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Is this it?

The throne room was not as opulent as some other kings around but it was to be expected with the situation they were in, war; always war. And for some reason the king had thought it to be a good idea to send that useless military brat to do his battles for him, not very wise. The princess had apparently not been much more successful and had had to be rescued from a barrel in the sea while the traitor ran free. Honestly was he just a child?

“Seems like Young Dragoul is in need some assistance with the dungeon.”

“Shut up Vittel…”

“Yes sir”

It still felt weird to be the head of an assassin group to Ja’far but as long as they listened to him it was fine. Honestly that someone even took him serious was good enough, he had to fight long and hard to make it to the top and now when he finally was here he would do everything in his powers to keep it.

So apparently now it was their turn to go with the spoiled brat to do his deeds and retrieve the dungeon to the king. Hah not a chance, if the king let them in that dungeon he would surely try to grab the djing for himself, provided that the traitor did not make it first. Now how to prevent that...?

The emperor had not told them specifically that they couldn’t kill the traitor, Simbad apparently; so that was exactly what Ja’far would do.

Taking matters into his own hands Ja’far crept along the roofs tops of the small village of these monstrous creatures home, how his victim had ended up here was a mystery for Ja’far but not something he cared over for the moment. When they had told him Simbad ha left his country and fled by boat things got a little more complicated but no impossible. When had he ever had difficulties locating his victims, so this one was a piece of cake.

The wind that was howling over his head had picked up in the last hour and made him freeze inside, refusing to shudder he just crept forward; toward his goal. He was made for more than this, more than just some petit mission to kill a little brat from some small village that didn’t want to do his military service, but a job was a job and no matter what they said Ja’fa kind of enjoyed it.

He had stalked the man earlier that day, to see where he went; it was always easier to attack someone when they didn’t expect it, cowardly perhaps but much easier. But he had had a hard time making up his mind about this person, he was young, perhaps a few years older than Ja’far, had long purple hair and a idiots confidence and he had driven Ja’far absolutely nuts with his cheerful attitude, maybe it was best to get this job done as soon as possible. Wondering briefly if he should wait till the backup arrived he found the right roof and peered into the room, there he was.

Sleeping soundly in the middle of the bed, they looked kind of peaceful, Ja’far felt something stir in his guts, something he hadn’t felt before and it made him edgy, something didn’t feel just right.

Brushing off the feeling of unease and hesitation he took a deep breath in the cold wind, the best plan of attack was after all attack so it was now or never. Not bothered to think anymore he let his assassin's instincts take over, it was much easier to let everything go on autopilot than to actually think of what he was about to do. Jumping down the roof window was his speciality and always worked well when to kill your victims.

The attack was to be swift and silent but suddenly something he hadn’t anticipated made connection with his stomach and made him tumble backwards. The hit was hard and must have come from one of his victims; and it hurted, momentarily confused about what had just happened Ja’far tried to sit up and when he did everyone else in the room had also woken by the commotion.

“Who the hell are you?!”

Oh great, now the big moron was awake and with him the others, well no time to lose; he had a mission to do and nothing was going to stand in his way. Throwing his knives at the others in the room they wrapped obediently around their arms and bodies, making them immobilized so the only thing standing between him and his target was Sinbad’s confidence that they would be able to break free from his wiers, ha not a chance.

Ja’far took a firmer grip around his assassin knife and launched forward, make this quick and soon it would be over. Something he always tried to convince himself with but always knew it wasn’t true. He was not a monster, no matter how much everyone else tried to raise him above them to be the best of the assassin’s, everyone he killed had surely been in cold blood but never without feelings. Never without conscious and always for a reason. Lately he had begun wondering if that reason was only because someone told him to, if so then his actions were justified enough to not have guilt lingering after each deed.

The moron, Sinbad was not ready for his attack this time and with a swift flicker of the wire and a foot in the guts Ja’far had him pinned down on the floor with his comrades screaming in the background. His knife had scratched the purple haired man’s arm in the fall but not penetrated it enough to make any bigger harm, well that he would have to change now would he, could not let him go without taking his life.

