A New Time To Make Peace Year One


With a small pop Harry arrived as close to his destination as he could. He had never actually been to Potter Mansion. He didn't have time during the war to go there. In fact he had never found out in his previous life where it was.

Gringotts, and the location of the mansion, had been destroyed when Diagon Alley had been attacked. Luckily he had been all over Scotland during his travels in his previous life. Therefore, he was able to apparate to the outside of a village not far away from his ancestral home. Still he had a bit of a walk ahead of him.

He walked for several hours. Seeing as how he did not want to be spotted, he kept off the main roads. It took him longer to get there, but it was worth it. People would've thought it weird for and 11-year-old to be walking about by himself. They might have even reported him to the local authorities. He certainly couldn't have that. Through woods and over grassy knolls he walked till he finally crested the last hill. Spread out below him was Potter Mansion. It was a beautiful sight.

he mansion itself was gorgeous. Six stories tall, it was an imposing sight. It glittered as the dying sun shone down upon it. Most the top of it was covered in a glass dome. 'The better to look out and see the sky.' Harry supposed.

Potter mansion was a silvery gray color. 'The paint must have some sort of glitter in it.' Harry thought. For the glass dome wasn't the only thing that sparkled. The whole outside of the mansion did.

Spread out around the mansion were gardens. There were all sorts of colors pinks and purples and blues and yellows of all shades. There were tall plants and short plants. There were all sorts of trees as well. There are ones with flowers on it and even fruit trees.

From where Harry stood, he couldn't tell the exact sorts. There was what looked to be greenhouses as well. If the variety of flowers outside the mansion was any indication, then the insides of greenhouses must be filled with even more plants. Harry made a note in his head to bring Neville here sometime in the future. He was sure that his friend would enjoy it very much.

Beyond the greenhouses, Harry could just catch a glimpse of what looked to be a pond. It didn't look as big as the one at Hogwarts, but was still a decent size. Looking beyond the pond Harry could see what looked to be a Quidditch pitch.

Harry's heart started racing with that thought. He would have a chance to fly again! Actually fly! He had not been able to fly for fun in years. Ever since the war began, he only had time to fly if it was to get from one place to another. Now he had what looked to be a full-size professional Quidditch pitch for his use! He couldn't wait to try it out. He wondered if all the equipment was still there and in decent condition. Oh well. If it wasn't he could just go buy more.

Dragging his eyes away from the Quidditch pitch, Harry descended the hill. Walking for a few minutes, he came to the road that had he traveled the main way he would've followed. After a few more minutes he came to the gates of Potter Mansion.

At the top of the gate was the Potter crest. Surprisingly it had not lost all its color after all the years of no one living there. At either side of the gate, were statues of what looked to be griffins. The wings were spread as if they were about to take flight in order to defend their home.

Harry laid his hand on the gate, and they sprang open at his touch. He quickly walked through the gate. The pathway to the house was the color of bricks.

Along the walkway were apple trees. They were just beginning to bare apples. Harry walked for several more minutes, all the while taking in his surroundings with an air of wonder. He soon came to the front door of the mansion. Before he could open the door however, it was opened for him. Standing in front of him was what he knew to be a house elf.

“Young master has returned!” Said the house elf. “Wees has been waiting for you for so long.”

“You have?” Asked Harry.

“Yes wees has.” Said the house elf.

Harry didn't know that there were house elves there. He figured that if his parents had had house elves they would've taken them to Godrics Hollow with them. Apparently not.

Harry was taken out of his thoughts by the house elf tugging gently on his shirt. “Master Harry Sir?”

“hm” said Harry.

“Is yous okay?” Asked the house elf.

“I'm fine.” said Harry. “Are you the only house elf here?” Asked Harry.

“Oh nos sir. There are five of us here. Would you like me to call them.” asked the house elf.

“Yes. I would like for you all to introduce yourselves.” Said Harry.

“Yes master. Theys be coming right away.”

Just then 4 pops were heard, and then instead of one house elf before Harry, there were five.

“I's Domina.”said the house elf that had opened the door for Harry. “I's in charge of all the house elves here.”

“I's Ursa.” Said what looked to be a female house elf.

“I's Vipera.” Said what looked to be the third female house elf.

“I's is Altum.” Said a male house elf. And finally the last house elf, and only other male house elf there introduced himself as, “Astrum.”

“It's a pleasure to meet you all.” Said Harry. With that all the house elves burst out crying.

“Hes is pleased to meet us.” They cried.

“Shush. Calm down.” Harry said. With that they all stop crying. Harry knew he would have to put some rules to make sure that things like what happened with Dobby, never happened to them.

“First off, no physical punishments. I don't want you all hurting yourselves. If you think you need punished come to me and I will decide your punishment.” Said Harry

“Master's too kind!” They cried.

“Secondly, I would like to cook every once in a while.” Said Harry and before they could finish protesting he said, “Now it is not to punish you. I just like to cook.” With that they stop their protesting. “Now go back to what you were doing before I arrived. However, can someone please show me around the mansion?” And with “Yes Master!”all of the house elves except for Domina went back to what they were doing.

Domina lead Harry into the house. “Entrance Hall”said Domina. The floor was of white marble. And above Harry's head was a beautiful crystal chandelier that sparkled. Upon it was several hundred lit candles. How the wax did not drip down upon his head, he did not know. ' Must be the same spell as with the ones at Hogwarts.' Thought Harry.

In front of Harry was a door. As they walked through it, Domina led him into the formal dining Hall. The walls were a brick red and the floors were of the same white marble as the entrance hall. Down the center of the room, was a long Oak table.

