Wolf pack

Mating season

There is two sex scenes in the chapter, if this offends you please do not read them.

Keiko hummed as she finished cleaning the dishes and walked into the living room. She stopped and tilted her head to the side confused at the duffle bags by the front door. Where they moving again, Ryura hadn’t said anything to her. She turned around as someone walked into the room. “Hey” said Hiten and she smiled.

“Hey there” she said. She watched as he tensed up. “Are we moving?”

“What?” he asked and she motioned to the bags at the door. She watched as he sighed and walked over to her.

“Keiko mating season is in two days so the rest of us are leaving for a while” he said and her smile fell from her face.

“How many of you are leaving?” she asked scared of the answer she was going to get.

“All of us Keiko, we can’t stay here during mating season” he replied not liking the betrayed look on her face. She shook her head as she stood back.

“You can’t leave me here alone with him” she hissed anger starting to fill her. They where all leaving her with Ryura. She wouldn’t even be able to go visit the girls because of it being mating season and they would be with their mates. “I will go crazy here”

“Am sorry Keiko there’s nothing I can do” he said sadly before walking towards the door. He stopped feeling her wrap her arms around him and lean her head on his back. He ran his hand over her arms before pulling away from her embrace. “We will only be gone for four weeks”

“That’s a whole month” she said softly as he picked up his bag. He looked at her and nodded. The stood in an awkward silence, not knowing what else to say. “Am going to miss you”

“Yeah, I’ll miss you too” he replied. They looked up as Bankotsu walked into the room and over to them.

“Hey, I guess you know then” he said and she nodded. He wrapped his arms around her and she laid her head on his shoulder. “Am gonna miss you”

“Am going to miss you too Bankotsu” she said softly, her eyes welling up with tears. She held them back, trying to be strong. She heard a growl and stood back, them all looking to Ryura. He walked over to them, pulling her to his side.

“You’re leaving” he said seeing the bags, a smirk crossing his face.

“Yeah, we will come back after mating seasons over” said Hiten gritting his teeth.

“Fine” he replied wrapping his arm around Keiko. Bankotsu rolled his eyes and picked up his bag. “See you in four weeks then”

“See you then Alpha, goodbye Luna” said Bankotsu before walking out the door. Hiten nodded to them and followed Bankotsu out the door leaving them alone.

Ryura chuckled and kissed her neck. “Looks like we have the whole place to ourselves for a few weeks” he said before kissing her. He pulled back and ran his thumb over her lips. “Why don’t you go into town and go get some food while you can. Am not going to be able to leave you alone when mating season starts”

She smiled and nodded. She took the car keys he offered her and walked out of the door. She drove down the road and onto the main road, pulling over as tears ran down her cheeks. She wouldn’t cry in front of them but alone, alone she could let out all the hurt. After letting it all out she wiped her eyes and continued on her way.

Keiko groaned feeling teeth pull on her ear lobe, trying to wake her up. “Keiko” hissed a voice in her ear as a hand ran down her side, and in between her legs. Her brows furrowed and she whined as fingers started to rub her clit. Her eyes opened softly as she got her bearings.

“Ryura am trying to sleep” she whined rolling over to face him. He chuckled and she opened her eyes to look at him. His eyes where dark and she knew what he wanted. “Can’t you wait until the morning?”

He growled and rolled on top of her, lying in between her legs. She rolled her eyes playfully before kissing him. She was starting to feel the effects of mating season, effects that Ryura was already displaying. She moaned as he kissed her neck and grinded into her. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he pushed into her.

He kissed her as he started a slow rhythm. She moaned into the kiss as she gripped onto his shoulders, feeling her claws lengthen. He groaned as she dug her claws into his skin lightly before scratching down his back. He then picked up the pace, biting down softly on her bottom lip.

Keiko moaned as he rubbed her clit as he picked up the pace yet again. She held him tighter as her stomach clenched, knowing she was about to cum. Ryura growled feeling her tighten around him, his fangs lengthen in response. He dug his fangs into her neck as they came together, her moaning his name.

They panted and he retracted his fangs, lapping up the blood. He pulled out and laid next to her. He pulled her to him and wrapped his arms around her. She sighed and cuddled into his arms in the afterglow, her eyes drifting shut. “Sleep, you’re going to need it” he said softly as she fell asleep in his arms.

