Wolf pack


Keiko looked around, she was in a dark room that looked like a basement. There was a desk with papers on and a chair. Lined on the wall was different kinds of weapons, just by inhaling she could tell they where loaded with silver. Hiten had told her that silver can hurt them and it slows there healing though it doesn’t kill them. On the wall next to it was a huge map of the world and different smaller maps of places.

She froze when people came down the stairs and walked over to the maps. There was two women and three men, one of the men looked about nineteen. What shocked her was that the women both had white hair and violet eyes just like she did. The man all had dark hair and dark eyes with golden tans, they could all pass as family.

“There has been a killing” said one of the women. She stood by the map and presses a pin on one of the little maps. Keiko couldn’t see where it was.

“Is it them” asked the young man and she nodded.

“Sounds like it, the girl was marled by a wolf. Someone said they saw a wolf running but it was a lot bigger than a normal wolf. Its them alright, it seem they have moved to a town close by” she replied and the other women sighed.

“Its where she is right, what are we going to do. If they find out who she is then they will kill her and she’s eighteen soon right” said the other women and the first women looked to one of the men.

“Yes Sora that right that’s why where leaving to go get her, am not going to let them hurt my daughter” he said and the women called Sora nodded. “Carla you going to be okay?”

“I will be fine, I can’t wait to meet her. We will be together at last, the family all back together again. I will have my little girl back” she said and he smiled at her.

“What we going to do about the pack” said the young lad and Keiko gasped. They couldn’t mean her pack could they.

“Where going to kill them of course, we have been hunting there kind for generations. Just remember not to get bitten by one or you will be turned to a wolf to. Now are flight for America leaves soon and we should be in Moor village by tomorrow” said the man and they all nodded.

Keiko screamed as she sat up in bed. She panted and found she was wet with sweat. She had to tell them, they where coming here to kill them. She got up and threw on some clothes. She ran to the back door and shifted into wolf form. She ran as fast as she could and when she got to the house she shifted. She ran up the stairs and burst threw the door.

The place was dark and she closed the door behind her. She looked at the clock and found that it was four in the morning. She panted and kicked her shoes off as she made her way to Hiten’s room. She knocked on the door and waited. A few seconds the door opened and Hiten stood there looking half asleep.

“Keiko” he said blinking. She blushed as he was only wearing his boxers and looked away. When he realised she was actually there he jumped. Fully awake he scratched the back of his neck. “What’s wrong, its four in the morning”

“I saw them, there coming here for us” she said and his brows furrowed. She looked at him and he tensed. “There coming, the hunters”

“Shit” he swore and went into his room. He threw on some clothes and pulled her into the living room. “What did you see?”

“They where talking about the girl who got killed in the next town and said that they knew we where staying here. They said that there coming here to kill us but also to get there daughter, what does that mean?” she asked looking at him and he sighed.

“Hunters families have been doing it for centuries and they only marry other hunters. If they have a daughter here then she is going to try to kill us too. We need to leave right away.” he said and she nodded. “I will go tell the others, go home and get some rest. Pack something’s you want and we will pick you up about twelve okay”

She nodded and went to the door. “We will be okay won’t we Hiten?” she asked and he nodded. She smiled and went out the door. Hiten sighed and went to Bankotsu’s room and banged on the door. He did the same for the others and they all came out.

“What the fuck Hiten!” hissed Bankotsu and Hiten looked at them.

“Pack up where leaving, the hunters know where here. Keiko had a vision and where picking her up at twelve” he said and they nodded. They all went about packing everything up and Hiten sighed. When they had everything packed her told them what Keiko had told him.

Keiko sighed as she packed her things into a bag. She had already wrote her parents and Sam a letter. She looked at the clock, half an hour and she would be leaving. She gasped and dropped her bag when her mother called her name. she ran to the door and walked out as her mother came towards her. “There you are, Keiko there is something we have to tell you. Can you come into the living room please” she said and Keiko nodded. They walked into the living room and she froze.

Stood there in front of her where the hunters from her dream. How did they know about her, where they going to kill her in front of her parents. “Hello Keiko my name is Carla, this is my husband Carl, that’s my sister Sora and her husband Aio and her son Aki” said the women from her dream.

“Hello” she said and looked to the door. She estimated how fast she could get to the door or maybe it would be better to go threw the window.

“Am sorry where making you nervous aren’t we” said Carla and she looked at her.

“Just a bit, am sorry but am late to meet my friend” she said and went to her room. She grabbed her bag and walked to the door. Aki stood in front of it and glared at her.

