A New Time To Make Peace Year One

Chapter One

As the world faded back in around Harry, he slowly awoke. At first he was confused. The world around him was still blurry. He wondered why that was. Then all of a sudden a yell was heard, “Up! Get up! Now!”

The yelling continued with a yelled “Up!”.

Harry wondered who it was that was yelling. The last thing he remembered was… All of a sudden he shot up from the bed if that was what you could call what he was laying on. He remembered everything. Voldemort! The war! the last battle that had taken place! Acara! He remembered Acara saying he was being sent back in time with his memories said he could change things. Actually change things and save everybody!

He could hardly believe it, but it was true! He looked around, and realized he couldn't see anything. Now where is that blasted string to the light? He finally found it and pulled. Sure enough he was in his cupboard under the stairs, from what he could tell anyway without his glasses. He reached beside him and found them.

Then he heard, “Are you up yet?” Harry realize she was probably waiting for an answer and so said, “Nearly.”

“Well, get a move on, I need you out her cooking breakfast now.” Said Aunt Petunia as Harry suddenly realized it actually was that was calling him.

He really had been sent back. Harry could hardly believe, he was back on Privet Drive. It'd been so long since he called the place home. Then Harry realized what he had just thought. He didn't consider Privet Drive his home anymore. The blood wards!

They would have fallen. Harry realized he had to get out of there very quickly before Dumbledore showed up and started asking questions. He didn't want to have to deal with him before he arrived at Hogwarts. First things first. He had to get his letter.

He quickly got dressed, and left his cupboard. There was no time to lose. He knew Dumbledore would show up any second. Hopefully his letter would arrive soon.

He quietly slipped out the front door making sure it closed softly behind him. As soon as he stepped outside the door something smacked right into his forehead. Pulling it off his glasses he looked at it. It was his letter. Perfect timing. It was exactly as Harry remembered it. It said on the front: Mr. H. Potter

the Cupboard under the stairs

4 Privet Drive

Little Whinging


'Excellent' thought Harry. 'First before anything else though', Harry thought as he ran away from Privet Drive, 'I have to get to Diagon Alley.'

Just as he rounded the corner into the alleyway where he was planning to apparate, he heard the telltale pops apparition behind him. ' Dumbledore' thought Harry. He had gotten away just in time.

As soon as he gone to the alleyway and looked around to see if there is anyone there, there wasn't, he was about to turn on his heel but then stopped. If he want walking into Diagon Alley as he was now, everybody would recognize him. He certainly did not want that.

He quickly, using wandless magic, conjured a mirror. What he saw shocked him at first. His scar was barely there. He could only see it if he looked very very closely. He spent 10 min. trying to figure out why that was.

Finally he realized that he must not be a horcrux anymore. It would make sense. His soul was 25 years old and had not had the horcrux attached to it. Therefore when he went back in time, the horcrux was not there to come with it. Since his soul replaced that of his younger self the horcrux that was in his younger self's soul must have been destroyed.

With that thought Harry was reminded that all of Voldemort's horcruxes were around again. At least there was one less to deal with this time. He would worry about that later when he had time to think. Right now he had to change his appearance quickly and get out of there.

He quickly turned his hair auburn and made it slightly longer and curlier. He also changed his eyes into a shade of light brown. Looking in the mirror he looked very little like himself. He transfigured his oversize clues into some light blue robes. He then spun on his heel and apparated, into a little used alley, in Diagon Alley.


The first thing that occurred to Harry, as he walked out of the alley he had apparated into, was all the noise. The last time he had seen Diagon Alley, it was in shambles. Voldemort attacked it near the beginning of the war, and utterly destroyed it. Therefore it was a bit weird for Harry to see the alley as it was supposed to be.

He looked around in awe. Everything was so bright and colorful. It was wonderful for Harry to see the alley this way. All the shops were still standing, and the alley was filled with people, doing their school shopping no doubt. He was quickly broken out of his reverie when somebody ran into him and then yelled, “Watch where you're going kid!”

