I Don't Remember

Happy Accident


The room was... comfortable. Brightly lit, with a kind of cheery cottage feel inspite of the modern appliances and placement of furniture. The chair, with it's armrests at the perfect height for the placement of my hands, would have been an ideal resting place at the end of a long day.

I had never been so panicked in my life.

For fifteen long minutes, from the moment I stepped into the room and sat in the offered seat, the only sound had been the ticking of the clock in the dining space. Neither I or the concerned parents sitting across from me had made a sound, or even a movement.

I started counting the ticks on the clocks.

I tried not to flinch. I knew this game; they were testing my resolve. For all I know, this is just the first of many such situations to come, and if I give up now, then what was the previous year even for? The first meeting with the parents is paramount, and I must do this perfectly after the fiasco of a few days ago.

Five minutes passed.

I am excellent at noticing the passage of time, even without the aid of a loud ticking in the back of my notice. It comes from years of waiting for night to end, of long stakeouts, of marking how long I was between a challenge and the reaction time to pull out my wand. The subtle grace of each moment is... special, in it's own way, to me

Hmmm... Two more minutes now...

Hermione gets her looks from her father, obviously. Odd, given how femenine the features look on her. Ah, but her mother's jaw and bone structure seems to have softened the strong lines inherited from her father. Both parents have the same sandy brown hair to them, and given the family pictures placed around the room it seems a strong trait in each side of the family. My own heritage is a darker shade, with olive undertones to the skin, and an aversian to tanning, so the likelyhood of the dominent traits merging to produce children with darker brown hair as opposed to one child with the mother's hair and one with the father's hair would be a-

"So, Severus. You've known our daughter... How long?"

The break in silence was so sudden I nearly fell over. On the outside, this translated to blinking once. I looked at Mr. Granger, whom had posed the question. "I have known your daughter for nearly ten years now."

"You first met her when she was eleven, when she entered your Potions class."

"Yes, that would be correct." I shifted slightly.

"You are... younger now then you were then?" Her mother asked this, a slight confusion in her voice that made her words seem gentle, rather than the threat beneath the father's interrigation.

"It is... Yes, I am." A flash of realization. "Does this... upset you? Your knowledge on the magical world..."

The mother started to open her mouth when her husband placed a hand on her knee. A look passed between them, of understanding and patience. Mr. Granger looked back to me, his eyes suddenly stern. "We will discuss that matter later. For now... I need to understand what your intentions are with my only child."

I took a quick breath to gather my thoughts, keeping my eyes steady so as to show no disrespect. "Sir, I have only the best intentions with your daughter. She is exceptionally bright, kind, beautiful, and I in no way wish to dishonor her or cause her harm."

"Then please help me understand what changed in the last year. Please help me understand why someone of whom I used to get letters by owl post about how unfair your classes were, and how you seemed to single out our daughter for what I would call abuse. This past year she'd spoken highly of you, and told me you two were becoming friends, and then I recently watched you pull and fondle my child in a lake?"

I took a deep breath, feeling like I was starring up from a deep hole, knowing that an explanation was deserved. "Mr. and Mrs. Granger, if I was... unduly hard on your daughter, then I offer my deepest apoligies and regrets and pray you know that the same have already been given to Hermione, on multiple occasions, throughout the past year. The only excuse I can bring for my behavior years ago was that, I assure you, she wasn't alone in my mistreatment. My situation was dangerous, if I had shown anyone kindness it was very likely been bad for them. Your daughter comes from a non-Magical family. There are many people who would have done worse if I hadn't treated her like I did. I admit... for my own personal reasons.... I probably let that go too far..." Mr. Granger nodded, but didn't react other than to squeeze his wife's hand.

I continued. "The events that conspired to bring myself to my current age, and put me in social contact with your daughter, invoked a serious change on me. I was... One could say I was more receptive to becoming close to someone this year, because I was no longer needing to hide, or hold myself back from the world most people knew. I know eventually it made it to press. Did you read the Daily Prophet about... my exploits?" A few moments passed, and then Mrs. Granger nodded for the both of them. They weren't looking at me. "Understand... What I was required to do put a serious distance between others and myself. There was only one person who knew the extent of my life, and he was the Headmaster of Hogwarts; a busy man, playing his own dangerous game, and not someone who could fully trust anyone, lest that person be captured, tortured, and consiquently cause the destruction of the world." I paused again, and looked again at the faces of the two in front of me. They still weren't meeting my eyes. I continued on, slowly, and gently. "I do not... I don't want you to think about that, though. It is in the past, and I understand for you being worried about your daughter, and the kind of man I really am. I owe at least part of who I am sitting here to Hermione. She saw in me something she saw in herself. This year was especially hard for her. She started it without the two of you in her life, and without her usual circle of friends at school to lean on. I was the only one she could really count on, and in her way, she became the person I could count on, too. For making me laugh, smile, and feel human, she was the best thing I could have asked for. I fell for her and had been trying to finally tell her when you saw us. She didn't believe me." The parents who had started to look up durring my previous admissions were now starring at me. I was looking past them, watching the memories in my mind. "She admitted it first, durring a poorly conceived plan of mine to find out what sort of thing I would need to do to win her over. I'm ashamed to say I know nothing about women, and my trying to confess my feelings for her in return didn't go over well.

