Wolf pack


Keiko sat up and looked around the room she was in. Looked like a hotel room. She looked down and saw she was still wearing the clothes with Hiten’s blood on. She stood up and found her bag by the bed. She grabbed it and went to the bathroom. She took off her clothes and threw them in the bin. She then got a shower to get the blood off her.

When she was changed she walked out the room and found Bankotsu and Jakotsu asleep on the couch, Kouga was cooking and she couldn’t see Hiten. There was another room, he must have been in there. Kouga turned to her and she smiled. “How is he?” she asked.

“Okay I guess, he resting. He’s started to heal but he’s healing slow. The silver will take a few days to wear off so he will have to take it easy” he said and she nodded. She went over to him and helped him cook. She heard Bankotsu yawn and sit up.

“Smells good” he said and he stretched.

“Food will be done soon, why don’t you go get a shower while you wait” said Keiko and he laughed.

“Why do I stink or something” he laughed and she smiled.

“Ye now go you” she said and he shook his head. He walked into the room she had just came out of and she went back to cooking with Kouga. He looked at her and she raised a brow. “What?”

“He likes you, wow I feel sorry for you” he said and she tilted her head to the side. She was confused now.

“I know he likes me, why don’t you like me?” she asked feeling hurt and he rolled his eyes.

“I don’t mean it like that, I mean he likes you the way Hiten likes you” he replied and she went red. She looked down at the food she was cooking.

“Shit” she said and he sighed.

“Ye shit, be careful okay. Try and not lead him on or he’s just going to get hurt” he said and she looked at him.

“Who said that I don’t like him” she replied and he looked at her.

“You don’t get it do you, you’re the only girl in this pack” he said and she clenched her fists.

“What has that got to do with it?” she asked and he sighed as he turned the food off as it was done.

“Hiten is the alpha of the pack and only the alpha’s in a wolf pack mate to avoid over population and because you’re the only girl means that you’re the alpha female. I think you can guess the rest” explain Kouga and she paled slightly.

“B-but where different right, I mean where not fully wolves” she replied and he gave her a look. “Why me?”

“It’s just how it works and try not let Hiten find out” he said and she looked at him while putting the food on the plates.

“Why?” she asked.

“Because if he finds out that Bankotsu wants you then they will end up fighting” he replied and she nodded. She sighed and went to wake Jakotsu up. When he was awake Bankotsu joined them and they all sat down to eat. When they finished Bankotsu and Jakotsu cleaned up while Keiko brought Hiten his food.

She walked in the room and he looked at her. “Hey your up, that good coz I brought you food” she said as she walked to him and handed him the plate.

“Thanks” he said sitting against the wall. He patted the side of the bed next to him and she sat down. He then ate while they sat in a comfortable silence.

“Kouga says your starting to heal” she said and he nodded. He out the plate down on the table next to him and went to go to her. He winced and she pushed him back down gently to not hurt him. “You have to rest”

“Lie with me” he said and she blushed. He moved over slightly to give her more room and she lied next to him. He shifted so he could rap an arm around her and nuzzled her neck. “You smell so good”

She giggled at that and smiled. “Thanks I guess though I can’t say the same for you, you stink of blood” she laughed and he chuckled. She listened to his heart beat as he closed his eyes. “Where are we going to go?”

“Japan, Kouga will get you a passport” he replied and she nodded. She closed her eyes and fell asleep. Soon after he fell asleep too.

“This is Japan, its so different” said Keiko as she took in the streets of Tokyo as they drove by. It had been three days since the fight, Hiten had rested for a day then pressed for them to move. He wanted to get out of America as soon as possible. So after a fourteen hour flight they where in Tokyo the capital of Japan. Kouga was driving while Hiten rested.

Keiko looked at Bankotsu who seemed really edgy and was really irritated. She sighed and looked out the window to watch Tokyo go by. After a while they where out of Tokyo and into the woods. When Kouga stopped the car they where outside a lovely traditional Japanese home. They all got out and made there way to the door. Hiten’s brows furrowed and he pulled out a key to open the door.

When they walked in scents hit them and they were recent as well. Whoever was here left not long ago. Hiten tensed and looked around. “I would say about an hour an a half, two at the most” said Kouga and Hiten nodded.

“We need to leave before they come back” he said and turned around.

“Oh hell no” hissed Bankotsu and Hiten turned to him. Keiko could tell from the look on Bankotsu’s face that this wasn’t going to go well. She went to him and tried to calm him down. “No I am tired and hungry, I can’t be assed with this. What are you so scared of that we have to leave”

“Bankotsu for once just do as your fucking told” hissed Hiten and Keiko flinched at his cold tone. She had to admit Bankotsu had a point, Hiten was tense about something or more like someone.

“Fuck you” hissed Bankotsu and Hiten narrowed his eyes. He pulled back his lips and bared his fangs. Bankotsu tensed but bared his fangs back. Keiko jumped out the way as Hiten tackled Bankotsu. They thought on the ground and Keiko rolled her eyes. A growl coming from the door made them freeze. Hiten was up in a second pushing Keiko behind him so she wouldn’t be seen. Jakotsu and Kouga stood next to Hiten while Bankotsu stood near to her.

“Well look who’s here” said a male voice. Keiko couldn’t see him but she could hear him. She felt Hiten tense and frowned. This is what he had tried to avoid.

“Ryura” said Hiten and the male laughed.

“Hiten its been a long time, I see you have expanded your pack. Nice to see you Kouga” said Ryura.

“Long time since we last saw you guys” said Kouga.

“You can say that again brother” said another male voice. Just how many was there.

“Hiten why don’t you introduce us to your new pack members” said Ryura and Hiten huffed.

“The tall ones Jakotsu and the midgets Bankotsu” he replied and Bankotsu glared at him.

“Who you calling a midget you asshole” hissed Bankotsu and they glared at each other.

“Seems all is not well in your pack brother and why don’t you introduce us to the person your hiding” he said and Hiten tensed. Keiko laid a hand on his back and he turned to his head to look at her. He sighed and moved to the side.

“This is Keiko, she is the newest member to our pack. She’s only been apart of it for a week” said Hiten standing close to her. Ryura saw this and smirked.

“It is lovely to meet you Keiko, I hope my brothers have been nice to you” he said and she nodded. Ryura had long light blue hair to his waist in a thick braid with bangs framing his face and scarlet eyes like Hiten’s. On his forehead was a blue diamond tattoo. He wore a blue shirt with jeans and black boots. “The one with the red hair is Kyora and the one with white and black hair is Jura”

“Hello” she said and they smiled.

“Oh Hiten she is simply adorable” said Kyora and Keiko blushed. Kyora had red curly hair with scarlet eyes and a red tattoo just like Ryura’s with his lips painted green. He wore a red top with jeans and boots. Jura had short hair with yellow eyes and he had a white tattoo. He wore a white top with jeans and boots.

“It was nice seeing you but we should go” said Hiten and Ryura laughed.

“Where are you going, there is more then enough space here for us all and I want to talk with your new members” said Ryura and Hiten sighed. The pack looked at him and he nodded.

“Thank Kami” said Bankotsu and he grabbed his things. He walked to a empty bedroom and went in. Keiko yawned and rubbed her eyes, the jet leg was kicking in. Hiten grabbed his bag and hers. He then made his way to a room.

“Have a nice sleep Keiko-chan” said Ryura smirking and Hiten glared at him. With the pack in their new rooms Ryura looked at his own pack. “Well this is going to be fun, am going to take his women and his pack”

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