Wolf pack


Keiko moaned as pain shot up her arms and in her head. Her eyes shot open when she felt a wet tongue on her arm, she turned her head and froze seeing Ryura licking her arm. “What are you doing?” she asked and he stopped.

“Healing your arm, didn’t Hiten tell you anything” he replied and went back to licking her arm. Keiko watched as her arm started to heal and close up. She then looked at Ryura as he stood up and looked at her. “You will be staying in this room from now on with me”

“Why? I was fine in my old room” she said and he narrowed his eyes.

“Because I don’t want you sharing a room with Hiten okay” he said and her brows furrowed. Realisation then hit home and her eyes widened.

“You’re alpha aren’t you?” she asked and he smiled.

“Yes I am and you’re my Luna so get used to it” he said and walked to the door. “Why don’t you get some rest and I will wake you up when lunch is ready”

She glared at the door as he walked out and let the tears run down her cheeks. It was all her fault that this had happened, if Bankotsu didn’t like her he wouldn’t have challenged Hiten and Ryura wouldn’t be Alpha and she wouldn’t have to be his mate.

She rolled over and let out a sob into the pillow so no one could hear, she loved Hiten and wanted to be with him. Not Ryura.

“Keiko wake up, lunch is ready” said a voice as they gently shook her. She yawned and opened her eyes to a smiling Kyora. “Hi there sister; time to get up sleepy head. Lunch is ready and brother Ryura asked me to come wake you up, you must be famished. How is your head?”

She giggled and he smiled. “My head feels fine, thank you Kyora” she said and pulled the covers off her body. He nodded and walked out the room leaving her to get changed. Keiko sighed and went to the wardrobe to see all of her clothes had been put in it next to Ryura’s clothes. She pulled out a black tank top and some sweats. She then went to the draws and get clean underwear. She went into the bathroom, got changed, washed her face, brushed her teeth and brushed her hair. She needed a shower later.

Keiko walked out of the bed room and made her way to the dining room everyone was there except for Hiten and she wanted to cry. The only chair available was next to Ryura and she sat down. Bankotsu wouldn’t look at her and she felt Kouga giving her a small sad smile. “Eat” said Ryura and she nodded.

She looked down at the chopsticks in front of her and blushed; she looked up at Ryura who raised a brow in question. “I don’t know how to eat with these” she said and his brows furrowed. “Am not from Japan”

“I’ll help you” he said and leaned over to her. He grabbed her hand gently and showed her how to hold the chopsticks, he then showed her how to pick up and eat the food with them. She smiled and he moved away and watched her to make sure she could do it on her own. She went back to her food now knowing how to use the chopsticks.

When everyone finished eating Ryura took her by the hand and pulled her outside. “Come on, let’s go for a run and I will show you where you can run and where are boarder ends” he said and she nodded. She shifted into her white wolf and watched as he shifted into a huge very pale blue furred wolf. He walked over to her and brushed up against her. ‘Come on’

He ran and she followed him through the woods. They ran for about half an hour until they came to a river and had a drink. He shifted back into a human and sat down next to the bank. Keiko shifted and sat next to him. “What has Hiten told you about what we are?” he asked and she looked at the river.

“Not much just then when bitten you turn into a wolf as well, we can shift and are senses and strength is better than humans” she said and he laughed.

“He hasn’t told you much then. How much do you know about wolfs that were born hunters?” he asked and this time she looked at him.

“Nothing at all, I didn’t even know I was a hunter till a few days ago” she replied and he frowned.

“Our kind has been around for a few thousand years and with them were always hunters. As we got stronger so did the hunters and they developed powers, it’s the reason they only marry other hunters. To keep the lines pure as there not like normal humans either. You can tell what clan a hunter is from by their looks like your clan for instance all the females have white hair and violet eyes, my clan all the males have pale blue hair and red eyes. When a hunter turns eighteen is when they change into a real hunter, their bodies become more agile and they develop their powers which you seem to already have yet you’re not a age” he said and she sighed.

“No I turn eighteen in three weeks, I have had my powers ever since I was born” she replied and he nodded.

“That is very unusual; you may have your powers but there weak, you haven’t fully gotten them but when you do I will teach you how to use them properly. Now onto our kind. Here in Japan the hunters can’t touch us as we are protected by the government who make it that we can’t be killed by hunters but we are allowed to do what we want. Each pack has its own territory and to trespass can mean death so I don’t want you going across the border between our territory and the next pack’s. Also you have to watch out for rogue wolfs, they are wolfs that have no pack and will attack you if they see you. If a rogue comes into the territory it can mean death. Pack’s are normally quite big and the bigger the pack the more powerful unless you have hunter Alphas which is us” he said and Keiko nodded. “As we used be hunters we are more powerful than normal wolfs and most of the time it scares other wolfs as they know where more powerful than they are”

“Okay so hunters can’t kill us; if you cross into someone else’s territory you could get killed, if rogues trespass then kill them and other wolfs are scared of hunter Alpha’s. Okay got it so far” she said and he smirked.

“In a pack there is four level’s Alpha and Luna, Beta, dominants and omega’s. The Alpha and Luna control the pack and the Beta is the Alpha’s second in command. Omegas are the weakest of the pack and the dominants are the rest of the pack. Normally only the Alpha and the Luna can mate but times have changed and others can mate to but the Alpha get his pick first and no one can touch the Alpha’s woman and when they mate she becomes the Luna. When they have pups it’s the first born son that will become the next Alpha” he carried on and she frowned.

“But the Alpha can change if they get challenged and loose right, so then what happens to the Luna?” she asked and he huffed.

“It depends if the new Alpha wants her, if he does then he mates her and she becomes his mate or he could kill her or let her be with her old mate but she won’t be Luna anymore” he said and she nodded. They sat there for a while longer and when it started to get dark he stood up. “Come on let’s get back”

Keiko nodded and shifted. They then ran back to the house and the rest of the night was quite. Hiten still wasn’t there at dinner and she was starting to really worry. When it was time to sleep she got changed into pj pants and left her tan k top on. She was really nervous as she got into bed and lied on her side. She heard Ryura come out of the bathroom and felt the bed dip as he got in next to her. She tensed when he draped his arm over her waist and pulled her to him.

He pulled her so she was facing him and looked at her. “No need to be so tense” he said and smirked. She frowned and looked down. He narrowed his eyes and put his hand under her chin so she looked at him. Her eyes widened as he went to kiss her and she turned her head so he kissed her cheek. He growled and she tensed again. “You belong to me now so stop thinking about him, he’s never going to get you back so let it go. Mating season is not long after your birthday so get used to it, soon you will be all mine and no one is going to stop me”

He pulled her face roughly and shoved his lips onto hers. She tried to push him off but her held on tighter and bit her lip hard but not enough to break the skin. She opened her mouth reluctantly and he shoved his tongue in her mouth. She let the tears run down her cheeks as she let him kiss her, though she did not kiss back. When he had finished he looked at her and let her go. “Get used to it honey” he said and she turned back around. He draped his arm around her waist again and she cried herself to sleep. How had her life become this bad?

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