A New Time To Make Peace Year One

Chapter Twelve

After Ginny left, Harry spent the rest of the day in the library working on reading up on various things. Just because Halloween was over did not mean that that years dangers were over, not by a long shot. While there he also pondered his list that he had made while staying in the Potter Mansion before the year had begun. He was rather pleased with what he had gotten done. He had been able to cross several things off of his list and was working on several others, and it had only been a little over two months since school had begun.

Now he was looking at number twelve, start up DA if possible. He was deciding what to do about it. He really did want the DA started up earlier than before. Even if he did prevent Voldemort from starting up the war again, he still wanted the students to be prepared. He knew that because of Voldemort's curse on the Defense Against the Dark Arts position, that most witches and wizards never did get a proper education in it. Evidence of this was in the days aurors, most of whom couldn't even cast a proper patronus like he could at age thirteen none the less. If these aurors, and even everyday witches and wizards, had been trained properly then the war might have turned out a little better or at least they might have lasted a little longer. He wanted to start a club to help the witches and wizards of Hogwarts, and start to fix the education there so that if there ever was a new dark lord someday, and there was bound to be after all light shines brightest in the dark, then they would be ready. The sooner the beginning of a solution the better.
The problem was that in this time he was just an eleven year old first-year, or at least that was all they knew him as. Sure he had something like a decades experience of fighting in a war, and had fought Voldemort so many times that he had lost count, and had a repertoire of spells that surpassed most aurors, but they didn't know that. Sure, he was the boy-who-lived but that didn't mean so much to the world when it came to fighting. They would never trust an ickle firstie to teach them. So, the question was what to do.
He spent the rest of the day thinking, and then just before dinner he thought of the solution. It was so simple. How did he not think of it sooner, he thought as he rushed to dinner. He did not need to teach them. He had spent so many years relying on himself and his friends, more so on himself as his friends were killed one by one, that he had forgotten that in this time there were some teachers who were perfectly capable of teaching the students what they needed to know.
As he entered the great hall he could not help the scene that flashed before his eyes as he thought of a dueling club. He smirked to himself as he remembered Lockhart being thrown across the room. He then approached the teacher's dais.
Now he was quite hopeful in his plan. He knew that the professors such as McGonagall, Snape, and Flitwick did not like the defense situation any more than he did. He could only hope that this would encourage them to be able to look beyond his status as a first-year to hear his suggestion and actually consider it. He decided to approach Professor Snape, because due to the talks he had with the man every week or so, he was actually on the best terms with him out of three teachers that he had in mind to talk to. Not to mention that he was an excellent defense professor, or was in his sixth year in the previous time line anyway.
“Excuse me Professor Snape, sir.” said Harry. All the teachers were looking at him weirdly. It was as if it was weird to see a student walk up there. Oh wait, it was. Oops. Now he was getting stared at even more. Oh well. He would deal with it.
“Yes Potter.” said Snape with just a hint of a sneer present.
“I was wondering if after dinner, I could talk with you and Professors McGonagall and Flitwick?” asked Harry.
“You would like to talk with us about something Mr. Potter?” asked Professor McGonagall.
“Yes ma'am, I would.” said Harry.
“About what? Are you alright Mr. Potter?” asked Professor Flitwick “You are not being bullied or anything are you because if that is the case then we should really involve Professor Sprout. She is your head of house after all.”
“Oh no sir. It is nothing like that at all. I was just in the library this afternoon,” Snape snorted as Harry said that. Harry gave him a bit of a dark look and then continued, “and I came up with a suggestion for a new club that I would like to present to you.”
“Well, Mr. Potter, I suppose I could find some time though the headmaster needs to be included if it is to be an official club.” said Professor McGonagall.
“Oh course Professor.” said Harry a little reluctantly.
He still liked the headmaster, but as he no longer fully trusted him, he hadn't wanted to get him involved and even more suspicious than he was. He knew that even though Dumbledore had believed him when he had told him about leaving the Dursleys, he also knew that Dumbledore expected him to return there this summer. That was something that Harry had no intention of doing. Not to mention the fact that he had lived about fourteen more years than they thought he did and that he was planning many things that he did not want the man to catch wind of. Otherwise, he would try to stop him or at the very least mess things up. Therefore, he wanted to spend as little time in the headmaster's company as possible.

