Wolf pack


It took only a second for her to digest what had been said and her wolf reacted. The girls eyes widened and a cry of surprise fell from her mouth, as Keiko lunged at her; claws extended. Ryura caught her before her claws could connect with the girl’s face, Hiten pushing the girl behind him to protect her. A look of hurt crossed Keiko’s face as he did so before rage took over. “GET OFF ME” she screamed trying to get out of Ryura’s arms.

The rest of the pack came into the room to see what was happening, confused. “Calm down now” hissed Ryura trying to stop her, pissed off at the way she was acting. She growled, her wolf and herself wanting to kill the smirking women, hiding behind Hiten.

“What the fuck are you smirking at you piece of trash” hissed Keiko shocking everyone, her inner bitch coming out. She straightened as her now dark eyes glared at the girl. She bared her fangs, still wanting to kill the girl but chose to not too, at least not right now. “You want my permission, well you’re not getting it”

She then spun around gracefully and walked towards her bedroom, before she did something she would regret. “You may not have my mate’s permission but you have mine” said Ryura, making Keiko freeze. She spun around glaring at him, Ryura not taking any notice as he watched the girl.

“Thank you alpha” she said with a smiled and small bow. They all jumped as everything glass in the room blew up, everyone then turning to Keiko in surprise. She shook in anger, her fangs cutting into her lips as she gritted her teeth. Blood running down her chin as she dug her claws into her palms.

“Am home” said Jakotsu as he walked into the shiro and paused looking around confused. “What did I miss?”

Keiko closed her eyes before turning around and going to her room, slamming the door. Ryura grit his teeth trying to calm down before her turned to the girl. “I am sorry about my mate, now if you will excuse me” he said and also went to his room.

“Okay what the hell did I miss” hissed Jakotsu to Bankotsu. Bankotsu sighed and looked at his brother.

“Come, I will explain”

“What the fuck was that” hissed Ryura as he slammed the door behind him. Keiko spun around in an instant glaring at him.

“I could ask you the same question” she hissed walked over to him, getting in his face. “’I will respect your answer’ my ass”

“I will respect your answer when it’s the right one and not because you don’t like the fact that Hiten’s moved on and that pisses you off” he hissed glaring at her, hitting a nerve. She gasped slightly and slapped him, hard. Ryura’s eyes widened and he glared at her, furious.

“Yes it pisses me off but that’s not why I said no” she said softly. “You know what hurt me the most, we thought you had our back. Obviously you don’t”

“I do have your back Keiko” he said softly palming her cheek. She stepped back away from his touch.

“No you don’t, I had a bad feeling about that girl once she stepped into the room and you didn’t even take my feelings into consideration. You only said yes to her because you think it will keep me from Hiten if he’s with her” she said watching him.

“Maybe it was, what of it. You’re my mate, it’s time you move on. Hiten being with her and having pups with her means you’re going to have to move on whether you like it or not.” Replied Ryura crossing his arms over his chest, staring her down. “She is a part of this pack now Keiko and you will treat her like it”

“If that bitch comes anywhere near me I will slit her throat” she hissed glaring at him. “So you better warn her Alpha”

Keiko then spun around and went into the bathroom, locking herself in. She heard him leave the room and she sank down to the floor, the pain suddenly hit her. Tears rolled down her eyes as she wrapped her arms around her knees, sobbing.

Keiko’s eyes shot open and she shot across the room into the bathroom. Ryura groaned, sitting up on his elbows. Hearing her throwing up, he got up and went to her. He rubbed her back trying to help hold her hair out of her face, surprised as she pulled away from him. Shooting him a glare before throwing up again.

It had been two weeks and she was still mad at him. She hadn’t really talked to him either, only talking when she needed to. She had also been in her room most of the time, not wanting to talk to anyone. This was also the fourth night in a row she had woken up throwing up.

Ryura sighed and leaned against the wall as he waited for her to finish. When she had threw up all she had eaten, she flushed the toilet and grabbed her toothbrush. “You can’t keep this up Keiko, it’s making you sick” hissed Ryura and she rolled her eyes. “You need to get out of this room Keiko, the girls have been asking about you. Why don’t you go see them?”

“No thanks” she said as she finished cleaning her teeth.

“Kagome’s had the baby” he said and she looked at him. He smirked knowing she wouldn’t be able to resist.

“Really?” she asked suspicious.

“Yes really, a little girl” he replied.

Keiko sighed and rolled her eyes. “Fine I will go and see the girls tomorrow” she said and walked into the bedroom, feeling so drained suddenly. She got back into the bed and felt Ryura wrap his arms around her. She was too drained to fight with him so she just let him hold her, sleep taking over her instantly.

“Aww Kagome she’s so cute” said Keiko looking down at the little girl in Kagome’s arms. She gasped as the little girl changed into a tiny wolf pup, looking up at Kagome shocked.

“You look so surprised, hasn’t Ryura told you about it?” asked Kagura with a brow raised.

“No that he did not” said Keiko looking at her friend.

