A New Time To Make Peace Year One

Chapter Eight

Viride slithered out of the statue. Harry could hear her as she moved along the ground. It reminded him of the first times he had confronted her in his second year. It was actually kind of scary. He once again hoped that he was not making a big mistake.

The sounds stopped. Viride was not far away. She spoke – I am sure you are wondering what in the immunity bite entails. It is quite simple really. It is exactly as it sounds. I bite you and you are immune from me and all other magical snakes. I am not sure about non-magical snakes though – Harry paled as she said that. He never should never have thought about being bitten by the basilisk before venturing down there. The world has a cruel sense of irony. Obviously. With his luck what else should he have been expecting though.

Harry asked – Won't that kill me though? – – No it won't. – Harry thought all that over and realized he actually trusted the basilisk. How weird was that? He would never of thought that would happen back in his original second year. Oh how things change in such a short amount of time. Viride went on to explain – I, like most magical snakes, can control how much venom I put in to my bite. When I want to kill I put massive amounts of venom into the bite wound. If I want someone to die slowly I would put not quite as much of an amount of venom into a bite as I would if I wanted them to die quickly. The more of it I put into the bite the quicker someone would die.

However to bond to you, I need just put a microscopic amount into the bite. I won't lie to you and say it won't be painful, but it will not be very painful. At least it shouldn't. Master Salazar didn't complain. Just this tiny amounts won't kill you. It is just enough to bond us.– Harry pondered that.

He then asked – Are there any other side effects to this besides bonding us and having immunity to snakes? -- There are indeed.– – Will you tell me them? – – Sure. The other side effects are mainly that you will take on some characteristics of mine. Not any physical ones mind you. – She said as Harry shuddered at the thought of having scaly skin and trying to explain that to Dumbledore. – Well not so much along the lines of my physical characteristics that you can see, such as my skin, tail, or my eyes. I'm speaking more line lines of snake characteristics or the physical traits that you can't see. You should certainly become more stealthier. You should be able to sneak up on people more easily and not be able to be followed quite so easily as you are able to be now. Your sense of hearing, sense of smell, and sense of taste should also improve drastically. They won't be quite as good as mine, but Salazar could always hear conversations, that were going on in whispers, clear on the other side of the great Hall that were going on during dinnertime. He also developed the ability to smell when there was poisons and such in his food.

This became a rather useful ability for him, considering how many people attempted to poison him throughout the years. It was mainly students sadly, trying to poison their professor at the urge of their parents. Muggleborns predominantly though some pure bloods as well who thought he was dark.– She again sounded rather sad. – He was also able to enjoy his food more due to his sense of taste. Also between his sense of taste and sense of smell he was able to track people down almost as well as any animal that is known to be able to do such a thing. –

Harry thought this over. – Anything else I need to know? – After a few moments of silence in which Viride was thinking it over she said,– After we bond you will also be able to look me in the eye and not be petrified or killed. You also be able to look any other basilisk, if there are any out there, in the eyes and live to tell the tale as well. – – Cool. – Said Harry – what must I do? –

A moment later Viride said – Just stand right there as still as you can, and bare your forearm. In a moment you will feel a prick. Please do not panic. That will just be me. I will be drawling a fang across your are. It should hurt for a few minutes as the then is assimilated into your bloodstream and into your magical core. Once the pain stops you can open your eyes, and we will be all finished.–

That sounded simple enough. Harry did as she asked, and stood as still as possible whilst rolling his sleeves up so that she could see his arm. He then slowly held out his bared arm. A moment later, pain shot up his arm. It was not nearly as bad as he remembered from his second year. Then he had felt like his insides were on fire. Now it was just a slight burning sensation, and he had felt much worse. Still the pain brought him to his knees as it spread throughout his body. It radiated out from his arm, down through his chest, and then down his legs and up to his head. When it stopped a few minutes later, he slowly stood up on shaky legs.

He then even more slowly opened his eyes and looked at Viride. He then proceeded to stand there for a minute with his mouth hanging wide open. It was so wide open in fact that it would have caught any flies in the chamber had there been any. He looked upon the basilisk in front of him for the first time. Well, it was technically the second time, but the first time she had been maimed and dead.

The creature in front of him was a truly beautiful beast. She was close to what had to be 60 feet long. Her scales where nearly the same color as his eyes, except perhaps a shade or two darker. Her whole body gleamed. She had ridges along her spine. The eyes that gazed at him in worry were huge and were also the same color as a sunflower. As he smiled reassuringly at her he got a smile in return. This showed off her rows of sharp teeth that shown in the light from the torches in the brackets along the walls.

A moment later he came to his senses and said – You really are a beautiful creature. – – Thank you Master– said Viride. – Is there anything else I can do for you? – She asked – Oh yes. – Said Harry – one last thing before I go. – – Of course master what is it?– Asked Viride – Could you please put a few drops of your venom onto this blade? – asked Harry as he pulled out his goblin made blade. – Of course master – said Viride. She did just that. Harry then left after assuring her that he would be back soon to visit. He still had to go destroy the diadem that night after all. He also really needed some sleep. He was thankful that he would be able to sleep in the next morning. He left the chamber of secrets as quickly and quietly as he could. He disillusioned himself again, and left the second floor girls bathroom and went on his way up to the seventh floor.


