A New Time To Make Peace Year One

Chapter Three

The month between when Harry's letter arrived and September 1 went rather fast for Harry. It was not long before he fell into a routine. Every morning he would wake up at the crack of dawn and go down to a delicious breakfast.

When he was finished eating, he would then make his way to the library. While there he would read as much as he could. There was even more sorts of books than Harry had thought in the Potter library.

He read books on potions and spells that he'd never heard of before. There were just books on potions that had to do with healing, there were ones that he could used in combat as well. And the spells he found he could use if not to take down Voldemort, then to at least take out a few of his death eaters. He spent the entire morning reading his books and memorizing as much as he could.

He would then go in to eat his lunch. After lunch he would do one of two things. Some days he would go down to the potions laboratory. While there, he would brew lots of potions. The potions he would brew most often were nutrient potions and calming droughts. He never knew when he might need something like that. Especially the nutrient potion. He was taking one every day to help with his malnutrition.

When he was not working on these potions, he was practicing some of the new ones he'd found. He had more than one cauldron explode in his face. Luckily he wasn't badly injured though he did lose his eyebrows a few times.

When he wasn't in the potions laboratory, he was outside practicing new spells. He would conjure dummies and then fire spells at them as well as curses. He practiced dodging as they fired spells back at him. He was never so glad that the ministry could not track his use of magic. By the end, he was sweating and would go take a shower before supper.

After supper he would spend a few hours in the observatory. He would looks through the telescopes at the stars. Some nights he would fall asleep hunched over his telescope. This was his time to relax before another exhausting day of work.

This routine went mostly uninterrupted. The most notable exception to this was the day two days after his arrival. He was sitting working in the library when a burst of fire appeared. When it cleared Fawkes was standing on his table.

“Hello Fawkes.” Said Harry. “A letter from Dumbledore I suppose.”

Fawkes nodded his head. “Let's have it then.” Said Harry as he took the letter that Fawkes had between his talons. It read:

Dear Harry,

First let me introduce myself. My name is Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore. I am the current headmaster of Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. I am writing to inquire about your current location. I was made aware of your disappearance from your current residence by your guardians, that is to say your aunt and uncle. They are quite worried about you. If you reply with your current location, I would be happy to come and return you to them safely. Do reply soon.

Your headmaster,

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

After a few minutes of deliberation, Harry wrote the following letter:

Dear headmaster,

Thank you for your concern as to my whereabouts. However, I assure you I am quite fine where I'm at.


Harry J Potter

“Please take this to the headmaster Fawkes, and if you would be so kind not to tell him where I am at I would most appreciate it. For you see he does not understand the whole situation, and I'd rather not have him find me. Will you do that for me?” Asked Harry.

Fawkes nodded his head and flamed away.

After that day, Harry had gotten several more letters from the headmaster. These he ignored and sent them back unopened. He also made sure that the wards were updated. Though he decided to not block Fawkes from entering his home.

He wanted to keep updated with what Dumbledore was doing and Fawkes gave him a chance to. Also, he kind of liked Fawkes. They got along well together, and by asking him questions he would sometimes get answers, for Fawkes would either nod up and down or shake his head in reply. This continued until September 1 finally arrived.


Harry made sure he was ready the night before. Earlier that week he had owl ordered his trunk. It was a seven compartment trunk just like Alastair Moody's had been. Most of the compartments he filled with books from Potter library.

He also filled a compartment with potions ingredients that were not standard for students as well as several cauldrons of different metals. The main compartment of his trunk he filled with all the usual Hogwarts things, his Hogwarts level books, quills and ink, and school uniforms.

Harry awoke very early the morning of September 1. He quickly got dressed in his Hogwarts uniform. He then levitated his trunk and Hedwig's empty cage, he had let her fly to Hogwarts into the family dining room. Then Ursa proceeded to fill his plate with a mountain of food, “Don'ts wants master starving nows does wes.”

Harry ate quickly, and then packed away the food that Ursa gave him to eat on the train for lunch. Harry then said goodbye to his house elves. They said a teary farewell to him. He then apparated to the train station after making sure his scar was covered by his hair and disillusioning himself.


Harry was never more glad that he learned how to use a strong disillusionment charm. There were wizards standing at either end of the platform scanning the small crowd that was forming. Clearly they were looking for someone, and it was most likely him.

He should've been expecting this. Dumbledore wasn't going to give up that easily. He quickly and stealthily crept onto the train. It was not long before he found an empty compartment where he settled down to wait.

He put a light notice me not charm on the door to the compartment. He didn't want anybody that he didn't want in his compartment to come into its before the train had even started moving. He took out the book he was currently reading, and decided to read while he waited.

Harry was not sitting there along, before very familiar girl with the bushy brown hair looked into the compartment. Harry waved off his notice me not charm, and beckoned her inside.

“Hello my name is Hermione Granger. I'm a first year. Are you first-year too? Is it okay if we stay here?” Said Hermione rather quickly.

“Sure.” said Harry “My name is Harry.”

As Hermione walked into the compartment Harry noticed the second figure standing behind her. This one was a boy with short brown hair. He was also familiar.

“My name is Neville.” Said the boy hesitantly.

“Harry.” Said Harry

“So are you first year too?” asked Hermione

“Yah.” replied Harry.

