Wolf pack


When she woke up she was back in her room. She looked around wondering if it was just a dream. She hissed and looked to her arm. It was not a dream. She got up and went into her bathroom. She cleaned the wound which didn’t need much cleaning, that wolf did most of it. She then bandaged it and looked in the mirror. There was something wrong with her but she didn’t know what.

When she got to school she knew there was something wrong with her. It was like all her senses had gone into overdrive. If she wanted to she could hear what someone was saying on the other side of the school or could smell something. It didn’t help that her arm hurt like hell. She spun around and shocked Sam. “Hey girl, something wrong” said Sam.

“I woke up in the woods in the middle of the night” she said and Sam gave her a disappointed look. “Don’t look at me like that; I don’t know how I got out. I locked all the doors and hid the keys”

“I think I should stay over when your parents aren’t home” she said.

“I was attacked by a wolf” Keiko said and Sam’s eyes widened.

“Oh my god, are you okay” she said and Keiko nodded.

“It was so weird though. The wolf was gray and it had dark blue eyes. There where others with it but they didn’t attack me. The one that did bit my arm but after I hit it the thing backed off. Then the alpha came over to me and licked my arm cleaning the wound. The weirdest part was that they then all lay down and let me pet them, they acted like dogs” Keiko said and Sam gave her a look.

“Are you sure you weren’t dreaming” she said and Keiko glared at her. She pulled up sleeve and removed the bandage so Sam could see the bite. Sam gasped and she fixed the bandage. “You weren’t dreaming after all, that is so weird. I don’t think I have ever heard of wolfs acting like that before”

“I know it was so weird but it was like I could understand them and they could understand me. I said to one that it didn’t like me and it looked right at me and in a way nodded” she replied and Sam shook her head.

“Look what we have here, the English cow and Sam” said Lindsey. Keiko narrowed her eyes and glared at the girl. Just the sight of the girl made her angry. Keiko grabbed her chest as it started hurting and her heart started beating quite fast.

“Keiko are you okay” said Sam. After deep breathes she felt better and nodded.

“Freaks” said Lindsey. Her and her click walked away. Keiko pulled a finger at her and glared at her back.

“That girl gets me so angry” said Keiko.

“Okay let’s get to class” said Sam. She nodded and they made their way to there homeroom.

Half way threw her lesson her arm really started hurting and felt very itchy. She hissed and put her hand up. “Sir I really need to see the nurse” she said and his eyes widened. The blood had seeped threw the bandage.

“Go” he said and she went. As she walked to the nurse she went dizzy and fell. Strong arms caught her and she looked up. Hiten set her on her feet and she saw the other three with him. It then hit her where she had seen the wolfs eyes before. They where staring at her right now.

“That’s not possible” she said stumbling into the lockers. How could they turn into wolf, it wasn’t possible. Yet it seemed that way.

“It is. Am so sorry it had to be like this but you can’t tell anyone, not even Sam” he said

“You wouldn’t tell on your brothers now would you” teased Bankotsu and Hiten glared at him.

“Brothers, what are you talking about” she said and he frowned.

“When Bankotsu bit you he made you like us” said Kouga watching her hopefully. “That makes us family now”

“What, I can’t be a wolf” she said.

“Look at you arm idiot” hissed Jakotsu. She took off the bandage and sure enough the bite was healed.

“We heal very fast, it’s not the only things we can do. We can change into wolf, our speed and strength is a lot better then any humans” said Bankotsu smirking at her.

“Heightened senses” she said and he nodded. She then fainted.

“Great” said Jakotsu.

When she woke up she was in a king sized bed that wasn’t hers. She sat up and looked around the room. It was a nice room which was clean for a lad. She knew this was Hiten’s room as his sent was all over the room. She got up and followed the smell of food. “Glad your awake, wouldn’t want to miss your ‘welcome to the pack’ dinner” said Bankotsu as he looked at her over his shoulder. He gave her a wink and went back to helping Kouga with the food.

“Sit down Imoto” said Kouga as he gave her a smile. She smiled back and sat down.

“You’re Japanese” she said. They all looked at her then.

“You speak Japanese” said Bankotsu and she nodded. “Cool”

“Where all originally from Japan” said Hiten coming into the room. “How are you feeling?”

“Am fine” she said.

“That’s Hiten for you, he’s the Alpha male of our pack but acts more like the women” said Bankotsu and Hiten chucked a knife at his head. Bankotsu caught it before it could hit him and laughed.

“He’s protective of us, if he wasn’t we would be in trouble” said Kouga glaring at Bankotsu. “Bankotsu as you can tell was the newest to our pack, before you that is”

“Don’t remind me” said Bankotsu. Keiko could tell that Bankotsu didn’t like Hiten that much. “So you’re from England”

“Yes I lived there until I was sixteen only been living here for nearly two years” she said and he nodded.

“We where there before we came here” said Kouga.

“I like England best” said Bankotsu. “But I love Japan more”

“Nothing can beat dumplings” said Jakotsu who spoke up for the first time. He didn’t like Keiko at all, she could tell. He did everything to ignore her.

“After dinner we should show her how to change” said Jakotsu. Something about the way he said it made her shiver. Everything went silent and Keiko got confused.

“What’s so bad about changing” she said and Hiten glared at Jakotsu. Jakotsu just gave him a look. “What is going on?”

“Nothing and she can wait for that, food smells nice” said Hiten. He was changing the subject but why.

“Just tell her” said Jakotsu.

“Jakotsu” warned Hiten. They had this stare out and Jakotsu looked away.

“Tell me what?” she asked. Jakotsu wouldn’t say anything and Hiten was still glaring at him.

“Dam it I’ll tell her then, your first change is the worst. It is the worst pain you have ever felt” said Bankotsu and Hiten growled. His lips went over his teeth to show sharp fangs. “She was going to find out Hiten”

“Well then there’s nothing for it” she said and they all looked at her shocked. “What?”

“You still want to change even though you know it will hurt” said Jakotsu surprised.

“Yes, the sooner I get it out the way the sooner I get used to it and the pain will go” she said.

“Wow, I like her” said Bankotsu.

“Can we eat now” said Hiten with his head on the table.

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