Wolf pack


Everything but the wind around her was silent as Keiko meditated, she could feel the power inside of her just as Ryura had said. She felt the warmth radiating from his body as he sat down behind her, his hands running over her bare thighs. “Good, now concentrate on letting it come out of you” he said lowly next to her ear as he nipped it. Keiko did as he said and imagined that she was letting it out slowly, trying to do as he instructed. “Great you’re getting the hang of it now”

Keiko opened her eyes as she brought the power back inside herself. She looked up as Ryura shifted so he was in front of her, pushing her down so she lay on the ground of the woods she now called home. He pushed her thighs apart so he could lay between them before leaving soft kisses along her neck. Keiko let him but did not feel the pleasure that was supposed to come from it, Kagura and the girls said stuff like this would make her feel hot and give her body pleasure, so why wasn’t she feeling that pleasure.

Ryura nuzzled her neck while running his hand through her hair. “I was thinking since your birthday is next week and mating season the week after that, we should mate on your birthday. Do something nice in the day then mate in the night” said Ryura as he played with her hair.

“Okay” she said softly, glad that he could not see the frown on her face. Time was going past so fast, it would be her birthday before she knew it. In a few days she would be turning 18 and becoming the Luna of the pack when Ryura mate’s her, now she was really starting to get nervous. Ryura must have noticed as he pulled back slightly to look at her.

“It will be okay, I will look after you Keiko” he replied before pressing his lips to her in a warm kiss. She closed her eyes, wrapping her arms around her neck as she returned the kiss. When he pulled back he leant his forehead on hers. “I have some things to do in the city so I want you to go back to the house okay”

“Okay” she replied as he got off her and held his hand out to her for her to take, which she did. He gave her a quick kiss before turning and making his way towards his car to drive into the city. Keiko sighed and looked around before heading back herself.

Keiko walked into the house and stopped as Hiten walked out of his room. “Hey” he said softly as he stopped. She watched as he walked over to her and held her cheek, Keiko nuzzling his hand in response. She went to pull away but he wrapped a hand around her waist and pulled her flush against his body.

“Hiten we can’t, if someone sees” she said looking up at him. He smiled and ran his hand through her hair, just as Ryura had done not long before.

“No one is here, they won’t know” he said and he pressed his lips to her in a desperate kiss, one which she returned. She wrapped her arms around his waist and opened her mouth to him when he bit her bottom lip softly. They panted softly, looking at each other when he pulled away. “Run away with me Keiko, you won’t have to mate him”

“Hiten we can’t, where would we go. We can’t leave Japan because the hunters will come after us and if we stay in Japan Ryura will find us” she said making him look her in the eyes as tears rolled down her cheeks. “I love you and if me mating Ryura will keep you safe then I will do it”

“Please don’t Keiko, I would rather die than let him do that to you” Hiten hissed as he dried her tears from her cheeks. He kissed her again before nuzzling her nose with his own as a sign of affection. “Run away with me, he wouldn’t find us”

“Am sorry Hiten, I will do what I must to keep you safe” she said before pulling away and running into her room, Hiten calling out to her. Keiko slid down the door and cried. She wanted nothing more than to open the door and throw herself into his arms and accept his offer of running away but knew she couldn’t, Ryura would find them and he would kill Hiten and she couldn’t allow that. She loved Hiten and would do anything, even mate Ryura, to keep him alive and safe.

“What about this one?” asked Jakotsu as he held up a red dress off the shelf. Keiko looked up from her daze to the dress that Jakotsu held in his hand. Red didn’t really suit her and Jakotsu sighed seeing the look on her face. He put it back and stood next to her in the busy shop. The two had gone into Tokyo to get her a dress for her birthday, though it wasn’t going well. “Want to talk about what has you so worried?”

“It’s nothing, am just nervous is all” she replied smiling at him though he saw right through it. He sighed and pulled her out of the store and over to a small café where he ordered them drinks. When the woman walked away he looked back to her.

“You can tell me anything Keiko and I won’t tell anyone, especially not Ryura if that’s what you’re worried about” said Jakotsu taking her hands with a small smile. Keiko smiled back but then frowned as tears rolled down her cheeks. “Oh Keiko please tell me what’s wrong”

“I don’t want to do this Jakotsu but I know I have no choice. Am trying to do what the girl’s say and be a good mate but I just don’t love him Jakotsu. Every time I think about it I just want to run into Hiten’s arms and take him up on his offer of running away but I know if we did that Ryura would find us and kill Hiten. I wouldn’t be able to live if Hiten died because of me” sobbed Keiko rubbing her cheeks to get rid of the tears. She leaned into Jakotsu as he pulled her to him in a comforting hug and stroked her hair.

“I know Keiko. We all hate that there is nothing that we can do, especially Hiten” said Jakotsu as held the sobbing girl. The women came over with the drinks and walked away without asking anything. They sat there for a while just holding each other and letting Keiko get it out of her system.

“So do I get to see this dress?” asked Ryura that night as he pulled her to him and draped his arm over her waist. Keiko shifted slightly in the bed and looked at him. After Keiko had cried all she could her and Jakotsu had spent the next few hours looking for the perfect dress. In the end they decided on a blue dress that tied behind the neck and went to her mid thighs.

“Not until tomorrow” she said laying back down on the bed. Her birthday was supposed to be a fun day but instead it was a day she was dreading and didn’t want tomorrow to come. There was no turning back now, even if she wanted to run away with Hiten there was nothing she could do now, it was too late.

Ryura kissed her neck and ran his hand over her hip. “Come on seeing it now won’t hurt” he replied getting her to look at him again. He smirked and pressed his lips to her, her opening her mouth to him straight away. He pulled back and went back to kissing her neck.

“You will just have to wait like everyone else” she replied making him sigh.

“Fine” he said and laid back down. “The girls are coming over with their mates for your birthday”

“Really” she said excited looking at him and he nodded with a smile.

“Yeah I thought you would like that” he replied and she smiled, giving him a quick peck on the lips before pulling back blushing.

“Thank you” she said making him roll his eyes slightly before smiling.

“It’s okay, now go to sleep. Big day tomorrow” he said and Keiko closed her eyes, pretending to fall asleep. In reality she knew that tonight she wouldn’t sleep much at all.

“Don’t do it” said Bankotsu making Hiten turn around and look at the younger with a brow raised.

“Do what?” he asked as he go ready to go to bed himself.

“Don’t challenge Ryura tomorrow Hiten, you’re not strong enough yet. If you lose he’s not going to let you stay this time, that’s if he doesn’t kill you. Hiten please think about this, if you lose you will never be able to get her away from him. Just don’t do anything stupid tomorrow okay” said Bankotsu making Hiten sigh. How had the younger known what he had planned? Bankotsu left without getting a reply and left Hiten to his thoughts of what he was going to do.

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