she sat there lecturing him?

“So you got all the answers.” Dean spit past clenched teeth. She looked at him frowning slightly.

“Why do you assume its about you?” Rhomy asked in a quiet tone.

Dean scowled out the windshield. He was too damn sensitive is what and he wanted to tell her it was about him. The mess- the seals- it was on him! He was to blame but then he’dhave to talk about it, he’d dredge up memories he was trying hard to shove into the deepest darkest corners of his mind it’d be like they never happened.

“I’m sorry.” Rhomy apologized shifting in her seat until she was facing the road. Dean frowned. She’d been talking about her family and like a dumbass he’d stuck his foot down his yap because he was too damn sensitive about God and Hell and those overgrown pigeons parading as Angels!

He glanced at her sitting quietly beside him… Dean blew out a heavy breath and shifted in his seat.

“What were they like?” He asked. “These women.”

Rhomy looked at him, felt his hand touch hers hesitantly.

“Not the typical women of their time.” She replied comfortably slipping her hand into his. It was a simple thing, nothing out of the ordinary and yet when he threaded his fingers with hers it was so much more. A start…

Six days of quiet. For once Dean wasn’t itching to get on the road and he hadn’t bothered to search for another Hunt. The changes didn’t go unnoticed either.

“Smells good.” Bobby sniffed, glancing over her shoulder.

“Thank you.” Rhomy replied offering a smile as she closed the oven door.

“Better not let Dean see it.” He warned heading out the kitchen door. He took both bowls to the grill while Rhomy cleaned up the kitchen.

Outside Sam poked at the coals in the grill sending up a shower of sparks. He’d been recruited to help Bobby with the grilling while Dean was off somewhere but at least he’d helped unload the bags of groceries Rhomy had brought back from town. The back door opened and Sam noticed her come out with a pitcher and bowl.

“Sam!” Dean hollered. “Little help.” He grunted dragging on the old picnic table and benches. Sam didn’t bother saying anything because if Dean had asked they could’ve brought it out sooner. He took up the other end and both quickly set it up a few feet away from the grill.

“It’s clean?” Rhomy asked standing just behind Dean.

“Well, I wouldn’t want to eat off it but yeah, I cleaned it.” He replied wiping his hands on his jeans.

“Good thing Bobby has plates.” Rhomy quipped setting the pitcher and bowl down. Sam left them, going back to the grill where Bobby was brushing on the sauce.

“The ribs’ll be a while.” Bobby murmured as he flipped the meat.

“You need help…?” Dean called. Sam turned, watched his brother fidget and at her ‘No thanks’ headed towards the grill. The afternoon passed in easy companionship. It was a needed rest from the world they faced daily and Sam began to relax around Dean. There wasn’t going to be any arguing, he was going to sit and enjoy the food and let the others lead the conversation. By the second helping Sam noticed the change in Rhomy and Dean. That his brother smiled easier was a given, he’d been doing that all week but whenever Rhomy spoke of her family and their picnics, Dean made comments about some of the people, as though he knew who they were and she either nodded or added some little thing they’d done or happened. It was just a little annoying, that she talked to Dean and left him out all because Castiel had placed the burden on him.

When had she become a burden?

The question had Sam frowning and Rhomy commented on his nonexistent wrinkles. She was drawing him into the conversation, again. Shed been doing that all week, trying to get him talking and each time he’d bring up her key and she’d walk away without another word.

“I’m stuffed.” Dean stated resting his elbows on the table. Just as quickly he reached across the table and snagged another piece of meat.

“More desert for me.” Bobby said shaking his head. Dean had already had three helpings and he was still picking at the food on the table. Her perked up at mention of desert, though.

“You can’t.” Rhomy laughed. “Can he?” She asked glancing at Sam.

“Always room for desert.” Dean frowned sounding serious. It only made her laugh and she stood.

“Ok, then.” She headed to the kitchen leaving them alone. The silence was broken only by the back door; even Rumsfeld barely raised his nose from his paws.

“Cant say it hasn’t been a nice day.” Bobby murmured looking up at the burnt sky. He hadn’t felt that lazy in a while and there wasn’t anything really to do at the salvage yard.

“Yeah.” Dean agreed thinking it had been like the ones he’d seen on TV but never experienced. A slow smile crossed his face, the door closing again as Rhomy came back.

“Well go on.” Bobby jerked his head in her direction. “Help the girl.”

Sam and Dean rose together hearing her amused laugh.

“I got this.” Rhomy said handing Sam the stack of plates. She reached into the pocket of her sundress for the forks then set the covered pan on the table. “I made coffee, I wasn’t sure though…”

“Cant have pie without coffee.” Bobby said getting up and heading into the house.

“Pie?” Dean questioned. “We didn’t buy a pie.” Because he would have remembered buying a pie.

“No.” Rhomy smiled. “I made it.” She cut into the crust as Dean grabbed a fork.

“You baked a pie?” Sam questioned looking up at her.

