Black Vengeance


The public never knew of the major shift in power, instead believing Fudge's anti-Dumbledore propaganda.

Aided by Sirius, a new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher was placed in Hogwarts. Fudge had initially wanted Dolores Umbridge to teach, but Sirius had nixed the idea, stating that Hogwarts should not lower her standards for any reason. So, a retired curse breaker was appointed instead.

Since there was no threat to his son, Sirius allowed an ecstatic Harry to go to Hogwarts for his fifth year as Gryffindor prefect. They continued using the Hogsmeade residence, Harry was comfortable with coming home from school, and Sirius was only too happy to see his son at the end of the day.

The nineteen ninety-six batch of first years never got to see Dumbledore welcome them as headmaster. By the middle of August, the board of governors had booted him from the position. A tip from Sirius had Aurors going after the venerable old man on suspicions of harbouring the dangerous werewolves Remus Lupin and Severus Snape.

The former headmaster had swiftly gone into hiding. He had spent a long time searching for a person that was no longer there before he finally found out the truth.

But by then it was too late. Now that he was a wanted man for a little over a year, Dumbledore's influence was fully broken. He sought asylum in Germany, where he shortly died in isolation.

Harry had finished his schooling with top marks in his O.W.L.s and N.E.W.T.s. Sirius had to admit that it wasn’t exactly easy raising Harry. The boy had quite a few insecurities left over from his horrendous childhood at the Dursleys (Sirius had taken his time harassing the Muggle family before finally putting them out of their misery). At times he would regress, acting much younger than his years, and at times he would push the boundaries and be moody but Sirius was patient and made sure to be there for him and more importantly, consistent.

By the time Harry had left school as head boy and prefect, the youngest seeker in a century and the youngest registered Animagus, he was no longer the boy he had been when he had first entered Hogwarts. Now confident, well-adjusted, and magically strong, he set out to conquer the world. After the customary tour around the world, he went onto earn a degree as Grand Sorcerer in Defence Against the Dark Arts. His paper dealing with research on the effects of brother wands was critically acclaimed. Once out of university, he took over the family’s finances, occasionally playing Quidditch in the local leagues.

He reconnected with Padma Patil who was in the same university, studying for her degree of Grand Sorceress in Potions. The pretty girl had blossomed into a fine looking woman. She had not forgotten the way he had "rescued" her from an evening of boredom at the Yule Ball by setting her up with another date. Fred Weasley might have been a handful, but he knew how to keep her entertained. Thanks to that, she thought of him in quite favourable terms even though they had barely spoken since in school.

The two of them had married three years after graduating.

In the meantime, Sirius had become quite a force in the political world. With the dark families now fully in his fist, he presented himself as a huge power bloc. Thanks to his progressive thinking, and measures to end the huge social gap between Muggleborns and the rest, Sirius had made serious inroads with the light families as well, thereby increasing his power.

Handing over the Wizengamot seat to his now forty year old son (who was almost instantaneously elevated to Chief Warlock thanks to his celebrity status and family power) Sirius had run for Minister, winning the office in a landslide victory.

As Minister, with Harry heading the Wizengamot, the two of them had become even more famous for eradicating the werewolf threat in the country after peace talks had failed. Of particular note were the captures and executions of Fenrir Greyback, Severus Snape and Remus Lupin. Of the three lycans, the latter two werewolves' notoriety may or may not have been greatly exaggerated after Sirius had perhaps started rumours that the two of them were actually a couple.

By the time a ninety year old Sirius had retired as Minister, Britain was the first western country to be declared a werewolf free zone.

And now, at a hundred and thirty four, Sirius finally was at peace.

He was, for all intents and purposes, the last of the Blacks. The family had been merged with another ancient family to give Clan Potter-Black. He was also, at the same time, the first of this new clan with Harry (the last of the Potters) being the first scion. Although technically, Harry was the first since Sirius had never taken up the name "Potter-Black"

House Potter-Black had gone above and beyond House Black or House Potter. Thanks to him and Harry, the wizarding world of Britain was fully united with the people looking to them to resolve any conflicts. Thanks to a judicious use of their servant, the country experienced a century of peace. And they would experience many more years.

The populace had started to consider them royalty by now. Their many contributions had ensured an almost fanatic level of adoration from the public, helped by reports of their stance of neutrality in politics. Sirius knew that word was out on the streets that one could always count on The Clan (as they were known to the public) to keep things stable. It would only be a matter of time before their royal status became official. Tears of happiness welled in Sirius' eyes as he thought of a nameless descendant of his being crowned magical king. Perhaps it might be one of his great-grandchildren out there playing in the lawns of the massive manor.

For all he knew, it could be Harry, who was sitting with his wife and children, watching the kids play.

Sirius didn't know if that would happen, though. But the future, whatever it may be, was bright for Clan Potter-Black.
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