Seated around the table, were high-back chairs. They had red velvet cushions on them. On the backs of them were the Potter crest. Around the room, were display cases. They help things such as trophies and gold and silver statues. Harry saw more than one Griffin that looked like miniatures of the ones by the front gate.

At the end of the room was a set of French doors. Opening them, Harry was led into what Domina said was the reception area. Around the room, were all sorts of comfortable chairs and couches. They were of a dark blue color with the Potter crest on them.

The floor was covered in a lighter blue carpet. The walls were white, and had pictures of landscapes on them. at the other end of the room, Harry could just make out the entrance hall. Domina then led Harry up a flight of spiral stairs. The stairs had a rug of red velvet down them.

As they got to the top of the first flight of stairs. Harry was led into the ballroom. The floors looked to be cherry wood and were squeaky clean so they shone. Above Harry was another chandelier much like the one in the entrance hall.

At the far end of the room was a stage. It was obviously for the bands that would play during the balls. Along both sides of the room, there were more French doors. Opening them Harry walked out onto a large balcony, that overlooked the grounds.

Going up another flight of stairs, Harry came to the second floor. He walked in to what was obviously the living room. There were couches and chairs scattered throughout the room. There were also bookshelves along the walls, and would look to be a reading desk.

The carpet was a dark red. Through the door to Harry's left was the family dining room. It looked like a miniature version of the formal dining room downstairs.

“Nows if you sit down master wees shall get you some supper.” said Domina. Harry did and was soon eating a roast beef sandwich and some pumpkin juice. “Throughs that doors is the kitchen.” said Domina whilst pointing.

As soon as Harry was done eating she showed it to him. Surprisingly, it was a rather modern kitchen. It was a mixture of magic and muggle. There was all the usual muggle appliances, but they obviously ran on magic rather than electricity.

Up another flight of stairs, they came to the floor with the bedrooms on it. There were six bedrooms and the master bedroom. Harry walked in to the master bedroom and looked around. It was a fairly decent size.

With windows looking out on the front as well as the side yards. There were bookcases on several walls and a desk in the corner. His bed was king-size and a fourposter. The drapes were of a dark blue. The carpet was a blue gray and the walls were slightly darker shade of blue gray.

Walking into the attached bathroom, he looked upon a double sink, walk-in shower, and Jacuzzi tub. It was tiled in the same blue gray as the bedroom.

“Does your likes it?” asked Domina.

“I do.” said Harry.

The next floor was the library. It looked to go on forever. Everywhere Harry looked there was floor to ceiling shelves. As Harry quickly looked around, he's saw books on everything from charms to Occlumency. ' excellent.' thought Harry. ' I bet there are lots of books I've never read here. I can't wait to get started.'

Up the last flight of stairs, Harry came to the room that was covered with the glass dome. It was clearly an observatory. There were several telescopes pointed towards the sky. The walls were covered in charts and maps of the stars.

There were several small wooden tables scattered throughout the room. Harry took a moment to look through the glass dome up at the stars. Then he noticed a door at the end of the room. He was told by Domina that that was the house elf quarters.

When Harry was done looking around, Domina lead him to the basement. Down the same flights of stairs he taken up they went. Then they went down one more flight of stairs than they had gone up, and they came to the potions laboratory.

Around the room was what were clearly potions cabinets. There were several long tables down the room. Along one wall were all sorts and sizes of cauldrons.

Harry was no expert potion master, but after the Battle of Hogwarts he had gotten pretty decent. He had had to. You never knew when you needed a potion. Harry knew he would be able to put the potions laboratory to good use. With that thought he yawned. He dismissed Domina for the night, and went to bed.


The next morning dawned bright and clear. He slowly got up from bed and made his way to his shower. He got dressed and went down to breakfast.

As he ate bacon and eggs he thought of what he needed to do. First thing he needed to do, was make a list. As soon as he was done with breakfast, that was what he did. He went to the library, with quill and ink, to make a list. After an hour of thinking this is what he came up with.

Send Domina to buy Hedwig so that I can reply to the letter from Hogwarts.

Read and learn as much as I can from Potter library

make sure Occlumency shields are up to snuff

when interrogated by Dumbledore, tell him you ran away because the Dursley's were cruel to you and that you won't tell him where you ran away to.

Destroy diadem ASAP

try to get on good terms with Snape

don't let Malfoy get on your nerves

try to act as much as a normal 11-year-old as possible

read a lot to explain abilities

talk to the basilisk in the chamber of secrets and kill it if needed

defeat Quirrel without alerting Dumbledore

start up DA if possible

destroy the ring summer after first year

destroy the diary when it's given to Ginny

free Dobby if possible

in third-year, take ancient runes, arithmancy, and care of magical creatures instead of the divination

figure out how to expose wormtail

devise trap for wormtail

prevent Remus from being outed if possible

prove Sirius's innocence

destroy cup after Sirius is proven innocent since he would have access to Bellatrix's vault

destroy locket at Grimmauld before fourth-year

if Winky is given clothes by Crouch then bond to her

get gillyweed for tournament

kill Voldemort in graveyard

That sounded like a good beginning to his plans. He wanted to keep things as close to his original time line as he could. If things got two different then all his future knowledge would be useless.

It made him sad that he couldn't free Sirius before he escaped himself. It also made him kind of sad that people like Bartemis Crouch Sr. and Bertha Jorkins would probably still die to keep the time line mostly the same.

However if his plans went as Harry wanted then the wizarding would be saved. Harry hated that people were still going to die, but he just couldn't see any way around it. He just had to hope that the lives of many being saved were worth the deaths of a few. He had to defeat Voldemort. He just had to.

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