Wolf pack


There is a sex scene at the end of this chapter, if this offends you please do not read it.

Keiko smiled feeling soft lips on her neck leaving soft kisses in their wake, she giggled feeling teeth softly nip at her earlobe. She turned her head, keeping the smile on her face and trying not to look shocked or confused. “Morning birthday girl” said Ryura as he pressed his lips to her in a soft kiss. When she had first awoken she had thought it had all been a dream and she was in Hiten’s arms, it seems reality wanted to torment her. “How do you feel?”

“Fine I guess, I feel stronger somehow” she replied softly making him chuckle. She looked up as he brushed her hair from her eyes.

“That’s because you now have your full powers” he replied and she held up her hand. She smiled as the blue power traveled lightly over her skin, tickling her. Ryura chuckled and then got out of the bed, pulling her with him. “Come on birthday girl”

She looked down as he held her hand while pulling her out of the bedroom and into the living room. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” the pack shouted making her smile. She could at least be happy for a few hours. She smiled and hugged Jakotsu as he glomped her.

“Thank you guys” she said and she looked up at Hiten. He smiled at her and she smiled back, wishing she could throw her arms around his neck. She looked to the side as Ryura wrapped an arm around her waist and kissed her neck.

“We will eat and then go for a run as a pack. After we will do presents” he said as he pulled her over to the table to eat her birthday breakfast. She sat down and smiled as the food was put down in front of her. She picked up her knife and fork and froze as something came to her. It was like watching a movie that only she could see.

Tears rolled down her cheeks and Ryura leaned over to her whipping them away. “Keiko what’s wrong?” he asked softly. She blinked and looked at him as everything went back to normal.

“Am sorry it was just a memory of my family, well the parents I thought were my parents” she said softly and he cupped her cheek, rubbing his finger over her cheek softly.

“Where your family now Keiko” he said and she smiled nodding.

“And a great family your are, I love you all” she said softly smiling at them all. Her eyes held Hiten’s for a few seconds before she looked down and she ate her food. She would not tell them what she really saw because she would make sure it didn’t happen.

Keiko looked herself over and smiled slightly, she looked nice. “You look amazing” said Hiten and she turned to him.

“Hiten you can’t be in here, if Ryura found out” she said and he chuckled as he walked over to her. He pulled her to him and pressed his lips to hers in a soft kiss. He pulled away and smiled.

“I won’t let him touch you” he said softly and she shook her head trying not to cry.

“Don’t challenge him Hiten, please don’t” she said looking up at him. His eyes widened, how did she know. Could everyone tell what he was going to do? “You will die if you do, that’s what I saw this morning so please don’t challenge him. I would rather mate him then have you die”

“Keiko” he said softly and he held her. She held onto him as she cried. “I won’t challenge him Keiko”

“Thank you” she said and pulled back. He smiled softly and whipped her eyes, him tensing hearing the door open. Keiko looked at Ryura who narrowed his eyes.

“Why are you in our room?” he asked coming towards them.

Hiten turned to him and Keiko watched. “She was upset, I just came to see if she was okay. You’re here now alpha so I will leave” he said and Ryura smirked.

“Yes I am, now leave” he said and Hiten nodded. He left and Ryura turned to her. “You’re crying again!”

“Am sorry for being so emotional” she replied leaning into him as he hugged her. She laid her head on his shoulder as he hugged her, rubbing her back softly.

“It’s okay” he replied and pulled away smiling down at her. She looked up at him as her moved a piece of hair out of her eyes, before looking at her. “The girls are here”

Keiko smiled hearing the girls chatter as they walked through the door, Keiko giggling. He took her hand and pulled her out, smirking amused as they attacked his soon to be mate with hugs. The girls sat on the couch, talking about Keiko’s dress and other girl stuff.

Hiten tensed up slightly as Ryura stood next to him, leaning into his ear. “I find you in our room again, no matter the reason then I will kill you. Do I make myself clear Hiten” Ryura hissed softly as he watched his now happy mate.

“Crystal” replied Hiten clenching his fists, he promised to not challenge him and it was killing him. Even now all he wanted to do was punch the smirking male in the face and take his pack and women back.

“Good” said Ryura moving past him to go speak to Sesshomaru who watched the exchange with disinterest.

“What was that about?” asked Bankotsu as he handed Hiten a drink.

“Looks like am on my last warning” he said looking down at the younger male. Bankotsu sighed and the looked back to the birthday girl.

