A New Time To Make Peace Year One

Chapter Nine and Interlude One

The next day’s potion’s class went rather well, especially compared to potions classes in his previous life. Snape wasn’t really that pleasant, but neither was he hostile either. Harry was once again able to prevent Neville from melting a cauldron. His potion also turned out well. Snape only scoffed at it a little bit, which Harry thought was rather good, certainly better than some reactions from previous potions. After he turned his potion in, he went to talk to Snape.

“Sir,” Said Harry.

“Mr. Potter,” Said Snape with only a hint of a sneer.

“I was wondering if I could come talk to you about my mother some time. I know that you told me how she looked like, but I have never really heard any stories about her. I have her diaries, but it would be different if I heard stories from someone who actually knew her. So, would it be ok if I came to your office sometime to hear stories about my mum?” Harry asked while practically projecting his feelings of want and sincerity towards Snape.

After a moment of Snape practically staring Harry down, he said, “Fine, Mr. Potter. Be in my office on Wednesday right after dinner and I will tell you of your mother.” “Oh course, sir! Thank you, sir!” said Harry as he practically jumped up and down and left.

He was certainly looking forward to hearing stories of his mum. He had never really heard stories of his mum before. Well, he had from Lupin, but he was a friend more to his father than his mother. He was looking forward to Wednesday.

That weekend was a rather busy weekend for Harry. First, on Saturday, he went to the room of requirement, like he had promised himself to do the previous weekend. He left Neville and Hermione in the library to make his way there.

He spent all of Saturday in the room of requirement. There were more things there than even Harry knew was there. By the time supper came around, he had barely made a dent in it. However, he had found numerous, books, brooms, several invisibility cloaks and other odds and ends.

Some things he decided to keep. He put everything that he had decided to keep in his new bottomless bag that he had found. Everything else, he decided to just put in piles. He put all the brooms together, all the invisibility cloaks in another and so on and so forth. He also put everything that was broken and or useless in its own pile. He decided that he would come back when he could, to go through the rest of it. The last thing he did before supper was move the vanishing cabinet in there. He had forgotten that it hadn’t been broken yet. That was all the better for him. Now all he needed to do was buy the other one from Borgin and Burkes that summer, and then he would have a way from Potter Mansion to Hogwarts.

After that he went down to supper. There, he was questioned by Hermione and Neville on where he had been. He told them that he simply had something that he wanted to look at and that maybe he would show them sometime. They then left the subject alone, and proceeded on to other topics such as how their homework session had gone. It had gone well.


The next day, Harry was found in the library with Hermione and Neville. Neville was reading a book about magical plants form Asia. Hermione was looking at a transfiguration book. Harry was looking a book on wards. He thought it was high time to find a ward to place outside of the existing wards to protect the school against trolls.

Now Harry would never call himself an expert on wards, but he wasn’t bad. Like potions, wards were a necessary thing to learn during the war. You never knew when you would need to put up or take down a ward, and as the war went on, there were fewer and fewer curse breakers alive to take care of most of the work. Voldemort seemed to enjoy killing as many of them as he could.

Therefore, Harry knew the basics of wards, but not the specific ward that he would need in this case. He spent all of Sunday, looking through books on wards. Eventually he found the perfect ward, just as his stomach growled.

He looked around and realized that they were all alone, because it was almost curfew. He looked at Hermione and Neville and realized that they had both fallen asleep on their books. He gently shook them awake. When he told them the time, Hermione started to freak out. Harry spent a few minutes calming her down. After, he calmed them down, he convinced them that they could really use some supper.

“How are we going to get supper Harry?” Asked Hermione.

“Simple. The kitchens are near the Hufflepuff common room. I know where they are.” Said Harry.

“But it is almost curfew. We’ll get caught!” exclaimed Hermione.

“Nah,” said Harry. “I’ll make sure we don’t”

And indeed, Harry was confident that even without the map and his cloak that he would be able to keep them from getting caught. He really should have known better.

They were not far from the library when they heard Filch. They all looked at each other and took off running. Blast that dang Mrs. Norris though. No matter where they ran, it seemed that Filch was not far behind. Before they knew it they were in front of what Harry immediately knew was the forbidden third floor corridor. He thought that it was the perfect time to introduce them to Fluffy and so he unlocked the door.

They soon heard Filch leave. They turned around with sighs of relief until they saw Fluffy and screamed. They ran out the door and with a mutual consensus they separated and went to their respective common rooms and forgot about dinner.


The next day had Hermione looking up what Fluffy was. She soon figured out that he was a Cerberus like the one from Greek mythology. They talked about how he was standing on a trap door, and wondered what he was guarding. Harry knew of course, but he wanted to let them figure it out on their own with little help from him.