“Keiko what’s the bag for?” asked her mother and Keiko turned her head to her still on her guard.

“Am staying in Sam’s” she replied and her mother sighed.

“Okay but you really need to hear this first” she replied and her mother pulled her back into the living room. Keiko looked at the clock, five minutes. Shit.

“Where sorry to do this to you so sudden but we have no choice, your in danger” said Carl and she looked at him.

“Look there is no easy way to say this so I will just come out and say it. We are your real parents, we asked Julie and Mark to watch over you. You see we are hunters and we didn’t want you getting hurt so we gave you up. We where coming to get you because on your eighteenth birthday you would get your powers and change” said Carla and Keiko looked at her like she was crazy.

“I already have my powers” she said and they all looked at her shocked. “I really have to go”

“No wait” said Carla and she grabbed her arm. Carla gasped and they looked at each other. They stood there looking at each other. Carla knew what she was. There was then a knock on the door and Aki opened it. Bankotsu looked at him and froze. Aki pulled out a gun and Bankotsu tackled him. Keiko brought up her leg and hit Carla in the gut. She grabbed her bag and ran. She grabbed Bankotsu’s arm and they ran for the car. Keiko froze when Hiten ran past her and shifted.

Bankotsu stopped and tackled her to the floor as the gun went off. She flinched as she hit the floor with Bankotsu on top of her to protect her. They both froze when blood hit them, Hiten’s blood. Bankotsu scrambled off her and they both stood up. Jakotsu and Kouga ran to them and Bankotsu held Keiko back as she went to run.

Hiten panted in his human form. He pressed his hand to his lower chest where the bullet hit. He fell to his knees and winced. Aki shot him again and it hit his left arm. Carl pulled out a silver sai sword and went for Hiten.

“NO” screamed Keiko and she used her powers to throw him into Aki. She pushed Bankotsu off her and stood in front of Hiten. They got up and Carl looked at her shocked. Carla stood next to him and looked at her with tears in her eyes. “Don’t fucking touch him or I will rip you apart”

Everyone looked at her shocked. “No you can’t be, you’ve been bit” said Carl shacking his head. The others had there guns out and where pointing them at the others. Bankotsu, Jakotsu and Kouga where on guard. They could dodge the bullets if the where shot at.

“Keiko it’s okay, we won’t hurt you but they can’t be left alive. They killed an innocent girl and bit you” said Carla tacking a step forward. Keiko growled and she froze.

“That was an accident its not his fault and if you kill them you have to kill me too” she said glaring at her and she sighed.

“Keiko where your family, we can keep you safe please” she said and Keiko shook her head.

“Your not my family, you might be my blood but you lost all right to call me family the day you left me” she hissed and the guy’s gasped. She was the hunters child.

“Stupid bitch” said Aki and he shot at her. Her eyes widened and she gasped. Hiten was then in front of her and he cried out when it hit him. She caught him as he fell into her. A blur then ran past her and Aki cried out. Bankotsu had bit his arm, he ripped it off and moved when Sora shot at him.

“You idiot” she said as she held him. Hiten smirked and looked up at her.

“Couldn’t let you get hurt, I care for you to much” he said and she gasped. He closed his eyes and flinched in pain. Jakotsu was then next to her and he took Hiten off her. She grabbed her bag and they went to the car. Bankotsu and Kouga where keeping the hunters busy. She got in the back and laid Hiten’s head on her knees. Jakotsu got in the drivers seat and floored it.

“Keiko your going to have to take the bullets out, can you do that?” asked Jakotsu looking at her threw the review mirror and she nodded. She pulled his top off trying not to hurt him, he was unconscious so it shouldn’t hurt that much. She went to the one on the bottom of his stomach and put her fingers into the hole. Hiten twitched in pain and she grabbed the bullet. She pulled it out and then went on to the one on his upper chest. When she got that one out she took the one out of his left arm.

“Hold on” said Jakotsu and he slammed on the brakes. The door passenger side door flung open as did the back one. Kouga got in the passenger side and Bankotsu got in the back and Jakotsu floored it again.

“Pass me some bandages please Bankotsu” Keiko said to him and he nodded. He got her bandages and helped her bandage Hiten up. When they where finished they sat back with Hiten’s head on her thighs and his legs across Bankotsu’s legs. She then saw that Bankotsu was bleeding. “Your hurt”

She shifted Hiten so she could help Bankotsu. He winced when she grabbed his arm and he nodded. He put his hand in his mouth and bit down on it as she pulled the bullet out. He panted as she bandaged his arm then she sat back. “Get some rest” he said and she nodded. She leaned on the door and closed her eyes.

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