Wolf pack

First change

Keiko lay on the ground in blazing pain. It hurt to move and she could hear the others running to her. Bankotsu wasn’t kidding when he said it was the worst pain ever. “Keiko can you hear me” said Hiten. He was running his hand over her fur softly not to hurt her. Keiko had turned into a big white wolf with Violet eyes. She was already feeling better so she stood up. It felt weird being a wolf but it felt great.

“I don’t think I have ever seen anyone get up that fast” said Kouga looking at Hiten.

“Either have I” he replied. Keiko concentrate on being human like Hiten had told her and she turned back into a human. She felt dizzy and Hiten caught her before she hit the floor. “Do you want to call your parents?”

“There not home, never are” she said. He nodded as he laid her on the couch.

“Hey I just remembered something, how did you nearly burn my mouth off” said Bankotsu and they all looked at me.

“Sorry about that, I have been able to do things like that since I was a baby” she said.

“What things can you do” Kouga asked.

“I can change things into other things, I sometimes have visions and other things” she replied.

“That is so cool” said Bankotsu.

“Okay let the girl rest now” said Jakotsu. Everyone looked at him shocked. He had just looked out for her; he was supposed to hate her. “What she’s a part of the pack, not like I can ignore her forever? That doesn’t mean I don’t hate every other women”

Everyone rolled there eyes and Keiko laughed. She felt like family already and she liked it. With her parent never home and no siblings she had never felt like part of a family but know she did, a fucked up one but still a family. She was going to like it here.

Keiko opened her eyes to find she was in the woods again. She sat up and sighed. When she could walk without falling over Hiten had taken her home and she got a shower. She had then went to bed and then woke up in the woods. She stood up and looked around, from the look of things it was about three in the morning. She closed her eyes and smiled. She braced her self and shifted into a wolf. It still felt weird being on four legs and not two.

She ran threw the woods and laughed, it felt so right. Like this was what was supposed to happen to her all along, she always knew she had a connection with nature and now she had more of a connection then ever. She turned her head slightly as she heard paws hitting the floor. She stopped and growled lowly. This was her territory and someone was on it.

She leaped at the other wolf and it yelped in surprise. They rolled on the floor and she stood up and looked at it. She then gasped and Bankotsu huffed. ‘What the hell’ he thought to her and she sighed.

‘Sorry Bankotsu I don’t know what came over me’ she thought back. He rolled his eyes and walked over to her. He nudged her head with his own and she giggled. ‘Softy’

‘Come on let run.’

They then both ran side by side. When they got to her house they shifted back to humans and she opened the door. He followed her in and looked around. It was a nice house with cream walls and normal house stuff.

“Nice house” he said and she nodded. She got two glasses and filled them with water. Bankotsu took the one she offered him and leaned on the table. “Where are your parents?”

“Don’t know, there always away on work. Not that I care, I like having the house to myself” she replied and he nodded. “Do you miss them? your family”

“Ye all the time, I wasn’t supposed to be in the pack. I was hit by a hit and run and Hiten found me, he bit me. I hated him for it, I told him that he should have left me to die. I was so angry at him especially when I changed for the first time, fucking hurt like hell” he said and she put her cup down.

“Do you still hate him for it?” she asked and he looked at her.

“Sometimes, not so much anymore but I still can’t stand him” he said and she laughed. He smirked at her and put his own glass down. “I should go, see you tomorrow”

“Good night Bankotsu” she said and he nodded. He then walked out the house and shifted again. She watched him run into the woods and then locked up. She sighed and went to bed falling asleep when her head hit the pillow.

“What are you wearing” said Lindsey looking Keiko up and down. Keiko wore a pair of black shorts that went to her knees with a blue belt, a black tank top, a blue hoodie and blue doc martins. It was fine, if it wasn’t freezing.

“Clothes what does it look like” Keiko replied raising a brow and she narrowed her eyes and her.

“Always knew you’re a weirdo, wearing something like that when its this cold. Freak” she said and her little click laughed.

“At least am not some stupid little girl who tries to put others down coz she hates her self” replied Keiko and Lindsey went to throw a punch. Keiko caught it and pushed her back slightly.

“You stupid little bitch am going to make you regret saying that” she hissed glaring at Keiko. Keiko scoffed and looked up as someone put there arm around her shoulders.

“Yo you okay Kei?” asked Bankotsu looking at the three girls in front of him. “They aren’t causing you trouble are they?”

“No am fine Ban, nothing I can’t handle” she replied and he nodded.

“Good coz I really don’t like hitting girls” he said and the three took a step back.

“You wouldn’t” hissed Lindsey glaring at him.

“No but I will” hissed Jakotsu as he stood to the left of Keiko. She smiled and Lindsey shrieked.

“Watch your back bitch, they won‘t always be around to help you” she hissed and turned around. She stormed away with her little click following her. Keiko laughed and Bankotsu dropped his arm.

“Are you okay?” asked Jakotsu and she nodded.

“Am fine, thank you” she said and he rolled his eyes.

“Your our Imoto, what did you think we where going to do? Let that bitch talk to you like that” he said and she smiled. He smiled to and Bankotsu nudged her to show he felt the same.

“How come were so hot?” she asked as they started walking towards the school.

“Don’t know its just something that happens, maybe it’s a survival thing so that we will be fine in the cold” replied Bankotsu and she nodded. They walked over to their lockers.

“What took you all so long?” asked Hiten.

“We where helping Keiko” replied Bankotsu opening his locker.

“Are you okay, what happen?” he asked and Bankotsu rolled his eyes.

“Am fine just Lindsey being a bitch as usual” she replied and he nodded.

“Keiko” said Sam and Keiko smiled.

“See you guy’s later” she said and walked over to her best friend.

“Hey I heard about Lindsey, since when have you been close to the Wolfe brothers?” she asked and Keiko looked at her.

“Don’t know, there really nice when you get to know them. Come on lets get to class” she said and they walked to class.

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