When he got to the spot across from a familiar tapestry, he proceeded to walk back and forth three times, while concentrating on the room filled with miscellaneous items that people had hid there for one reason or another. On the third pass he opened his eyes, and there was a familiar door. Glancing around one last time to make sure nobody was around, he proceeded to open the door. He walked inside.

It was just as messy in there as he remembered it. Everywhere he looked there were new things to see. Some of these things could still be very useful. He would have to come back here sometime and look through all these things. You never knew when you could use something such as an extra broom. He might even be able to fix the vanishing cabinet. If he could fix it, it would certainly be a quick and easy way to get to not only to Knockturn Alley but from there to Diagon Alley. Well, as long as nobody else bought the other vanishing cabinet that is. Maybe that summer, he would just have to go and buy it to be sure noone else did. He didn't want to go through the cabinet expecting to get to the alley only to end up in someone else's home after all especially, as it would be likely that said person would be dark considering that the other vanishing cabinet was in Knockturn Alley which was known for its dark shops that only dark individuals visited.

Not to mention that it was in Borgin and Burkes which attracted dark individuals such as Lucius Malfoy. He would rather not end up in Malfoy Manor. He had way too many bad memories of there.

Breaking out of his thoughts, Hermione's screams as Bellatrix tortured her ringing through his mind, he tried to remember where exactly the diadem was. He wandered around a little bit looking at what he came across. He kept getting distracted by the interesting things he found. Finally ducking down a row he came across a familiar bust near a cabinet. Next to said bust was a very ugly looking tiara. It was the diadem. Not wanting to touch the thing, and therefore giving it the chance to attempt to possess him, he left it where it was. He then drew his dagger, and he then quickly slammed the dagger down into the diadem. With a scream, the diadem crumbled into dust.

Harry took a few moments to mourn loss of Ravenclaw's diadem. It really was a shame that Tom Riddle had to pick set an artifact to use for his horcrux. There was nothing for it now however. Moldy Voldy had to be destroyed. It was the only way to save his friends and many other who would die if he didn't do what he had to do.

Done with his job, he found his way out of the room. He promised himself that he would come back at a later date. He had to start going through some of that stuff. He then proceeded down to the hufflepuff common room, slipped inside and gladly sink into sleep.


The next few days went by much the same as the previous week had. He, Hermione, and Neville were in the library a lot. They did their homework first, and then they went to look at other books. With their first flying lesson coming up they were especially looking at books such as Quidditch Through the Ages for pointers. Harry, however, had something important he needed to do. He wanted to find a way to ward the castle against trolls if possible. He didn't want a repeat of Halloween his first year, the first time. Also, reading help build credence that he read a lot so that if he slipped up and displayed magic that was beyond the first year, he could just blame it on his readings.

Before Harry knew it, it was Thursday. It was the day of the first flying lesson. The day started out much the same as the previous ones. He went down to breakfast and sat with Neville and Hermione at the Ravenclaw table. They ate as normal, then the mail came. Just as had happened the first time around, Neville got a package from his gran containing a remembrall. Harry spent a moment hoping that Malfoy would just leave him alone. Sadly, it was not to be.

Just as had happened Harry's first time around, Malfoy sauntered over to the table and tried to steal Neville's remembrall. Just as Harry was about to chastise him and tell him give it back, Professor Flitwick came down and did what Harry was just about to do. Before Harry could say anything, Malfoy sauntered away.

The rest of the day went by the same way as the previous days did. Then it was time for their flying lesson. It began just as Harry remembered it with all of them stepping up to their brooms. Harry's came up on his first try whilst Hermione is and Neville's took longer to get up into their hands though not as long as the first time because Harry encouraged his friends. He knew they could do it. They never had liked flying, but they weren't so bad once they had gotten over their fears of the brooms,and heights, and falling, and hitting the ground.

Unfortunately, Harry was not able to stop Neville before he took off early once again. Up Neville rose into the sky with a panicked look upon his face, and then down he came. Harry would not let Neville get hurt though. Barely sticking out his wand, so no one would see, he thought ' arresto momentum'. Neville slowed down, and ended up uninjured. He was rather shaken up though. Everyone but Harry looked highly confused as to how Neville had slowed down. They had all expected him to hit the ground hard. Though most of them were thankful that he hadn't. Hooch had Hermione take Neville to the hospital wing in order for him to be given a calming draught.. Meanwhile, she turned back to the to continue to teach the rest of the class.

As she turned away from them, Harry caught Malfoy's movement out of the corner of his eye. He was reaching down to grab something. Harry realized that it was Neville's remembrall. Glancing around in order to make sure that noone was looking at him, he thought, 'Accio Neville's remembrall”. It came zooming into his hand just before Malfoy's hand closed on it. Malfoy looked around to see who had spotted him and taken the remembrall and spotted him with it in his hand. Harry just gave him a glare and turned back to the rest of the class.

Malfoy was learning. It would take time, but he would teach him to leave people alone, and that other people's things did not belong to him. He would teach him that pure bloods were not better than muggleborns or those considered blood traitors. Malfoy would learn. At the very least, Harry wanted to give him all the facts. He wasn't so bad, certainly not as bad as his father. He would keep him from getting so brainwashed yet. He would keep him from his previous fate. He would save him just as he would save his friends.

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