Wolf pack

One with her wolf

Kieko got out of the shower, wrapping a towel around her body before stopping at the door. When she had gotten up Ryura had still been asleep. She listened to the soft shuffling inside the room and knew he was awake. She still didn’t know how to feel about everything. Her wolf hummed inside her, showing her that she had its full support no matter what she did.

She was going to stick to her guns, no longer would she be the soft spoken weak female of the pack. She was now their Luna and she was going to act like it, she was a powerful hunter born wolf and no one was going to stand in her way. Not even Ryura she had decided. If Ryura tried to dominate her then he would have one hell of a fight on his hand, she was not just going to submit to him like a good submissive little wolf. He would give her the respect she deserved whether he liked it or not.

Nodding to herself, she opened the door and walked into their bedroom, feeling Ryura’s eyes following her. Ignoring him, she picked out a pair of black skinny jeans with a blue tank top and some blue underwear. She pulled on her underwear and dropped the towel to the floor. She went to put on her clothes but was stopped as Ryura wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her too his chest as he trailed his lips over her shoulder.

She was ignoring him and he wasn’t going to let her get away with that. “Come back to bed” he said nipping her earlobe. He wanted to take her back to bed and fuck her some more. He raised a brow as she pulled away from him and put on her clothes before turning to him, her hand on her hip.

“I don’t want to, I have things to do” she said. She turned back to the mirror and fixed her hair, leaving a shocked Ryura staring at her. He narrowed his eyes, not liking the way she was talking to him. She turned around and walked to the door, kissing his cheek as she did. “You can go back to bed if you want, want me to bring your food in here?”

She turned to look at him from the door, waiting on his reply. “No” he replied still shocked at how she was acting, his wolf wasn’t liking it and either was he. She then left the room, going to start on breakfast. He shook his head and went into the bathroom to take a shower, he would deal with his mate later on.

Keiko hummed as she cooked the food for the guys and herself. After she had some food she was going to go over to the girl’s house and spend some time with them, she might even go into the city. As she finished the huge amount of food for them all, the guys ate like dustbins. She giggled thinking about how much all the guys ate yet they all were all so fit.

She put the food down on the table and walked to the door, popping her head out. “IF YOU WANT FOOD WHILE IT’S HOT I SUGGEST YOU ALL GET YOUR ASS’S DOWN HERE NOW” she shouted as loud as she could. She then went back into the room and sat down in her seat, getting her food before the guy’s devoured it.

Keiko looked up as Hiten walked through the door and she smiled. “Good morning” she said softly as he sat down, smiling back at her. She may be Ryura’s mate but she would always love Hiten and Ryura would never be able to take that from her.

“How are you feeling?” he asked as he started to fill up his plate with food. He looked up at her, running his eyes over her. She looked fine to him and he didn’t know if that hurt more.

“Okay I guess seeing as I had to mate someone I don’t love while the person I do love can’t even be in same room with me without angering Ryura. It also doesn’t help that all I want to do is come over there and kiss you” she said not taking her eyes from his. Hiten’s eyes widened hearing her confess her love to him so openly and so surly.

He went reply but stopped hearing the door opening, Bankotsu walking in yawning. They both looked at him and Keiko raised a brow at his lack of clothing, the rest of the pack following in behind him. “Bankotsu you are not sitting down at this table like that, go put some clothes on” she said and he looked at her. He blinked and rolled his eyes.

“What I have boxers on” he said not missing the glare Ryura had giving him.

“I don’t care, either you go put on some clothes or you don’t eat the food that I made. Now if I was you I would hurry up, you know how you guys are when it comes to food” she said with a smile before going back to her own food. Bankotsu sighed and turned to go back out, but not before reaching for a piece of toast. He froze hearing the warning growl coming from Keiko, shocking them all. “You touch that and I will make you regret it, clothes and then food”

“Yes Luna” said Bankotsu shocked at her behavior. She looked up and smiled at him before going back to her food. Bankotsu shook his head and went to go and put on clothes like she had told him too. Everyone looked around the table, wondering what had gotten into Keiko.

“You okay love?” asked Ryura making her look up at him smiling.

“Am fine, why?” she replied as she watched Bankotsu enter the room, fully clothed. He sat down and looked at her, as they where. “Why are you all looking at me like that?”

“You’re just not acting like your usual self” said Ryura making her look at him again.

“And which usual self is that, it’s not like you actually know anything about me” she hissed narrowing her eyes before looking around the table. “Do you all mean because am not acting like a weak submissive little girl anymore. Well I will let you all know now that part of me has gone and this is the new me, the strong hunter wolf who is not going to take any shit off any of you. Especially not you, love”

They all sat in silence shocked. Hiten felt his lips twitch, trying not to smirk at the feisty new Keiko. Bankotsu let out a laugh and tried to mask it as an awkward cough, him biting his lip to not burst out laughing under Ryura’s furious gaze. The others just looked on in disbelief and shock. However Ryura was furious at the way she had spoken to him.

“Keiko can I speak to you outside for a moment” said Ryura standing up, trying to keep his control. She rolled her eyes but got up and followed him out into the corridor. When he shut the door behind him she watched him, closely to see if he was going to blow or not. “How dare you speak to me like that in front of them, I am the alpha not you little girl and will not tolerate blatant disrespect. Especially not from my mate”

“And I will not tolerate you acting as if you know anything about me because you don’t. Yes I am your mate but I will not be spoken down to like you’re doing to me right now Ryura. I am my own person Ryura and this is my body to do with as I please, you may be my mate but that does not make me your property” she hissed leaning into him. “If you want me to respect you then give me some respect. Am your mate, I get it I have no choice in the matter. However I do get to choose whether or not I will be a pathetic weak little girl or strong powerful women. All I ask is that you treat me as your equal not you’re god dam sex slave”

Ryura growled but let what she said roll around in her head, some of what she said was right and did make sense to him. “Keiko I get it, this isn’t what you wanted but it’s what you got. Your right as my mate I should treat you as my equal and give you more respect than I have given you. However I am still your alpha and you will submit to me when I tell you too” he replied calmer than he was before. “I am the dominate one in this relationship and I will put you in your place if I think you are exceeding that. Also your right, I don’t know you but that’s something where going to work on as mates. Now let’s go finish breakfast”

He held out his hand to her and she smiled, taking it. It seemed he was finally seeing what she was trying to show him. She was his equal, she was just as powerful as he was and he needed to treat her right. However the threat of him putting her in her place still lingered in the back of her mind, what did he mean. Just how would he put her back in her place she wondered?

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