He had very little choice in this matter, in this case as he wanted to have the DA as an official club. If he wanted it as an official club, then he would have to deal with the headmaster's presence. After being told where Professor McGonagall's office was, and told to go there after dinner, he went and sat down between Neville and Hermione.
They asked him what that was all about and where he was all day. He told them that he would tell them about the discussion that he had just had later, but he did tell them all about Ginny, and the tour that he gave her. Neville thought that it was a little weird that he would be so nice to Ron's sister while Hermione thought that it was very nice of him to do something like that. Harry then told them that just because one person is not so nice does not mean that their whole family is that way. He then pointed out Fred and George as an example. He then told them about Ron's apologies. They were stunned.
Soon dinner was at an end. Harry bid Neville and Hermione a farewell, as they went to the library to read and Harry made his way to Professor McGonagall’s office.
He knocked and he was bid to enter. The office was just as Harry remembered it from the few times that he had been in it his previous life. In the office there was was well used oak desk. On the desk there was neatly stacked paperwork. Behind the desk was a dark red chair that looked rather comfortable. There was a muggle filing cabinet behind the desk. There were two chairs of a similar nature to McGonagall's in front of the desk.
On the other side of the room from the desk was a fire place. It was the same one that Harry and the other Gryffindors had come back through after their Christmas holidays during his previous sixth year. Not far from the fireplace was two more chairs. They were close enough that if you were sitting in them you would feel the warmth from the fire but far enough away that if someone were to come through then they would not run into the chairs.
The rest of the walls had several bookcases filled to the brim with books against them. Above the filing cabinet was a plaque that listed the years that Gryffindor had won the house and Quidditch cups. The room in general was also decorated in Gryffindor colors, which was not a big surprise considering she was the Gryffindor head of house.
McGonagall's chair as well as one of the ones in front of her desk and one from near the fireplace were currently occupied. McGonagall was in her chair with Flitwick in front of her. Professor Dumbledore had brought one of the chairs from near the fireplace closer to the desk. Professor Snape was standing near the door. The other chair in front of McGonagall's desk was currently unoccupied. It was to the chair that she gestured that he sit.
“What can we do for you Mr. Potter?” asked Professor McGonagall.
“You said you had a suggestion for a club?” squeaked Professor Flitwick.
“Yes.” said Harry. He then began his pitch, “I know that I have only been a student here for a little over three months, but even I have heard things about the defense against the dark arts position.”
“What sort of things my boy?” asked Dumbledore.
“Things such as it is cursed. I have heard from the older students that the teachers for the subject never last more than a year. No matter what happens or how good or bad of a teacher that they are they are always forced to leave the school before their year of teaching is up whether it be because of something so simple as them deciding to retire or something as gruesome as them losing limbs. The older years have told me that this makes for a very uneven education. They tell me that even though some of the teachers are quite good others are not, and so that even when you do get a good teacher then they spend the whole year trying to catch all of the students up to where they are supposed to be.
I may be no Ravenclaw professors but I do take my education very seriously. I would like to have the best education that I could possibly attain. That will not happen if I do not get a well rounded education in Defense. Not to insult Professor Quirrel or anything, but I would have to say that he is not the best teacher. He seems afraid of his own shadow, and because of his stuttering, I know that I and many of my classmates cannot understand a word he says.
Now I am not proposing to get rid of him. From what I understand, because of the curse you have a hard time finding a new defense professor every year so I doubt you could find another in the middle of the year even if you were inclined to which I doubt you are.”
“So what do you propose then my boy?” asked Dumbledore.
“It is rather simple headmaster. We start a club to supplement the learning in defense against the dark arts. Because it would not be a class then it should not be affected by the curse. That way the same teachers could teach it every year and make sure that no matter how good or bad the current defense professor is then all the students would learn what they needed to learn. Well, all the students who want to learn anyway. Because it is a club it could not be mandatory, but that is one of the few drawbacks that I see”
“If we were to start such a club then where would we hold such a thing? Also who would teach it?” asked Professor McGonagall after a few minutes of pondering.

Harry was glad that they did not dismiss him outright. He also already had a solution to her questions.
“I have already thought of that professor. That is why I asked to see you three. I know that you are all very busy but I thought that you three would be best for the job. As I said Quirrel is not the best defense professor so I don't think he would be much help. The other professors are probably alright with defense and dueling and such, but when I thought about defense I though of you three.
Professor Flitwick was a dueling champion in his younger days, or so I have heard several upper years say. I have read several books on transfiguration, and some of them have mention uses of it in dueling and I think that that would be brilliant to learn. Who better to teach it than our resident Transfiguration mistress. And Professor Snape would make an excellent Defense professor, and would be if he wasn't needed for potions and if Professor Dumbledore didn't want to lose him to the curse.”
“You seem rather well informed about the goings on in the castle.”said Dumbledore while eying him a bit suspiciously.
“Well sir, I am only a first-year, but a rather observant first-year. Not mention that I have ears sir. Some days as I sit in the library I over hear what the older years say.” he said trying to look bashful as if ashamed at admitting to ease-dropping. “They seem to think that just because I am a first-year I wouldn't hear or understand what they are saying.”
Dumbledore looked satisfied with that answer.
“I have also thought of where to have this club. I know that not everyone will come, but I am sure hat with the state of of Defense in recent years that many will come. If you are willing to follow me I will show you.”
He then led them up to the seventh floor. As they went, the professors got more and more confused. As he paced, they grew even more so. When the door appeared, they gasped.
“Welcome to the room of requirement also known as the come and go room.” said Harry. After he got done explaining it, he then weaved a story about getting lost one day and needing a toilet and how it had appeared. When he had mentioned it to the house elves, they had explained it to him. The professors bought the story.
After a few minutes of deliberation, the professors told Harry that his suggestion was an excellent one and they would arrange the final details of it and hopefully they would be able to begin the club the next term.

Harry thanked them for their time and they went their separate ways. Harry was excited. It was another thing to check off of his list.

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