Keiko hummed as she cooked the food, glad to have a little bit of time to herself. It had already been a week and she was missing the others. Ryura had not let her out of his sight that much and they had spent most of their time in bed. She sighed, feeling tired.

Keiko jumped as arms wrapped around her waist and Ryura laid his head on her shoulder. “Don’t do that” she said softly. He chuckled and kissed her neck. She groaned as he slid his hand in between her legs, her pushing him back with her shoulder.

“Am cooking” she scolded him, making him chuckle again.

“Sorry, your just so irresistible” he said nuzzling her neck. She giggled and turned to him.

“I think you can wait until I have finished” she said and he raised a brow in response. He smirked, making her narrow her eyes. He pulled her to him and picked her up. She squealed and hit his shoulder. “Ryura, the food”

“It can wait, we will be quick” he said putting her down next to the table. He kissed her and picked her up to set her on the table. He then stood in between her legs, running his hands over the outside of her thighs. She groaned and pulled back slightly, narrowing her eyes.

“We not having sex on the table where we eat” she said pouting. He chuckled and ran his hand through her hair before taking a hold of it and pulling her head back. She moaned in pain and raised a brow.

“I think we are” he replied kissing her neck. She whimpered as he pulled her off the table and turned her, so her back was against his chest. He kissed her neck again as he undid her button and zip, pulling her jeans down to her knees confusing her. He then pushed her down so her chest laid against the table, now she knew what he was doing. With one of his hands he grabbed her hair and pulled her head back as he pushed into her.

Kieko moaned arching her back in pleasure as he started a steady pace to start. She knew it wouldn’t be like this for long, soon he would get bored and then the hard rough sex she sometimes loved would start. Ryura pulled harder on her hair and she gasped as he thrust roughly into her. She hissed pushing back on him in pleasure. He groaned as he thrust into her, deeper each time.

“Faster” she moaned making him smirk. Ryura did as she asked and let out a groan feeling her tighten around his dick. He slipped the hand that was on her hip to her clit and rubbed it with the same fast pace he was fucking her. She threw her head back and cried out as she came all over his dick. He moaned knowing the girl was going to be coming a few more times before he was done.

Ryura smirked and Kieko yelped in surprise at the sharp slap to her ass. She moaned and pushed her ass higher knowing he would know to carry on. She panted and squirmed on the table as Ryura spanked her and fucked her at the same time. Her moans got louder with each spank as each spank got harder.

“Fuck Kieko” hissed Ryura as he picked up the pace even more, showing her what hard raw hot sex was. She thrust backwards to meet his thrusts and screamed out in pleasure as she came yet again. He groaned feeling her tighten and cum over his dick again. He would make her cum one more time before he finished with her.

Kieko leaned up as he pulled on her hair and she groaned as he brushed his fingers against her nipple, before pinching it. Gasping as he played with her nipple’s as he continued to pound into her. Ryura then ran his hand down the valley of her breasts and down her stomach to her clit again. Kieko cried out as he played with her clit again, feeling him lean into her ear. “That’s right, scream for me Kieko” he hissed into her ear making her groan as she squirmed and bucked against him in need. “Who do you belong to Kieko?”

Kieko moaned and looked to the side to look into his crimson eyes. “I belong to you, Ryura” she said and he crushed his lips to hers in a rough passionate kiss. They both groaned into the kiss and she pulled back to scream as he rubbed her clit faster.

“Cum for your alpha Kieko” he hissed knowing he was so close and he wanted her to cum before he did. Kieko screamed his name, throwing her head back as she came. With her cuming Ryura pulled back and pushed her down against the table again as he gripped her hips. He groaned as he came and dug his claws into her hips, thrusting a bit more before stopping and pulling out of her. He then fixed his pants and got her tissue to clean herself up.

Keiko fixed her pants and looked at him. “Can I finish the food now?” she asked making him laugh. He kissed her and pushed her towards the food. She shook her head and continued to cook the food.

Keiko was sat in the living room reading a magazine, she was glad mating season was over and that the others were coming back. The last four weeks hadn’t been that bad but there was only so much of Ryura she could take. They had talked and had started to learn more about each other. She also found that he was good company to be around when he was in a good mood, which was normally after sex.