"So how did you get her into the lake with you?" Mrs. Granger was the one who dared broach that particular question. I looked to her.

"When I told her and she said she didn't believe me, I kept trying. I asked her how to prove my love, she said I couldn't, because every move I made was a pretictable move to try and play her emotions. I decided to do something unpredictable. I threw us into the lake. What happened after that... The most I can say, was "natural."

The two in front of me shared a few looks. Whole paragraphs seemed to pass between them, seated in quiet on the tufted loveseat the color of honey. I watched the way he held her hand, the comfort that filled her eyes when he touched the rings on her finger. They both lowered their heads, in a private gesture of relief I recognized.

"There is just... one more thing I'd like to ask about, Severus..." Mrs. Granger looked as though she was trying to put something into words. "You were healed magically to be here today." I realized she meant "alive", and nodded gravely. "We... I'm not too familiar with these things..."

"We're dentists, Severus." He continued on without asking if I knew what that was. It happened I did. "We know medicine, but the extent you were healed; you are healthy...?

I saw what they were trying to ask. "Mr. Granger, I assure you, there would be no complications should anything 'medical' happen between Hermione and I."

"I don't really know if it's right for us to be discussing this without Hermione," her father began, "but I am her father, and I'm a bit traditional with these kinds of things... And you are a very particuar person, Professer Snape." The sudden formality was not lost. I sat up even straighter in my long black robes. "A less patient man would have probably punched you in the face when he saw his daughter and his daughter's previous teacher kissing in a pool. And while I know saying it like that leaves a lot out, it's still possible to say what happened just like that."

"I understand, Mr. Granger." I began to feel nervous, preparing for the worst.

"Do you love my daughter, sir?"

I answered without hestitation. "I irrevocably do."

He placed a hand on my shoulder. "Then do something about it."


I was sitting in the front yard of my house. The street had always been so quiet... So strange, that I had been playing out here when the Ministry official arrived. Now, inside, Severus Snape was talking to my parents. Probably being torn apart.

I looked at the sky and signed, my arms folded around myself. What did I want out of this, exactly? The freedom to date whom I choose? The more I thought about it, the more the last few months felt like I had been dating him. We'd learned so much about each other... I'd learned so much about myself. If it hadn't been that way, why would have the last week or so panned out like it had? Why would have I fallen in love? Why would I have jumped into the school lake with a giant squid swimming around? Or... or felt so marvelous when I kissed Severus?

A part of me almost wanted to feel weird. Wanted to go back to being a kid, and Snape being the scary Potions Master, back to hanging out with Harry and having a crush on Ron, because that kind of thing was familar. Nothing was like it used to be, did that make it bad? I was past school age, an adult in my community, able to go out and purchase an apartment somewhere and fill it with frogspawn if I felt like it... Didn't that mean personal life had to grow and change, too?

It's not so bad... I reasoned. Harry, Ginny, all the Weasleys would be there with me as well... Well, except Ron, but he always was a prat anyway... I suddenly had a fleeting thought of a giant dinner, with Ron bringing whomever and my bringing Severus and grinning while Severus put his arm around me and Ron and his date glared daggers at us...

A door hinge creaked behind me, followed by footsteps hitting sidewalk, then grass, growing closer to me. I held my breath, afraid to turn, then finally faced myself and did. Severus was standing there, wisely changed from his full black wizard robes into a less obvious olive green shirt with silver lettering on the shoulder, matched with black slacks. The wind blew his hair from his face, and I saw his eyes were thoughtful, troubled.

"What happened?" I asked, pulling a stray lock behind my ear.

"Hermione, I have done so many things without thinking of you, or anyone, first... I don't want to do that now."

I took a deep breath. This sounded bad. "Alright. All right." Slowly exhaled. "What have... What are you wanting to do?"

"Marry you."

I gasped and coughed, causing him to immediatly put his arms around me to try and steady me. When the fit subsided, I saw my parents standing a few feet off, Dad's arm around Mum's shoulder. I looked back at him. "You're serious?"

He knelt and pulled a box from no where. "Forgive me for Summoning this now," he mumbled. "but don't believe in putting off anything this important." He reached for my hand, the free one that hadn't gone to my mouth and looked me in the eyes. They were the biggest I'd ever seen them, and held no secrets.

"The ring belonged to my mother. While her life wasn't the happiest, before her end she told me she treasured this jewel because it's exsistence brought her a son. I hope it will now bring me you." He opened it, revealing a gold band inlade with shining specks of diamond, and a larger, slightly darker stone set at the center. "Hermione Jean Granger... Will you be my wife?"

A million things flashed in my mind. The glimmer of the ring in the sunlight. The look on the faces of my friends if they were to be here. The feeling of the wind on my face at that exact moment. The days that could, would follow after I answered. The small details of everything trying to register all at once so I would always remember. And realizing I had tears running down my face while laughing, wondering at what point my life turned into such a strange, happy accident.


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