The week went by quickly, what with homework and research. Wednesday evening saw Harry in Snape’s office right on time. They spent an hour and a half after supper just talking about Harry’s mother, Lily.

“So, what did you want to know, Potter?” asked Snape.

“What was my mum like when she was younger?” asked Harry immediately.

“Your mother Lily was,” Snape began a little hesitantly, “an amazing person and amazing witch. I met her when we were both children, before Hogwarts. She was playing with your aunt in the park not far from both of our houses. She liked the swings. She had the tendency to jump off at the zenith of the swing and float down with magic. Of course your aunt would scold her for it, but Lily wouldn’t listen. She was much too stubborn, and having too much fun. When I first explained to her what was going on, and what we both were, she would not believe me. However, we quickly became friends.

“We spent seemingly endless days in the park just swinging and talking and staring at the clouds. I would tell her all about Hogwarts. She was so eager to hear and learn everything that she could about the school that we would both be attending. Eager to learn, that was Lily. It was a wonder sometimes, how she did not end up in Ravenclaw. She told me once that the sorting hat had definitely considered putting her there but in the end decided that she was as brave as she was smart and would be better suited for Gryffindor.

“She soaked up everything I told her about Hogwarts. I told her everything I knew. We spent a lot of our youth together. I went to your grandparent’s house a lot. Rose and Edward Evans were good people. Rose liked to bake a lot. Lily and I often helped her. Lily liked to bake almost as much as her mother did. Lily was her mother in miniature as far as her appearance went.

“Edward Evans was a kind man. He liked cars a lot. He owned and operated a mechanic shop just a few streets over from their house. He liked to tinker with cars and motorcycles in his spare time. He had blonde hair and brown eyes.

“We spent many evenings at Lily’s house. We had a good time. She taught me a lot about the muggle world. We went to the cinema and the mall. We spent a little time watching a television. We spent a lot of time together.

Lily herself was brave and smart. She was also a little shy, but she also had a temper like no other. She had the top grades in her class in her muggle primary school”

Snape went on to tell Harry many little stories about their childhood together. Stories about pets and trips. Harry soaked it all up like a sponge. Before they knew it, an hour and a half had passed and Harry was bidding Professor Snape a polite farewell and a heartfelt thanks. He left after Snape invited him back sometime, and went to bed with stories of his mum flashing through his head.

He was very grateful to hear stories of his mum. Especially stories that he had never heard before. He couldn’t help but wish he had gotten on better terms with Snape in his first life. Though he was glad that he was getting to know him and talk to him now. He was actually looking forward to chats with him in the future. He couldn’t help but think about how this year was so different and yet so similar to his original first year. There were the same people, and the same classes, and yet the people around him were different and his relationships with them were different. And, as he drifted off into dreamland, he couldn’t help but be glad he came back and was thankful to Acara for giving him a second chance. Somewhere in the land of the non-living, said grim reaper smiled.


The rest of the month and a half or so until Halloween went by just as quickly as the first few weeks had. Harry split his time between, the library, where he would do homework and discuss Fluffy with Neville and Hermione, and going to the room of requirement to sort through all the crap in there. He found a lot more useful stuff such as a sneakoscope.

When he was not either of those places he was talking with Snape, Hagrid, or Viride. Snape continued to tell him more about his mother, not only about their time before Hogwarts but during Hogwarts as well. He didn’t tell him any stories from after fifth year and Harry knew better than to ask. Even so, he learned more about his mum than he ever expected to.

Hagrid told him several stories about his parents as well. Some days, he, Neville, and Hermione went down to his hut just to hang out and talk with him. Fang adored them. They had a good time. Of course they never dared to eat his rock cakes. They preferred to keep all of their teeth, especially Hermione because her dentist parents would be mad if she came home with chipped and or missing teeth.

Viride and Harry quickly became close. He went down there to chat with her about just about everything. She was his confidant. She was the only creature in the entire living world who knew all of his secrets. Acara had never told him that he couldn’t tell the basilisk after all, and he was pretty sure she wouldn’t be mad. If she was, he was sure that she would have found some way to get him a message without getting into trouble.

He had found that the bond had indeed kicked in. His senses barring sight had increased. He was also much better at sneaking around, the day of the encounter with Fluffy excluded. This was good, considering how often he was out of bed after curfew.

The first night that he was out past curfew on his own came near the end of September. He snuck as silently and quickly as he could through the school and out through the front door. He had to put up the ward to keep out trolls before Halloween. So, he spent a Friday night putting up the ward.