Keiko sighed, smiling as she felt the wind blow against her heated skin. So far the day had been nice, she loved spending time with the girls and loved the presents everyone had given her. Frowning she looked up at the setting sun, soon the girls would leave and it would be time. Keiko closed her eyes and let the whine leave her lips.

Keiko’s eyes snapped open, glazing over before she leapt off of the veranda and shifted. The muscles in her legs stretched as she ran, it felt great to be in her wolf form. It seemed her wolf had also felt he same presence that she had, them both feeling a pull that they had to go too.

Keiko stopped in front of a black wolf and watched it curiously, the black wolf also watching her. She whined like a pup as the black wolf brushed up against her, giving her support. She yipped and laid down, her eyes closing as sleep took over her.

Ryura looked around the room, not finding Keiko anywhere and he had looked everywhere. “What’s wrong?” asked Kyora as he came to stand next to the furious alpha.

“Keiko’s missing” he hissed and his eyes landed on Hiten. Ryura growled and all members of his pack looked at him. He was glad that Sesshomaru and his pack had left already, otherwise this would have been even more embarrassing. Hiten raised a brow and Ryura walked over to him, wrapping a hand around the youngers neck. “Where is she?”

“I have no idea” he said confused. The last time that he had seen her she was heading outside to get some fresh air. Ryura growled and was about to lash out when they heard the door open. Keiko walked through the door, ignoring them all and walked into the bedroom she shared with Ryura.

“Is it just me or did something about her seem off?” asked Bankotsu looking from the door to his pack mates. They all watched as Ryura let Hiten go and followed her into the room, confusing them all. “Okay then, am going for a run”

“I’ll join you” said Hiten softly, not wanting to be around as Ryura mated her.

“Where the hell where you, I looked everywhere” hissed Ryura as he walked into the room and stopped in front of her. He glared down at her, clenching his fists as she just sat there. Lilac eyes looked up at him softly and she smiled, confusing him. “Keiko are you okay?”

“Yeah am sorry for just running off, I couldn’t help it. He wanted to say hello” she said softly scaring Ryura. He bent down, lifting her chin so she looked at him.

“Who wanted to say hello Keiko, I swear if someone’s put their hands on you I will” he said feeling the anger run through his veins yet again.

“He said I will make a great Luna, Kato is angry with you though. He doesn’t like the way you guys split up after his death, you where supposed to become stronger, brothers. However your pride got into the way and you just had to take over Hiten no matter what” she said running her hand through Ryura’s bangs as he watched her, his eyes wide in shock. “He told me to tell you that you had better take good care of me otherwise he will come back, kick your ass and then make Hiten alpha again”

“Keiko that’s impossible, Kato died a long time ago” said Ryura softly, he remembered the day his alpha had died very clearly.

“It’s true, his black wolf said so” she replied before leaning her head on his shoulder. Ryura let everything she said run through his head, Kato had spoken to her. That must have meant that she was in touch with the spirit world, well it did make sense now that he thought about. He closed his eyes and groaned feeling her soft lips trail across his neck. He would leave it for now, right now he had a women to mate.

He picked her up before placing her in the middle of the bed, his eyes looking over her. The dress she wore gave him a nice glimpse of her cleavage and the skirt had risen up so he could see her thighs and a hint of lace fabric. Her hair had fallen out of its ponytail and had a few leaves in her hair, giving him the image of the she wolf that she was. She was playful, he could see it in her eyes. Though he also saw disobedience in her wolfs eyes, this made him smirk. Growling softly, he was going to have to show her just who her alpha was.

Keiko giggled seeing the hot look in Ryura’s eyes, she was getting to him in a way no women had before. Keiko and her wolf had finally become one and they were not going to let him off easy, no they weren’t. Gone was the weak, soft spoken girl they had knew and now was the feisty, powerful Luna she was meant to be. Keiko was letting go, letting her instincts take over.

Ryura growled again as she bit her lip and pulled on the bow that held her dress up, the fabric fluttering down to her waist. Leaving him with a nice view of her lace covered breasts. She was teasing him, the little she wolf knew exactly what she was doing to him. He watched as she laid back, stretching to show off her lethal killer body. She kicked the dress so it fell off the bed, leaving her in only her black lace underwear.

She looked up at him with her head tilted, a smirk gracing her lips. She was then up, pulling him to her by his shirt. Their lips met in a passionate heated kiss as she pulled on his top, him pulling back just to rid himself of the fabric before kissing her again. He closed his eyes as she trailed her lips down his chest, he could feel his wolf dying to go out and take her already. However it would have to wait, he promised he would be gentle with her as it was her first time though she was making it so hard to keep the promise.