The man on the floor was staring up in Ja’far's blood red eyes with a fear that always was gratifying to see in his victims, they knew he was above them and that there was nothing they could do about it. He an orphaned child would be the one to decide if they deserved to see the dawn of a new day or not.

But this man was different somehow, he didn’t have the same eyes as the rest of them. They held fear yes, but also wonder, surprise and determination and it choked Ja’far. What did this man see that none of the others did not, did he know something Ja’far didn’t?

Red eyes stared into golden brown for a split moment, wondering why? and that was all it took for Sinbad to act. Ja’far saw the movement but to late, he stuck his knife into teh waiting flesh of his next victim but the same time Sinbad had grabbed hold of his sword to parry the attack.

“Sucks for you but, I don’t plan to die here!”

Suddenly a lightning struck from nowhere and hit Ja’far with a force that he had definitely not anticipated, making his whole body twitch and fall backwards, numb with the sudden pain. Not sure if he blacked out or if it was just the light in the room that disappeared for a moment but whatever it was it could not be good, not good at all.

Numb, numb was not good at all, he felt his whole body hit the ground and just lay still, muffled voices moved around him and someone put a hand over his throat. Okay so this was it, a failed mission was the equivalent of his death and this time he was down for it. Maybe it hadn’t been such a good idea to get this one himself but never could he had guessed it went like this. The hand on his throat pushed down on his puls, if they were going to choke him atleast they could make it thoroughly, not like this.

The hand on his throat disappeared and reappeared at his forehead, this was a very weird way of killing someone; maybe he was to live so long until this numbness wore off and then when they put their sword in him he would feel it more. The voices had become clearer now and he could hear faint whispers from the people in the back and someone discussing what they would do with him.

“What were you thinking Sinbad, you could have killed him!?”

“Well to be fair he tried to kill me and I had no other choice at the moment did I?

“I think at least we have got to hear what he has to say before leaving him to the authorities, Hinohoho tie him up will you.”

Another set of hands grabbed Ja’far and rope was tied firmly around his body and hands so there was no way that he could escape. His vision was mostly back now and he could see the people in the room standing before him looking grim, two spears was driven into the ground before him where he now kneeled and the giants holding them didn’t seem to bulk in the nearest future, his only way out of this was clearly death.

“Okay to begin with, who are you?”

Sinbad seemed to have recover from the attack and stood firm with his arms folded before him, hard to believe he was only a child; but Ja’far hadn’t much to say there really. Refusing to answer he just turned his head slightly to the side, looking for another way out than the one he had come through.

“What’s your name? Who’re are you with? Where are you from?”

This moron didn’t give in easily did he, this was even more tedious than to have died right away, to have to listen to all of these stupid questions. Apparently if he didn’t answer they would keep him there to die, hah as if they could; he would surely come up with something if they just gave him some more time, and judging by this fool before him that would not be a problem.

“Since I’m your target I guess Parthevia sent you, right? For a child so young to become an assassin, that’s pretty remarkable”

Well he had no idea how hard Ja’far had to fight to get where he was now, not compare to this moron who had had everything laid out before him. Letting out a soft sneer Ja’far looked up at the man before him again, making eye contact for the first time since he’d been captured; the only thing he saw in there was determination and confidence and it sickened him. Apparently his sneer didn’t go unnoticed by hi capturers.

“Hey did you just sneer at me? You have some serious attitude problems kid are you even listening?!”

Not giving him the satisfaction to respond Ja’far broke his gaze away once again and scanned the room.

“You shouldn’t be doing this at that age, I don’t know what you’ve been through but you’ll make your parents sad. Do you think you can live a proper life doing this, you can’t grow up to a decent man this way, get it?”

Oh shit this moron was so freaking irritating, can’t he just shut the hell up! He didn’t need some hero speech about how bad all of this was, didn’t he think he already knew, that he wouldn’t have done something different if he had a choice? Sure this was what he was good at and what he kind of liked but deep down even Ja’far knew that maybe if he could, he would have chosen a better life.