Harry quickly made his way towards his first stop, Gringotts. He had to get his money first. As he passed through the doors he looked upon the warning that he had looked upon once before.

Enter, stranger, but take heed

of what awaits the sin of greed,

for those who take, but do not earn,

must pay most dearly in their turn.

So if you seek beneath our floors

a treasure that was never yours,

thief, you have been warned, beware

of finding more than treasure there.

He almost laughed aloud as the memories of riding a dragon through the bowels of Gringotts came back to him. He however did not, just barely. Instead, he got into the shortest line for a teller.

When it was his turn, he gave a short bow to the goblin in front of him and said in gobbledygook, “May your gold flow master goblin.” to say everyone, especially the goblin, looked at him in surprise is an understatement.

After a moment the goblet replied, also gobbledygook, “and may you crush all your enemies.”

“Now master goblin I would like to see my accounts manager.” Said Harry in English. “Right away Mr...?” Said the goblin also in English.

Discreetly casting mufliato silently and wandlessly first, Harry said, “Mr. Harry Potter. I would like to keep my identity hidden for this moment in time, understand me?”

“Of course Mr. Potter. We here at Gringotts are most discreet. First, I must verify your identity.” Said the goblin.

“Of course.” Said Harry.

The goblin withdrew a dagger from his drawer as well as a piece of parchment. “Just prick your finger and let a single drop of blood onto the parchment. If you are who you say you are, the parchment will turn blue, if not then well you'd rather not find out.” Said the goblin with a smirk on his face.

Harry took the dagger from the goblin and did as he said. The parchment turned a blue just a few shades darker than the robe he was wearing. “Good. Now Mr. Potter if you would take down your silencing charm I will escort you to account manager Griphook's office.” Said the goblin. Harry did as asked.

It was a short walk through the doorway and down the short hallway till they came upon account manager Griphook's office. the goblin escorting Harry knocked loudly, and when they heard, “Enter.” they entered.

“Mr. Harry Potter to see you sir.” Said the goblin in gobbledygook. Griphook looked up from his work.

“May your gold flow master Griphook.” Said Harry with a short bow.

“And may you crush all your enemies Mr. Potter.” Replied Griphook. “Ah. I have been expecting you Mr. Potter.”

“You have?” Said Harry.

“I have indeed.” Said Griphook. “You are about to turn 11 are you not Mr. Potter?”

“Yes master Griphook I am.” Said Harry.

“What with your parents gone Mr. Potter you were to be informed on your 11th birthday about all of your accounts here at Gringotts. Your magical guardian was supposed to bring you here and ask to be informed of your accounts” Said Griphook.

“I was not informed of this. I am here on my own accord.” Said Harry.

“No matter the circumstances Mr. Potter you are here now. how may help you?” Said Griphook.

“I am here to be informed of my accounts and to withdrawal money.”said Harry.

“Very good Mr. Potter. I me take a look at your account.” He went through a piece of parchment and waved his hand over it. Writing appeared. Griphook handed it to Harry. It said:

Potter account:

Vaults: 637 – 1000 galleons ( trust vault)

27 –25 million galleons, 10million galleons worth of paintings jewelry and other items (family vault)

properties:Potter mansion (Scotland unplottable)

Beau Lis ( France unplottable)

“I'm a millionaire?” Asked Harry.

“Yes indeed Mr. Potter” said Griphook.

Harry was very irritated to say the least. He couldn't believe that Dumbledore had hid this from him in his previous life! Oh well. No use dwelling over spilt potion.

“Very well master Griphook. I would like to transfer all the galleons from my trust vault into the family vault and then make a withdrawal.” Said Harry.

“It will be done.” Said Griphook. Quickly called goblin to him and the request was carried out.

Almost before Harry knew it he was being escorted by Griphook into the cart. Down through the bowels of Gringotts they rode, going very very fast. Harry rode deeper into the bowels of Gringotts then he had ever road before except for that one time during their ill-advised attempt at robbing Bellatrix LeStrange's vault. It wasn't too long before they came to a halt near vault 27.