He ran his hand through the back of her hair before grabbing a hand full, pulling so her head tilted back. He kissed her neck as his other hand un hooked her bra, before he latched onto her nipple with his mouth. Keiko gasped as pleasure pooled in between her thighs, so this was the pleasure the girls had spoken off. Ryura lavished her left nipple with his mouth and lavished her other with his hand. Keiko moaned pushing her chest forward, wanting more pleasure which he gladly gave her.

Ryura smirked against her chest hearing the gasps and moans, he was going to take his time with her and make her burn with desire. He was going to have her withering under him, begging for pleasure only he could give her. He kissed her again as he pushed her back down onto the bed, pulling her lace knickers off before parting her thighs.

Keiko gasped feeling the cold air against her core, blushing as Ryura looked over her exposed body. He looked over her, groaning seeing how wet he had already made her with his ministrations and he was only just getting started. First he had to rid himself of his jeans, they were getting irritating. Kieko watched as Ryura, with a smirk, rid himself of his jeans and boxers.

Biting her lip and gulping as she looked over him, he was big, a lot bigger than she thought he would be. How could something that big be able to go inside her and give her pleasure. She looked away blushing and he chuckled, smelling her scent spike with nervousness. He got onto the bed and held her face in his hands, making her look up at him. “I’ll be gentle, I promise” he said softly before kissing her again, pushing her down as he laid in between her legs.

He nipped at her bottom lip before attacking her nipples with his mouth yet again. Getting them nice and hard again, he started to kiss down her stomach. Keiko blushed as she watched him, knowing what he was about to do next and she didn’t know how to feel. Ryura looked up and sent her a small smirk before flicking his tongue over her sensitive clit. Keiko cried out in pleasure, not releasing it would be this good.

Keiko groaned as Ryura continued to suck on her clit before running his tongue over her slit. She moaned again as he stuck his tongue in her, moaning as her juices ran over his tongue. She was tightening around his tongue so he knew she wouldn’t last much longer. He went back to sucking hard on her clit while he entered one finger into her tight entrance, making her moan in slight pain. Ryura slowly fingered her until she was moaning in pleasure again, her hands slipping into his hair and yanking on it when he sucked hard on her clit.

He sucked harder on her clit as he fingered her faster, her moans coming quicker, along with the pants and yells of ‘Oh yes’. Her hands tightened on his hair and she pulled hard as he sent her tumbling over the edge into her first ever orgasm, calling out his name as she did. Ryura pulled out his finger and stuck his tongue back in her, making sure to get every drop.

Keiko laid back against the bed panting, she looked down at Ryura as he leaned back up to kiss her. “Like that?” he asked, chuckling against her neck. He knew that she liked it, if her screams and the yanking on his head was anything to go by. She nodded shyly and he groaned, kissing her again. “Now this is going to hurt at first”

Before she could comprehend what he was talking about, she felt a scorching pain between her legs. She cried out in pain and surprise as he filled her to the hilt. Ryura groaned as her tight muscles tightened around him and he paused instead of pounding into her as his body wanted. He kissed her softly to get her mind off the pain as he ran his hands over her breasts softly. As the pain ebbed away, she moaned softly at the feather touch on her sensitive nipples.

Knowing she was ready, Ryura pulled back and gave a tentative thrust. Hearing her soft moan of more made him smirk, oh he was going to give her more alright. He pulled out and slammed back into her awaiting body, awarded by the moaning of his women. Fuck, being so deep in her felt amazing, she was so wet and tight around him. Knowing there was no more pain, he started pounding into her in long, deep strokes.

Oh it felt good to be inside her, he wanted no more than to flip her over and take her like his wolf wanted. However that could wait, he would show her what it felt like to be dominated by your alpha later on. Right now he was concentrating on pounding into her, each stroke bringing a pleasured scream from her lips. She gripped onto his shoulders as her body squirmed under him as he drove her body into an intense pleasure that she never wanted to end.

Wanting to get deeper, he slipped her legs over his shoulders. This position allowed him to hit much deeper into her body that she threw her head back screaming his name. He smirked down at her, loving the wanting, screaming lust filled mess that he had made of her. If only her beloved Hiten could see her now, under him screaming his name where she belonged. He picked up the pace, furiously pounding into her. Her eyes rolling back in extreme pleasure.