“When we have pups it’s hard for them to stay in one form so they shift quite often, when they get older they will be able to control it” explained Kagura and Keiko nodded. Kagura shared a look with Kagome and Kagome gave her pup to Inuyasha. Inuyasha took the pup and left the room, leaving the girls alone to talk. “Keiko are you okay, you look very pale”

Keiko looked up and then gulped. “Where’s your bathroom?” she asked standing up. Kagura showed her and she ran to the toilet, throwing up. When she came back they asked if she was okay. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I have been throwing up for the last few days, am so tried and drained all the time and I just want to curl up into a ball and cry. It doesn’t help that all I can think about is Hiten and that whore rogue and the fact that my mate doesn’t have my back”

Kagome wrapped her arms around Keiko as she burst out crying. “Am so sorry, I don’t know why am crying” she said trying to wipe her eyes.

“Keiko” said Kagura seriously and Keiko looked at her. “Are you pregnant, I mean what you described sounds like symptoms of pregnancy?”

Keiko blinked and laughed. “No am not pregnant” she said but stopped thinking about what had been happening to her the last few days. “No, I can’t be”

Kagome went out the room and came back a minute later. “Here I have a few left over from when I thought I was” she said holding out the pregnancy test to Kieko. She took it and gulped, going back to the toilet, hoping it was just a false alarm.

Keiko came back out and sat down with the test facing down. “I don’t think I can look” she said starting to shake. Kagome rubbed her back and she smiled at her, glad for the comfort.

“It’s okay Keiko, were here for you no matter what it says” said Kagura, Kagome nodding. Keiko sighed and turned the test over, staring at it.

“Am pregnant” she said looking at the two blue lines. Kagura and Kagome called out her name as she fainted.

Keiko felt cold air blow against her skin and then warmth as multiple voices called out her name. She opened her eyes to find she was being carried into the shiro by Ryura. Ryura ignored them as he went to their room and laid her down on the bed, running his hand over her forehead. “Are you okay, the girl’s said you fainted?” he asked worried.

Keiko then remembered why she had fainted and felt sick. She must have fainted from shock. She looked at him and bit her lip. “What’s wrong, Keiko tell me” he said making her look at him.

“Ryura, am pregnant” she said watching him closely. She didn’t know how he was going to take it, she hoped he felt the same as her about this. He blinked letting the information sink in and a grin took over his face.

“Your pregnant” he replied and she nodded. She yelped as he picked her up and pressed his lips to hers before twirling her around. “Oh Keiko, you don’t know how happy you have just made me. Where having a baby”

Keiko felt dread fill her, it seemed Ryura did not feel the same way that she did about this. He was so happy about this, yet she was not. Keiko didn’t want to have a child, especially not at this age. She was not ready to be a mother and this was terrifying her. She smiled slightly to keep him from knowing how she felt.

She was surprised as her pulled her towards the door and her eyes widened. She pulled to make him stop and he looked at her confused. “Not yet” she said and he rolled his eyes pulling her towards him.

“Come on, I want them all to know. Where having a baby Keiko, they need to know” he said and pulled her out of the room and into the living room where everyone was. Everyone looked up at them and she felt her breath quicken and her chest tighten. Everyone listened to Ryura as he told them that he had something great to tell them.

Hiten looked to her and stood up saying something, something she couldn’t hear, though she thought it was her name. Ryura in his happy mood didn’t notice she was clutching her chest slightly. She whimpered not being able to breathe as everyone looked at them as he hold them she was pregnant.

“Isn’t it great” beamed Ryura and his brothers congratulated him. He looked to Hiten as he walked over to Keiko calling out her name. Ryura growled as Hiten took a hold of her, him not liking the way he was holding his mate. He was about to hit him but saw the worried look on Hiten’s face, Bankotsu appearing next to Hiten, also worried.

He felt her grip onto his arms digging her claws into his arm, making him hiss. “Keiko?” he asked worried. She gasped and fell to her knees. He called out her name and kneeled down, pushing Hiten out of the way. “Keiko, what’s wrong?”

“I ca” she got out gasping, tears rolling down her cheeks. “Breathe”

“Hey look at me” he said holding her face in his face. “Deep breaths okay”

She nodded and tried to control her breathing, now realizing what was happening. She was having a panic attack. He held her gaze and breathed with her, she watched him tuning everyone else out and controlled her breathing. She was glad to be able to breathe and she collapsed into his chest. Ryura wrapped his arms around her, stroking her hair to calm her down. “It’s okay now, you’re okay” he said soothing her.

He scooped her up and went to their room, leaving everyone behind. He put her down on the bed and laid down next to her. “Keiko?” he asked and she hummed showing she was listening. “What was that about?”

“I-I don’t know, I think I panicked” she said and he scoffed.

“Yeah I got that alright, aren’t you excited. Where going to have a baby” he said smiling and kissing her cheek.

“I know and that’s why I panicked, Ryura am only eighteen. Am not ready to be a mother, am so scared Ryura” she said turning to look at him. He brushed his nose against her and pecked her lips.

“I know, I would be very surprised if you weren’t scared. Am scared to Keiko, having a child is scary but it’s something that will change” he said smiling again. “Where going to be great parents Keiko, I just know it”

She smiled slightly and nodded, too tired to argue with him. He was trying to convince her that this was going to be okay but she still didn’t want to have a child. She closed her eyes and let sleep take her. She would get some sleep before she tried to convince him that this wasn’t a good idea.

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