Decent man? yeah right, like he was any better than those who fought in the war, than those who killed to just survive the day. This brat surely didn’t know anything about the world did he. He did what he must and if that means killing then that was what he would do, and mentioning his parents didn’t do things better.

“Shut up…”

“Watch the way you talk, that’s the problem; don’t you thinks that’ll bring shame to your parents?”

Shut up shut up shut up!!! why did he have to keep talking about his parents, why did he have to be so persistent about how Ja’far behaved, he did what he liked and no one could tell him otherwise. He didn’t have to answer to Sinbad, to Parthevia and definitely not to his parents!

It hurt, somewhere deep inside it still hurt and that made him angry, why couldn’t he just leave him alone. The persistence questioning had gotten the better of him and Ja’far couldn’t take it any longer, so he exploded.

“That’s why I said shut up! My parents kicked the bucket ages ago you moron!!!”

Oh God why did it still have to hurt…
The others in the room looked surprised over his speech and didn’t comment, so he took it as a sign to continue; they asked so now he told.

“Parents huh… I killed them when I was six! You won’t ever understand how great that felt. Haha hows that?! Giving you the chills?!”

The other residents in the room backed away a bit after his outburst, maybe they feared him now; maybe they finally understood that he was not some child to be played with, he was an assassin.

The feeling of satisfaction didn’t last long until a hand connected with his face, whipping it to the side with a burning sensation to his cheek. Did that bastard just slap him?

“Don’t speak so proudly about killing your parents with your own hands!”

Proudly? Proudly?! Did that idiot seriously thought he was proud of what he had done? Did he think he did it for pleasure, for honore? He had no choice, had no other way of surviving, who the hell did he think he was? Yes maybe he had been proud of it, maybe he took some pleasure in knowing they were not here anymore to destroy his life even more than they had already. But it was no way he would let this Moron stand there and look down on him for it. No. Way. In. Hell!

“You bastard! Who do you think I am?! I am the head of assassins, it’s my job to kill!! I’m not in the same world a you are, just shup up and let me kill you!”

Yes he sounded crazy, judging of the reaction of the others in the room he must have looked the part too but he didn’t care. If these people thought he was anything less than them just because he chosen a different path in life, that he did not do anything in his powers to reach his goals just like the rest of them.

“Everyone of my victims, breathed their last…”

“Thats right… for such a child to become a killer, it’s so pitiful.”

Sinbad had bent down before him while speaking, kneeling in the same height as Ja’far to look him in the eyes. Maybe out of pity, maybe because he didn’t want Ja’far to feel like he was being looked down on; in which case it completely threw Ja’far of guard.

“What…? Why are you giving me that look?”

Why? he didn’t understand, did it look like he wanted pity? Those gold-brown eyes was holding something in them that Ja’far could not place but he certainly didn’t like it, didn’t understand why Sinbad cold not just kill him off and be done with it. Did he look like he could not stand for his action, like he wasn’t aware of every one of them; didn’t he think Ja’far was good enough for his profession? A child? Who was he to call him a child?

“You are a child yourself! Don’t you make fool out of me!”

Drawing a deep sigh Sinbad raised to his feet, like Ja’far was wasting his time and that was exactly what he was trying to do.

“You bastard!!”

Something small could be heard thrown from the ceiling and connect with the floor, the next second the whole room filled with smoke. Ja’far used the distraction to jump to his feet and the next moment someone had grabbed him around the waist and was hurling themself out the roof, hhn freaking time. The clear cold air was a welcomed feeling filling his lungs with freedom, his heart still ramming with anger but at least he was out of that room.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, are you unharmed chief?

Those two imbeciles had finally decided to show up huh? Mahad and Vittel jumped away over the rooftops the same way he had come before with no care in the world.

“Too slow what took you so long?!”

“Nah we didn’t expect our chief to break in by himself.”

“I had to scout by myself because you are so useless! Can’t you scumbags do anything right without me?”

This was not over, no this was far from over and all he could think of was that moron Sinbad who was surely to die by his hands sooner or later. Never would he stop until he had that man in his clutches.

“I’ll kill you for sure next time, Sinbad!

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