“Look at me” he growled, his wolf coming up to the surface. Keiko’s eyes opened, meeting his now black eyes. She watched him as they she rocked her hips into his, them rocking back and forth as he pounded into her. “Good girl, keep your eyes on me”

And keep her eyes on him she did, it was like she couldn’t pull them away. She moaned, feeling her stomach tighten again, much like it did before. Ryura smirked, feeling her tighten around him more than she already was. He slid her legs off his shoulders and wrapped them around his waist instead so he could lean closer to her. She screamed in pleasure making him growl in response, his little mate was so responsive to him.

Having her as a mate was going to be so much fun, the things he was going to teach that responsive, perfect little body. Their lips met in a passionate kiss before he pulled back, Keiko gripping onto his shoulders crying in pleasure as he rubbed her clit as he pounded into her body harder than she had thought he could go. “Who’s your alpha” growled Ryura knowing she was just about to orgasm again. Keiko cried out, looking up at him as he back arched. “SAY IT”

“You are, you’re my alpha Ryura” she cried feeling her body tighten up. Ryura groaned hearing her answer him, she was all his and he was about to let the whole place know it.

“Who do you belong too” growled Ryura his fangs lengthen feeling his own end about to come. She shook her head, moans falling from her panting mouth. “WHO DO YOU BELONG TOO?”

“RYURA” she screamed as she came around him, her back arching off the bed before she dug her fangs into his neck. She dug her nails into his back as she clung to his body, riding out her orgasm. Ryura grabbed a fist full of her hair, pulling her head back to expose her neck to him. He growled as he sank his fangs into her neck, cumming inside her. He thrust into her for a few seconds longer before coming to a stop, pulling his fangs out of her neck and licking away the blood. The mark healed leaving behind two marks, showing she was now mated to him.

They panted furiously as the sweat dripped off their naked bodies. Ryura growled softly, still feeling her clinging to him for dear life as her body still spasmed in aftershock. He smirked as he panted, getting his own breath back. His little mate had screamed so loud, he was sure even Sesshomaru’s pack heard their mating. He ran his hand through her hair, calming her down. He laid her down on the bed and she let go as she came back down to earth.

Everything had changed now, she was no longer a virgin and she was now Ryura’s mate. She was the Luna of the pack and could feel the bond now forming between her and Ryura. She looked up at him as he opened his eyes, smirking down at her. He could feel it too, the bond linking them together. Now there was no way she could get away from him, not that she would after he showed her body how amazing he could treat her, in and out of the bedroom.

He pulled out of her and laid down next to her, pulling her naked body closer to him. He pulled the covers over them and nuzzled his nose into her hair, loving the smell of their mating all over her. A scent that would be flowing through the whole shiro, letting the whole pack know they where now mates. A smirk lit up his face as he thought of how it was going to tear Hiten apart. He looked down and smiled softly, moving the bangs out of his sleeping she wolfs face. He had to admit Hiten had did one thing right and that was bringing her into his life, his new little angel to protect.

“God could they be any louder?” asked Jakotsu as he rolled his eyes, the pack had gone for a run when Ryura had went into mate her. That had been over two hours ago and they where still at it, though by the sound of it they where coming to a close. “Oww” Jakotsu glared at Kouga as he dug his elbow into his gut. Jakotsu then followed Kouga’s gaze to Hiten and he looked down. “Sorry”

“What a way to be sensitive Jak” said Bankotsu shaking his head at the elder male.

“I said sorry, look there mated now and where all just going to have to get over it” hissed Jakotsu glaring at the boy he saw as a brother.

“Jakotsu’s right, as much as it pains me to say she belongs to Ryura now. You and Hiten are just going to have to get over it” replied Kouga looking from the angry Bankotsu to the emotionless Hiten.

Hiten turned around and looked down at his old pack. “He might have her for now but I will get her back” he said nodding. No matter how long it took, her would become alpha again and take back the women he loved.

“Well for now we better get used to it, mating season is next week and they’re going to be doing a lot more of that” said Jakotsu shivering in disgust at the thought. He then looked around again. “Are you guys leaving for mating season?”

“Yeah me, Kyora and Jura are going to the cabin to get away from those two and there’s always a few rouges about to mate so” said Kouga standing up stretching. “What about you three?”

“Am leaving for a while, don’t know where yet” replied Hiten making Kouga nod.

“Mind if I tag along?” asked Bankotsu shocking both Jakotsu and Kouga. Hiten looked to him and smiled softly.

“Yeah it’s fine with me” he replied. It would be good bonding for them, maybe it would mend their broken bond.

“Jak, what about you?” asked Kouga as they all walked back to the shiro.

“Am gonna go traveling for the season, might meet some cute boys” he laughed making the others roll their eyes. They walked in and Jakotsu gagged. “Oh you have got to be kidding, it stinks in here”

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