Wolf pack

New Alpha

Keiko yawned and opened her eyes. She smiled and brushed some of Hiten’s hair out of his eyes. He sighed and opened his eyes. “Good morning” he said and she smiled.

“Good morning Hiten” she replied and he smiled. He closed his eyes and nuzzled her neck while taking in her scent. He could get used to this, if he could keep her away from Ryura that is. He pulled away and looked at her. She raised a brow at his intense stare and her eyes widened when he pressed his lips to hers.

She closed her eyes and opened her mouth when he ran his tongue over her bottom lip. She sighed and he moaned as their tongues danced together. Hiten rolled on top of her and pined her hands by her head. He pulled away and kissed down her jaw to her neck. She moaned and he smirked on her neck.

It was like their instincts had taken over and they where high on adrenaline. She pulled her hands and he let her go. She rapped her arms around his neck and pulled him back to her lips. He groaned as her hands went to the bottom of his shirt and lifted it over his head. She ran her eyes down his body and frowned. She ran her hand over the bullet mark and he put his hand on hers.

He tilted her face up to look at him and gave her a sweet chaste kiss. She smiled and rapped her arms around him. He sighed and laid his head on her chest. She smiled and ran her fingers threw his hair as they laid there.

“So your names Bankotsu?” asked Ryura as he sat down next to Bankotsu and Bankotsu looked at him.

“Yes” he said and Ryura narrowed his eyes slightly.

“You don’t seem to like my brother that much, why is that?” he replied and Bankotsu smirked.

“You don’t seem to like him much yourself” replied Bankotsu and Ryura chuckled while smirking at him.

“So its something we have in common, though I think part of the reason you hate him is that girl” he said and Bankotsu’s smirk dropped. “So I am right”

“It’s not like that” he defended but Ryura raised a brow.

“Oh it is like that, you hate him for something and you hate him even more for taken the girl you want. If you want something that bad then just take it” said Ryura and Bankotsu laughed while shacking his head.

“If you hadn’t noticed Hiten’s the alpha not me, I can’t just take her” he said and Ryura smirked.

“But what if he wasn’t!” said Ryura and he knew he got Bankotsu’s attention. “The reason I hate Hiten is because he shouldn’t have ever been in the pack. My creator was the one he bit him and he was the youngest. I always hated him, so cocky and had my creator rapped around his little finger. When we where attacked by hunters our creator got fatally injured and made Hiten the alpha. When he died we spilt, like hell I was letting him be my alpha and by the looks of it he isn’t a really good one”

“You can say that again” replied Bankotsu.

“There is one way you can become alpha” he said and Bankotsu raised his brows.

“How?” he asked and Ryura smirked.

“You have to fight him and win, you get him to submit then you become alpha and you get her” he said and stood up. “Think about it, if you really want her that much then you will fight for her”

Everyone sat around the table and the atmosphere was awkward. “We will be out of here soon, get out of your way” said Hiten and Ryura looked at him.

“Why not stay, like I said there is more then enough room for us all” he replied and Hiten glared at him slightly.

“Two packs can’t coexist together for too long and you know that” he said and Ryura smirked.

“I want to stay” said Bankotsu and his pack looked at him shocked. “Why do we have to move again when like Ryura said there is enough room”

“Because I said so” said Hiten and Keiko looked form the two. She could tell that this was going to get ugly.

“Why don’t we talk about this another time” she said trying to stop them but Bankotsu was determined.

“No we can do it now” he said and she glared at him slightly. Hiten glared at him and growled.

“I have had it with your disrespect, you will fucking do as I say. Am your alpha” he said and Bankotsu growled back.

“And what if you weren’t” he said and Hiten’s eyes widened. Something then clicked in his head and he glared at Ryura.

“You put him up to this didn’t you, what did you say” he hissed and Ryura smirked while leaning back.

“I just told him that to get what he wants he has to take it” he said and looked at Keiko. Hiten’s brows furrowed and he looked at her. She blinked confused and he felt the anger bubble up inside him. He rounded on Bankotsu in a second and Bankotsu took a step back. The look on Hiten’s face showed murder.

“You little bastard” he hissed and Bankotsu glared at him.

“You think your so high and mighty that you can just take what you want, well you can’t. I created her not you so why should you instantly have claim on her” he growled and Keiko then relised that they where fighting over her.

