I Don't Remember

Love Story's End

This story, of myself and the first year after I re-met the woman I would marry, is something that I don't suppose will ever really end. I thank the people who put themselves, their perspectives, their ideals, into this book. Something I truly learned while this point in my life was happening is that there's more to a story than just the person telling it, and that was made true in these pages,

I did my best not to sugar-coat anything, from myself or from my friends and co-workers who put themselves into it. Those who know me, or even don't know me, deserve the truth, as ugly and unflattering as it can be. That being said, there have been many wonderful, beautiful points in my life, all the more so recently, and I would be a fool not to mention that.

I am, at the time of this writing, the Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Hermione had been my wife for around two years now, and is well-respected as the Deputy of the school. Her job is part-time however, as not long after we were married she let me in on her biggest and most well-kept secret on wanting to restore rights to house-elves, and now devotes most of her time to that and the pregnancy she is (at time of writing) now her second trimester in. We anxiously await our new son/daughter, and refuse to cheat on finding out what gender it will be.

Harry and Ginny remain happily married, and are already parents of one James Potter. I smirk at the name, but nod approvingly also. I'm told they want to name their second son after me. I pray it's just a middle name with a nice, normal first name. Somehow I'm not sure I'll be so lucky.

Lucius Malfoy retained his pompus outlook on life, but did, in the end, come to the conclusion magical blood was precious no matter what the fount, and as that's as close as I can get to acceptance with him I'll take it. Last I checked he was an expenctant grandparent, which throws me for a loop as I remember being the same age as he was and I'm awaiting my first child. But I suppose, that's what time-travel gets you.

I still manage to find a better way of dealing with my stress, something I owe entirely to my wife, whom has been patient and hard-headed every step of the way. While she would never be the kind of person to gossip and complain, she has always been there for me to show me a kinder, brighter way of life. I thank her with every breath I take, and am now returning the favors by waiting on her hand and foot no matter how much she tries to stop me from doing so and being more than willing to run out at all hours of the night because chocolate bacon ice cream sounds delicious.

The years that are once again passing are... interesting for me. McGonagall seems to be holding on well. I'm less apt to take twice the points from Gryffindor. Most happily, where I once saw scars forming on my face I now see smile lines and muscles being toned from easy excersize rather than running for my life. My wife certainly appreciates my keeping in shape, and it seems to help intimidate the students as well. I cannot help but say that, in spite of my previous self, I see a very positive difference and look forward to more time spent with family and friends.

To all those reading, I have one last word of advice to you all. The world is not always as it seems. It is not always as light, but not always as dark, and it is easy to forget how to live when you've been doing the same thing for so long. For all those who are looking at themselves and realizing they aren't sure when the last time they truly felt something was, or for those who have become comfortable in their rut and so have not yet realized this truth, I say now, there is a chance for change. It might not come when you expect it, but it won't be easy to shake off when it does. I invite the idea of hope in a dismal situation to all, and extend the invitation to my office, should anyone want further proof on the magical healing properties of living the life you were born to live.

Best Regards,

Severus Snape

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