He stood out in the forbidden forest just outside of where he felt the school wards end. He quickly cast the ward and drew runes on a ward stone that he had prepared previously. By the time he was finished, he was absolutely exhausted, but it was worth it. Not only did the ward not trip any of Hogwarts wards, but it was an absolute success. This actually surprised Harry a bit. He was really not a ward master, and this was a complicated ward especially for someone in an eleven year old’s body. There would be no trolls getting in on Halloween which was his goal. He then slipped back inside the castle, fell exhausted into bed, and slept in the next morning.


Before Harry knew it, it was Halloween. He couldn’t help the feeling of dread that permeated his body. He knew he had kept the troll out, but he was sure that Quirrel would find a way to distract the school and try to get into the third floor.

The day started the same as any other. Hermione and Neville were both excited about the feast. They had heard many wonderful things from the upper years. They couldn’t understand why Harry was in a bad mood. Harry didn’t even bother to try explaining the real reason and he didn’t have to. As soon as he mentioned his parents’ deaths’, they were kind enough and smart enough to leave him alone.

That evening, they walked into the great hall. Then, they stopped. The decorations were as amazing as Harry remembered them being. Even Harry had to smile a bit at the reminder that the school still stood and no matter how much he knew about the war to come, the rest of the school didn’t and was still going on as normal.

They sat down together at the Gryffindor table. They spent the feast chatting with each other and enjoying the feast. Even Harry was starting to relax when the doors sprung open

“SPIDERS! In the castle! Just thought you ought to know.” Exclaimed Quirrel as he passed out. Everyone was just starting to get up and scream when a very familiar giant spider came in behind Quirrel. Harry just hated it when he was right.


It was a dark Halloween night. The time when the veil between the living and the dead was at its thinnest. All of the residents of Hogwart's castle should be inside preparing for the great feast that was about to take place. However, that was not totally the case.

The one known as Quirrel, could be seen walking through the edge of the forbidden forest, that is if anyone had bothered to look. Quirrel, though noone else knew for sure , was on a mission for his lord, Voldemort. He had been tasked with the most important task of getting the philosopher's stone right out from under that bumbling old fool Dumbledore's nose.

He quickly walked through the wards as quickly and silently as he could. He had a plan. Tonight, while everyone else was distracted by the feast, he would unleash a troll upon the castle to reek havoc. While, everyone else was distracted, he would approach the third floor to evaluate the defenses of the stone.

He quickly found his way to where he had the troll. It was a fully grown mountain troll, but it posed no problem to him. He had a way with trolls. He led it towards the castle, but just as the castle was coming into sight through the trees, the troll stopped. He tried to urge it forward, but it wouldn't budge. He couldn't figure out why. Suddenly, in a great rage, the troll turned back towards the forest and started running away.

“What are you waiting for, you nitwit, go and get it” hissed a voice suddenly.

That is what Quirrel did. He chased the troll through the forest. The brush under his feet tripped him up several times, and before he knew it he had lost the troll and was lost. “You fool” hissed the voice once again.

“Who dares disturb me” came another voice, a voice laced with poison. Quirrel tried backing away, but backed into something big. Slowing turning around, he came face to face what could only be described as a giant spider. Before Quirrel knew it he was surrounded.

“Why are you here?” asked the same voice as before, which turned out to be the spider in front of him.

“ppppplease. I am just llllooking for my tttttroll.” stuttered Quirrel.

“Well then good bye man who is looking for troll.” said the spider as it moved forward.

“nnnoo! Wait please. Mmmaybe you could help me iiinstead.” said Quirrel thinking fast.

“Why would we help you when we are so hungry? My children need to eat.” said the spider.

“Ffffood that is what I am offering you.” said Quirrel.

“Explain quickly.” demanded the spider.

“I nnnneeed a distraction at the school. Aaaall you have to do is distract the the teachers. Yyyyou can eat whomever you llllike. HHHHundreds of students. I will lllead you there.” said Quirrel.

“Say you the truth human?” asked the spider. “ I dddo” said Quirrel.

After a few minutes of clicking noises to another spider, the spider agreed. Quirrel still did not know where exactly he was but with a quick point me, he led the spiders in the general direction of the castle. It wasn't long before, they got there. Luckily for Quirrel, the spiders did not seem to be affected by whatever had affected the troll.

Up to the castle they quickly went and through the front door. It was too easy. It was not long before they were in front of the doors to the great hall. They could just hear the clinking of glasses and plates and the murmurs of voices from inside. After instructing the spiders to wait a minute before going in Quirrel pushed open the doors and said, “Spiders! In the castle! Just thought you ought to know.” before pretending to pass out. The spiders then came in and the screaming began.

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