“Because that’s not how it works, am the alpha and that means I can fucking take what I want. Am also the only one who can mate and I mate with the alpha female, do the working out or are you thick to do that too Bankotsu” Hiten hissed and Bankotsu leaped at him. They collided and Hiten hit the floor with Bankotsu on top of him. Hiten threw him off and the both shifted.

They went for each other and clawed at each other. “STOP IT” Keiko shouted and tired to run to them. Ryura grabbed her and she glared at him. “Let me go”

“Can’t do that, you have to leave them be. Whoever wins is alpha that’s just how it goes” he said and she tried to get out of his grip.

“But its not a fair fight since Hiten’s still got the silver in his system” she said and Ryura raised a brow.

“Hunters” he said and she nodded. “Well there’s nothing I can do about that”

She growled and stamped on his foot. He let out a yelp and let go of her. She moved out of his reach and he glared at her. “You little bitch” he hissed and she glared at him. He went to slap her but she threw him back with her powers. His back hit the wall and he looked at her smirking.

“You where a hunter, that’s where I have saw that hair from. Your part of the kimoni clan” he said and he got up. “But from the looks of it you haven’t got your full powers yet unlike me who got them a long time ago”

Her eyes widened and she cried out as he used his own powers to throw her backwards at the wall. He walked over to her and put a foot on her back. She glared up at him and he smirked. “You really shouldn’t have done that little girl” he snarled and grabbed her hair. She hissed as he pulled her up by her hair and pined her to the wall. “I hate to have to bruise that pretty little face of yours”

Her eyes widened and he went to slap her again but was tackled by Hiten. “Don’t fucking touch her” he hissed and Ryura glared at him. Hiten had blood coming out of set of claw marks on his chest and other little cuts. She looked and found Bankotsu was standing glaring at the both of them. He looked a lot better then Hiten did.

Hiten and Ryura shifted at the same time and ran at each other. They clawed each other and Ryura went for Hiten’s neck. He missed and they kept clawing each other, blood poring out of the wounds. Hiten whimpered when Ryura sank his teeth into his leg and then pinned him to the floor.

On instinct she shifted and tackled Ryura. ‘Get off him’ she hissed and he glared at her.

‘Stay out of this’ he growled and she attacked him again. He hissed and threw her off him. He sank his fangs into her arm and she screamed. He let go, blood dripping off his muzzle and glared at her. ‘I said stay out of this’

‘No’ she whimpered and he tackled her to the floor. She cried out as her head hit the floor, hard. He used his paw to press down on her neck. They both shifted back to human form and his hand rapped around her neck. Her hands tried to pry him off but she couldn’t and she was loosing consciousness. She heard everyone shouting her name and she fell into darkness.

When she went limp Ryura let her go and was tackled by Bankotsu who went for his neck. Ryura let out a surprised yelp as Bankotsu’s fangs sank into his neck. He glared at him and kicked him in the stomach which made Bankotsu let go. He then threw him into a wall and stood up. He kicked him and Bankotsu let out a yelp. “You stupid little boy” he hissed and went to kick him again but Hiten tackled him.

They went for it again and Hiten managed to sink his fangs into Ryura’s arm but he was loosing too much blood and because of the silver he wasn’t healing properly. He panted and Ryura pinned him to the ground and sank his fangs into his neck. ‘Submit to me’

‘I will never submit to you’ growled Hiten and Ryura laughed. He sank his fangs in deeper and Hiten cried out.

“Just do it, don’t be stupid” hissed Bankotsu trying to get up. Hiten looked at him and then Keiko. He couldn’t die and leave her in Ryura’s hands, even if that meant Ryura became alpha of his pack. He would rest and then fight him again, he could have taken him on now but the silver wasn’t making that possible.

‘Submit’ hissed Ryura and Hiten turned his head to the side. Baring his neck in submission. Ryura let go of his neck and shifted into human form. “Good boy Hiten” he said and turned to Keiko. “Don’t worry, I will take good care of her”

“You bastard” hissed Bankotsu and he looked at him. He walked over to him and stood on his wrist. Bankotsu screamed as Ryura snapped it and he bent down to him.

“Watch what you say boy, am your alpha now” he laughed and turned around. He picked Keiko up and went for his room.

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