She looked up as the door opened, Kyora giggling about something as he walked in. “Kyora your back” she said running to him and throwing his arms around him. He chuckled and wrapped his arms around the younger girl.

“Hello Keiko it’s good to see you too” he laughed pulling back and smiling at Ryura as he joined them. Pulling his brother into a one armed hug. Jura also walked in and she gave him a hug, him ruffling her hair. She glared at him and fixed it as Ryura wrapped an arm around her waist.

“Am so glad you guys are back, if I had to be along with him any longer I would go insane” she said and yelped as Ryura smacked her ass with a smirk. She pouted and rubbed her sore bottom. “What, there’s only so much of you I can take”

“Oh well” he said before looking to them confused. “Where is Kouga?”

Keiko then looked around, confused that he wasn’t there. “He’s outside” replied Kyora making Ryura raise a brow. He gave him a look and Ryura raised a brow.

“I see, Kouga bring her in” he said making Keiko even more confused. She watched as Kouga came in with a red haired women. The girl had her hair up in two ponies and she had emerald green eyes. Ryura also looked her over before looking at Kouga seriously. Kouga and the girl bowed to her and Ryura.

“Alpha, Luna we ask your permission for her to join the pack and become my mate?” asked Kouga keeping his head bowed in respect. Keiko was so confused as to what was going on, Ryura had not explained this when he had explained everything to her about wolves.

“What’s going on?” she asked making everyone look to her.

“I need to speck with my mate” replied Ryura, pulling her aside. She looked at him and waited for him to explain. “He wants her to join the pack and be his mate, only we can allow it. When someone wants to join a pack they ask the Alpha and Luna for permission. As the dominant couple we need to decide and we need to do it carefully. If it was a male I would have to make an assumption to if he would threaten me as alpha and the same with you if it is a female, you need to make a judgement call. A female could take your place so you always need to be careful about who you let in your pack. I will respect your answer”

She nodded and they went back to them. “You have my permission to join the pack” said Ryura making them all turn to her.

“What’s your name?” Keiko asked the girl and she looked up at her.

“My name is Ayame Luna” she replied smiling at her. Keiko looked her over and felt for her wolf, to get her opinion. Her wolf agreed with her on the girl. Keiko smiled at her, hugging her. “I give my permission, welcome to the pack Ayame. Am so excited to have another girl around here, being alone with these boys all the time is hell”

They all laughed at that and she pulled away from the girl. “Thank you Alpha, Luna” she said and she smiled at Kouga as her wrapped his arm around her waist. Keiko smiled and laid her head on Ryura’s shoulder as he wrapped his arms around her.

Keiko bit her lip, Hiten wasn’t back yet and she was starting to worry. She heard the door open and she ran into the living room. Hiten put his bag down and looked at her. She smiled and ran to him, throwing her arms around him. “Oh I missed you so much” she said nuzzling his neck. She pulled back and then turned to Bankotsu who smiled slightly.

“So you two are back” said Ryura coming into the room, standing next to Keiko. His head tilted and he sniffed the air. “Who is your friend? Come in”

Hiten tensed up and Bankotsu coughed, scratching the back of his head. Keiko watched as a girl walked in. She had long blond hair with blue eyes. She wore tight clothing and smirked at Ryura as she stood in front of them. “She followed us here” said Bankotsu looking really uncomfortable.

“I am guessing you are the alpha” she said smiling. Something about the girl didn’t feel right, her wolf was agreeing. Neither of them liked the girl, especially as she threw Keiko a dirty look.

“Yes I am, what do you want rouge” Ryura said narrowing his eyes at her. Keiko grit her teeth, no wonder she didn’t like the vibe she was getting from the girl. She was a rouge!

“I wish to ask for permission to join you pack” she said bowing to him.

“And why would you want to join my pack?” Ryura asked with a brow raised.

“Your pack is very powerful, powerful enough to protect me and my pups” she said looking up at him.

“You’re with child” he stated already knowing.

“Yes Alpha, also I want to join your pack as the father of my pup is from your pack” she said standing up. Keiko felt her stomach drop hearing that, not liking where this was going. She looked to Hiten who would not meet her eyes and the bad feeling became worse. She felt sick all of a sudden, not wanting to listen.

“Who?” asked Ryura though he already knew.

She smiled looking at Keiko as she told him. “Hiten”

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