“Yes.” Rhomy chuckled amused by his expression, it wasn’t as though she’d never done it before because she cooked all the time- other wise she’d starve. “Hey.” She smacked Dean’s hand ignoring his frown. “Here, feed your brother before he takes the whole thing.”

“He loves pie.” Sam said passing on the plate. The backdoor banged shut again as Bobby came back with the pot of coffee and four mugs.

“Cherry?” Dean questioned but he took a bite, savoring the warm tangy taste. “Oh man.” He mumbled around a mouthful.

“He approves.” Sam rolled his eyes as his brother pigged out smiling happily.

“Good thing I made two.” Rhomy noted as she set a big slice in front of Bobby. The Hunter took a sip of his coffee and grabbed a fork.

“Doubt there’s gonna be any left.” He muttered with a look at Dean.

“This is better than the diner’s.” Sam noted half smiling.

“Family recipe.” Rhomy replied taking her seat beside Bobby.

“Which one?” Dean asked taking another bite.

“Belen. One of my great aunts.” Rhomy answered pretending not to notice the flash of annoyance crossing Sam’s face.

“She wasn’t…?” Dean paused looking at her and trying to remember if this was one of the women in her family she’d talked about.

“No.” Rhomy shook her head. “Older sister.” She added remembering what Grandmother Syd had said about the few they’d lost each time the key had been passed on. She hoped no one in her family had to die this time.

Sam stayed silent. It was obvious they’d been sharing or at least Rhomy had been sharing with Dean and it was like they had their own thing going on and Sam was out in the cold. When had that happened? When had Dean replaced him?

“Not much for the sweets myself.” Bobby commented. “I like this one.”

“I’ll write it down for you.” Rhomy offered.

“Nah,” Bobby shook his head. “Aint the same.”

Dean looked up sharply, but it looked like the hunter was flirting with his girl.

‘My girl?’

“I could always make another one for you, Bobby.” Rhomy laughed.

“Whoa, hey.” Dean protested pushing the question out of his mind. “What about the rest of us?” mainly him.

“What about you?” Rhomy asked with a faked innocence Bobby appreciated.

“I like her.” He chuckled.

“Me too.” Dean said without thinking. He blinked, the cocky smile slipping a bit as what he said was followed by silence.

“So do I.” Rhomy agreed raising her fork. “Even more when you can take a joke.” A small glob of red smacked Dean’s cheek.

“Oh no.” Bobby warned getting gruff though he couldn’t quite keep the grin from his lips. “You two aren't starting a pie fight.”

“Bobby’s right.” Dean agreed wiping the cherry from his cheek and licking his finger. “Pie’s too good for that.” He got up pulling Sam along while Rhomy scrambled out of her seat eyeing them warily.

“Hey, you can’t gang up on me.” She protested pointing a finger at them.

“I’ve seen you run.” Dean said and though he’d pretended to huff and puff he knew she was pretty fast on her feet. “Come on, Sammy.” He motioned Sam around the table intending to flank her.

“Bobby.” Rhomy turned to him, expecting some help but he shook his head.

“I’m gonna eat my pie.” He said raising another forkful in salute. “You boys be gentle with her.” He warned the brothers.

“Bobby!” Rhomy exclaimed frowning and then gave a startle ‘Aah!’ when Dean lunged at her. She managed to avoid them both, though Sam wasn’t much interested in running around the yard. At one point Dean tackled him and both rolled around in the grass. Even Rumsfeld joined in barking like mad. Bobby watched them, behaving like kids… Rhomy’s laughter was happy and soon enough both boys were laughing as well. All in all it was a perfect end to their day.

Rhomy looked up from her book and stared at the wall, her head tilted as though listening. She gave a slight nod and set the book down.


He gave a grunt of acknowledgement but didn’t look up from the manifest on his desk.

“Tell me about crossroad demons.”

Bobby looked up sharply, eyes narrowed though his expression was guarded. He couldn’t hide the nervous clearing of his throat.


“I don’t know anything about them.” Rhomy shrugged easily, it was true.

“They’re dangerous.” Bobby answered after a moment then went back to his dusty book.

“All demons are.” She said but he still kept his head down. “I’m supposed to help and I can’t if I don’t know anything.”

Bobby kept staring at his book but she could tell he wasn’t reading it; all he needed was time to think and decide. From that she could tell there was something more behind the question she’d been told to ask.

“They grant whatever you want.” Bobby said quietly, his eyes finally meeting hers. “In ten years they collect payment. Your soul.”

“Ten…” Rhomy echoed, her eyes flicked to the next room where Dean was cleaning weapons.

“I aint said nothing.” Bobby warned noticing her line of sight.

Rhomy didn’t know what to feel though her stomach had suddenly been twisted into knots.

She sent you to hell!”

She knew it. It was so obvious. Dean made a deal and he went to hell for it but what was it? What had he wanted so badly He’d sell his soul to get it? Why?

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