There was a dragon there. It looked very much like the one near the LeStrange's vault but not exactly. Griphook took out the clankers, and started shaking them. He then pressed his palm to the outside of vault 27, and they were in.

The sight inside took Harry's breath away. There was mountains of gold and piles of silver and bronze. Wherever Harry's eyes looked, as they darted around almost frantically, there was new things to see. There were paintings and tapestries and jewelry of all kinds. Emeralds and rubies and diamonds the size of his fist.

There was furniture too. There was also books, more books than he could count. There was also armor and weapons, swords and daggers. It was a breath taking sight, and take a breath Harry finally did after realizing he had been holding it.

Harry wanted to look around for a very long time and catalog everything but he didn't have the time. He had to get what he needed and get out before Dumbledore came looking for him. Griphook handed him a bottomless bag. Harry quickly stuffed as many galleons, sickles, and knuts into it as he thought he'd need in the immediate time frame.

He was just about to leave when something caught his eye. It was a beautiful dagger. It had several small emeralds in the handle and came with a sheath. As Harry withdrew the dagger from the sheath, he realized it was goblin made.

He decided to take it. You never knew when you might need a goblin made weapon. Especially if you were going to be hunting horcruxes. He then climbed back into the cart and rode back out of Gringotts.

Before he left he asked Griphook, “So how do I get Potter mansion?” Griphook told him and he was on his way after he exchanged some galleons for pounds.

As Harry walked out of Gringotts, he decided to get his school stuff and a new wardrobe. He decided to first go get his wand. He walked into Ollivanders. He was standing there but a moment when Ollivander stepped out from behind a shelf and said “Good afternoon. I thought I'd be seeing you soon. Harry Potter.”

“Hello Mr. Ollivander. I'm here to get my first wand.” Said Harry.

“Ah yes. You have your mother's eyes. It seems only yesterday she was in here herself, buying her first wand. 10 ¼ inches long, swishy made of willow. Nice wand for charm work. Your father, on the other hand, favored a mahogany wand. 11 inches. Pliable. Little more power and excellent for Transfiguration. Well, I say your father favored it – it's really the wand that chooses the wizard, of course.” Said Ollivander

Ollivander still looked rather creepy, but Harry wasn't as creeped out as he had been the first time he had met him. “As interesting as it is to hear about all the wands you had previously sold, I am rather short on time so...” Said Harry.

“Of course Mr. Potter. Which is your wand hand?” Asked Ollivander.

“My right.”said Harry.

As before the tape measure started measuring on its own as Ollivander rummaged through his shelves. Harry tried one after another until finally he heard, “I wonder, now – yes, why not – unusual combination – Holly in Phoenix feather, 11 inches, nice and supple.”

As before as Harry picked up his wand he felt a rush of warmth and his fingers and sparks blew out the end. “Curious... Curious...” Said Ollivander. Knowing what Ollivander was curious about, and not wanting to stand around any longer, Harry paid him and left.

The next place Harry went was Madam Malkins. While there he not only got his school robes, he also got a whole new wardrobe.

Next he went to the apothecary's. There he got all the potions ingredients he would need for school as well as extras. You never knew when you would need to brew potion. He then also got his cauldron, a set of brass scales, and a set of glass phials and crystal phials. By time he was finished there, his stomach was grumbling so he went to a small café and grabbed some lunch including some ice cream.

His last stop in Diagon alley was Flourish and Blots. When he went inside he not only grabbed all his schoolbooks but books on advanced charms, transfiguration, potions, Defense against the dark arts, and a book on animagi for good measure.

His last stop before heading to Potter Mansion, was muggle London. He left the alley and walked to the nearest clothing store. While there he grabbed some T-shirts and jeans as well as some underwear and socks. He quickly paid and left. He walked to the nearest alley, looked around, and then disaparated for Potter Mansion.

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