A New Time To Make Peace Year One

The End Of Year One

The morning after the feast was a very hectic day. Children all over Hogwarts found themselves engrossed in last minute packing. It seemed that it wasn't just the Weasleys who were prone to forgetting to pack or refusing to pack till the last minute.

Amongst all the chaos Harry awoke. He found that his dorm mates were scrambling to find the things that they had misplaced. After all it was very easy to misplace things when you lived in one place for ten months. After all who wants to live out of a trunk for that long.

Anyway, Harry was quite thankful that he had packed last night. He did not fancy joining in the chaos that was ensuing around him. He got out of bed and picked out the clothes that he had left out for the day and proceeded into the bathroom to get ready for the day.
When he came out, he found that his dorm mates were still in throw everything they can find in their trunk mode, so Harry went to breakfast without them. When he got there, he took a seat between Hermione and Neville at the Ravenclaw table. There they spent the rest of breakfast idly chattering away about nothing in particular.
They were just about to leave when one Draco Malfoy walked up to their table rather angrily with a piece of parchment clutched in his fist.
“Potter.” said Draco. “Malfoy” said Harry rather cheerfully. “What can I do for you.”
Malfoy scowled for a minute and then squared up his shoulders and raised his head up high. He took a deep breath and then proceeded with, “I just got my results for this years exams and it seems that I came in third place behind you and” here he paused for just a second then he continued with, “Granger.”
He had a slight sneer on his haughty Malfoy face but went on, “It seems we had deal and Malfoys never go back on their deals.” He didn't look pleased.
“I am glad to hear it Draco. I can call you Draco right.”
Said boy just looked dumbfounded.

“How about we exchange letters this summer.” said Harry as he stood and held out his hand for Draco to take. After a moment he did rather slowly.
“Good.” Harry exclaimed as he vigorously pumped Draco's hand up and down. “ I am glad we got that cleared up. Have a nice summer Draco.” And with that Harry sat down and Malfoy slowly walked away while hastily putting his mask back up.
“What was that about Harry.” asked Neville.
“Yeah.” added Hermione. “I thought you didn't like Malfoy particularly much.”
“I don't but that doesn't mean I want him as an enemy either. Not to mention that I don't know if you've noticed but all the things that come out of his mouth are the words that his father no doubt spouts at his home. I hoping that with a little help, Draco might learn to think for himself one day. I don't know that we'll ever become bosom buddies, but I think he deserves a chance at least.”
Hermione and Neville just gave each other a look like OK let's just go with Harry's craziness for now while Harry pretended not to notice said look. Before they knew it breakfast was over and they were heading down to the boats to go back across the lake.
Just like last time they got the notes warning them not to use magic. Harry was certainly glad that he could. Before Harry could get on the Hogwarts Express Hagrid came up to him with a very familiar photo album. Harry wondered why Hagrid hadn't given to him the previous night like he had in the previous timeline. Then he realized that he had not been in the hospital wing so of course Hagrid couldn't come visit him there.
“Ello there Arry. I got yeh a present.” He then handed Harry a very familiar photo album. Harry loved it even more than he had the first time. Now that he knew more about his parents and their friends than he did the first time around. Harry had to wipe tears from his eyes.
“Sent owls off ter all yer parent's old school friends, askin' fer photos... knew yeh didn' have any... d'yeh like it?”
“It's great Hagrid.” replied Harry still wiping tears from his eyes.
He then got on the train and the compartment that held his friends. They spoke all the way back to London. They were about halfway there when their conversation struck a cord in Harry's memory. He thought back to a similar conversation on the way to school where they had talked about Occlumency. He had forgotten to teach them and told them so.
“Why dont't we start with it now.” Suggested Hermione.

Harry liked that suggestion so they did. He got them to clear their minds and went into a meditative state himself. And before he knew it Hermione was shaking his shoulder. He had fallen asleep. He must have been more tired than he thought.

He quickly got up and looked out the window and found it was just as he'd thought it would be. Dumbledore was roaming the platform quite obviously looking for him. He definitely wanted to avoid him.

“Hey guys you go ahead.” Harry told his friends.
“Are you sure Harry?” asked Neville.

“Yah I am sure. Go on.”

They were still skeptically looking at him, but left. As soon as they were gone. He called Domina and she popped him back home totally avoiding Dumbledore in the process.

End of Year One and Book One of Four

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