“I've read all our books. They are so fascinating. There is so much to learn. I am afraid I won't be much good. My parents are muggles you see. I didn't even know that all the strange things that I had been doing had been magic until one day after my eleventh birthday Professor McGonagall showed up on my doorstep and told me about it.

I've decided to read as much as I can to become the best that I can because I mean the kids with wizard parents probably know so much all ready that I'm afraid I’ll be rubbish.” said Hermione practically all in one breath.

“Slow down Hermione.” said Harry practically. “I am sure you will be fine. Due to the laws and everything kids don't get to practice magic until they are Hogwarts age. Therefore, we all start off on even footing in the beginning.”

“Really? How would you know? Are your parents magical?” asked Hermione.

“My parents were magical but I was raised my my muggle aunt and uncle.”said Harry. “but I am sure that what I said is true. We are all witches and Wizards aren't we? Why should our blood status determine our education. We are all starting out as first-years after all. If pure bloods knew more magic before age eleven then surely they would start off as second or third-years don't you think.”

“Makes sense I suppose. What do you think Neville?” asked Hermione.

“Well I suppose. I'm a pure blood, but everyone thought I was a squib for ages. Wasn't till my Uncle Algie came over one day and accidentally dropped me out the window and I bounced that my gran knew I was magical. Even after that she would never let me do magic. My uncle was so happy though that he gave me my toad Trevor. Wait. Where is Trevor? Have you seen my toad?” Neville started to panic.

They spent about ten minutes searching their compartment for the missing toad, but couldn't find him. Just as they were about to go door to door asking if anyone had seen the toad,

Harry mentally smacked his head. How could he have been so stupid. The accio charm. He couldn't do it though. That would give away too much too soon. So he suggested to the other two that they find an older year and ask that they do it for them. That is what they did.

They knocked on the door to the next compartment and Oliver Wood opened the door. After quickly explaining the situation to him, they asked if he could summon Trevor for them. He agreed and summoned him. He quickly came zooming towards them from the girls toilet of all places. After thanking Oliver, they then went back to their compartment.

Not long after they got settled in again, the compartment door opened. There was the trolley lady asking if they wanted anything. Harry decided to get a little of everything to share. Before they started on the sweets however, Harry brought out the lunch that Ursa had packed for him. As usual, the house elves had given him way too much food, so he shared this as well.

They spent about half an hour eating their lunch. Neville and Hermione both complemented him on the food. Harry told them it was made by one of his house elves. This then led to a discussion on house elves of which Hermione of course had never heard of before. Harry told them all about how Hogwarts had house elves.

At first Hermione was shocked, but then Harry explained to her that they liked working and that they didn't see it as slavery. They saw it as doing what they enjoyed. It took a while, but he finally convinced Hermione that house elves didn't want or need to be free. They just needed more rights.

.It was of course at this point that Neville pointed out how he had said that he had been raised by muggles. Harry explained that he had, but he was now living elsewhere and refused to say anymore for fear of giving away too much.

They then devolved into talking about schoolwork. Hermione and Harry especially discussed all of their school books as well as Hogwarts A History. They found that they were very similar in that they both read a lot of books. It was then that Harry brought up the subject of occlumency and legilimancy.

He wanted both Hermione and Neville's minds to be well protected. He wasn't going to tell them about his time travel or having died of course, but he didn't want the headmaster or Snape to be able to get into their heads and see what they've been talking about. Hermione and Neville both agreed to be taught Occlumency by Harry.

It was not long after this that the door opened once again. This time it was a familiar, at least to Harry, light blonde head walked through the door, flanked on either side by his two guerrillas.

“Have you seen Harry Potter? I hear he's supposed to be on the train.” Said the boy.

“Not that I know.” Said Hermione.

“Where is he then? I searched every compartment and still haven't found him.”

“Maybe he doesn't want to be found.” Said Harry

“Why wouldn't he want to be found?” asked the boy who was clearly Malfoy.

“I know that if I was that famous I would not want to have everybody stare at me.” Said Harry

“I just want to ask him if he wants to be my friend.”

“Why would he want to be friends with you?” Asked Hermione.

“I'm a Malfoy that's why!” exclaimed Malfoy.

“Why should that make any difference.” Asked Hermione

“Do you know who we are? Clearly not. You must be a mud blood.” Said Malfoy with a sneer.

“Don't call her that!” Exclaimed Neville.

“Does blood status matter so much?” Said Harry.

“Of course it does!” Said Malfoy.

“I'll bet that despite Hermione here being muggleborn that she is able to beat you in all our classes.” Said Harry.

“Harry!” Exclaimed Hermione.

“Oh yeah?!” Said Malfoy. “You are on! What are we wagering?”

“How about if I'm right you reconsider your beliefs?” Said Harry

“and when you're wrong?” Asked Malfoy.

“I won't interfere in you calling Hermione a mud blood ever again.” Said Harry

“Fine.” Said Malfoy. They shook on it. Then Malfoy left.

As soon Malfoy left Hermione starting berating Harry for betting. That lasted pretty much the rest of the ride to Hogwarts until finally Harry said, “Look Hermione. Normally I would not bet but I have faith in you. I have faith that you will show those pure bloods that muggleborns can be smart too.

As long as you remember that you don't know everything and let other students have a chance to answer questions as well. You'll show them. I know you will. Now we are almost there. You two had better get changed.” Hermione was a little dumbfounded and she was quiet for the rest of the trip.

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